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Shahs Of Sunset Crew On Strike; Pushes Back Premiere Date!

Season 4 of Shahs of Sunset was set to premiere on October 14 and it looks like that won’t be happening!  A spokesperson for Ryan Seacrest Productions issued a statement this weekend saying that due to a strike the season will be pushed back to an unknown later date. Bravo has decided to push the […]

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PHOTOS: Bravolebrities Gather To Support Joanna Krupa’s Angels For Animal Rescue Charity!

Real Housewives of Miami star, Joanna Krupa is one housewife that definitely devotes her time to giving back. Joanna recently shined at The Yellow Party charity gala, along with other Bravolebrities; Joyce Giraud, Golnesa “GG,” and Gretchen Rossi. The proceeds from the event benefit Joanna’s charity, “Angels For Animal Rescue,” as well as “Racing For […]

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Reza Farahan Says Lilly Ghalichi Has To Sign A Check For Friendships; And Calls Her Manipulative!

Shahs of Sunset star, Reza Farahan, is taking to his blog to express how he feels about Lilly Ghalichi, calling her “manipulative,” and saying she only has friends that are on her payroll. Also, he dishes on his feud with Mike Shouhed, and the MJ vs GG drama! Check it OUT Sorry I didn’t blog […]

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Shahs Of Sunset’s Golnesa “GG” Reveals She DID Hook-Up With Vanderpump Rules’ Jax Taylor!

Shahs of Sunset star, GG “Golnesa” dropped a major bombshell on WWHL when she revealed to Andy Cohen that she has in fact hooked-up with Vanderpump Rules star, Jax Taylor. Not only did GG kiss and tell, but she later even sent a VERY telling Instagram post to Jax as well. Check it OUT It […]

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GG Golnesa Wishes Mercedes Javid Would Put Her Ego To The Side; Claims She Isn’t Choosing Sides In The Lilly Drama!

GG took to her blog this week to express how bad she felt about not speaking up in regards to the Lilly vs MJ argument, and how she wishes MJ would put aside her ego and pride and just apologize. Check out what GG had to say I’ve been super busy flying to Never Neverland […]

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GG Golnesa Shares One Of Her Cast Mates Was Secretly Recorded So Their True Colors Could Be Exposed!

GG is definitely someone who shows her true colors no matter what, but it seems there is another cast member who does the same thing, only us viewers don’t know about it! GG stopped by RHOBH Brandi Glanville’s podcast show, to talk about her Shahs cast and season, and she also revealed that their is […]

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Mercedes Javid Explains, Spilling The Beans To GG Golnesa’s Boyfriend Backfired; But Says He Deserved It!

Tuesday night’s episode showed MJ being less than a great friend to GG when she revealed to GG’s boyfriend, that GG cheated on him at Lilly’s Prom birthday! GG was trying her best to stay calm with MJ, but was escorted by her sister at Mike’s family’s party, because GG was literally about to hit […]

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Reza Farahan Slams Mike Shouhed’s Work Ethic, And Says Lilly Ghalichi Came Ready To Fight And Needs To Grow Up!

Reza might have dumped MJ for Lilly Ghalichi last season, but it seems like season 3 he is back to defending his best friend! Reza talks in his Bravo blog about how bothered he was by Lilly’s actions, and even slams Mike Shouhed’s work ethic, stating he isn’t a “hustler.” Check what Reza had to […]

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Asa Soltan Says She Is Over The RSVP Feud; And Thinks Mike Shouhed And Reza Farahan Should End Their Partnership!

Asa is weighing in this week with her Bravo blog, and she explains that it wasn’t her place to get involved with the fight between MJ and Lilly, because it had nothing to do with her, and it was their time to “face each other.” She also goes on to talk about the business partnership […]

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Lilly Ghalichi Says Mercedes Javid Is Intimidated By Her; And Says She Doesn’t Need Fake Friends!

Last night’s Shahs of Sunset ended with Lilly Ghalichi leaving an explosive dinner with the Shahs after fighting with cast mate MJ, and she explains in her Bravo blog exactly why she is so upset, and thinks she makes MJ feel insecure about herself. Check out what Lilly had to say I am so glad […]

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