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AllAboutTRH has received many questions asking, what is the net worth for each Mob Wife? I looked into this and according to CelebrityNetWorth the Mob Wives net worth are….

Mob Wives:

Drita Davanzo: $3 Million

Big Ang: $5 Million

Ramona Rizzo: $150 Thousand

Carla Facciolo: $1.5 Million

Karen Gravano: $400 Thousand

Renee Graziano: $2 Million

Woah! I’m actually surprised that Big Ang is worth 5 million! No wonder Karen is writing a book..and I already knew Ramona didn’t have it like that. Are you surprised by any of the Mob Wives net worth?

Thanks to AllAboutTRH reader Rosalie for reminding me to do this!

For Real Housewives Net Worth: Click Here



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Comments (31)

  1. rita d says:

    that is interesting!!!!!

  2. Rach says:

    How are any of these women worth millions? Does Celebrity Worth disclose how they come up with these numbers?

  3. Isabella Patricia says:

    I’m not surprised Ramona & Karen have the least. I mean, I read that she lived in a basement with her kids. Karen is writing that useless book because she wants and needs dough. I thought Renee was worth a little more, and daaamn! You go, Big Ang! Make that money! I sure hope it’s not doing anything illegal, selling illegal ish, or getting that money from stealing. It’ll make me like her less. I can’t tolerate people who steal! She’s just like sunshine! =) Filled with happiness and laughter. Always smiling! Just like my little prince (dog).

    Drita should have a cosmetics line since she used to be a makeup artist.

    • ATL gal says:

      She’s got a very successful bar and has owned it for years. It’s not illegal…anymore. There was an article on her a little while ago. When she was young she got into trouble but since then she’s been a straight arrow.

      • P.R. says:

        Her bar was about to close before the show. It was not at all doing well so I don’t know where you are getting that idea. She’s never there anymore and it’s slipping again. If the show goes off the air the place will close shortly after.

  4. JerrySeinfeld says:

    Are you serious about Drita having a cosmetics line??

    • Samantha says:

      Drita was a makeup artist, dumbass! If you ever noticed she’s always doing her friends makeup, and giving them advice on it.

  5. Krystal says:

    Are all you ppl stupid or just slow?! I use to watch this show but after all the extra unecssary drama I felt guilty watching it. These woman don’t have JOBS!!!! Their husbands are all criminals in jail! Like really how to you think they got those millions?!!! The fact that ppl are able to look past that fact is sad but I refuse too and will not support this show.

    • ATL gal says:

      They make six figures on a TV show. That’s a job.

    • Tlkjustice30 says:

      Wow! You need to dial it down a bit. There is no need for name calling and if you hate the show and the people on it so much why are you reading about this section???

      • ATL gal says:

        I wish the posters who don’t watch the shows but come here to insult the stars or viewers are somehow immediately identifiable. Like a disclaimer at the very beginning of each comment such as “I don’t watch this show but…”

        That way I can just save my time and skip right over it.

    • Rach says:

      Calm your tits.

    • Linda says:

      Are you stupid or slow? Being on TV and getting paid for it IS A JOB, moron. And if you actually paid any attention to the show you would know that Big Ang owns successful bars and Drita worked as a make up artist.

      • Mike says:

        i thought she was just quoting renee? renee said “are you stupid or slow” to carla at the dinner at renees i thought?

      • alex says:

        Ur are slow girl. My girlfriend does makeup and she never made millions of dollars. Plus most girls give makeup advise to there friends, that doesn’t make them pros.

  6. Julie says:

    I would be interested to know how they came up with these figures?!

  7. smh says:

    I don’t for a second believe these numbers

  8. BravoJunkie says:

    I would guess that part of their net worth would be based upon their real estate holdings which is probably why Big Ang has the highest. Real estate in a business district is expensive and if hers is bought and paid for, that would explain the numbers.

  9. Heidi says:

    Another great blog & love your excellent ‘PI’ skills !!!!! Great job!! :)

    The two that I was surprised with are Karen & Ramona….. With Romona’s bragging on one of the episodes about her background, who she married that was wealthy & she associated with ‘royalty’ overseas I thought worth would have been more…… Karen? I thought, for whatever reason, that she would be worth more as well…… But you know what some often say, “I’m not wealthy, my family is”…… I see now why Karen & Romana ‘try’ so hard to be relevant & throwing out that tough guy attitude & spheel until some of the viewers want to gag, including me……:)

    BTW, ROXY……. Do you know how Karen’s book is doing????? Thx….

    • Lovergirl says:

      Yeah because you can’t just google “celebrity networths” and get how much every celebrity is worth. Ha! That’s real “PI” work! Give me a break!

      • julie says:

        dang lady chill, if you dont like Rox’s site don’t come here…..go to another blog & talk shit

        • Lovergirl says:

          It’s funny how you defend Rox like you know her personally! The fact is that this is not PI work but public records! I wasn’t talking shit I was just stating the obvious!

  10. Me says:

    Yes, I wonder how these numbers are put together. Yes, it is also right that their real estate, business, and all the illegal money their husbands made is considered. As long as they pay taxes, nobody is going to care. Especially now that they are in a show making figures…

  11. brianmc4233 says:

    They get their net worth from 1. the show 2. endorsements and what not and 3. From companies they own, books, etc I will garantee that it isnt from anything illegal bc all their net worths come from bank statements, paychecks they get from their endorsements etc, and it is added up altogether everything that they have made that have been publicly noted. So they could actually have MORE from the illegal stuff they are doing IF they are doing anything illegal.

  12. j1p says:

    All I kn. Is that with being in the mob ya typically have money.

    Whose to say that it wasn’t money passed down through families. Also big Ange still is a big part of the mob.

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