RHOBH Cast Are Not Friends Off Camera

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Surprise. Surprise. I could have told you that. It seems like most of the Real Housewives are not friends off camera and only hang out when they are filming. Take Real Housewives of Atlanta for example. Most of them only ever see NeNe when they are filming for the show. Other then that they basically bash one another. And let’s not forget my favorite, New Jersey. Melissa and Jacqueline acted like they were BFFs while everything was airing but haven’t even spoken in over a month! Now RadarOnline is reporting that the RHOBH cast are not friends off camera either!

Last week, Camille, Taylor and Lisa went to Kyle Richards book signing. A sourcle close to the Housewives tells RadarOnline that, “The only reason that Camille and Taylor went to the book signing was because they knew the press would be there, and they would get their pictures taken. Taylor and Camille wouldn’t have gone out to dinner with Kyle, these women aren’t friends, at all. It’s all done for the show.”

The source adds, “These women are all very different, and the only thing they have in common is the show, period. Bravo wants to bring new cast members on board for season three that are actually friends with the ladies. Expect Kim Richards to not return for the next season, she is battling to stay sober, and she just can’t be relied on at this point.”

Are you surprised that the cast aren’t friends off camera?


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  1. June says:

    Not at all surprised. Bravo shows are all staged drama. RHONJ had real friendships until Dina left in season 2. Now it is as fake as the rest but even worse since Bravo brought in real family members to trash its star.

  2. Jlennon81 says:

    I thought that Taylor and Kyle were friends seeing as she stayed in kyles house after russells death and tweeted pictures of Halloween at kyles house also?

  3. Jay says:

    Well, isn’t Kyle the one they all link back to as friends? I don’t think it’s as severe as Atlanta or the other RH’s. Atlanta is so unbearable to watch because you can just feel their disconnect. BH is such a small world that at least when you watch the show you don’t feel this weird disconnect between the girls.

  4. Coralee says:

    Most of them are not friends; not all of them..Most of the NY cast were acquaintances; they traveled in the same circle..Kandi and Phaedra are friends; they are always at events together when filming stops.

  5. Laurie says:

    I don’t believe this completely. It’s obvious Kyle and Lisa were friends. And it’s VERY obvious that Kyle and Adrienne and their husbands are friends. Considering that Camille just met these women last season, my guess is that no, she doesn’t socialize with them off camera. I also believe Kyle and Taylor are good friends.

    Now are they all BFFs? No. Each HW has their intimate set of friends that they occassionally introduce but I think as mentioned above, there are legitimate friendships off camera.

    • Jay says:

      Agreed. If anything, besides NJ season 1-2, this cast is the least “fake friends for a show”.

    • Jessalina says:

      i know kyle and camille knew each other before the show bc mauricio was the grammer’s real estate agent or something… and remember when kyle said at the reunion “I WANTED YOU ON THIS SHOW” lol

  6. Cammierari says:

    I think we’ve all caught on to the fact that these women aren’t friends. They are co-workers. I worked with plenty of women who I would never be “friends” with, but during work, we are besties. We discuss work situations, work drama, and other co-workers. Not so different from these ladies. I’ve attended parties with my co-workers that you wouldn’t catch me dead at on my own, and gone to social events that co-workers have invited me to that wouldn’t have interested me on my own.
    Did you notice last night that Phaedra said she had “two jobs”..? Lawyer and reality tv star-and both are hard!

  7. Linda says:

    I don’t really believe this. Taylor has been all over the media saying how she’s close with Kyle, Kennedy and Portia have sleep overs and that Kyle was the one person who she used as support throughout the whole suicide drama. Also, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen pictures of Camille and Kyle hanging out when they weren’t filming.

    • PandaBear says:

      It does appear that Kyle and Taylor could actually be friends however, Taylor also said Adrienne was Kennedy’s Godmother. During Hawaii when Dana was trying to comfort and be there for Taylor as a friend, Taylor said all of her friends were in Hawaii. When Lisa only agreed to be her friend a few weeks (?) prior just to stop her crazy behavior.

      • Linda says:

        That’s true about Taylor saying Adrienne was Kennedy’s god-mother, but I remember reading/watching an interview from Kyle where she said that she and Taylor are good friends off the show as well. I could be wrong though?

        • sickofmelissa says:

          Taylor said, “Adrienne was Kennedy’s godmother” but Adrienne nicely said she wasn’t. Remember Season 1 reunion show. Taylor is nuts.

          • Linda says:

            I meant, that it’s true that Taylor lied about Adrienne being Kennedy’s god-mother, but in regards to her hanging out with Kyle or not she said on WWHL that they’re close and Kyle has also said they hang out outside of the show.

            Sorry didn’t word my first comment clearly!

  8. Teresa Guidice says says:

    Lots of mixed rumors on Kim. One day she’s def staying the other she’s getting a pink slip. Wonder why all the misinformation is floating around…

  9. acbh says:

    I don’t think this source is accurate at all, I have seen an interview with kyle stating that Taylor lived down the road from her & they did a lot of sleepovers. Although I live these sites its misinformation like this that makes me question most blogs.

  10. acbh says:

    Live = love.

  11. Rach says:

    Seems like the most popular housewive casts are all falling apart at the same time.

  12. Heidi says:

    I’m not surprised at all for never believed that any of these were BFF’s with the exception of a few….. As the article states, it’s a job, they’re friendly while working & when finished they continue on to lead their own lives which have nothing to do with another……… I wouldn’t want to be buddy, buddy, with someone in the workplace that I’m with more than my family either….. It’s a gig’, should you gain a ‘true’ friend from it, fine although unlikely……..

  13. Jenny says:

    I think it’s sad that so many friendships have gone by the wayside as a result of the show. I really believe there was a genuine friendship between Teresa & Jaqueline and Teresa & Dina and Jaqueline & Danielle when the show first started in NJ. And, Kim & Nene were real friends when Atl started, too, right? It’s hard to keep those friendships up and “let things go” when they are constantly being rehashed and commented about on national television. :(

    • Cammierari says:

      well that, and the fact that you have to hear your “friend” bash you or make fun of you in her talking head interviews. A real friend let’s you know what she thinks to your face, and doesn’t make fun of you later in front of a national audience

  14. Sarah says:

    I’m not surprised. Not at all. It seems most of the casts are not friend off-camera. It honestly doesn’t bother me if you say they are as different as they really are. Some new housewives might shake things up but I do believe this past season was awesome and for once I actually liked all the ladies in a cast.

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