Lilly Ghalichi Shocking Photo Before The Surgeries!

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We’ve done a before and after with Shahs of Sunset star Lilly Ghalichi but we just got hold of another never before seen photo of Lilly before her surgeries taken back in 2004/2005 when she first got her breast done. Check out the shocking photo of Lilly before the surgery below

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Photoed above Lilly Ghalichi

She looks like a complete different person. You normally change as the years go on but woah! This is too much. Thoughts on Lilly’s before look?



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Comments (98)

  1. Avalei says:

    Holy Makeover! What all did she have done? Nose? Teeth? Looks like she already had a boob job by the time pic was taken. Sick! There is just something wrong with this. Can’t quite put my finger on it…. It’s just sick and disturbing. To change so much is just wrong.

  2. Jane Doe says:

    Other than her breasts being too large, she looks way better.

  3. Aunt Sadie says:

    She looks gorgeous and not plastic. Must be one hell of a Dr! She is a walking advertisement, she succeeded in becoming a 10.

    • Avalei says:

      But she won’t ALWAYS be a 10. But she will be addicted to her looks and they won’t last. Maybe in that photoshopped above pic she is a 10 but have u seen her on the show? She doesn’t look healthy. Would u want your daughter to do that to herself?

      • Aunt Sadie says:

        Yes I’ve seen her on the show, she’s the Persian Barbie! All of Hollywood is addicted to their looks and plastic surgery is normal, especially for women on camera. If my daughter elected to have surgery, that would be her choice. But she is happy with herself both inside and out so I do not see her doing that.

        • Avalei says:

          Our ideas of beauty are completely different. I think being yourself and doing that naturally is how I define it. But oh we’ll. lets agree to disagree about ms lily g.

      • hoolie says:

        she will have a constant reminder of her true/original self when she has children and they come out looking nothing like her!

        • Brouhaha says:

          EXACTLY. Have you ever saw the pictures of Julie Chen before the plastic surgery? Yes, totally different person. You can’t modify your genes and that’s the truth. Why can’t people strive for THEIR OWN personal best or their (own) perfect 10 using what God gave them? Braces, a new haircut and corrective eye surgery is totally different then well…a completely different face. The truth about that original chin and nose comes out when those kiddies are born. As for Lily…did Harry Potter do her work because that end result is the work of magic? There is no way human hands pulled that one off. And I’m taking into account man’s walk on the moon and the creation of the wheel. Wow! I guess if you have the time and money….

          • Njdij says:

            LMAO@ magic. Wow that headline was spot on because I was SHOCKED. She is really pretty now and I see why she wanted work. To each his own

    • Wise says:

      And that’s false advertisement. Her boyfriend thinks he’s gonna have some attractive kids and ends up with ugly ass babies.

  4. MissVigyal says:

    this must have cost a pretty penny. I hate to say it but i will always lean towards the more natural look. she is WAAAAAAYYYYY to skinny for my tastes. It is her body so if she is happy so what.

  5. holy cannoli says:

    Holy Adrienne Maloof!!

  6. Isabella Patricia says:

    Wow! What a huge difference! Lilly looks nothing like her natural self at all. She looks Indian here, and I get how you want to change 1 or 2 things about your body, but she had a complete transformation. I think she looks prettier now, but I still prefer her before picture only because that’s the way God made her. Her body looked better back then, too. Whatever works for Lilly…

  7. Tklong4u says:

    That is not the same girl!!!! Holy crap!!!

  8. Jazzy says:

    EXPOSED. It’s so funny, she claimed she doesn’t have a nose job. Yeah, okay.

  9. Portishead says:

    I think she looks gorgeous. Any type of changes to your appearance are a very personal choice. God made plastic surgeons so why not use them! I had my breasts done in college and I have never regretted it…ever! I have a lot more confidence. Lilly has to wake up in her body everyday, so why should do other people’s opinions matter?

    • Glimmer88 says:

      I think her surgeon did an excellent job too ! I think she looks great. She is obviously happy with it so who cares what everyone else thinks….

      • Nah-Nah says:

        I agree, I think she’s beautiful!

      • Vee says:

        Totally agree… her surgeon is wonderful! I don’t understand the shock, she essentially took her look from Texas to Los Angeles. I think that is the most humbling city in the world. I’m a home town beauty, no surgery, but whenever I’m in L.A., I think about it. Cute in Houston just doesn’t cut it in Hollywood :/ She looks great now! and from reading her personal blog, she seems happy, so good for her!

      • Summer says:

        yeah agree she had great plastic surgeon wish i could afford plastic surgery.

        Anyone know her email address or how to contact her so i can get his name.

  10. Courteney says:

    I think she wants to look like Kim Kardashian. They have similar bone structure.

  11. Steff says:

    She’s not my cup of tea but her surgeon did a decent job. When she has her own kids she’ll flip out because they’ll look like her prior to her make over. Whatever though.

    • MochaQueen says:

      I recall reading about a man that divorced his wife after seeing her before plastic surgery pics. He was fearful of their children turning out ugly.

    • michers says:

      I wonder if her sister had it also then, because she is so pretty and looks like her, now after surgery? Or she had surgery to look like her sister??? Bonkers.

  12. Lynda says:

    She is pretty on the outside but she’s ugly Ion the inside. I dislike her and I loved Reza but after these 2 became besties and they tried to destroy MJ in the reunion I don’t wanna give her any compliments.
    The only thing remotely genuine about her is her doggy coco.

    • MochaQueen says:

      Funny we see how both she and Reza used to look. They bonded in their big makeovers maybe?

      • Lynda says:

        They were awful he destroyed a 20 plus year friendship over being friends with the new it girl. It was worse than high school
        He used every insecurity he knew about mj and humiliated her it was terrible. And Ass(a) as well. I can’t stand those 3. Have you seen any new pics if Mj she’s lost weight looks pretty.

        • Jazzy says:

          Rezza is the definition of filth.

        • MochaQueen says:

          I agree. It was awful the way Reza treated MJ who thought of him as a brother. I’ll have to go look for her pics. Although I thought she carried her weight well and was already gorgeous.

          • Lynda says:

            I did to I liked how she dressed for herself and felt comfortable until this season with Lilly and reza shaming her. She looks really pretty though either way.

          • Summer says:

            i agree i also think MJ is pretty and don’t think she fat at all she carries her wait well.

            Reza is just a bitch

        • Kevin says:

          I too was disgusted in the fact that Reza threw his 20 year friendship with MJ down the drain to befriend(ass kiss)Lily. And then he went to another level when her used MJ’s insercurities and personal things she told him in confidence against her and Lily joined in on it. Now I see what Gigi meant about how Reza,Lily,and Asa prey on people they deem weak/beneaththem:Gigi and MJ and tear them down. The only level headed one is Mike(although he should of not let Asa and Reza exclude Gigi from the trip last season as he’s the one who sent the trip up.) It will be interesting to see in Season if the relationships will change and if Reza will actually apologize to MJ for all the low down things he’s done and see through Lily’s facade(she needs to stop being so self absorbed and loosen up and have fun like everyone else.)

  13. Lapband Lauren says:

    I think she looks more persian in ber before picture. Its a shame she got surgeries to make her look like everyone elss in hollywood. But whatever floats her boat i guess?

    • Jazzy says:

      Persians say that Tehran is the nose capital of the world lol.

      • Lapband Lauren says:

        It is jazzy believe it or not iran is the number 1 place to go for a nose job and its so in demand there! I’m not against plastic surgery at all i just think she vanished any trace of her ethnicity. If anything she shouldve just removed the bumb but her nose is shaved down and tiny now. I’m not denying that she doesnt look great because she does, but damn!

  14. fifismommy says:

    Now everything makes sense…her attitude and all. Her sister is WAY prettier and looks far more natural. Silly Lilly.

  15. LookersMissesMelissa says:

    I hope she’s not SO far gone that she goes ahead and has kids and expects them to come out looking like she does NOW -_-

    Wow! What man will marry that & have offspring with this woman?!?? So effin WEIRRD!!! God bless my genes, she looks disgusting before…

    • Greenblanket says:

      “Disgusting”?!!! People like u r part of the reason why she got so much work done. Why would u call another human being “disgusting” based on their looks?. Shameful and hateful. Clearly ur genes suck, specifically the brain function portion.

  16. She is trying way too hard to be like Kim K. It’s really sad because she looked better when she was herself. She is way too plastic now and resembles an alien with her huge head full of hair and a teeny tiny body.

    • beverlyhillswhatathrill says:

      lollipop head for sure. i personally hate her weaves. her hairlines look really off and the hair unnatural and overwhelming for her grasshopper figure

    • Summer says:

      @The original A

      yeah what’s up with her hair i think her hair is disgusting it makes her look out of proportion

  17. michers says:

    Holy shit. And she had the NERVE to be such a B word to MJ???? Oh no she didn’t….

    • Spenderr says:

      Oh michers you truly are a little ripper with your “holy shit” comment tehehe 😀

      Speaking of that B, I loathe that piece of shit Reza too for outing MJ’s issues on tv. He is a putrid fame whore who stooped to a level so low, that he’ll never be able to redeem himself in anyone’s eyes.
      He along with this phoney baloney Lilly and that clown Asa sicken me.

      They were relentless and did a tag team of insulting her and putting her on blast. Mike is such a gentlemen, he did everything to squash the issue and tried in vain to sway the topic off her but these idiots kept going at her.
      I truly felt MJ’s heartache and would be friend should never resort to that.

      I would luuurve to have their issues put out there so they can feel what MJ felt.

      • michers says:

        Ugh, I know.. Reza was a total mean girl! I dont know what the hell happened to him. First season I thought he was down to earth and I loved the loyalty and friendship he and MJ shared, like 20 years or so? Then when Fake Lilli came along , he tossed Mj. Such a bitch move. So now I love Mike! I really like how he went with his heart and put his foot down about remaining with his Italian girlfriend!! I know that must have been hard because of his culture/tradition and what his parents thought would be best . And I also like how did not get too involved, but he tried to put a stop to the bashing of MJ. GG is crazy, but I still kind of like her. She just needs to stay sober.

      • Kevin says:

        Yes it is simply disgusting how Reza,Asa,and Lilly went after MJ relentlessy. Gigi on the other hand got what was coming to her for all the violent outbursts and the things she said about Reza. I hope Reza,Lilly,and Asa stop going after MJ in Season 3,if not at least her girl GG and Mike will be their to defend her. Lilly is a pretty girl(not naturally obviously.)but she really needs to gain a little weight and stop wearing the drag queen wigs.

  18. ColormeSlut says:

    I find this very funny considering Lilly and Reza constantly attack peoples physical features when in fact she has the most dramatic before and after change although MJ may be bigger she has natural beauty compared to Lilly haha wow did her sister have any surgeries??

    • LookersMissesMelissa says:

      OMG good question her older sister looks like this too!!!! Wth??? Did they get a 2 for 1 deal???

      • Lapband Lauren says:

        I think her sister looks more natural than lilly but i can suspect maybe a nose job and botox for her sis. Her sister isnt all over the top like lilly is!

    • Summer says:

      IMO i honestly believe her sister also had plastic surgery, even tho they look alike Im guessing the same surgeon it seems to me that her sis is a much nicer and down to earth person than Lily who IMO is a real nasty bitch

    • Kevin says:

      Reza and Lilly have no room to talk about people’s physical appearances when Lilly got her “beauty” from plastic surgery and Reza is chubby with a big nose. MJ may be plus size but at least she is still a natural pretty girl and has self confidence in herself that she doesn’t need any surgeries.Lilly sister probably had work done too. It’s Beverly Hills most people have a had a few nips and tucks.

  19. Rach says:

    That’s a huge difference. She looks a lot like some of my Trinidian/East Indian friends in before the surgery. I don’t think she’s ugly now, but she’s way too plastic looking for my taste. I don’t think the human Barbie look is attractive, at all. She has massive self-esteem issues. No amount of surgery will ever fix that.

  20. JessH says:

    She looks like Reza.

  21. Portishead says:

    Colormeslut I love your name! It always makes me lol

  22. Ry says:

    I hate when Reza calls her perfect-looking. She looks FAKE. It saddens me when anyone hates him/herself and decides to get so many surgeries.

  23. Jenn says:

    Wow, I have never ever seen such a dramatic change. It doesn’t even look like the same person. OMG and she’s so young and from what the show portrays of her she doesn’t have very good self esteem because of a boyfriend that is “allegedly” cheating on her as well as not willing to commit. She’s going to be one of those people who overdue it and wind up looking like a plastic clown that melted in the sun by the time she’s 40 if she doesn’t get professional psychiatric help to get over her insecurities. I feel bad for her. Unfortunately, though she has the resources to keep going under the knife…so I don’t think she’s gonna stop without an intervention. What I mean is most people want to make themselves more defined for themselves. She is doing it for someone else’s approval (in my opinion) and that is scary because she will never see herself as beautiful as long as her boyfriend won’t commit.

  24. marshmel says:

    Whenever I see stuff like this, I think of how it will all pan out when some man marries this gorgeous woman, and his kids come out looking completely different. What happened?!?! False advertising! Ahh, plastic surgery, our society’s most recent change in course regarding natural selection.

    • SSS says:

      sad for those kids, because how can you be confident if your own looks when you look like mommy used to, and mommy thought that was so hideous that she changed EVERYTHING about her physical appearance.

      • marshmel says:

        Too true. And how can they ever believe her when (if?) she should tell them that they are beautiful? This is all assuming she isn’t too shallow and self absorbed to actually give birth to other human beings. So there is always that I guess.

  25. it's a little fat shoe says:

    I remember her saying plastic surgery is ok in ‘moderation’…….girlllllll! You got a whole new face! It’s like that movie ‘face off’ and you totally switched with someone else!

    • Kevin says:

      Um , moderation! Let’s see Breast Implants,Collagen,Botox(probably), Fillers in the cheeks that is a whole new person and look. In her pre-sugery pic(minus the boob implants) she looked like your typical Persian now she looks like a cross between a Barbie and a lil Trannyish.

  26. TEAM FAIR says:

    OOOOOTAY! Where shall I begin! Yes, Lilly…do not and I mean DO NOT ever speak about anyone appearance!

    After witnesses what this Chica has done to herself all I want her to ever say to me is Good-Bye! And I want that done — FAST!

  27. JuliaBL says:

    Yikes, the only thing missing is Spencer Pratt…she’s another Heidi Montag. Her boobs are utterly ridulous. Doesn’t she understand they’re actually part of a woman’s body to feed babies…not to turn men on?

    • Kevin says:

      Huge Boobs on a Very Skinny Body looks very off, Now if she gained weight the boobs would look way better on her, she needs to stop with the drag queen/elvira hair it looks ridicolous. She needs to stop the surgeries before it’s too late(clearly she has self esteem issues and body issues hence the reason for the surgeries/hair etc:it’s to cover up her insecurities.)

  28. Aussiegirl says:


    This is OUTRAGEOUS! No wonder she wears so much ridiculous hair! It would be to cover the lines where she had an ENTIRE NEW FACE ATTACHED!!!

    Oh yeah, Lili: you do it all with ‘makeup’! And if you pull my leg I play Jingle Bells and fart the National Anthem…

  29. Kerri says:

    She looks like Reza!!

  30. With enough money you can look like anyone. Did she get ribs removed, because her body perpotions are like a Barbie doll unreal! Next for plastic intervention is MJ.

    • Kevin says:

      Lily is Barbie in human form(it’s crazy and kinda creepy!)
      Why is MJ up for plastic intervention(yeah she is chubby but she’s still pretty to me.)

  31. Ally says:

    Fake as looking bitch. Pretends she’s so smart and sweet when the truth is that she’s a mean bitch in real life. So much heat over her ex. Can u blame him?

  32. Shirin says:

    I do think she looks nicer now. She definitely has had chin fillers/ implants and buckle fat removal with possible face/ jaw line sharpening. I can tell because a friend got something similar done.

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