Kim Richards Reveals Viewers Will Get To See The Real Lisa Vanderpump As The Season Unfolds

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards is letting it all out! Kim appeared on Bethenny Frankel’s show and revealed that Lisa Vanderpump is faker than fake pointing out how she only does things when cameras are rolling and adding that as the season unfold, viewers will get to see the real Lisa Vanderpump!

Kim says,

“I don’t think the audience has seen really Lisa’s stuff yet. think that as the season unfolds they will see really what Lisa has done to some of us. I think Lisa has a way about her where she comes off very sweet and kind to all of us. If she is really my friend then she would come to me off camera and say to me, call me and say to me, ‘I’m here for you.’ Be a friend but instead she would do it on camera and come to me on camera, ‘Let’s talk about things.’ It’s like, ‘Lisa, I don’t want to talk about things , pretty bad night for me alright, seriously.’ ‘Seriously, darling if you want to talk about things.’ Cameras rolling everybody, fans to see. I think is she really my friend? Is Lisa my friend? But when I wasn’t well I couldn’t decipher and all of a sudden I am getting more well and I am like hey, wait a minute, girlfriend you are not my friend. I so see what you are doing. She’s letting the audience think she’s my friend when clearly she was just dragging all my stuff out for the world to see more and more.”

Kim continued,

“But where did the phone call come in for Kim as a real friend? There was never one. There were no off camera calls to check on me, there was never a real friendship there and that’s the kind of stuff she’s done to all of us. I think that more and more of that will unfold and you will see the little snide things that she does. She’s just never been a real good friend to me and that’s okay, she doesn’t have to be. I’m over it, I’m over the things she’s done, like pulling out the magazines out of Brandi’s bag, ‘Oh, ooooh my.’ There are little things that you will see that will happen over this season that her true colors will show”

It’s crazy how much things can change in a season. Lisa is normally a fan favorite so do you think your opinion on her will change? Are you surprised Kim is insinuating that Lisa is fake?

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  1. Chanel says:

    Well this should be interesting :)

  2. Lexy says:

    I believe KIm.

    Lisa lives for her image but it was pretty obvious since the first season that she never cared for Kim, back in the day i didn’t blame her for that bcause I didn’t care for Kim and her addictions one bit, but the pattern in Lisa’s behavior is very evident.

    It happened with Kim and also with Taylor, the proclamations about being there for them, the “I care about you” or “If you need me” were wonderfully recorded by the cameras to give the impression of Lisa being this wonderful lady who worries always for the less fortunate, but that was just a show and now it is becoming more and more evident.

    nobody is saying that you have to worry or give your time to people you obviously don’t care about, if you don’t care about a person it is your prerrogative, just don’t pretend to care only when the cameras are rolling.

    It is funny how Lisa doesn’t seem to understand or care to understand that her castmates have feelings too, Lisa is so concern with looking regal and wonderful that she can care less about any of the others and the others are not dumb, they realize that Lisa is not being real and just portraying a character on tv.

    • Summer says:

      Gotta say my opinion & liking of Lisa has changed this season in fact it was starting to change last season.

      I don’t hate Lisa nor do i like but i now see she can be very sneaky & not to get her hands dirty will use other people to do her dirty work for her.

      Not that i believe Brandi but i do believe Kim IMO Kim pretty much a straight shooter she’ll say what she needs to say to ur face it may take a few hrs to get to the point but eventually she’ll get there lol

  3. Jo says:

    1) I’m loving all the “breaking the 4th wall” the RHOBH women are doing this season, and

    2) Can someone tell me in which episode Lisa pulled magazines out of Brandi’s bag? I totally missed that. Or was Kim being figurative?

    • Lexy says:

      “Brandi revealed that Lisa had told her to take magazine articles about Kyle Richards‘ hubby Mauricio Umansky cheating on her on a trip the ladies took several weeks earlier to Palm Springs. Brandi told Lisa, ‘Don’t you dare try to lie about this one, there is no way you are going to weasel out of this one.”

      I do wonder if they will air this or if Bravo will keep protecting Lisa. I have not seen this on any of the previews so I wonder the direction that production will choose. If they do not show this then they are going in the direction of Brandi is a lunatic, if they choose to air this then Lisa will be in some trouble. The article seems to imply that the blow out between Brandi and Lisa happens several weeks after the trip to Palm Spring (maybe the Puerto Rico trip?) so i guess we will have to wait and see.

      BTW I have no doubt that Lisa “suggested”, “advised” Brandi to bring those magazines because Lisa has really been pushing hard the issue of the cheating rumors, she has managed to talk about the rumors in every single episode in one way or another. I am not taking the responsibility out of Brandi’s hands but I can see Brandi being caught being a bitch ans spilling the beans much to Lisa’s dismay.

      • Jo says:

        Ohhh, thanks Lexy. I hope they air it too, I’m tired of Bravo cheating viewers out of the truth.

        • Ellen says:

          I think we are getting cheated out of the truth. We know they all feel Lisa did some things, but now they are all on the defensive as they’re getting to see the episodes in advance. That’s so lame. I want to see what happened.

          • Mary says:

            Bravo as usual showing their favoritism. Lisa has that awful show VR so Bravo will protect their investment, in the meantime Brandi is disposable.

      • SA says:

        So this accusation about Lisa came from Brandi’s mouth to this blog and you automatically believe it?! that’s funny given all the lies Brandi has been exposed for…

        • Jo says:

          I never know whether to believe Brandi or these “sources,” but I do believe Kim when she intuits Lisa’s fake concern when pulling the magazines out of Brandi’s bag.

          • SA says:

            we will only get the edited version of that and of course all these ladies will disagree on whose at fault…but why did Brandi even bring them? sounds fishy and pretty easy to blame Lisa!!

        • RabbleRouser says:

          IMO, Brandi saying Lisa was the one who prompted her to do it, doesn’t negate any responsibility away from Brandi. But it does say that “Operation Throw Shade On Kyle’s Marriage” wasn’t a solo mission.

          I have always believed that there was collusion in bringing these rumors to light. It was by no coincidence that at Carlton’s lunch that Kyle was seated at the head of the table..the proverbial ‘hot seat’.

          • Mary says:

            Of course it doesn’t negate anything, Brandi is a grown up woman and should know better, but it does highlight the nature of the machinations that these three were up to. Yolanda , Lisa and Brandi thought they could get away with anything and they were teflon. I am glad they were wrong.

          • Summer says:


            i thought the exact same thing.

      • zoeysmom says:

        I am going to wager a guess-the magazine articles come to light in Palm Springs-the situation where Brandi confronts Lisa comes later in Puerto Rico.

        No fan of Brandi’s but that may be what she is talking about when she claims the rest will come out.

        This whole storyline of continuing to bring of the cheating rumors kind of creeps me out. On one hand you have Kyle’s detractors taking every opportunity to bring them up. On the other hand you have the same detractors telling Kyle not to address them. Poor storyline planning.

      • Debster says:

        It is clear that Lisa is the villian behind trying to hurt Kyle, using Brandi as she always does to do her dirty work while Lisa gets to appear “pretty in Pink” with no dirt on her hands. Possibly with Brandi getting so close to Kim recently, she just was done hurting Kim’s sister to keep Lisa happy. This is not the first time we have heard that Lisa is fake for the cameras and doesn’t even bother with the ladies if the camera’s aren’t on. Previous housewives have said the same thing. Lisa is a snake, can smell desperation and knows how to exploit for her own gain, hence her “friendship” with Brandi. On a side note on find it very humorous that Brandi loves showing off her body by prancing around in barely there bikinis, but if you look at her, she looks dirty and beat up with black and blues all over her body (likely from falling down and from people trying to keep her vertical while she is sh*t-faced.

        • Mary says:

          It is clear to me too, IMO Lisa was also the clear mastermind behind the surrogacy revelations, that was played out to have Brandi spilled the beans and then Lisa to protect her from any backlash. This season the new target was Kyle but somehow somehwere the plain went south and we are about to see the aftermath.

      • Lola Falana says:

        So, Lexy, now you are turning into a Brandi believer?

        Over the course of the past 2 days, you wrote very lengthy comments pointing out ALL of Brandi’s supposed lies (Please see the blog thread regarding Brandi claiming that Joyce Giraud is a liar).

        I’m not saying Brandi is lying, and I’m not saying Brandi is telling the truth.

        However, it seems a bit strange to– JUST 1 and 2 days before this particular blog thread — point out, in extreme detail, how Brandi is such a liar and a manipulator.

        And then, the very NEXT day, use what BRANDI is claiming as the basis to support another one of your MAIN themes: Lisa Vanderpump is a diabolical, evil, manipulative woman who has NOTHING better to do than to sit around plotting the destruction of her cast mates (in between running several presently-operating businesses; getting new businesses off the ground; being on 2 — not 1, mind you, 2– shows for BRAVO; doing the required promotions and interviews connected with BOTH of those shows; and paying attention to her relationships with her husband, family and other friends who are NOT on the show).

        It seems like you want to have it both ways, and that’s a bit unfair (and more than a little illogical, in my very humble opinion).

        Do I think Lisa is above being bitchy and catty when she wants to be?


        Do I think Kyle has played really dirty with Lisa and been VERY bitchy and catty to Lisa over the course of the past seasons of the show, starting with the Season 2 Reunion and continuing in the following season (either directly or behind the scenes or via the use of Faye Resnick to attack Lisa and Brandi and get Faye to parrot things about them that Kyle has directly said or implied about the both of them on the show, at Reunions and in her talking heads; by refusing to get involved when Lisa was attacked, claiming it was not her problem — THAT fact makes me find it REALLY ironic that Kyle now singles out Lisa for not standing up vigorously enough to defend her and her husband Mauricio over the cheating rumors. Maybe, like Kyle, Lisa didn’t really want to get “involved.” Also, Lisa DID publicly call the rumors B.S, which was more standing up for Kyle than I’ve EVER seen Kyle stand up for Lisa. JMHO.)


        Will I think Lisa is this horrible, evil monster if she said, “Well, put the tabloids in your bag if you want to further discuss the Mauricio cheating rumors with Kyle then, Brandi”?

        Ummmm….first of all, I’d have to believe Brandi that the incident REALLY happened this way.

        It might be totally true.

        Or it might be Brandi twisting Lisa’s words and the situation to suit what seems to be her agenda this season: take Lisa down and organize the other cast mates to band against her because of her extreme anger over Lisa’s relationship with Scheana.

        In my very humble opinion, THAT is REALLY what this is ALL about with Brandi.

        She still can’t let go of obsessing over what her long-gone ex-husband did to her with other women during her marriage, even though she and Scheana allegedly had an adult conversation and settled things. She doesn’t have to be Scheana’s best friend. But she can’t go around still chewing on that rag and hating and alienating a friend of hers because that friend, Lisa, happens to be Scheana’s employer (incidentally, Lisa employed Scheana long before she had ever even MET Brandi) and the Mother of someone who has developed a friendship with Scheana.

        I also think Brandi felt emboldened to engage in this campaign because 1) she felt she had more than enough fan popularity to get the fans on board and turn them against Lisa; 2) she had a very powerful ally in Yolanda, who has an ex-husband and a present husband that are super-rich and powerful. So….she no longer needs Lisa and Ken’s friendship, defense and protection, which they very loyally provided to her in the past.

        Now, back to my original question as to whether I will change my opinion of Lisa and see her as the devil incarnate if she “commanded” Brandi (who is a grown-a*s WOMAN) to bring those tabloids.

        The answer is “NOPE.” I’ll just see her as being human and succumbing to feeling like maybe Kyle deserved a little bit of payback for all the dirty games she played with Lisa over the course of the past couple of seasons.

        None of this is happening in a vacuum.

        • tweety says:

          ITA lola and have been thinking the same.. when brandi say’s something about everyone else she is lying but when it’s said about lisa she is telling the truth.

          now on to kim’s claims about lisa not phoning her to check on her. i do the exact same thing with my friends i will let them know i’m here if they need me, but i won’t push myself onto them until their ready to talk themselves.

  4. Lapband Lauren says:

    I kinda find it weird that so far she’s had both brandi and now kim on the show to talk shit about lisa. Does bethenny not like lisa?? Just a weird observation…

    But as far as Kim goes its not a shocker. Marisa zanuck said too she felt Lisa was kinda fake and was different when the cameras are up. I guess this is all a “game” for her maybe? I would think Lisa would call Kim to make sure she is okay and fine especially when she wsnt through the transition of becoming sober. But I guess Lisa was too invested in Brandi to really take notice to the people who really did matter. But I will continue to watch RHOBH and see what happens. Brandi is trying to kiss ass to viewers and bloggers that “no one will like her” the next three episodes because shes probably a drunk hot mess so lets see what happens tonight.

    • Lexy says:

      Giving the circunstances of RHBH where everybody seems to have an issue with Lisa it is obvious to me that unless Lisa goes to her show (which we know she won’t) then whichever cast mate she interviews will have something to say about Lisa.

      Lisa has played one too many games and it now coming to haunt her, she got overconfident and didn’t see the betrayal of Brandi and Yolanda coming at all, but if she wasn’t playing this stupid, petty games to begin with, none of this would be happening.

      • SA says:

        all these ladies play I guess your saying Lisa is not aloud to play along, fight back, or defend herself. You could write hundreds of paragraphs calling out Lisa but you should really hold all these ladies to the same standard…or do they all get a pass except for Lisa?!

        • zoeysmom says:

          Lisa has been the only one to demand absolute loyalty and defending of her very being. If Lisa is the one stirring the pot, feeding tidbits to tabloids then she needs to take responsibility for her actions. A blanket defense they all do it is not good enough. They need to cite with reliable evidence what someone has done. I just think Lisa’s time has come.

          She can’t have it both ways that she is too busy with all her various endeavors to care about the others and then ask people to believe that she is a caring person off camera.

          • SA says:

            Lisa does not have the time and does not care to stir the pot…she is successful without all this BS!! Brandi is the only one who needs to claw her way through all this drama..she was nobody before this show! she has the motivation to create unecessary drama..

          • Jarlath says:

            @ SA

            Without this show, no one would know who Lisa is, sorry to burst your bubble.

            She doesn’t have the time yet has the time to film a vapid show and its petty fights? Right! Can’t have your cake and eat it too, love.

          • SA says:

            you got a point there Jarlath:) I will say that..peeps really hate me for defending Lisa but oh well not that I care!

          • Summer says:


            I agree i was a Lisa fan but as much as i liked her I WON’T.make excuses for her.

            She’s not at her restaurants every minute of every day she also has assistants, managers etc.

        • T says:

          All of these women get their turn in the not so nice spotlight…it’s just Lisa’s turn now. Maybe Lisa received the good edit in previous seasons??? Who knows…maybe this is the real Lisa???

          • SA says:

            maybe Lisa is finally done taking all their crap and I don’t blame her for giving Kyle a piece of her own medicine! Kyle loves to be surrounded by negativity..she thrives on it..just like Brandi does!!

          • Debster says:

            SA – you protest too much. Are you one of Lisa’s minions? Lisa is a two-faced snake whose own husband refused to join her in her smear campaign against the Umansky’s! Kudos to Ken for that! Lisa is a user and very phony. I believe she is also lying big time about her age. She looks much older than she claims to be.

          • SA says:

            Really Debster….a minion…WTH? cause my opinion is different than yours?! very mature..

          • michers says:

            Wow SA-!! Good for you though being an individual :) RHONJ has been quiet so now the BS will be here I guess.

        • zoeysmom says:

          What makes your opinion different is you seem to hold Lisa to a different standard than the other women. She is too busy, she is so much more successful she doesn’t need the show. If she were truly all that why does she subject herself to reality TV then whine (along with some of her most ardent fans) when her reality performance is critiqued?

          Lisa has said she will not get into a bitchfest-until it came to Brandi’s comment about Mohamed and go back and forth. For four years Lisa has had a host of snappy retorts and snarky observations and oh poor me moments.

          It is only now when she is being held to the same standards as the others she complains. She also holds grudges magnificently.

          • Lapband Lauren says:

            Soooo true. I defintely think lisa has time for drama. She has these past few seasons of being on the show, now all of a sudden she doesnt? Shes even involved with the drama of her staff at SUR. so really her “working” is no excuse because has has been heavily involved in the drana on the show.

        • Mary says:

          all of them play games that is truth, but it is only Lisa, Yolanda and Brandi who last year preached upon the others about being real as if they were above the games.

  5. September24 says:

    Really Kim? Lisa has a job, ownes several restaurants, and has her own family to worry about. She isn’t going to hover over you like Kyle does. Sick of your I’m fragile rant. Get over yourself.

    And if she didn’t ask how you were when filming you would have been all over that one too!

    • Lexy says:

      She doesn’t have to hover around Kim at all, she doesn’t have to call her, she doesn’t have to ask about her, if she doesn’t have any interest in Kim that is Lisa’s prerrogative.

      The problem is when Lisa waits for the cameras to start rolling and then acts like she is all so concern about her, when she pretends like “I am her for you” or “you can talk to me” and as soon as the cameras turn off then so does her interest.

      If Lisa has no interest or whatsoever in Kim, thta is fine, then act like that on camera, say your piece and be done with it; instead Lisa likes to be perceived as this matronly character who really cares about others when it is obvious she doesn’t.

      • September24 says:

        When Lisa saw Kim she asked her how she was. So what if they filming RHOBH. Kim made no effort to contact Lisa before filming – why should everyone else bow down to Kim off camera?

        • SA says:

          Good point! Kim & Kyle expected Lisa to be their humble little follower on RHOBH like Taylor but it didn’t happen that now the Witchards are coming for Lisa!

          • TheOriginalAndrew says:

            Yeah right SA. Lisa expected them to do that and that is how she is now at odds with everyone in group.

          • zoeysmom says:

            What does Kim’s interview have to do with Kyle? They are sisters their brains are not attached.

          • SA says:

            Hi Andrew! …I didn’t say Lisa expected that but I do think Kyle & Kim want Lisa off the show…they need the entire spotlight..that’s how they were raised!

        • Mary says:

          IMO Kim is refering more to all seasons put together. In Paris Lisa made a huge deal out of Kim’s tardiness and her loopiness but then she would tell Kim that she was there for her and wanted to be supportive. The bottom line is that is Lisa doesn’t care for Kim it is really not the end of the world, she just needs to stop pretending when the cameras are rolling.

    • Nicole says:

      I think you are missing the point that Kim is trying to make: Lisa is fake. She puts on her game face and pretends to care about someone when the cameras are rolling, but as soon as the show wraps and cameras disappears, Lisa doesn’t bother to call/text to see how the person is doing. Lisa saves everything and all her concerns/worries for the cameras but doesnt seem to address those concerns/worries off camera.

      • SA says:

        Kim is fake…and desperate..her entire interview was about Lisa!

        • Michelle says:

          Not sure how Kim is fake or desperate considering Kim is the only person on that show that doesn’t pretend to like someone just for camera time and she doesn’t insert herself into other peoples problems for the sake of camera time – at least not nearly as much as everyone else.

          • SA says:

            the interview would have never happened if she didn’t agree to trash Lisa…nobody is lining up for interviews with Kim! so that is fake and desperate for sure…and as far as Kim’s morals go..well rewatch the last 3 seasons! not going to give her a pass just because she was drunk and/or on pills all the time!

          • Nicole says:

            Lol, the interview would have happened regardless if Kim trashed Lisa or not. Bethenny and Kim have known each other for years, and Bethenny is one of Kyle’s good friends.

            It’s kinda ridiculous how you think everyone is fake and desperate bc they have something negative to say about Lisa. If Lisa kept her mouth shut and didn’t sling mud at people and laugh it off as a joke, people wouldn’t sling mud back at her.

          • michers says:

            She did with Taylor last season !

        • zoeysmom says:

          I can’t imagine Bethenny having a guest and it being entirely about someone else. Somehow Bethenny manages to work herself in the conversation.

          I guess it airs today so we will see if that is all they talk about.

          • Mary says:

            The part where they talked about Lisa was less than a minute, considering that they had a whole segment it is an exageration to say that the whole conversation was about Lisa, it was not.

        • Afton says:

          Umm first of all her ENTIRE interview was NOT about Lisa…did u even watch it??

          as a former addict who is 7 years clean, Im really starting to take offense to some of your bullshit statememts about “boozy” and “pill taking” Kim.

          What are u, Lisas publicist?? I mean since you know for sure her every move…how about her bank statement, do u got that too?

          • SA says:

            actually Kyle and Bethenney are really good friends so that’s why Kim was chosen and this is just another example of someone being Kyle’s mouthpiece while she sits back and watches!! Kims boozing and pill popping were all issued brought up on the show by her sister…not me! so your problem should be with Kyle..and I would love to be Lisa’s publicist but I’m just someone who has an opinion like everyone else posting on here! I will never take anyone’s comments on here personal..cause I’m a grown a** woman! and you shouldnt either! have a nice day Afton!

          • Afton says:

            And u dont present ANYTHING on here as your “opinion”…you state it as if its a cold hard fact…”The ONLY reason Kim is on Bethenny is to trash Lisa..her whole interview is about her!” (based off a 2 min clip)…which switches to “Kyle is friends w/ Bethenny, thats why Kims on Bethenny”…yeah and Phaedra buried Bethennys third cousins best friends wife so thats probably the only reason she was on Bethenny right?

          • Happy day says:

            SA – Bethenny has had over 20 of the housewives on her show, some twice. It is beyond absurd to think this is some sort of plot by Kim and Kyle to be on the show to take down Lisa when Bethenny has invited every housewife in the entire franchise to appear on her show. Kim gets along with every single housewife but Lisa, and maybe still Yolanda unless they have worked it out, so naturally that will come up in an interview.

            If Kyle hated Lisa so much why did she beg her nearly every episode last season to rebuild there friendship and apologize on air, what 5 times. Also, why is it when Kim gives Kyle a hard time and has unreasonable expectations, it is Kyle being a bitch and poor Kim, but when Kim pushes back the same way on Lisa or Yolanda it is all Kim’s fault and poor Lisa… Which is it?

            I agree that Kim and Lisa were never friends, because instead Lisa made pointed digs about Kim. Lisa just never had the patience for Kim’s problems so beyond comic fodder for Lisa’s talking head interviews at Kim’s expense, there was never anything real there. Kim put no effort in either.

            I like Lisa and find her very entertaining, successful, a great wife and beautiful –but she is not perfect and pretty much has destroyed most her friendships because doesn’t want a mutual friendship, she wants fans and devotees who kiss her butt 24/7 and are not even allowed to criticize Lisa ever. I guess she has been the boss for so long in her life having employees that of course abide by everything she says with no criticism allowed, she doesn’t know the difference anymore in her personal life.

            If Lisa makes fun of her friends, hurts them…it seems they have to smile and take it or they are not being loyal. That isn’t friendship, which is fine and obviously her choice but there is a reason she always has a new project/bought friend like Cedric, Taylor, Brandi, Scheanna.

          • Jo says:

            @Happy day, well said.

          • Afton says:

            Perfectly stated Happy Day :-)

        • Afton says:

          Yeah Im a grown ass woman as well honey and clearly you are Lisa’s unofficial publicist. Tweet her ur support – Im sure she’ll send u a snarky DM and employ you as one of the nasty attacking Pump Pack on Twitter.
          I dont give a shit if Kyle brought it up first almost 4 yrs ago…its people like you who constantly hold peoples mistakes and personal problems against them when it suits the “Poor Lisa the victim story.” im sure if Kim went on Bethenny praising the Lisa, she’d be a joy right? Or wait – are u Bethennys booking agent as well, since you KNOW the reasons why people get booked on her show…in case you didnt know, Kyle, Kim, Brandi, Caroline, Melissa, Kathy, LuAnn, Phaedra have ALL been on Bethenny. Maybe Bethenny doesnt like Lisa bc she reminds her of Jill Zarin?? Im asking u since ur her booking agent?

          • SA says:

            clearly I don’t have to attack anyone else on here just to get my opinion across unlike go stalk and troll someone else! you always wait for me to comment and then attack..soo beyond childish and hilarious!!!

          • SA says:

            do you even read how ridiculous your comments sound?! have an opinion but don’t spend all your time attacking others Afton! grown ass women don’t spend their time doing that…

          • SA says:

            and I don’t even have a twitter not that its any of your business..not sure why this site continues to let you harass people Afton…get a life!

          • Afton says:

            Who is it exactly that I harass?? Can you provide some names or examples? Because I dont have a bad relationship with anyone on here. I think Ive replied to posts you’ve commented on 3 MAYBE 4 times…as far as stalking, dream on. I’d love to not see your posts but when your name appears in the comment section on practically every post made, its kinda hard to…but I’ll work harder on trying not to see :-)

          • SA says:

            thanks I appreciate it Afton and I will ignore you as well:) now maybe we can both enjoy participating on this site without any hate…

          • SA says:

            and I only respond to people who are actually talking to me..and I don’t comment on every post so you can’t stop monitoring me cause its not your site Afton!

          • Afton says:

            Once again, accusations with nothing to back it up.

            You’ve got at least 10+ replies above this very post, where no one was talking directly to you (which, your free to comment on anything w/out being spoken directly to, but then don’t claim that you don’t).

            But I agree – we shall proceed happily not “seeing” each others thoughts. Seems to sound good to you and certainly sounds good to me. :-)

          • tweety says:

            kim said herself that she told lisa she don’t wan’t to talk about it,so lisa told her she would be there for her. I do the same things with my friends if they are not ready to talk about something, i don’t push myself onto them, i let them know i’m there for them when their ready to talk

            as for lisa being pissed with kyle, i think it’s more because kyle never stuck up for her whilst lisa has had kyles back quite a lot, the bully situation with camille, kim’s alcoholism, she even stuck up for kyle at the last reunion when brandi was saying that kyle want’s kim to fail. kyle should of said something to faye when she was attacking lisa in her own house, i know if i valued a friendship i would tell that friend not to do that. kyle don’t care for lisa’s feelings either. i was not a fan of lisa last season i was more of a kyle and kim fan, but i can see lisa’s point of view and why she would be hurt with kyle acting that way

    • Chelle says:

      @september24- I agree with you. Kim was a steaming hot mess, and Lisa tried to be nice to her. I’m so over these professional victims.

  6. Jess says:

    Why would Lisa call and check up on Kim? Kim said numerous times on earlier seasons ” Lisa is Kyle’s friend” not once did she say ever Lisa was her friend. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kyle and Brandi are telling her what to say, and like in every other housewife franchise you jump on the band wagon to try and bring down the star of that show, only Atlanta seems to know their place and accept it.

  7. Aunt Sadie says:

    Attempt 4 more viewers? Too many spoiler alerts.

  8. Sarah says:

    No, I think the Richard sisters are the problem and here they go bullying Lisa and drumming up story lines to boost the viewer numbers. Lisa has better things to do then deal with Kim’s BS and yes, Lexy is correct that she probably doesn’t like her, but for the camera’s, well, she’s just using etiquette. Lisa is what RHWBH is all about and why many of us enjoy the franchise orginally – it was all about the glitz and glamour – to enter the lives of the high society Beverly Hills women. Earlier seasons delivered, but what is disappointing viewers now is the lack to deliver what we liked so much about this franchise.

  9. Debbie says:

    If anyone remembers, Lisa’s son was going through similar problems in earlier episodes. Not to the extent of Kim I am sure, but, he disappeared after the first season. Lisa has stated he was “shy” and was not comfortable being on TV, which I understand. But….I do find it strange that NO ONE ever mentions him at all. Lisa’s fans will say that she is “private”, and expect her personal issues to be off limits, but on the other hand, say that Kyle’s marriage or Brandi’s drinking is “FAIR GAME” to the public because they chose to sign up for a Reality Show. Taylor’s husbands suicide and her drinking were not off limits, Adrienne’s marriage and surrogacy issues were not off limits, Kim’s addictions were not off limits, But something trivial as Lisa’s “FAINT” on DWTS was supposed to be off limits and HOW DARE anyone question her, or have an opinion!!! Double standards much?!?! I don’t for a minute think that Lisa would tolerate ANYONE commenting on her family issues.

    • OhWell says:

      I agree 100% Debbie. Its interesting on all the housewives it seems when things get too close to real and peoples personal problems/issues come to light how some choose to deal with it. They all wish they could edit and clean up things but it doesn’t work that way. I too wondered about Lisa’s son in season one and its like he’s a ghost. Fair enough if her kids don’t want to be on the show then no forcing it….but yes pretty much everyones dirty is out there except hers. Damn Camille went through her husband divorcing her and leaving her and the kids publicly. The most we’ve seen is Lisa getting her drivers license and Ken’s hip surgery. Kudos to them they’ve got the skeletons locked up tight.

    • SA says:

      Wow! These Lisa haters are going hard for Max’s dirt…but he’s not a lead cast member like Kyle or Kim so Max is not getting paid to shovel sh*t like these ladies are!!!

      • T says:

        Haha going hard??? Not really! :)
        I think the point is fair is fair. If Lisa is OK with bringing up other cast mates personal lives then hers should not be off limits.

        • SA says:

          yes HER life not Max’s so thanks for making my point..Lisa is not talking about Farrah or Kyle’s other daughters..Lisa was discussing Kyle and Mauricio..who have contracts with Bravo…

          • RabbleRouser says:

            But Lisa also didn’t seem to take issue with Brandi throwing up the Paul and Adrienne using a surrogate- a fact that definitely brought innocent children not on pay roll into the discussion and had very real consequences for them.

            IMO, Lisa wasn’t complacent about it out of a sense of loyalty to Brandi (and even if she was, it was a pitiful excuse) but because Lisa herself had her own agenda against Adrienne and wanted to punish her.

            When people start to comprise their ethics and let their moral compasses spin out of control when it comes to punishing someone for a misgiving…then the bar is set low for everyone.

          • T says:

            Max is part of Lisa’s personal life…what are you taking about? You can’t have it both ways. So again fair is fair.
            Lisa has no problem discussing any of the other ladies & families members issues. Lisa brings up a lot of shit on camera & always has. That was Kim’s point.
            IMO Lisa enjoys putting others down to make herself feel more superior.

          • T says:

            Exactly RabbleRouser!

          • SA says:

            ok so if Lisa stays on next season..Kyle will most definitely bring up Max cause she obviously reads this blog where her fans are and then all of you will praise Kyle for dragging Max through the! Did I get that right?!

          • T says:

            WOW SA
            I completely understand why you are a Lisa fan. You twist things around just like she does.
            No I would not be happy if Kyle dragged Max though the mud! I’m not a hypocrite like some people. I don’t think it’s right when Lisa does gets into personal business on camera so why would it be ok for Kyle???

          • Debbie says:

            But in a sense she was. She was talking about it on NATIONAL TELEVISION where Kyle and Mauricio’s children are able to see and hear the things that are said. All of them with the exception of Portia, are old enough to be on the internet and twitter! Kyle’s has small children, Lisa does not, she should know better!

      • Mary says:

        Brandi and Lisa opened that door last season, if they were capable of going after minor kids then the door was opened for all the others.

    • Erin says:

      This is yet another reason why Lisa bugs me. Her son did have substance abuse issues, which she admitted to in season 1. And I’m sorry but…imo, she has been the absolute least supportive of Kim with her alcoholism. In one breath she should say “oh darling, are you doing okay?” and then totally make fun of her for being scatter brained and seemingly intoxicated. You’d think she would have had much more empathy, considering she has an addict in her life. But no. All she ever did was make a big joke out of Kims alcoholism for the world to see. Not cool.

    • Happy day says:

      Hi Debbie – I wrote the exact same thing last week on here when Ken commented that they only see their young adult son Max once a year (and he supposedly lives close by in the area). Lisa would loose her mind if all of sudden Kyle or Yolanda in the middle of lunch on camera said” Lisa, I understand you never see your son Max anymore, so what happened, why, was there a fight, what are you doing about it, how does Ken feel to never see your son anymore …”

      Frankly, that would be terrible to for any of the ladies to do that to Lisa – but IMO would be fair game if they were following Lisa’s behavior and lead because of what Lisa has done to Kyle with no concern how the cheating rumors on air hurts Kyle’s children, and last year Adrienne’s kids who became the victims (by Brandi, but Lisa while saying it was wrong to Brandi, defended Brandi full force to others on the show.) Lisa wants to play dirty, but would sure not like it back in return.

      • T says:

        Exactly Happy Day!! :)
        I don’t get how some people do not understand that! Lisa can bring up Kim’s drinking & even mock Kim & that’s ok…really, because that doesn’t affect Kim’s children at all. Or Kyle & Mo’s marriage because then again it’s fine it doesn’t affect their kids at all. Or co-sign the Adrienne/Paul surragacy issue. Give me a break with the double standard b.s. If Lisa can dish out personal issues then she better be prepared to take it.

      • Debbie says:

        I agree with everything you said! I am sure Kyle for one, does know the truth about Max and could have spilled the truth on air, and I applaud her for not stooping to Lisa’s level. Ken seemed to be upset when he made the comment they don’t see their son at all…very telling comment.. I do not understand why Lisa’s die hard fans still refuse to see the double standards. I am not a Lisa “hater” at all, I just think she has changed for the worst since Season 1.

        • tweety says:

          but can’t the same be said against kyle? she’s also had no problem bringing up kim’s personal stuff? the ladies signed up to have their personal lives put out there, but i don’t agree about going after any of the children’s personal lives, it’s not their fault their parents signed up for a reality show

  10. Teri K says:

    Kim and Kyle are sisters and obviously knew each before filming began. Lisa had heard of Yolanda because she knows Yolanda’s ex-husband. But, Lisa and Yolanda never actually connected before this show. ALL the others were strangers to each other.

    Kim complains that Lisa never called to check on her. Did she call Lisa after the fainting episode? No, she didn’t (and neither did Kyle). These women have said before that they don’t stay in touch when they’re not filming.

    I suspect all these women (on all the franchises) act differently wtih their REAL friends, than they do with their castmates when the cameras are rolling.

  11. SA says:

    so Kim’s entire interview is about trashing Lisa so who exactly is the fake friend?! Kim is just trying to hold onto her Bravo contract cause she needs it way more than Lisa does since Kim has not contributed to the success of the show for the last 3 seasons! sorry Witchards sisters but your hate for Lisa is just far too obvious and Kyle really sunk her teeth into this ridiculous cheating scandal as a way to push Lisa off the show..RHOBH is officially in the gutter! not even enjoyable to watch anymore..thanks for ruining a great show Bravo!!!

  12. Chelle says:

    In regards to Kim, I’m very biased. She’s acted like an irresponsible, spoiled drama queen for 3 seasons. I’m happy she’s found sobriety, but that’s where it ends with me and her. I get so sick of watching her take a light hearted event and turn it into a sobbing scene.

    If she thinks she’s got enough presence of mind to go toe to toe with Lisa, we’ll then she should fasten her seatbelt.

  13. samael says:

    I am truly disappointed in Kim – I support Kim in her sobriety but this is such BS!

    Does kim need to be strapped to a chair and watch each situation Kim needed help while falling down drunk or high as a kite to see Lisa helping her – not because the camera’s were rolling.

    Lisa has been so supportive of this addict -more than Kims own sister.

    Kims vebage is similar to the “newly sober” when the haze lifts and they start strolling around patting themselves on the back and they start judging those closest to them.

    Unfortunately Kim is only remembering parts of Lisa’s support – why do people keep a check list to confirm that you are a friend?

    Will Kim present a list of her tweets/phone calls or pic’s of invites to Lisa while the camera’s were off?

    smooth move exlax!

    • SA says:

      preach it….Kim has suddenly found a moral compass…not buying what she is trying to sell!!

      • samael says:

        Good morning SA

        This is truly the first time I was angry with Kim, how much ya wanna bet, that at the end of the season, Kim does the “giggle giggle..well I thought I was right”!!

        • SA says:

          LOL! I was trying to like Kim this season too but this interview just shows her hypocrisy! and yes she will try to laugh it off or start crying to avoid any ownership of this:) Kyle does the same thing when confronted with her mistakes…

          • samael says:

            I thought part of sobriety was owning and apologizing to people in your life that you have negatively affected.

            I wonder if Kim did this during her rehab and I wonder if Lisa/Yolanda etc. were there..I mean how do you start thanking Yolanda for carrying a poopy pillow!!

          • samael says:

            Lisa did a number of interview’s before Season 3 started filming – these specific interview’s were sincere praise for Kim’s sobriety as well as the time they spent together- Kim forget that?

          • Cajsa says:

            I have never liked Kim and this just adds to the many, many reasons I find her detestable.

            I am sorry she is an alcoholic, but I don’t think she’s been honest in her recovery. I think it was more than alcohol and that she’s lying.

    • Lysel says:

      I’m sorry Samael but Lisa has never been supportive of Kim at least from what I’ve seen on camera. When she was friendly with Kyle all she did was question where Kim was and laugh about her behavior. She knew that she had problems and yet she talked about them on camera and I remember when they were in Hawaii being so disappointed with the fact that she egged Kyle on in climbing over the balcony to “spy” on Kim. Kim always tried to give Lisa the benefit of the doubt (1st season when she told Kyle that none of the woman were truly being her friend and Lisa said WHAT ME?! and Kim took it back (I think she really did mean it) also during the second season all Lisa did was make fun of Kim to the other woman and in her THs. Third season she seemed to simply egg Kyle on with the…well your sister really doesn’t like you and she took Kim into her confidence ON camera in Paris…which is prob why Yolanda told Kim that Lisa was full of $&!^!

      Nope, I believe Kim on this one and I don’t think she even trashed Lisa, just told the truth about her relationship with her. She said, she doesn’t have to like me but please don’t be fake. I haven’t seen Kim be fake with one person on RHOBH…at all.

      • samael says:

        Hi Lysel


        The reason I referenced Lisa being openly supportive of Kim’s sobriety since before last season (three) is because I read about the interview Lisa gave praising Kim.

        Kim is responsible for her own honesty – this has nothing to do with her sobriety – Kim’s words right now- as the prelude to “explain” putting the boots to Lisa-go both ways,making blanket statements that Kim is making is irresponsible and false.

        In Paris – both times- Kim was late and Kim’s recollection of how much time Kim spent with Lisa and Ken …Lisa was not confrontational she was concerned.

        Big difference.

        Kim stated openly a general statement publicly and negatively towards Lisa.

        Did Kim say this to Lisa’s face – probably not. And if my memory is correct – at the finale Kim and Lisa worked out their situation.

      • tweety says:

        i thought they climbed over the balcony as kim hadn’t turned up for the boat trip?

  14. MzVicky says:

    So what if Lisa doesn’t call or come around when they’re not filming. She has a life and job it looks like to me. I’m sure she’s not the first who only does things for the camera. Lisa is business woman and if she thinks she needs to be the villan on this so called reality show, then that’s how she’s going to play her role. I will love Lisa always because I think she knows exactly what she’s doing and the rest of the women just aren’t that smart to figure it out. Remember the villan usually always gets the most attention in any series.

  15. zoeysmom says:

    Kim and Lisa have never gotten along. Sure I see a certain sense of entitlement with Kim expressing Lisa never calls her off-camera. The difference is Kim doesn’t seem to care how Lisa is doing. I do think Lisa concern for both Kim and Taylor was for the cameras. (Lisa really needed someone to take to Pandora’s party.)

    As to this being the entire interview-my experience with Bethenny is there no way she will get through an entire interview without inserting herself. (meow)

    I read on another site that someone DM’d Lisa (she or he is big fan of Lisa’s and regularly frequents her restaurants) and Lisa replied it gets worse and she didn’t do herself any favors with DWTS and Vanderpump Rules.

    Last year in Paris it seemed as if Ken and Lisa’s faux concern was more about sticking it to Kyle than how Kim was doing. Lisa intrusion into the Kim and Kyle conversation on the bus was not coming from a good place-although I can understand that Lisa wanted her event to come off in a timely fashion.

    If Lisa in fact has done something to several of her co-stars she needs to take responsibility for it and move on.

    I think Kim drunk or sober has spent the better part of four seasons avoiding conflict with the other wives. I do think this is her stepping out.

    I don’t blame any of the other wives, relatives included, for having to deal with Kim’s constant tardiness and no show behavior. That may be why all of Kim’s conversations are captured on film.

  16. cammierari says:

    I caught on to Lisa as soon as she befriended Brandi. I also stopped watching the show after Brandi’s first season. Lisa is as fake as the air kisses she bestows.

  17. michers says:

    Well Im not so quick to “believe ” what everything Kim now says is true, as not that long ago no one believed really anything she said!! She too needs to hold onto a storyline. Also, whatever we do get to see that is aired, people will take away own perceptions/ opinions anyway. Depending on who they hate or like at the moment will depend on what they feel is ” true”.

    • zoeysmom says:

      I hate to say it but Kim is actually speaking only from her personal experience with Lisa. From what I have read she is not assessing Lisa’s behavior towards anyone else so I think she should be allowed to express her feelings regarding Lisa.

      I still think Yolanda said Lisa is full of shit in Paris.

      To me the difference between Kim and other RHOBH and even posters is she is speaking from her personal perspective and telling her feelings about her interaction with Lisa. So how one is feeling is not a true or false situation.

  18. SA says:

    well I think the one thing we can all agree on is that Bethenney would absolutely never have Lisa or Teresa on her show to give them a platform on anything….and this was definitely a safe interview for Kim to do…

    • samael says:

      Hello SA

      100% agree – Bethenny is too much of a coward to invite Teresa

      But Bethenny is greedy for ratings – and Lisa is a draw – after all Lisa is the only RH to be chosen for DWTS.

      HLN also invites Lisa to cover any big issue with England.

      And Bethenny would not be above using her guests-she already screams and argues with them.

  19. Aussiegirl says:

    Kim. Many dramas. Such tears.

    Srsly. You are on a reality tv show. Even we viewers at home know the people you work with aren’t your real life best friends.

    Here’s a thought Kim: DID YOU CALL HER? Probably not. Because you are work colleagues. And not real life besties. And in real life you have about 20 friends you would call for support before her.

    Come off the grass, lady.

    But, while I have you…please will you explain something to me that still baffles me to this day.

    Why did you shit on your pillow Kim?



  20. MzKRB says:

    I think the difference is that Lisa is friends with Kim in the context of the show. They never struck me as having an authentic relationship. None of them do. I never once thought that Lisa called any of them up outside of the show (other than Kyle and Brandi), and from what I understand neither do any of the ladies with anyone else. Remember, there was a time when Yolanda said the only ones that checked on her during her Lyme disease was Brandi and Lisa. I keep seeing all these people call Lia manipulative and cunning, but it in the end they are all playing a social game by being on the show. However, they are now using the media as a pawn in their game. Lisa just so happens to be better at it.

    As far as Kim, it never really struck me that Lisa actually cared for Kim (being a friend) in the first place. She was only tolerant of her due to being friends with her little sister and after that relationship deteriorated she doesn’t fool with her either (I wouldn’t). I think she does care about her well being but rather keep her at arms distance, which is what actually would happen in the real world. And as far as Brandi saying all they talk about was the show, let’s be realistic, that’s all they really had in common..(Brandi should be on the Real World Beverly Hills) The one thing I will take Brandi’s word for (she said as much on WWHL)is that the girls are jealous of her being “casted/porotrayed” as the HBIC. The main reason why Brandi is unleashing her “wrath” on Lisa is that she needs to be the only pet project and finding out that Schenna was becoming close to Lisa & Pandora made her have a temper tantrum. Brandi has nothing that Lisa could use her for, other than a punch line of a joke.

  21. Anahit says:

    Um Kim, you are on a reality show and the producers want you to show all your stuff! Especially the stuff you don’t want to get out!! I can’t believe she thinks her reality shouldn’t be on the reality show she is on.

  22. Afton says:

    Lisa made it a point in her blog and interviews to point out that no one called or text her to check on her after her “faint.” But when Kim expresses that she doesn’t like Lisa acting like a friend on camera and then not being one off camera, its a big NO NO! How dare she tarnish the Queen!
    Kim’s FAR from the only person to say this – in fact, at this point Im not sure there has been ANY HW on BH who hasn’t straight out said or implied that Lisa was a fake friend.
    I liked her response to Bethenny’s question because it was real…she didn’t call Lisa a bunch of names and she said that it was fine that Lisa wasn’t really her friend, just don’t act like one then.
    In the past 2 weeks I’ve seen Kim on Extra, HLN and WWHL, all of which she never spoke of Lisa or discussed her…she did this time because she was ASKED about her.
    And for everybody saying “Lisa was sooo supportive of Kim, she gave so many interviews about how proud she was of Kim, etc.”….can you please provide a link to said interviews? The only time I’ve actually really seen them interact was their walk in Paris, where Lisa seemed mostly concerned with Kim’s relationship with Kyle. I think Lisa thought for a minute that she could make Kim a “Taulor” (IOW someone who would nod their head and say ‘Yes Lisa, you are right’ on cue when the cameras were rolling). Look how that worked out for Taylor – the minute she got dropped from BH Lisa unfollowed her on Twitter because IMO she served no purpose to Lisa anymore.
    Unrelated to this but I really think Bethenny should maybe try to have some different guests on her show, rather than the endless parade of HWs. I don’t know how well her show is doing, but I think it would probably do better if she went for a bigger variety of “celebrities.”

    • zoeysmom says:

      I agree with your sentiments. I just watched Kim on “Bethenny” she did more than talk about Lisa.

      I think Bethenny is having a hard time booking guests. I definitely think Lisa will appear on the show. She probably won’t dwell on Brandi or Kim but she will get plugs in for her shows and Sangria. I can imagine Bethenny may not be crazy about the Sangria plug but Lisa has never done anything to her so why not have her on? My guess will go on about one week after the next time she appears on WWHL.

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