Jacqueline Laurita Responds To Lawsuit

December 16, 2011 | By Continue Reading

Yesterday, we found out the Manzo’s and Laurita’s are getting sued for apparently stealing the Blackwater Beverages concept!

Today, RHONJ star, Jacqueline Laurita tweeted, “This months “Hit List” in Beverage World magazine. One of the most innovative products! BLK! …..”

Many questioned why she would tweet about BLK water considering the lawsuit. A viewer tweeted her and said, “I don’t think I would be bragging about something my husband stole.”

Jacqueline immeditely DM [Direct Messaged] her on twitter and responded, “He didn’t steal anything. I guess you’ll soon find that out. Don’t be so ignorant.”

^Thanks Jeanne Dorsey

Do you believe Jacqueline?

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  1. JustMe says:

    I only believe what I actually see. Until then, I don’t care.

  2. candida says:

    She is so definsive; I don’t believe her she should prove it. SH is the one who sent out a five page PDF to defend how she met her husband; I believe nothing she has to say. nyone who is that tight with Caroline has lots to hide; THey try to turns things around; Caroline and her husband and the brownstone very fishy. I SAY PROVE It; I bet Jac blocked the person she sent a DM to

    • justme says:

      You would be defensive too if your reputation was constantly on the line because of lawsuits and random people trying to get 15 minutes of fame.

      • Candida says:

        Hon, that is what they signed up for; they are getting paid; they are bad mouthing other people you know; it is on camera. If you don’t like it (I mean them not you) get out Dina did when you get out you lose perks up to and including the paycheck and they don’t want to lose that.

  3. sickofmelissa says:

    There is something wrong with Jaqs. She can’t seem to process reality. Her husband and the Moronzos have a serious lawsuit hanging over their head for intellectual theft and trademark infringement concerning BLK water. Then she tweets about BLK water, Jennifer calls her on it and she calls them ignorant. Come on Jaqs, who’s the person sticking their head in the sand.

    • notobsessedwithTG says:

      How is it when shit like this comes down w/all the ladies, the only one who is innocent is T??

      • Annah says:

        Teresa isn’t innocent, she is just liked

        • kydnaas says:

          No, T dealt with her issues early on in the year with the bankruptcy issues. Now T is back on her way up and the rest of the cast (who began to think they were better than her) are now going through their own issues

          • DJ says:

            Teresa has her faults, but she OWNS them. Jac and Caroline put her on BLAST every chance they get. Teresa NEVER spoke ill of them. Jac expects us to believe everyone is a liar but her. Because of the way T handles herself, people like her.

      • linda says:

        LOL. In what world has ANYONE EVER said Teresa is innocent? Maybe we’re watching two completely different shows and reading two completely different responses, but I’m pretty sure that Teresa has ALWAYS owned up to her mistakes and none of her fans ever said she’s ‘innocent’ when she’s at fault (i.e. the bankruptcy). While fans defend Teresa, they’ve always acknowledged her flaws and her screw-ups.

        But the difference between Teresa and Caroline/Jacqueline is the simple fact that she has never put them on blast for their financial problems. Jacqueline took it to twitter to slam Teresa about her financial problems and her filing then withdrawing her bankruptcy claim. Caroline put Teresa on blast multiple times on the show and the reunion about Teresa’s finances that even she claimed she knew nothing about but just wanted to hear herself berate Teresa.

        Unlike Teresa, Jacqueline runs her mouth about things she has no understanding about and gets extremely defensive when reports come out about her family and airing their dirty laundry. Unlike Teresa, Jacqueline doesn’t know when to shut up and doesn’t know what humility is.

        Teresa has never been innocent in any of the mess she and her husband got themselves into, but the difference is that Teresa knows how to handle herself and her situation better than Jacqueline. She has a good attitude about it regardless of the situation. She doesn’t berate or bash her cast mates in order to remain relevant and she’s the only one who has taken the high road since the season ended.

    • Candida says:

      Now you got a point there? Can it be?

  4. monica says:

    OMG she did that to me when her 8 million BK came out. I asked her why she would blast Teresa knowing she owed the same and at least Teresa wasnt taking private jets and buying Bentlys and alot more that was said they spent the money on. She DM me and said its all a lie and we will all see. She is crazy! She wants everyone to think her and the Manzos are saints and never do any wrong. They are crooks and alot more

    • sickofmelissa says:

      You’re speaking about the other lawsuit involving “Signature Apparel”. Jaqs and her husband Chris are both defendants in that suit. They gutted the company used the money to support a lavish lifestyle, then declared bankruptcy. She’s cited for signing and depositing in her account no-show paychecks. They didn’t pay the creditors. She has some serious mental problems. She so badly wants to believe that everything is wonderful in her little world.

      • keeley says:

        I don’t understand all these law suits cause I’m from the uk but this family just screams 1 thing to me when ever I hear it… Mafia connections!

    • Candida says:

      You know it; someone made a comment maybe that is why Dina doesn’t speak to Caroline because the husband did something fishy with the mortgages on the Bronwstone that involves dina’s husband and Dina. I notice how her Caroline’s husband is always out and about not at the brownstone like last year. Seems to me they are crooks for sure.

  5. keeley says:

    If she was pissed then no!

  6. Belle557 says:

    I’m not about to state their guilt as fact – BUT you do have to admit they sure do get legally accused of some nasty stuff in business. Looks like they should rent a little townhouse close to the courthouse – they are gonna be there an awful lot at this rate.

  7. Lara says:

    I wish Jacqueline would wipe my ass like she wipes of her consience. Messy but it gets
    Done! Lmao!

  8. Karma's a BITCH says:

    Does she really believe all is good? The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Her mother needs medication, she’s delusional, and Ashley is obviously mentally challenged. Serious genepool problems there.
    I must admit, they all have it coming from all their antics on twitter.

    Karma’s a BITCH!!!!!

    • notobsessedwithTG says:

      Oh yes and mommy T is the best mommy in the whole wide world. And Juicy doesn’t cheat on her blah blah blah. Everyone is guilty but T, geez where have i heard this one at before, oh wait this blog/blogger.

      • Auntjulie says:

        Teresa is no innocent, but she is way more likable and real than the rest of those NJ HWs.

      • kydnaas says:

        No one’s saying she’s the best mom. Kathy’s a pretty great mom as well. However, Jaq has called out her own daughter so many times… has T, K, M or C done that ? You can exclude K and M though because they’re new… T and C definitely have never done that.

        • kydnaas says:

          When you call out your OWN family on tv which is played INTERNATIONALLY, there is definitely something wrong…

          it wasn’t only Ashley, it was also Dina. She didn’t sound too fond of D or C when she was hanging out with Danielle

      • Maddie says:

        Hey lady! Teresa took care of her problems by working her ass off and I am proud of her! When someone works their ass off like that and does the right thing that is pretty awesome. I’m totally over people putting down Teresa. Teresa hasn’t had a good year, it’s been really hard but she doesn’t complain, she doesn’t drag people down or sell anyone out. Teresa just minds her business and works her ass off. I like her and i respect her. All the other ladies are really ugly on the inside and i just wish they would leave Teresa alone already as i suspect a lot of the evil comments on this blog is from them.

      • Idiot Patrol says:

        And you say you’re NOT OBSESSED???

      • linda says:

        Oh, look, someone trying to defend the other housewives by comparing them to Teresa. Where have we seen this one before? Oh, right, you do it in EVERY. SINGLE. POSTS.

        Teresa isn’t mother of the year by any means, but she has yet to put her daughter on blast, call her names and berate her on national TV. Again, no one said Teresa is innocent and if you actually read and comprehend things, you would’ve seen the million posts by people pointing out Teresa’s flaws.

        You’re totally not obsessed with Teresa or anything that’s why you make it a point to put her name in every one of your posts/discussions. You could’ve easily defended Jacqueline’s mothering skills without bringing up Teresa…since you’re “not obsessed with Teresa” and all.

      • Fredrika Harrelson says:

        at least she admits her shit, these other women find out peoples problems, attack them, When they should be worried about their own money problems. Not telling the world about somebody else’s. Do u really think Jac would go on national tv and talk about all of this they way she claimed Teresa did her so wrong by not doing. Really the whole damn thing stinks. NuFF Said!

    • Candida says:

      DITTO!!!!! I couldn’t have said it better

  9. Whitegirl1 says:

    Jacko is a nut bag ans she won’t know thee in trouble until they are sitting on the curb In front of there house with all their furniture Lol!!

  10. gessie says:

    Wow! Blk water got a shout out in an obscure water magazine. not exactly time magazine. Epic failure and sued over the epic failure. losers.

  11. Firsttimeontheblog says:

    Hi! So just found your website and have spend hours on it! Bookmarked it. Well I love Jacueline and I believe that this law suit is bs. Anyways time will tell. Don’t think the manzos/laurita would be promoting it if they were having trouble.

  12. TheRealMandy says:

    Jac, Jac, Jac!! Hi Jac, I know you are reading this ;) Do you really think a mention in a trade magazine means anything. Other than you are prolly paying to advertise in said magazine in exchange for the comment. Geez. Too bad you served Fiji water with Thanksgiving dinner. What did you say about that? Oh yeah, that was because CJ drank the last bottle. Riiiiiiiight.

    Meanwhile, back in the real world, the Manzo/Laurita clan is preparing to defend a lawsuit claiming they stole the idea. Ahem. Sounds familiar, right Jac? lol

  13. Melyorkie says:

    Jacqueline also DM’d me not so pleasantly in response to tweets questioning her behavior – seems she loves to DM not so nice things.

    • FedUp says:

      Jac has a habit of that.She DM me 3 times in one day and then blocked me so I couldn’t reply.Nice lady.Did you see her tweet saying BLK water cures sickness?Men in white coats will be knocking on her door soon!

      • Candida says:

        Well she just blocked she didn’t even have the nerve to respond to my twitter; and all I did was re-tweet what someone else put on twitter that she used to be a dancer. She probably was but who cares; Someone who is so defensive and reactive is hiding something. She is off balance non on them work; they are selling black water. Caroline and her husband spent $25,000 on those braclets That is alot of money to spend when you are refinancing a property and sellilng blink water. Non of the kids have a real job. Who do they think they are fooling. She is either a drunk or bipolar

    • Candida says:

      That is her style she is a fake; remember her brain fart when she was at the last supper; defending Daniele over her two sister-in-laws; she is not right in the head. Then at the reunion she claims and her two sister-in-laws defend her she wasn’t hearing it right; come on now; she plays two sides of the fence and we all saw it right on camera. I dislike her out of all the housewives in every franchise!!! I can’t stand a fake and phony!!!

  14. Isabella Patricia says:

    Nope! I don’t believe what Jacqueline says. She is always defensive, gets mad easily, she goes off on anyone who tweets her something she doesn’t wanna hear… I feel she’s bipolar. She’s just have difficulty with dealing with all the issues she’s having. They are not saints! I’m sure they stole it. They need to stop frontin’!

  15. madamedummy says:

    nope !
    don’t believe a word she , mego , bozomanzo or kathy wakile says …..all liars & hypocrites ..
    & what’s worse of all is ,
    they are sanctimonious hypocrites …

  16. reddvette says:

    Poor Jacq! She use to be the favorite Housewife and now the buzz is all about Teresa. Jacq need to get a backbone and stop following the leader. Pick her own friends despite Don Carolina. Since the show started she has dumped three friends (Dina, Danielle and Teresa) because Caroline said so. They were her friends when Carolina didn’t speak to her. Is being Caroline’s friend that impotant?

  17. Rach says:

    Someone needs to take this woman’s Twitter away from her. She is so silly.

  18. AuntJulie says:

    She was tweeting this morning that BLK water cures your illnesses. I’m pretty sure that has been proven to NOT be true.

  19. Bino989 says:

    Jac talks too much! She has no self control whatsoever when she fires off DMs to tweeters who question her. She is known for her DMs about touchy subjects. She sent me a few about stripper rumors and the bankruptcy. Her attorney needs to advise her to zip it!

  20. Buck Henry says:

    She still doesn’t understand, Chris’s business will be destroyed. When you have two major lawsuits on a CEO and his company in regard to bankruptcy fraud in the tens of millions of dollars where they essentially gutted the company and allowed it to go into bankruptcy with no assets. And then to have another lawsuit on your new company about potential fraud and theft of trade secrets and such, you are in trouble. Because how can you say that both these issues are lies or wrong when they keep coming on the general topic of fraud (you don’t want that word associated in business dealings). He can’t be that unlucky, where there’s smoke there’s fire.

    If it’s true with the stories I’ve heard about Chris and Jacqueline Laurita in regard to their finances around town, then we will see Chris break. Chris is level headed but I think he went a bridge to far in his con game’s and it’s going to catch up with him and her.

    • stu says:

      BUCK HENRY- I see where your coming from. But i think your being had. Your thinking exactly what the lawyer of the media company(Creative Thinkers) wants you to think.If you were and boxer and your saw your opponent had a bad eye wouldn’t you keep going for that weak spot. Creative thinkers lawyer see chris Lauritas past troubles as a weak spot that the can exploit. You can tell that somethings up.. releasing a press release about it is a pretty cheap tactic??

      ……Something smells fishy, all posts about the lawsuit have been a little weird. The write-ups seem to focus more on the media company the lawyer almost like they are trying to advertise themselves rather then provide info about the lawsuit . People are always looking for a quick 15 minutes of fame. Also the media company who made the claims are pretty sketchy looking. They have two websites, both of which look as if the were made from wordpress themes in under an hour.
      It will be interesting to see how it plays out. Don’t get me wrong I don’t love any of the house wives reality shows but I do think that the claims seem a little weird. My prediction is that blk. will be cleared of any wrong doing. And honestly if it turns out they didn’t do anything I hope they counter sued big time. There are to many people out there who just want to ride the coat tails of someone else’s success .

  21. Kevin says:

    Isn’t it interesting that at the end of the press release the lawyers did a pitch on their legal firm (great advertising opportunity – are they doing the legal for free). Also if your company was not doing well, what a great tactic -put out a BS lawsuite and drive business to your website. Somethings not right. It’s all about the media…you can make up anything today and get away with it and don’t we love the drama!
    Anyway the truth will set you free……

  22. Barb says:

    I just read that this is a counter lawsuite to BLK suing them except these thinkers took it to the media….. a little sleezy on the lawyer’s behalf but smart.. Speaking of Smart.???….. Blackgold /Blackwater Gold has been sued for trademark infringement and more. What morans. If they were so ingenious, why do they have a product called smart dog?..smart cat…?? TM by PET SMART maybe or Smart water…how original. Also there is a BLack Gold Water on the market …..did they steal their tradmark as well. Black Gold Power website looks like a train wreck…..ugh…and they call this original. Stay in Canada Creative Stinkers…you might have a chance.

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