Is NeNe Leakes Really A “Rich Bitch?” Donald Trump Has The Answer!

December 12, 2011 | By Continue Reading

Everyone know’s that NeNe Leakes of RHOA never fails to mention that she’s “rich bitch” or that she was on Celebrity Apprentice. In an argument NeNe had with costar, Sheree, she said, “While you were running your mouth, I was running to the bank, depositing a Trump check!” adding, “I’m rich bitch!”

Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Donald Trump, Jr. and asked what exactly he thought NeNe meant when she bragged about her Trump pay off, Trump, Jr. said,

“Honestly, I have no idea. All the celebrities on the show play for charity. She received a small appearance fee, sure, but that was it. And as far as I know, she’s not involved with any of our other business or corporations. So I’m not sure what she’s talking about.”


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  1. Elizabeth says:

    This just proves she tells it like it is! She is full of shit!

    • Lisa says:

      Amen to that!!!!! Let’s see how she’s going to respond to Mr Donald Trump Jr….more lies I’m sure. Give it a rest NeNe!!!

  2. kydnaas says:

    Ouch. Donald Trump sure laid it out straight !

  3. Kelly says:

    So why was she looking at a 9 million dollar home again?

  4. gessie says:

    I always thought her comment about getting rich from Celebrity Apprentice was whack. She quit the show and Donald hates her for it. Wtf is she talking about?

  5. Reena says:

    LOL. Oh Nene….

  6. Isa says:

    She is rich of lies… She looks run down. Go and seat your a$$ down NeNe.

  7. BravNO says:

    Your headline is inaccurrate. Your source is Donald Trump Jr. Also the appearance fee for CA starts at $15,000 an episode and goes up from there If you are on for a while you can earn several hundred thousand. Based on the national poll out today, most Americans believe you are rich at a median annual income of $150,000 (which puts a person at the 90th percentile). I think this repeated comment shows nothing more than NeNe considers “rich” a lower $$$$ figure than others such as the Trumps.

    • PixelDust says:

      I read something similar to the amount u mentioned.

    • JR says:

      Not only that, but the exposure she got from Celebrity Apprentice was several times what she gets on RHOA.

      Never know who she got introduced to, or what doors opened for her.

      As for looking at $9 million homes, Nene maybe counting her eggs before they hatch. Wanting to spend money before she even has it, just because she has some potential projects, with potential profits in the fire.

  8. catherine elifritz moncada says:

    I love your website but if I could?…..I am a stickler for accuracy & to say Donald Trump has the answer is misleading. (Sorry!) It was Junior yes? Jr. was also on the Celebrity Apprentice & he is the son, I’m sure he knows; his words would carry the same weight? yes? Donald Trump Jr. is freakin hilarious on twitter. He is Jr but is definatley his own man. Donald Trumps children will go far. At least the ones he had with Ivanka. I personally like Sr & always have. I was with him on the birth certificate. But Jr is his own man & I like him so that is why I wrote this whole diatribe! With all the respect I have in my heart!

  9. catherine elifritz moncada says:

    I will say I am very thankfull from my nosy little heart for this tidbit of info. I am not a fan of NeNe, never have been. I don’t fault her for everything but to pretend she made this great amount of money was over the top. She could have said the exposure from Celebrity Apprentice helped her financial future. You know what I mean. She could have said it differently. And if you remember Kandi was like “People with new money, even a million dollars think they have money” So it was no where close to a million? Donald Trump is no dummy. He negotiated the hell out of HIS contract with Apprentice. I wish NeNe well but she’s not looking too savvy right now. Train wreck a comin? Hope not!

  10. Kiyana Michele says:

    Hmmm…..Well NeNe’s Net Worth is $3.5 Million. She is rich to me! I mean do any of yall have $3.5 Million Dollars? Now compared to the trump family no she would not be rich. But in comparison to She by Sheree Whitfield’s Net Worth of $50K she is “Very Rich, Bitch! ” Lol! I make more than Sheree quarterly, can I be on the show? Oh no!?!? Why not, Because I live with in my means and dont pretend to have more than what I do. If I cant pay for it in cash, I simply dont buy it!

  11. Kiyana Michele says:

    Oopsie Daisie…. Typo: Sheree’s Net Worth is $250

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