Melissa Gorga Explains Why She Spent Thanksgiving Without Teresa Giudice This Year!

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Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga decided to take a family vacation for Thanksgiving this year with her husband and children which was a bit shocking to many considering the circumstances. Melissa’s sister-in-law Teresa is currently facing several counts of fraud against her and her husband Joe Giudice. Considering what is going on with Teresa and Juicy, you would think Teresa’s brother Joe and Melissa would be spending the holiday with the Giudice’s.

Melissa revealed to NY Daily News why she decided to vacation instead explaining,

“We honestly haven’t spent Thanksgiving together. We try to do Easter and Christmas with them. Joe and I usually go away for Thanksgiving or spend it with my family. We went to Jamaica last year, too.”

Do you think the Gorga’s should have spent Thanksgiving with the Giudice’s given the circumstances?

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  1. Lexy says:

    Just kill me know.

    I didn’t spent Thanksgiving with my SIL either.
    This feud is overdone and needs to die a natural death, I am sure Teresa was even happy not to have this harpy around so I am not sure what the big deal is.

    • SaltySulk says:

      Yes Lexy it’s just too much, and little Joey’s extended family could breathe a sigh of relief at not having to worry about him going off on one of his tantrums – in their presence at least.

    • LookersMissesMelissa says:

      Right? Who cares why they went away? Imagine having to explain why your family went away on vacation during a holiday?!?! I can’t stand Melissa, I actually fast forward past the Gorgas scenes when watching NJ Housewives, but asking why she didn’t stay in NJ to hold Teresa’s hand? She said they went away last year too, so this might be a tradition they’re trying to have for their kids which is actually a WONDERFUL thing. My parents had a traditional (annual) trip for our family too and those are some of my best childhood memories.

      They talk shit when she’s not with her kids saying she’s never with them, she takes them away on vacation they still find something to talk about lolol lets get a grip now lol there are plenty of real reasons to dislike this pathological liar, this isn’t one of them.

    • NYGirl says:

      The circus freaks spending Thanksgiving in Jamaica should have nothing to do with Teresa, but EVERYTHING to do with the Senior Gorgas. Teresa’s father has had serious health issues. Since the female freak is stating that there are no issues with Teresa, why wouldn’t they want to spend the holiday with the parents? It shouldn’t be tense. She said they’re getting along. If my father had serious health issues, NOTHING would keep me away from spending holidays with him. Of course I’m not a fame whore midget married to a piggy fame whore hooker. This is the same midget who claims to be all about family. Same one who screamed about having 2 funerals for his undead father in front of millions after fighting with his sister. Who says something like that? An angry midget fame whore, that’s who. On a side note, it was refreshing to see the Hooker post a pic or two of her children between the hundreds of T & A shots of herself. Pay no attention to my huge freaklike forehead. Look at these titties! lol

  2. SaltySulk says:

    Sounds reasonable to me – wonder why she felt the need to explain herself?

    • Nancy says:

      Melissa probably felt the need to explain due to the fact Melissa posted Thanksgiving pictures on her facebook page and reality TV websites felt the need to post to get a reaction from Teresa fans. It worked! Just another opportunity to trash Melissa and tell her how she should live her life. For some reason they feel Melissa and Joe should be hooked to Teresa’s hip and live their life according to Teresa because Teresa is in trouble. Sorry, life goes on and Teresa’s recent federal problems are on her and juicy, no one else!

    • GeesLouise says:

      Because someone probably asked.

    • Vita says:

      Probably because of blogs like this. When this exact blog posted pictures of their Jamaican Thanksgiving everyone was bitching…

      “with the possibility of jail time you would think JoGo would have wanted to spend T-giving with his SIL”

      “why weren’t they with their family”

      etc etc etc

      • Teri says:

        this entire show, women, fights & bitching have gotten old. I no longer watch. I hope all of them at least saved some of the money they made because this franchise of housewives is going down the drain. Finally.!!

      • SaltySulk says:

        Hi Vita, I read those comments, and yes, some people said that. Others said it really wasn’t anyone’s business where families spend their thanksgiving except for the families involved :-)

  3. September24 says:

    No need for an explanation Ms Marco. Can’t wait for you to be has been and get out of spotlight.

    • Happy day says:

      Melissa should have just let it go or better yet say-

      “We knew Joe’s elderly parents were not going to be left alone on Thanksgiving because Teresa was going to host them for the holiday, so we were free to host our own Family Traditions and had some great family time on our own.”

      At least in my opinion if Melissa was going to comment, this was really the issue not if she was with Teresa — the audience knows Joe’s father has been very ill the last year and Joe leaving his parents to celebrate alone on a major holiday would have made Joe and Melissa look quite callous. But they know Teresa will always be there for her parents or pick up the slack on their part so it relieves them to do want they want.

      It would be nice if Mel or Joe acknowledged that, but that would include providing an actual compliment to Teresa which usually is beyond either of them – they are cordial now, but actual compliments or real thankfulness expressed, yeah, no.

      • your blood type is pinot grigio says:

        what?? this makes no sense. she was asked a question about traveling for thanksgiving why does she need to talk about teresa so you say picking up slack and her father in law? that is so random.

        • Happy day says:

          It is not random -Joe and Mel always present themselves as being all about family, devoted to their parents, and especially all about Italian traditions.

          I have no issue at all with them going away on vacation if their elderly parents had someone to celebrate the holidays with- that was my point. The Gorgas have two kids – Teresa and Joe, that’s it. Mel and Joe decided to go on a family vacation knowing that was possible because they knew Teresa would have her parents over to celebrate and would cook for them instead.

          That is how it works in close families, most especially Italians and especially NY, NJ, Chicago Italians – you make sure your elderly parents are never, ever left by themselves on Thanksgiving, Easter and Christmas as a sign of respect. (I realize most other people follow this too, but this is very true about Italians with holidays, traditions and respect for the matriarchs of the family.)

          Trust me I know for many families fairly it is about your immediate family, new traditions and if elderly parents are left alone, even if they do not have many years left and are in poor health, it is what it is- – but that is not how things fly in close, traditional Italian families.

          To this day, if one of my six siblings or cousins tells our very Italian parents and aunt and uncles we are skipping a major holiday for Hawaii, cruise or a trip – the phones light up and we Americanized, ungrateful kids – yes, kids in our forties – and are on the shit list for a long, long time and they never forget like elephants– “Anthony you remember the year you went on that fancy, shmancy cruise and skipped Christmas, and then auntie Vi passed away in February – well you missed it and those were her best Canoli cookies and calamari she ever made. What a shame that was.”

          • Nancy says:

            You just proved the point I posted above. Why should any of the housewives live their life according to how you think they should live their life. None of us have any clue what goes on within their family during holidays and how/who they celebrate them.

          • pinkie says:

            This post is so true.

          • eileen says:

            Oh my God, here we go again only Italians have close family’s, take care of their parents, can cook have nice looking children. Yada, Yada, stop already!I wonder if you would like Mellissa better if she was ugly. She is a what,a 32 she is still young, Theresa is 42 and jealous,and quite obsessed with her brother (scary). To be quite frank the father in law sick or not, looks like a real crank,with some real issues. Besides his son pays for their house! They should be able to go on vacation any time they want without having to answer to anyone. Would you? As far as Theresa her and Joe did this to themselves, without asking for advice from their brother or sister in law. I still hope she does not go to jail but it is not their problem.

  4. holy cannoli says:

    I remember that they went to Jamaica last year. And before that I think they usually spend Thanksgiving with Messy’s family. I really don’t see the big deal.

    Believe me I am no Messy and Fredo fan at all, but damn let them do what they want with their kids for Thanksgiving.

    • eggmitit says:

      Totally agree, holy.

    • Bobby says:

      The truth is Joey Marco and Melissa have been going to Hedonism in Jamacia … The nudist resort infamous for swinging … They both enjoy getting stuffed like Turkey’s on thanksgiving and only take photos with the kids for instagram purposes

      • Salazar says:

        come on Bobby ..why would you say that?

        • Bobby says:

          It was clearly not the actual truth and I think anyone who puts themselves out on there on a public forum is no exception to jokes and scrutiny as long as it doesn’t get too deep. Its no secret Joey Marco acts like a power bottom and I’m sure Mel has taken a pounding or two in her life (against her own will by the power bottom himself)

      • eggmitit says:

        Hedonism??? LMAO! That place still exists? I remember it was popular back in the 80s, when everything was over the top.

    • Gimme Pizza You Old Troll says:

      I agree, it’s so silly. We didn’t see my sister-in-law nor one of my brother-in-laws on Thanksgiving because they had made other plans. Truly not the end of the world. And we actually get along and love each other!

  5. Jarlath says:

    I fail to see how this was a “bit shocking.” Like others have pointed out, Melissa spends Thanksgiving with her family or goes on holiday.

    • michers says:

      I think for some people, it just proves that Joe and Melissa only care about Melissa and what Melissa wants. Under the circumstances, and unknown future with his only sister, it would have been nice to see FAMILY together. I realized long ago that this family will never be a normal family again. If something this serious ( T and J) does not bring them together, nothing will.

      • Just Sayin says:

        your correct michers, some people do criticize everything she does, while she is not my fav, i don’t think it proves they only care about what Melissa wants, they both have families and like most couples they spend one holiday with one and the other with the other side. We all know Teresa wants Christmas so Melissa must see her family Thanksgiving or start her own tradition and go away which is ok too. besides, to be honest i would not want to spend thanksgiving in such a stressful situation either, she has to think of her own children first.

      • Vita says:

        I think it’s quite silly for you to make this ASSUMPTION. For all you know Joe & Mel have always spend Thanksgiving doing their own thing or went with Melissa’s side of the family. I mean it’s quite common to split up holidays. Just because Joe & T fucked up their life doesn’t mean everyone else in the family has to now bend over backwards for them. For all we know Tre & Joe wanted a smaller get together with just them and their children.

        • Vita says:

          And I do get it, with the pending issues it would be nice to spend a little extra time here and there. However, no one HAS to do so. We have to remember these people are not normal.

          • Salazar says:

            Thank you Vita ..I completely agree with you .No one knows what really goes on with these families all families are complicated & they are especially not normal . Its kind of nuts to speculate and criticize how they spent Thanksgiving

          • LaraM says:

            I agree. The kids just want to be happy. Unfortunately the Country knows this is not an ideal family. We all should Let them be!

      • Jarlath says:

        Wait. Why does this website expect Melissa and Joe Gorga stop living their lives because Teresa and Joe Giudice might go to prison BUT this same website makes excuses for why the latter refuse to change their lives and behave in a manner more congruent with their legal problems? Talk about double standards.

        And if Melissa and Joe were to have spent Thanksgiving with the Giudices, people on here would accuse her of only doing it to help sell her pro-rape book. I don’t like Melissa and thinks she’s desperate for attention and Joe Gorga is a twat who thinks himself a Housewife BUT I am not blind to the double standards.

        • Salazar says:

          OMG Jarlath perfectly said ..I agree completely ,I feel the same about the Gorgas & the Giudices as you do ..its very hard to understand the double standards .It make absolutely no sense to me. I think the Giudices are way worse as far as being completely unethical scam artists , but I also see the Gorgas for the total self absorbed idiots they are too .

          • samael says:

            instead of making the declaritive statement “it is very hard to understand the double standartd.”

            give us an example of what double standards exist.

            I am aware that you are neither a Giudice or gorga fan.

            But this phrase gets thrown out alot.

            -the giudice clan have experienced a life changing explosion

            - instead of gathering together, if not for the dad who is ill (apparently Joe could care less) but,because anyone that can read watched a family explode, visually and physically provide support for the children of the Giudice’s – Joe decides to go to Jamaica – oh well

            Let’s not pretend that Joe’s hands are clean or M’s.

            An unexpected gesture of support is a positive thing.

          • samael says:

            by the way I am asking with respect – not being sarcastic, this is a conversation and do not want to “fight” at all.


          • Salazar says:

            I’m not saying they are completely clean .I just don’t see why they need to spend Thanksgiving around such a circus ,It was refreshing I’m sure to get away from the chaos surrounding Teresa & Joe .Also none of us are in the family so you cannot speculate who’s to blame for them not being together .I don’t know this family .The Sr. Father & Mother do not appear to be “warm & fuzzy ” from what I see, so I can’t say I blame them for wanting to start their own family traditions with their kids.Obviously this is not your typical loving “Italian Family ” so if they have to do their own things on the Holidays ..who the heck are we to judge that ??

          • Jarlath says:

            @ samael

            I think I pointed out in my opinion why I regard it as double standards :-/

            I think Melissa and Joe Gorga are attention hungry and have done their share of sketchy stuff but what does that have to do with the fact that they are not obligated to spend time with Teresa and Joe Giudice? Why must they change their behavior over a situation created by the Giudices? Like Melissa pointed out, she spends Thanksgiving away or with her witchy sisters. Anyway if she had spent the time with Teresa, people would accuse Melissa of doing to for attention while they would say Teresa was sharing the “love”. Again, double standards.

          • samael says:

            Thanks for the respectful responses- I agree I do not know these people – the only thing I know are the same things we all read and watch – I just thought due to the explosion – non Bravo related- I thought M would put her compassion in that arena.

            Unfortunately, as it has been stated a zillion times, if this giudice/gorga group were not on RHNJ we wouldn’t know or understand they family dynamic’s that already exist.

            This would be just another blurb in – no one would care where the giudice/gorga clan spend their time/money.

            But we the viewer’s are aware of the facts/rumor of the legal situation of Teresa/Joe and the on again off again relationship between Teresa and Joe cuz they are on RHNJ.

            This is why we are able to have an opinion.

            I seriously thought M and Joe or at least Joe would say, “let’s just for this time – go to dad’s – we can go to Jamaica anytime”.

        • Gimme Pizza You Old Troll says:

          That is a very good point.

        • michers says:

          I dont have double standards, not with Melissa. I would actually respect her if she did things that seem authentic and family oriented, especially because of situation . Not just with Teresa either; the Father who has bad health. Jarlath, I understand the pint you made about some thinking it would not be good enough if she did do that however, I would feel differently :)

        • LaraM says:

          You All are saying the same thing, and I agree. :-)

      • samael says:

        Hey micher’s

        M is only for M -and Joe could care less about Teresa – in film and apparently in real life.

        Not sure why I was surprised that M decided (lets face it M drags Joe around by his hair on his back)to not bother with even Joe’s mom or dad.

        I know why I was surprised about Jamaica – approx. 24 hours before Jamaica – M just completed an interview about he holiday plans and parties – I misinterpreted her words to mean she was going to have a party and everyone is invited – her quote – “the more the merrier”.

        I doubt that there is any strong moral/ethical or loving reason for taking off to Jamaica as a show of support for the family.

        someone mentioned last week, perhaps when M returns she will have a family gathering..nope.

        True we do not know what goes on behind closed doors, but we sure can see with our eyes what goes on.

        • michers says:

          Some people are just that way Sam, and she is one of them. She seems to have always been this way- self centered, attention seeking, all eyes on her , and do things only that SHE wants to be done, so Im not shocked. I just think given the severity of things, and unknown outcomes, that it would have been nice to see that her only brother and SIL gave alittle bit of a shit at least around Holidays, especially for all of the kids!

          • samael says:

            This time of Gorgas/Giudice’s lives have changed since July 2013 – so that is why I assumed/expected Gorga’s to put down the gloves and apply common sense.

            I know when RHNJ returns gloves back on-contracts signed, but this is real – not scripted.

            Oh well, seems to be the continuing sentiment with the Gorga’s

          • LaraM says:

            I HAD a SIL like M! It was very destructive to all in family, even extended families. Let’s just say, Karma really is a bitch, and truth eventually comes out.

  6. Honnie Badger says:

    Melissa is always smelling poop.

  7. SA says:

    but if they were filming it would be a different story..right?! Melissa is so transparent…

  8. RHOAmbler says:

    I think the difference in this case is that with all the legal issues, and Papa Gorga’s health issues, it would be nice to spend as many holidays together as a family as they can at this time.

  9. Lee says:

    It is better off that these to families remain civil to each other but never close. The Guidices should not trust The Gorgas. From what I read on the famewhorgas website, the Gorgas fed a lot of info to their partners, who in turn spoke to Monica Chacon.

    • A Real NJ Housewife says:

      I agree with you. They should try to get along for the kids and grandparents.

      I just wonder how Teresa and Joe feel about Melissa and Joey’s alleged contribution to the charges. Yes, they did this to themselves, but to think their own family might have involved themselves in something this serious must be hard to deal with.

      And I wonder if Joey feels any remorse for any information he and his wife might have offered up. I unfortunately don’t think Melissa would. The competition between the two women is too intense for that. And those tears Melissa cried at the reunion were, in my opinion, of the crocodile variety.

  10. rhfan says:

    Ok. I guess,I don’t see the big deal. Each family celebrates differently.

    Our family gets along, we are there for each other. It doesn’t matter if we celebrate on the actual holiday, or create our own holiday. Who knows, maybei they all get together for dinner after they got home?

  11. samael says:

    I know when I read this initially last week – I did think “what? Joe could care less about spending time with teresa” – I mean we all know what Teresa’s and Joe’s future may include.

    But then I thought, this is not a normal family, being supportive does not necessarily mean spend time together.

    I did say this last week, if that was my brother or sister, (never gonna happen) I would want to surround their family wit ours.

    geez, M fans are turning on her, they are saying that antonia’s beach pic is “a form of distributing child porn”!! huh?

    • A Real NJ Housewife says:

      Hi samael. I think the whole thing with the picture of Antonia’s picture is ridiculous. There was absolutely nothing wrong with it.

      And I’m NOT a Gorga fan, but right is right.

      • samael says:

        Hi A Real NJ Housewife

        I am clearly not an M fan either,and agree, it is so ridiculous. Her fans are odd if they see that.

        I still think it is very cool that you are “in the thick of things” RH – in that you have had or heard from your buds about Caroline – sad that it is not a good experience – but I still heart Caroline.

        • A Real NJ Housewife says:

          Hi samael, I’ve met a couple of them, but can’t say I know any like a good friend. But we have some mutual friends, and I hear a lot of things.

          I can say this: money doesn’t bring you happiness. (although I’d like a shot at the experience ha ha)

  12. Just me says:

    Could care less…..

    • Honnie Badger says:

      Do you mean you could NOT care less? If you could care less, that means you do care and you have capacity to care less than you do. If you could not care less — you’re at the end of your rope!

  13. zoeysmom says:

    I considered it an early Christmas gift to Teresa. She needs her parents and Joe’s family right now and not worrying about her relationship with her brother and Melissa.

    I am sure she appreciates their support whether it is from Jamaica or at the table.

    Just a thought-is it possible Joey may not want to be called as a witness against his sister and they are minimizing their relationship? At one point Teresa said she helped/taught her brother all about business.

  14. Jewels says:

    Good for them getting away and doing their own thing as a family. Probably a nice break from the circus that Teresa and Joe have created out of everyone’s life back in NJ.

    And hey…at least Melissa & Joe can leave the country whenever they want and don’t have to get permission from a judge first.

  15. Dave says:

    A normal family in which one of the members was facing many years in prison, would’ve come together for the holidays. Who knows, this time next year you may not see them again for several years?

    But of course this is Joe Gorga with his pathological hatred for his sister. I honestly believe he and Melissa would be happy if she went to prison. That would be the dream scenario for them. The ‘Queen of NJ’ finally dethroned.

    • A Real NJ Housewife says:

      Since this investigation has been going on for so long, they have had to know for quite a while something was going to happen.

      I hate to say it, but it makes me remember how many times Joey said his sister needs to ‘fall’ to teach her a lesson.

    • Salazar says:

      I really think that in a “normal Family” that there would not be family members facing many years in prison to begin with. But who knows maybe thats the “new normal”

  16. OldNJLady says:

    I am not sure why anyone is surprised or expected Lookers and Joey to spend Thanksgiving with Teresa. They do not see each other unless there is a camera rolling. It has been that way since Lookers and Joey joined the show. The only change this year is the that the kids will have play dates every once in a while.
    No matter what is going on with Teresa or how sick her father might be it is in my opinion the best situation that neither one of them has the stress of worrying what will set Joey off into one of the tantrums like a little two year old every time he is around his family. Joey doesn’t understand that it is his actions that have driven the wedge between him and his parents. By continuing to act like a big goon he is only widening the split and making Teresa look better in the eyes of her parents. No matter what you think about Teresa no one can deny that she is not a loyal, loving and supportive daughter. She is there when her parents need her.

  17. tina says:

    Why does everyone think its wrong for melissa and joe to go away? i think that it is sad for teresa and joe to deal with everything facing them but they brought it upon themselves to some degree. maybe once the case is heard a lot of the charges will be dropped or cleared somehow and the jail time won’t be too long and they can resume their lives with their children. They might be very happy or even might have told all the relatives to please leave them alone on the holiday so they can just be together ALONE with the children. Dont bash joe and melissa They arent facing jail time.

  18. tina says:

    Joe and Teresa have been through so much and I’m sure it has taken over the family with worry and talk etc. Maybe Joe and Melissa realized it was taking away from family time with their own kids and they wanted to get away for a few days to re-connect and relax away from the worry, talk and drama and rivers of tears that probably are flowing with his sisters and her girls. very sad for all the families involved on some level or another. poor parents too

  19. jen says:

    Well considering that Joe doesn’t speak with his parents, which I totally believe is from his wrong doing not Teresa holding a gun to their heads demanding they don’t talk to their only son, I’m sure it wasn’t much of a disapoinment to anyone.

  20. LaraM says:

    I still think this was filmed to show Melissa as a wife and mom, and doing their own thing.

    At end of day, I can give a rat’s ass if it wasn’t filmed. Who cares? Melissa needs no attention from us. Jmo

  21. Frankyblike says:

    Who cares? Let each family spend it with who ever they wish to. As long as the parents and kids are together thats all that matters.

  22. Denise G. says:

    Stop grasping for straws! Geesh, not EVERYTHING is about Teresa! So, Melissa and her family should forgo a family vacation because her SIL and BIL put themselves in the situation they are currently in? Please!

  23. Lapband Lauren says:

    There is nothing scandalous about it and how dare nymail or whatever the hell ask them why they spent thanksgiving in jamaica. Stop trying to stir the pot between these families!!!

  24. LaraM says:

    News is now saying Teresa and Joe have legally separated. Saying that she is experiencing high anxiety, and throwing up/collapsing before last court date. These gossip rags are dangerous!

    • Vivian says:

      This is one rumor that I hope is actually true (but I doubt it is). Divorcing Joe would be the smartest thing Teresa could ever do.

      • LaraM says:

        I think it is a rumor because of separate attorney’s, which is logical since some of the charges are J & T, and others are just T, then others are J & M, the business partner. I just hate speculating on bull-shit gossip. It is cruel and injust, and hurts families and people. None of us would want rumors spread. The reason I brought it up is for compassion with people vested on this site to care about following T, which is why the site was created. :-)

        • samael says:

          Hi LaraM

          Yeah I read that awhile ago, the writer took quite a few liberties with the fact that Teresa and Joe have separate Legal advise.

          so many people making dough off Teresa and Joe.

          • Portishead says:

            Samael, omg so is Melissa now writing childrrns books? How horrifying after reading in her trash book that Melissa and Joe like to have sex in Antonia, gino and joeys beds. Where did you read she was hanging with an illustrator? LOL

          • samael says:

            Hi Portishead

            M tweeted a pic of her and Joe and this children’s book illustrator spending the day together.

            I looked up the person’s name – as M discloses information in her tweets!

            This person is an illustrator for children’s book.

            blech..vile if M does do a children’s book!

    • Honnie Badger says:

      Lara! I HATE gossip rags! Listen, I adore good magazines, but those checkout counter crap is like glossy, full-color toilet paper. It is all so damn base — and what a waste of: ink, paper, staff, office equipment, office rent, distributor man hours. They should all die immediately.

      I’d love to see good publications there instead.

      I hate looking at reality narcissists and other celebrity photos with stupid, misleading glaring headlines screaming at me while I’m trying to pass the damn cantaloupe and cottage cheese to the checkout chick.

      • samael says:

        Hey Honnie

        stay strong…geez those rags really want our dough!

      • LaraM says:

        @Honnie Badger and Samael-ITA, my closest thing to celebrity mags was giving my grandma her requested People magazine subscription, and I warned her to not believe everything she sees nor reads. Probably why I find the HW blogs fascinating, and I yearn to seek the truth, with NJ in what we heard of Gorga/Wakilie’s motivation and Marco’s dirty works with Kim G. Lol.

        The media on all ends now, not just gossip rags is irresponsible and polarized, ie., Fox vs. CNN. I was told 25 yrs ago by a college professor that Christian Science Monitor is the most inbiased newspaper, believe it or not. Though I doubt they cover pop culture HW, but may have to check it out to see.

        • samael says:

          Hey Laram

          I used to read the Globe – right until the evening Princes Diana passed away- never touched another one since then.

          rags rot

          • LaraM says:

            I know @Samael. I still believe conspiracy behind her death with Paps. But I did purchase from Time and NY Times for my kids time capsules Diana, JFK, Jr. And Pope John Paul’s obituaries. :-) and the news of the day with their births. Lol

          • samael says:

            that is so cool to do the time capsule. what a cool way to “remember when” with your kids,inventive.

  25. Megan says:

    All housewives are shady will never find truthfulness

  26. LaraM says:

    For Teresa fans, I cooked two dishes tonight from 2 of 4 cookbooks that I have of hers. Big hit!! Kids and husband love everything that I cook from the cookbooks–healthy, natural, fresh, EASY and yummy.

    Also, I saw on her twitter that Milania is 50% off. I will be reordering of it carries new price over right now! I love the product for my naturally curly hair.

    No, I am not a spokesperson, lol. But her products are really good.

      • LaraM says:

        I think that you and Bonnie would love her cookbooks. They are really inexpensive on Amazon. I use to use, if any, Barefoot Contessa’s, but that was usually for entertaining. Teresa’s are so easy and gives you quick ideas for “what will I make for dinner tonight”, days. Usually my case with mouths to feed. I double the recipes, and never struck out.

        • samael says:

          we do like to try different things, we have the same conversation..what are we gonna make, when it’s my turn to cook I look at my Kraft file online, and I can follow a recipe but no way can I follow them in video…I get lost, but that is Bonnie’s fav way, she goes to her fav sites and watches.

  27. Nicolina says:

    Let’s just be glad that the Gorgas were Jamaicas problem for a few days. And who knows if Teresa and family were invited, only that they can’t leave the country cause they have no passports. And not for nothing is Mel telling us that the paparazzi followed her to Jamaica , what a famewhore!!

  28. suzanne says:

    I agree with the statement that this feud is being kept alive by who exactly who cares !!!!!!
    They didn’t spend Thanksgiving together
    can melissa and joes fifteen minutes please be up

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