Joyce Giraud Reveals If RHOBH Gets Canceled She’ll Remain Friends With Kyle But Not Brandi Plus Slams Carlton!

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We were introduced to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Joyce Giraud this season and so far I am liking her. Not loving her, but I am liking her. Joyce recently spoke to Steppin’ Out Magazine and talks about being on the Real Housewives. Joyce slams Carlton for being fake and reveals if RHOBH is to get cancelled she would remain friends with some of the ladies not including Brandi!

Joyce said,

“Kyle is a dear friend and I really like her. She was one of my favorites to work with. Some of the girls that I thought I would like, like Brandi, I don’t like at all. If the show was canceled, people like Brandi 100% not. With Carlton for me it was a really tough experience because with Brandi at least…she’s very conniving and she lies a lot and twists things around a lot, but at least if she’s going to be mean, she’s mean to your face. Carlton and I never had a problem, yes I feel that she’s very icy towards me, but I think maybe she’s just an icy person very cold, a little bit dismissive, but to my face she never told me anything. At the end of filming she and I were in a really good place. For me to be watching the show and seeing what she thought about me back then I was like, “Wow. I wish you would have told me to my face. We could have talked it out.” Bravo makes us write blogs on the blog are written in the “now”. I see her judging me and labeling me on the blog and I’m thinking, “Seriously? We just had a one hour conversation about how you love me. You said, I have your back 100%” then I see her blog and she’s calling me stupid.”

Do you think Carlton is fake? Thoughts on what Joyce had to say? Who are you liking better? Joyce or Carlton?

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  1. Nicole says:

    Carlton is like the new girl in high school who will kiss up to the popular girls (Lisa, Yo, and Brandi) to be part of their clique and be a total bitch to the girls the popular ones don’t like (Kyle). I personally think it’s so transparent that Carlton watched the show before filming, even though she claimed she didn’t, and went in gunning for Kyle to not only be in Lisa, Yo, and Brandi’s good graces but to have the viewers on her side as well.

    Carlton is annoying idiot with a giant broom stick up her British ass. I never thought anyone could be more righteous, hypocritical or insufferable than Yolanda but Carlton has definitely taken that spot.

    • Bryn says:

      Agree Nicole, down the road I might change my opinion on Carlton but, right now, I cant say anything nice about her.

    • RHOAmbler says:

      Joyce is like the girl who talks too much hoping that she will say something that makes you like her and only ends up annoying you to the point that you want to stuff a sock in her mouth! Stop trying so hard! That’s a sign of insecurity!

    • T says:

      Wow! Completely agree again Nicole :)
      IMO Carlton is beyond hypocritical. She definitely watched the show before she came on & is definitely Team Lisa.
      I thought YoYo was bad last season but I think Carlton is even worse.

    • NanNan says:

      Nicole you are a smart lady and I agree with you 110%. Carlton makes my skin crawl and her and Brandi are two peas in a pod.
      So for I like Joyce but only time will tell when the true women comes out.

  2. Lexy says:

    Joyce is a dimwit and her hair annoys me.

    With that being said, I can totally see why she would never be friends with Brandi (trashbox hooker) and Carlton (double standards). At least she was honest and didn’t try to pretend she didn’t wath the show.

  3. zoeysmom says:

    I can’t imagine any of them wanting to be friends with Carlton. She acts as if she is above all of them. Her insults pretty well cover everyone. She is a freakishly boring individual.

  4. Lysel says:

    Everyone keeps saying Joyce is a dimwit or stupid. She is probably the most educated in the cast. I think she’s bubbly and fun loving but she does not strike me as stupid or dimwitted. She graduated school early and managed to secure two B.S. degrees (and not easy ones to get either) She runs an organization FOR woman and seems like she is def a girls girls. While the others (Kyle, Brandi, Yolanda, Carlton) claim to be girls girls they don’t seem like they are and if I had to pick one of the three that are I would surprisingly have to say Kyle (Ugh..I don’t like her)but Joyce I’m thinking is totally the most educated of all the woman on the show.

    • EJJ says:

      Thank you. I will stick up for my fellow Puertoriquena…she is extremely well educated and accomplished. What’s even better about her is she doesn’t need a man, and accomplished all of these things prior to getting married.
      Does she fumble up on her words and sayings, yes of course just as most of us do who grew up speaking more than one language.

    • What Had Happened says:

      Right @Lysel…she’s the most educated…

    • bc (Slut Pig) says:

      There’s no denying that she’s well educated. Its just that I can’t get past the hair flipping and her talking about her “baby’s” big dong and how she juggles balls. It’s not cute or funny . She’s a little socially akward. But I’m still on the fence about her. I’m also latina so it’s nice to see one as a Beverly Hills housewife.

      • Debster says:

        Bu you’re fine with Carlton saying her effin Husband is hung like an effin donkey but you don’t see her telling everyone…..said by Carlton on national television to ANYONE who was listening. Although, I don’t think Carlton’s real interest lie in donkey Kongs….more like vajay jays. And who says “my son deserves a beautiful nanny.” Really? Just what has he done to deserve that? Be born? Carlton is a moron.

    • Summer says:

      Yes Carlton is FAKE FAKE FAKE.

      She one way to the girls face then slams them in her blog or TH

  5. samael says:

    Joyce is not a bubble head she has 2 master’s degrees and has worked within the Special education system.

    Stupid for Carlton and Brandi to judge Joyce by her looks and presume that Joyce is a ditzy human! busted Carlton! busted Brandi.

    Hopefully Joyce will bond with Lisa as it seems Lisa will be in a position to appreciate honesty and support.

    way to go Joyce!!!

    • Aunt Sadie says:

      I like Joyce and I like Carlton. Brandi has done a few good things lately. Still waiting on this big bad thing Brandi claims Lisa did and for us all to watch. So far I see Yoyo and Brandi talking about Lisa behind her back.

      • samael says:

        Good morning Aunt Sadie

        lately Brandi is making the best decisions to stop the crazy – it is very hard for me to differentiate between the three eras of brandi – the brandi – who went crazy between season’s – the brandi on RHNJ – the brandi right now.

        I would love to read about Brandi’s humility, I would love for Brandi to show accountability because I want to like Brandi.

        I like Carlton too, for me , after the five episodes, I think Carlton is “playing” and not being Carlton. She refers to her being a wiccan but I don’t really see her spiritual side – just nag/pic/play ugly games.

        It is disappointing that RHBH started so ugly, I wish RHBH was sparred the template for Bravo.

    • inflight says:

      Thanks samael,
      I agree with your comments. I don’t know why people assume. because you are beautiful, and kind ,that somehow translates into Stupid. Annoying.
      I like Joyce because she is kindhearted, and tries to see the good in people.
      Carlton on the other hand, so far , has been talking out of both sides of her mouth.
      I have been trying to give her a chance …..but , we shall see.

  6. A. says:

    Joyce looks like the younger, prettier, un-botoxed version of Brandi in this photo. And I don’t blame her one bit for feeling this way about Brandi. She is the worst.

  7. A.StewartRN says:

    I was on the fence about Joyce for the first couple of episodes, but she did come off as if she was trying too hard. However, that changed when she confronted Lisa about the whole stupid hair out of the face debacle. I am on the fence about Lisa right now, with that said, it just seemed as though Joyce was trying to pick up a storyline of some sort by “being real” with Lisa and bringing it up at that point. So not a fan. I do like Carlton, she does seem a bit boring, but an interesting boring.

  8. inflight says:

    Is Brandi ‘challenged’ when it comes to smiling?? Her smile always looks like she
    finished sucking on lemon,(without the squinty eyes).

  9. Oahu Stacey says:

    This bitch sure whines alot.

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