Jacqueline Laurita Exposes Danielle Staub Messages; Danielle Calls Her Sad, Mean, And Bored!

April 11, 2013 | By Continue Reading

Danielle Staub left Real Housewives of New Jersey but the ties to her cast mates have not been disconnected! Danielle Staub had formed some strange alliance with a Twitter fan, “Mardigrasbarbie”, whom she messaged privately asking her to do dirty work in attack of Jacqueline.

Jacqueline exposed a couple of messages on Twitter today. See below!

Danielle heard the news somehow, unless she reads Jac’s Twitter daily, and of course had to speak out. Danielle had this to say:

Does anyone care? These two are so loony, they were a perfect match when they became friends! Thoughts on this?



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Comments (113)

  1. Kathy says:

    If you don’t do looney things they can’t be put on any computer sites!

    • YeahRight says:

      So True . But this old news , this is from like 3 yr’s ago , its not the first time Jac posted these , she posted them not long after Danielle left the show.

      • p.o.box says:

        are you serious she kept them for that long?!?!?!! WHY IS SHE POSTING THEM AGAIN?

        • p.o.box says:

          sorry didn’t start getting into the blogs till this past year.

          • Say What?? says:

            Ya, roxy did a story on it back when it happened. Search the site for Danielle stain stories and you will find it along with pictures of all the tweets.

            Danielle was also outted for selling stories about jaq to tabloids. The same stories jaq accused Teresa of selling to tabloids.. Then jaq said she still would not apologize for blaming them on Teresa because Teresa didn’t deserve an apology.

            Jaq is frigging CRAZY

      • Lexy says:

        That picture of Danielle is scary!

      • Say What?? says:

        Which makes you wonder why jaq continues to rattle Danielle’s cage… Attention? Jaq misses being considered the ” victim” by viewers. I would venture to say jaq is more crazy than Danielle… And if jaq found herself a single mom like Danielle … I doubt she would survive as Daniele has.. Jaq is a safe a ho via Chris Laurita. :-)

    • Buck Henry says:

      I know, JaxDaniels has to get off the twitter. The more she’s on it the more everyone is able to tell she’s mentally unstable. And I bet anything that Danielle is laughing up a storm about the fight that involved Jaxdaniels and her husband and Joe.

      • Isabella Patricia says:

        Wasn’t Mardigrasbarbie a huge fan of Danielle Staub, but Danielle did something to make Mardigrasbarbie turn on Danielle? I remember that time, and Danielle started bashing Mardigrasbarbie left & right. This is definitely old news, and I don’t know why Jacqueline is still stuck on this. She’s posted stuff from the past, too. Danielle is gonna be back on our t.v. screens, and Jac is gonna be a crazy, drunken mess.

        • michers says:

          Yes!!! That is how Jac got the screenshots last year and posted them everywhere, after D and Mardi “broke ” up. Im sure this is a spiteful dumb move to blast Danielle because she probably has some goodies for the upcoming season on Jacaloon!

    • Aubree says:

      Someone PLEASE take WakeyJAck computer and toss it out the window!!!

    • MOMMAHURLEY says:

      Jac is a complete nut job. She’s just trying to deflect people from debating what kind of prison jumpsuit she’s gonna have to wear.. orange, black and white stipe, navy blue??? The possibilities are endless!

    • missy says:

      its time 4 jac 2 grow up ive come 2 think shes a trouble maker badly……

    • Summer68 says:

      I really don’t care Rox i think their both mental

  2. Rach says:

    We all know Drunkquelinne can`t go too many days without causing or inserting herself into drama no matter how old or irrelevant the story is.

    • JoJO says:

      The tweet messages that Jacqueline posted allegedly from Danielle are from years ago. Jax posted these same tweets almost two years ago. It seems like Jacqueline has some beef with a looney blogger on twitter and just added Danielle to the drama for fun. It is beyond immature of Jax…but then again expected this.

      Hundreds of celebrities and reality personalities get bombarded by negative tweets and blogs written about them…..yet they are able to ignore and focus on their endavors. Jacqueline almost seems obsessed with this blog/twitter wars, probably caue she has nothing of substance goin on in her life. If you notice TEresa and even CAroline stay away from engaging in this nonsense. It buggles my mind how obsessed Jax is about this.

      If I had an autistic chil the last thing on my mind would be twitter. I would be too busy taking care of my child instead of saving posts from years ago and obsessively sifting through twitter. Sheesh….grow the F up Jacqs.

      • I never have understood why people keep old tweets or emails, only to bring them back out, sometimes years later (as in this case) & start crap back up again. SMH

    • Happy day says:

      Jac, who twitter attacked Teresa and Teresa’s fans non-stop for a year, along with her mother, lecturing others on how to be civil on twitter. ha, ha, ah, ha, ha.

      Ashley too attacked Danielle on twitter for months when Danielle left the show. Can we get a “Hypocrite Mrs. USA ” sash and send it to Jac immediately. Boy, Jac is desperate to make herself look like the victim right now from all the bad press she is getting for violenting attacking someone with a shoe. She must really think the public is stupid – hey public, look over here at the shiny light–forget about my crazed attack and battery charges.

      Well at least Jac had five minutes to get off the phone with Tom Murro from Radar Online planting her daily Jac/Manzo- saints, Teresa- bad stories on Radar online.

  3. Jazzy says:

    Danielle forgot to add “alcoholic”.

  4. A. says:

    What the heck…I had to read that mess twice to even understand what she’s saying. I think both D and J are nuts…but Jacquelline…she really needs to get off Twitter. One would think she’d have more important things to worry about.

  5. Just Be Nice says:

    Why is she posting this? Is she shocked? She knows Danielle doesn’t like her so why be surprised by this and post it. Move on already! She really needs to grow-up.

    • Jacquie says:

      Oh I agree Jacqueline really needs special therapy. This behavious is NOT healthy for a home that should be filled with calmness. That little boy needs to feel secure with his mom , that isn’t going to happen if she is living in the past.

  6. Aussiegirl says:

    This picture is hilarious! And because I watched some of season 1 of rhonj I actually know who this woman is.

    I am srsly lol-ing here. Can she please be on TV again? She is mental.

  7. DianneL says:

    this is all old news Jaq why not tweet about the recent charges brought against you? sad attempt at trying to deflect our attention today of all days…. weren’t you supposed to be in court or something today?

    • DianneL says:

      oops sorry I guess you will be in court tomorrow not today nice try though!

    • lucille mason says:

      wacko jacko,chris and poison joe go to court next week the 18th

      • Jacquie says:

        Why are they going to court, holy crap! I guess they are going to tell the judge its Teresas fault. Kick them to the curb . I cant take these wannabe victims, they are victims of their own choosing. I actually feel for Teresa she doesnt say anything on twitter. I really feel they are loosing their minds cause Teresa has bore the brunt of alot of crap and still smiles as much as she can. I dont fault her for freaking out on occasion,we all have done that. Attacking someone physically is terrible.

  8. RealWoman says:

    I’m guessing Danielle filmed with the gang & stirred the pot. Only when things are going on that we’ve yet to see, does JL go ballistic on twitter with her rants.

    Danielle has entered the building people…scene & cut!!!

    • DianneL says:

      no she is trying to deflect attention for tomorrow and on 4-18-2013 thats when they have to appear in court to see if the charges are going to hold against her, baby joey, and her louse of a hubby so she is trying to get ahead of the media.

      • RealWoman says:

        Ya know you could be right. Who knows what runs through the head of JL?!

        • DianneL says:

          I can see her now
          Your Honor I had to beat down Johnny with my stiletto because look what Danielle Staub did to me two years ago see your honor it was justified…
          LMAO shes probably 3 sheets to the wind right now and in her mind thats how life works….

          • RealWoman says:



            At that point, the judge turns to the officer & yells:

            Book ’em Danno!!

            She’s carried away in a strait jacket yelling it’s Danielle’s
            fault, no Teresa’s fault!

            I’m still speculating that Danielle filmed with her though.

            Thanks for the LOL!

          • DianneL says:

            @RealWoman LOL!

  9. mom of 3 says:

    Looney toons craw back into your hole. You azz belongs in jail…hopefully it will land there. You and your husband are grifers. I pity your children.

  10. Anoneemouse says:

    Awww…..our beloved Jacaloon has returned!

  11. NYGirl says:

    Always nice to see an Autism activist acting like a looney. Parenting magazine must be so proud.

  12. jen says:

    Jac OMG already!!!!! Leave it alone. Please commit yourself somewhere anywhere just get off the show and TWITTER!!!

  13. mare says:

    I can’t believe Jac’s attorney didn’t tell her to stay off twitter. He probably did. I am just amazed at how stupid these people are. I mean I still can’t believe Melissa’s sister threatened Bravo. They are so self destructive. Absolutely no common sense. Then they blame others (Teresa. Wow.

    • boss lady z says:

      What did Melissa’s sister threaten Bravo with? I haven’t heard that one yet….
      Idk who is crazier, Jac or M’s delusional sisters…

  14. candida says:

    Jac tops the cake and now we she feel for her because of her son’s illness; I feel bad her children have her as a parent!!!! She is NutJOB

  15. So over housewives says:

    Everytime the heat turns up on Jac, she pulls shit like this.
    Can you imagine what you (we) would see if someone would leak Jac’s DM’s?

  16. Seriously says:

    Asslee brought up “Love and Light” again the other day when she posted a photo of a letter from 2010. She claimed it was proof that she wasn’t kicked out of Catholic school like “Someone” tried to say way back then. Who gives? Why even bring such a thing up now when Jac has such important matters to attend to?

    • ChelseaL. says:

      She’s a spoiled brat who will never make it in this world and you can thank Jacass for the way she raised her. A failure just like her mother. Way to go Jac!

  17. michers says:

    Arent these messages from last year or so? The one name name in there is Mardigrasbabie ( sp?) who turned on Danielle last year and gave Jac ALLLLL the messages. Why is Jac using info she already had, LOL? She must be bored!

    • hoolie says:

      umm that’s what I was thinking (old messages) …maybe not bored, just stopped taking her meds….hehehe

      • Bryn says:

        @hoolie, or taking too many meds with her glass of wine. What in the world is this girl thinking??? Posting messages from over 2 years ago.

      • michers says:

        True hoolie 😉 Now , for someone who has legal dramas all over the place, have twitter beef, again, is the last thing she should be doing.

        • socalsoccer says:

          ITA, Michers. Does Jaco need attention this badly? There is something seriously wrong with this woman.

          • michers says:

            Yes she needs it, she thrives on it. And there is definitely something way off with her. I want to laugh, like last year, but it really is not funny. She really needs help. It really pains me that people are actually allowing her to be contributing to lectures, magazines, etc., for Autism Awareness given the twitter twatting last 2 years and the brawl with “heeling” another human….WTH is wrong with this world?

          • DianneL says:

            LOL michers twitter twatting…. I’m gonna steal that line if you don’t mind I have some friends that will love it!

          • michers says:

            I dont care, LOL- steal away! We always come up with the best lines for NJ around here 😉

  18. michers says:

    I have to add, that really, Jac is never going to change. She really is off… She puts this old info out from last year, and then tweets, ” back to good, Life is good”… she is not right.

    • CryWolf says:

      If this is all she has on Danielle then thats pretty sad. Lol

    • socalsoccer says:

      She lives in a fantasy land. This is one person who should not be on reality TV.

    • RB says:

      Thats exactly what I cannot stand Michers…how Wacko Jacko goes off on her little Twitter rants, going above and beyond to defame and embarass others, and the says “oh btw I have the best life ever and no time for this drama”….she is certifiable…I truly believe she is more insane than Danielle. I couldnt stand Danielle in S1 and especially S2 (although she was extremely entertaining to watch) but looking back, now I wonder how much crazy she really was…I also often wonder just how much CaroLIE and Wacko were doing to her OFF screen to add gas to the fire.
      Does anyone know what started this? Or did Wacko Jacko just randomly start tweeting this? Bc if she did randomly tweet it, then that makes me think Danielle must have finally filmed something for S5!

      • michers says:

        I Know!!! I caught onto that when she started going HAM on Teresa like 2 years ago! She goes on these rampages and then literally a half minute later, she is saying how great her life is, how happy she is, life is good. LOL!!!!!! I can’t….

      • LMAO in Louisiana says:

        Danielle called both Chris and Jax out for the attack on Johnny K. When someone said the JTG made disparaging comments about little Nick, Danielle said violence was not the answer. IMHO, Jax had nothing to throw her way so she dug up these old tweets.

        • michers says:

          Jax is always Queen of Deflection, Denial, and Delusion!

        • Maru the Cat says:

          LMAO in Louisiana – is that what started this whole thing? Jax is so confusing, we need someone to decifer her tweets and the motive behind them!

      • disgusted says:

        I agree RB I would think wacky Jacky is doing damage control in advance of Danielle’s appearance on the show

  19. mare says:

    Lysa Simpson twitter “@BravoTV keep coming for my sister, I dare you.” Then later deleted it.
    Rox did a blog on it. Search back to around April 8.

  20. Andy says:

    Jaq is so easy to get worked up

  21. samael says:

    I think the criminal Jac should be collecting her pennies for her legal defense…

    Stay off twitter and prepare to be fired and STFU

    Usually I am a Jac fan…even if a disgusting comment was made about child..physical violence is never the answer..

    Thanks Jac for making me disgard you.

  22. RB says:

    Wait, I thought that by Teresa responding to Danielle tweeting her 2 summers ago, she was “tapping Danielle back in their lives” and “bringing her back from the dead”???? GET A LIFE WACKO JACKO

  23. SAD says:

    Wow, do any T fans go on Facebook to see Andy Cohen’s personal Facebook page? He posted that picture of him, lisa v, and T… the comments are brutal. This is the page he probably looks at the most to see viewers opinions and comments.

    • CryWolf says:

      Those people are subhuman. What kills me about that is that with the changes to fb, your friends can see your comments on fan pages. So these boneheads are embarressing themselves by using foul language and derogatory remarks. I stay away from the fan pages because the comments are illogical and ill informed. I will stay here where I know that even if I argue at times with some, they are commenting for interest and not to be hateful.

  24. rhfan says:

    Hmmm… I think I need to join the Twitter, make some tweet-emies and blame them for everything that goes wrong in my life.

    I’m just wondering when this Jac will stop blaming D, twitter and everything else for her problems???

    Move on, Jac and Danielle, sheesh!

  25. sana says:

    Danielle looks like one of Disney’s horses in this picture!!!!
    A VERY ugly person inside out! thank God her daughters don’t look like her!

  26. Limaobeanstein says:

    Can Jacqueline please give me some of her time. Between working full time, raising my kids, cooking, cleaning, driving kids everywhere, grocery shopping, I barely have time to read my email much less sit on my computer all day, drinking wine, and searching through two years worth of twitter rants to find something Danielle once posted. Yes, Jacquline, you are the face of Autism Awreness.

    • rhfan says:


      This post made me laugh Thank you :)

      I do have to disagree with one thing. I bet Jac has all those tweets saved, so she doesn’t have to look for them. I picture her sitting in a room, like an episode of the Hoarders, surrounded by piles of mag clippings, emails and screen shots of tweets from all the people that have wronged her, waiting for the day she can provide the “proof” LOL

    • michers says:

      She is the face of many things, and they are not pretty

  27. Ry says:

    So obviously this means Danielle has started her scenes this season lol

  28. Rhnjfan1 says:

    Sounds like Danielle is back. These tweets from Jac and Lysa (Mel’s sis) seem like the season will end with some drama!

  29. HiThere says:

    Jac is truly wacky..of all the HWs in my personal dealings with on Twitter ..her and Kyle Richards have been the most bizarre. Kyle has the thinnest skin … Jac is just plain certifiable.

  30. Really?! says:

    Jacqueline and her daughter need to get lives. Even the messages she posted aren’t that big of a deal and do not excuse the behavior at all. They might face jail time because of this foolishness. Do better.

  31. MelbourneHW says:

    Ok so I’m going off topic but have u guys seen the reviews for Caroline’s book on amazon. She has soo much negatively and 1 star lol

  32. holy cannoli says:

    Cracker Jac gone off the freakin deep end AGAIN.. Now posting tweets from years ago, from Danielle? seriously??

    BTW, Cracker Jac You are the last person to CALL Anyone out for “fueling people” behind the scenes, or in front of the scenes, or whatever. You cause and have caused no drama than just about anyone.

    Get off the freakin computer/ phone, stop acting the fool, and take care of your child!!

    • holy cannoli says:

      * more

    • michers says:

      Im so LOL-ing right now! D tweeted Jac back a couple times in re to this, and told her to start looking within herself instead of the dark, LOL! Im telling ya, Jac is trying to find stupid little things to make Danielle look silly again but I think we have seen the worse years ago with her years ago. Jac on the other hand, keeps giving us things!!! D must have really made Jac’s head spin this season and I am looking forward to seeing her squirm if that is the case.

      • holy cannoli says:

        Hi mich

        It’s cra cra.. LOL.
        Why is Cracker Jac doing this? Why does she care? Something is up. Either Danielle has filmed and spilled some shit on Messy or she has spilled some stuff on Cracker Jac.

        • michers says:

          Holy, if you EVER get an answer to that let me know asap ! I think D gave it to her or someone close to her upon her return for the new season!!!! I think this is hilarious that Danielle is making good points lately and serving Jax a side of ‘Love and Light”… This makes me look forward to watching the new season- shits and gigs, LOL

          • disgusted says:

            Hay holy and michers … Do you know how old the tweets are ? Are they from last year ? or before that ?

  33. haydaki says:

    Why are these two going at it again? Maybe Danielle is going to appear on the show!HUM!

  34. Lapband Lauren says:

    They are both adults and they have children who are close to my age and dont even act like that. I wish both of them would just grow up and please please please delete their twitters. Nothing good can ever come from negative drama. Jaq already has enough going on with her attacking johnny. And danielle in retaliation will make fun of her and poke fun at the situation. I recommend jaq getting off twitter. She isnt advertising mucj and if she would like to advertise her future ventures i think she needs to hire an assistant who cant handle her twitter for her. This is just insane at this point…

  35. MP says:

    Jacaholic needs to put down the bottle have her twitter privileges taken away and stay off the computer……she needs an image rehab….stat, she does herself no favors by dredging up ancient history when she FLIPPED out on Teresa for being upset about a past event Teresa JUST DISCOVERED….Jacohol has KNOWN this for years she needs to just STOP…it makes her look crazier every single day

  36. Rosalie Marie, says:

    Since this story involves Danielle, I’ll leave a comment. Miss You Danielle! That’s it. I gave this show two chances since Danielle has been off the show and I’m just over this RHNJ and the rest of them. If Melissa is ever fired and Danielle returns, than I will happily watch again but ever since Danielle was replaced by Melissa, it’s turned to pure trash.

    • michers says:

      Hey Ro!!!! How are you ? Yeah, I think I could handle D better than Messy also, if only….ugh

  37. LET IT GO JACKASS! says:

    And Jackass calls Danielle “Crazy?!” JACKASS IS OFF HER ROCKERS! Especially after saving 3 year old messages and bringing them back from the grave, to start drama in her pathetic and miserable ass life! I SO AGREE WITH DANIELLE…. THAT BITCH IS BITTER AND MISERABLE!!! JACKASS, DANIELLE IS GONE! YOU AND YOUR LAME ASS FAMILY CLAIMED SHE WAS OUT “TO DESTROY YOUR FAMILY,” BUT NOW THAT SHE’S GONE, YOU STILL WON’T LEAVE HER ALONE! AND FOR THE RECORD, NO ONE GIVES A F%CK ABOUT “YOUR SAD ASS FAMILY!”

  38. CryWolf says:

    Ahh, yes. I will never forget my first DM from Jacqueline Laurita. It was like talking to a drunk soroiety girl. She has the emotional maturity of a Chihuahua and every bit as overly sensitive.

    • Gimme Pizza You Old Troll says:

      I love how Jacqueline gets criticized for writing ANYTHING at all on her Twitter. Autism – “she’s a phony!!” RHONJ for her JOB – “she’s a drunk drama queen omg give it up!!!!!!” I’m sure something happened with Danielle during filming recently and that’s why she brought these messages up…Just because someone gets mad and writes something on Twitter does not mean they drunk 24/7.

      • Gimme Pizza You Old Troll says:

        That was supposed to be a separate thread, not a reply.

      • NYGirl says:

        Someone getting mad and tweeting about it is normal. This woman is certifiable. She has no self control. One minute she’s calling someone scum, the next she’s writing about foods for Autistic children. Did you watch her performance at the reunion? She screamed “I hope you go to jail” to Joe Guidice. This is a woman who has 2 current court cases herself. There’s a possibility that SHE could go to jail. Hopefully liquor is the cause of her raging. If not, someone needs to step in and get her the help she seriously needs.

  39. Prettypinkie says:

    I saw a picture of that Wacko Jacqeline in court today god she looks nasty as hell cuz of all the Drinking an Xanax she’s doing Jac’s all Blown Up in the face, She’s a mess OMG ! She needs help like now I really think Jacqueline should stay home an fix herself and find a real doctor. I think she has lost her mind.

  40. disgusted says:

    I agree Pretty

  41. disgusted says:

    How old are the tweets really ? Anyone know ? i know they are not recent ..

  42. Jeri Lynn says:

    I’m just sad to say I no longer have the privilege of following Jac on Twitter:( She blocked me over a yr ago, for no real reason. I didn’t even say anything mean to her. I just tweeted that I didn’t like how she was treating Tre. And the next thing I know, I’m blocked. Which sucks bc her twitter feed was always entertaining:) I have no idea why she’d retweet these tweets she tweeted a long time ago. Hell, she was probably drunk.

  43. JUST ME says:


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