Joe Giudice’s Brother Pete Giudice Says ‘Dont Believe Everything You Read’ Regarding Recent News On Joe

January 31, 2012 | By Continue Reading

Yesterday news broke out that Joe Giudice plead not guilty and today I thought I’d ask Joe’s brother Pete how Joe is doing. Pete tell’s AllAboutTRH that Joe is “doing very well” and adds,

 “Don’t believe everything you read. Some media don’t know their ass from their elbow and deliberately ruin people’s name.”

Well okay then! Thanks for the update Pete. I personally think in the end of the day Giudice won’t do any jail time but will be on probation. Thoughts?


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  1. Claire says:

    Probably. They are going to hype it up like he’s going to go to jail and all this BS but then he’ll just get probation. He committed a crime but I dont think he deserves to go to jail for that. He needs some probation

  2. Dawn says:

    With jail over crowding i would hope they would give his ass some house arrest so he can still work to pay back his debts. add in some community service. Imagine how he could serve the poor community with his construction background. Make him build a habitat home… fix up some eldery folks houses.. something..

  3. JanieG says:

    Absolutely agree w/ those making credible and sensible points: jails are overcrowded and the taxpayers pay the bill. they should be ashamed of being so arrogant and breaking the law repeatedly, so embarrass them: road work wearing the striped uniforms; LOTS of community service; working w/ non-profit groups creating homes for seniors/ lower incomes as mentioned above. No jail with lots of TV time, basketball, hanging out, etc. – make them work and plaster their photos all over the local news and have them give talks to kids about the consequences of not respecting authority and our laws in general – in other words, how to become a better citizen. Jail is for those we need to keep away from others – embarrass him the way he has embarrassed his parents and wife and children.

    • Lysel says:

      These suggestions are probably the best I’ve seen. Does he deserve jail, absolutely not. Does he deserve to pay for his crime. Absolutely yes! Wonderful suggestions above about talking to students and with his background volunteering to build homes. All excellent suggestions.

  4. Kija says:

    I am always uncomfortable with comments discussing the appropriate punishment for someone who is still “innocent until proven guilty.” It is such a betrayal of our values – values that have been part of our heritage since 1215. Yes, it looks bad and yes, it’s a minor crime, but still – as in any criminal matter, he is innocent until proven guilty. It’s one thing for the commenters to forget that, but I do think that in the journalist role of a blogger, it would be a good example for Roxanne to remember to use alleged and to not assume guilt in legal concerns. She should, however, be perfectly free to assume guilt in the NEEDSTOWAKEUPANDGETHISSHITTOGETHER department.

    • sickofmelissa says:

      I like the Magna Carta reference. Lighten up, he just borrowed his brothers papers. Relax.

    • Annna says:

      I agree, partially. If the proof is in the pudding, he may not yet be guilty according to legal standards but he’s pretty much guilty. If a person clearly comitts a crime, the person is guilty of that crime, to me, even before being “proven guilty” in a court of law.

  5. MADD says:

    Why did Joe Giudice need to use his brother’s identity? Could it be because he is not allowed to drive, because he is a known drunken driver?
    So was he driving again-or not?
    IF he was already being punished, (no driving privilege), and he went ahead and drove again anyhow, sorry but I will disagree with everyone here.
    Because he HAD his chance to accept the punishment. This guy needs to stay the heck off the roadways before he kills someone.
    Many people in NJ have paid thousands of dollars in fines, been jailed, and used public-transportation/bike/chauffeur-for DECADES, for LESS-than drunken-driving offenses. Joe Giudice should not be punished any LESS than anyone else for his offense.
    His defense was that he was being MORE heavily punished because of his celebrity. That is FALSE. So-let him have what he claimed he wants I say! Let him get exactly what every other person gets in NJ for what he did.

  6. heather says:

    Roxanne don’t believe everything your told. He may have pleaded not guilty because he turned down a deal he should have taken cause if/when convicted he’s literally screwed. Feel sorry for the kids …

  7. Lee says:

    For the sake of his children I hope he has probation and hours of community service. 5 years is just insane. Every year tons of colledge students are caught wil illegal drivers ID and I yet to hear anyone going to jail for it.

    • Annna says:

      I think the difference with him is that he was trying to obtain a driver’s licence, illegally and he had already been in trouble over driving drunk or whatever. So if this is the case, he needs to be punished a little more severely than if it was just the drivers licence issue.

  8. VintageHippie says:

    I wanna see new pics of Juicy Joe. I’ve heard he’s all pumped up.

  9. george says:

    MissMollie posted Tue, 01/31/2012 – 6:22pm at radaronline:

    Think about it. “What are you in jail for Joe?” Driving with a forged drivers license. OHHHHHHHHHHHHH what a bad ass. I see 90 days. To make it 10 years? Wonder why New Jersey is broke. Illegal aliens do it all the time. Nothing happens to them.

  10. LaLa says:

    10 years is crazy!! Thoughts for their family.

  11. Kate says:

    He is a fat alcoholic scumbag – I think he & Tre are perfect fpr each other.

    • Annna says:

      lol! remember when he did that cartwheel and chipped his tooth while drunk?! smh Such an idiot. Poor Gia, Milania and the other girls that I can’t think of their names. Their parents are something else.

    • Hailey says:

      You must be really talking bout another HW’ Family member.Story to post soon.

  12. Heidi says:

    I’m a big Teresa fan so I like her hubby too………. I agree with you & doubt if he’ll do any real time………

  13. Laurie says:

    Just do what we do in California… ignore it. The illegal pieces of shit that obtain licenses and green cards and SS cards cards get no punishment. A slap on the wrist and car ride back to barrio. No deportation. No problem!

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