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The New Yolanda? GG Gharachedaghi Defending Herself Against Those Who Say Her Illness Isn’t Real!

GG has a message for all of the haters! People have been saying that she is using her RA as a storyline or think that she is faking or exaggerating her illness; however to GG the pain is all too real. Taking to her personal Twitter page, GG shot back to the online trolls who […]

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Mike Shouhed Accuses Brandi Glanville Of Flirting With Him & She Responds!

Sunday night Brandi Glanville appeared on WWHL promoting her new show Famously Single, and Andy Cohen read a tweet out-loud that really didn’t sit well with her. Mike Shouhed from Shah’s accused her of making a move on him when they were guests on Andy’s show together back in March 2015! [email protected]:@BravoWWHL @Andy Brandy tried to […]

Reza Farahan Is In the Honeymoon Phase! So Why Did He Call Off His First Wedding?

Shah’s of Sunset is known for their over the top antics and Persian style glamour and the king of it all is Reza Farahan! Reza recently said “I do” to boyfriend Adam Neely and the two are now blissfully happy newlyweds. So what was different this time around? Per Reza, he didn’t have cold feet […]

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Jessica Parido Is the Latest to Complain About Bravo Editing – Slams MJ Javid For Being Fake!

Countless Bravo (and reality stars) have blamed editing for making them look like the bad guy, a liar, or in the case of Shah’s Jessica Parido: a spoiled brat! Jessica is now taking to her social media pages to state that she wasn’t as spoiled or bratty as Bravo is making her out to be. […]

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MJ Javid Says GG Gharachedaghi Is Struggling and Needs Therapy!

GG has had a tough time lately and viewers have seen her obvious struggle on Shahs of Sunset. Friend MJ Javid is now speaking out on her struggles and how she worries for her friend who clearly needs help. Speaking with Bravo, MJ spoke out on GG’s drinking along with the pain from her rheumatoid arthritis […]

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Mike Shouhed Says He Still Loves Jessica Parido While She Claimed He Never Paid Her Bills!

Recently on Shahs of Sunset we saw the newlyweds from hell, Mike and Jessica, bickering like a couple that has been married for 40 years – not a few months! Jessica basically complained she needed Mike to make more money so that she could afford a $5K tea set; while Mike barked at her to […]

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Update on MJ Javid’s Wedding! Find Out Why She’s Not Rushing to the Aisle!

MJ has seemed to have found her prince and viewers naturally assumed she would be planning a fabulous over the top Shah’s of Sunset wedding! The Bravo star recently stopped by the clubhouse on WWHL to discuss her upcoming nuptials and why she isn’t racing to be a bride. When a caller asked about when […]

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Shah’s of Sunset Lilly Ghalichi Claims She Was Scammed by Ex-Fiancée!

Lilly Ghalichi may be smart and beautiful but even she fell for a fame hungry social climbing in the name of love! Lilly recently spoke with her friend Nik Richie on her failed engagement, where it went wrong and why she fell for him in the first place! If you recall, Lilly was engaged to […]

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Who Put A Ring On It? Shahs of Sunset Star Mercedes “MJ” Javid Is Engaged!

  HUGE Shahs of Sunset news this week, Mercedes “MJ” Javid is engaged! MJ, who has been unlucky in love for years, has been teasing her romance on social media! Luckily, Shahs of Sunset is currently filming and we’ll get to see more about MJ’s new man when the show airs this spring! MJ confirmed […]

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The Drama Continues in Shah’s of Sunset Divorce; Mike Shouhed’s Ex Jessica Parido’s Got A New Man & A New Ride

The blows keep on coming for Shahs of Sunset star Mike Shouhed, and we’re told Bravo cameras are capturing all of the drama for season 5 of the hit reality show; set to air this spring! Last week Mike and his wife of less then a year Jessica Parido announced their split, citing their date […]

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