Golnesa “GG” Gharahedaghi Denies Being Romantically Linked To Dr. Paul Nassif!

May 1, 2013 | By Continue Reading

Shahs of Sunset star Golnesa “GG” has had a rocky romantic life recently, being engaged to co-star Omid and then breaking that off. Now, a new rumor has surfaced courtesy of an eyewitness that GG is linked to RHOBH’s Dr. Paul Nassif!

An eyewitness told InTouch, “”GG’s group was at the restaurant sitting in a big, white half-moon shaped booth when Paul walked in. He sat down next to GG and made himself right at home, resting his arm behind her on the booth. She seemed totally comfortable with it and the pair was laughing and talking closely.”

The event was indeed true, however, Paul is only friends with GG! GG took to her Twitter and just laughed off the ridiculous claims, saying:

Do you think GG will find a steady and serious relationship soon? Would she and Paul make a good couple?

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Comments (19)

  1. Renlan says:

    Run for the hills Paul!! GG’s a hot unstable mess!! Lol

    • Say What?? says:

      Whew!! This woman dating a surgeon who handles knifes ? Man o man!
      Paul ,ust like his women violent .

  2. LBEL says:

    Yeah, she may be a hot mess but I would LOVE to see the look on Adrienne’s face! LOL

  3. Lexy says:

    So Paul happens to be at the same restaurant and stops to say “hello” and suddenly they are dating and making wedding plans?


    I mean, you have to give the press credit, they will make a story of almost everything.

    • IRiSHMaFIA says:

      I enjoy the over the top rag mag stories. If an alien abducted Paul’s chauffeur and drove them to the restaurant it would have been more entertaining. Any story worth telling, is worth embellishing in their world.

    • Say What?? says:

      I wonder of Paul is going to make an appearance on shahs of sunset next season. Maybe that’s what started the rumor. Is Paul a shah? Or maybe he’s doing some plastic surgery for someone on the show. I bet anything Paul pops up on some bravo show. Viewers loved him and he kept a good relationship with bravo

  4. Isabella Patricia says:

    I don’t believe this for a second. I came picture them together, but GG is a feisty one so Paul may like that. At least she’s not a complete biatch like Adrienne, and the girl knows how to relax and let loose sometimes. 😉 Unlike stuffy Adrienne.

  5. samael says:

    Good for Paul..lucky Paul…have fun Paul…she is a stunner

    Of course Paul is a gentleman.


    • samael says:

      This was cleared up the same minute…geez..still happy for Paul…she is stunning…saying hello even in Hollyweird…is not a marriage proposal.

      Wow what clientele!

  6. rukidding? says:

    wow that is a hot dress

  7. love says:

    GG and Stacis should pair up and do a show together. They have the same temper and change man like they get plastic surgery. So over GG she is a jealous mean girl with a silver spoon in her mouth. Hated the way she treated her pregnant sister.

  8. Lapband Lauren says:

    Shes a very rude girl. She retweeted the article on twitter..im like damn girl you are such a famewhore. I dont like who she is, inside or out. The way she was talking about asa’s physical features at the reunion..wow. Now i am no fan of asa but to make fun of someones physical apperance is just down right wrong. She uses her past bullied behavior to attack other people on their appearances or their flaws. Gg never got over the fact that she had to do so many procedures done to her face to satisfy society and what they think looks “okay.” i think she finally saw that everyone just moved away from her and no one wanted to film with her. If that doesnt want to make her change than i dont know what will. She needs to fix her ugly behavior first cause no man wants to settle with a wanna be rich girl thug. Grow up and get some class, you are persian and second of all you are in your 30s, can you leave your high school mentality behind?

    • Lapband Lauren says:

      I think she needs to change shows and go over to mobwives, they need to fill a position. You wanna act like a bad girl well try playing with the big girls and lets see what happens!

  9. Lisa says:

    Shes a skank and the dress fits her! Run Paul run!

  10. wtf? says:

    Kinda looks like he may have done some work other than her lips – breast implants anyone? She looks much bigger in this pic than ever before.

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