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Brandi Glanville Thinks Joanna Krupa’s Lawsuit Will Be Thrown Out

It seems that Brandi Glanville is going to try every trick up her sleeve to get out of her lawsuit with Joanna Krupa. In a new claim, Brandi reveals that Joanna signed away her ability to go after her legally. In court documents obtained by TMZ, Brandi says that Joanna’s defamation lawsuit should be tossed […]

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Brandi Glanville Wants Joanna Krupa Prove In Court Under Oath That Her Vagina Doesn’t Smell

Brandi Glanville and Joanna Krupa’s epic feud is set to head to court shortly. After Brandi made allegations that Joanna’s lady parts smell “fishy,” Joanna went on to sue Brandi for defamation. As their drama heads to court, Brandi has an odd question to ask Joanna in court. According to TMZ, Brandi’s lawyer already has […]

Which Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Will Be Deposed In Joanna Krupa’s Lawsuit Against Brandi Glanville??

Things continue to get ugly in the lawsuit between Real Housewives of Miami star Joanna Krupa and former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville. It turns out that several of Brandi’s RHOBH co-stars, as well as the franchise creator, are being dragged into the lawsuit. From August 25th to 28th several of the […]

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What Is Brandi Glanville’s Defense Strategy In Joanna Krupa’s Lawsuit?!

The Real Housewives wars continue. Former star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Brandi Glanville is in an on going war with Joanna Krupa. The Real Housewives of Miami star slapped Brandi with a defamation lawsuit, which Brandi has recently admitted that it has left her $54,000 in debt. Brandi is now revealing how […]

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Lisa Vanderpump Tells Brandi Glanville To Stop Lying, Plus Reveals She’s Been Deposed In Joanna Krupa’s Lawsuit

Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville may no longer be friends or co-stars, but there’s still plenty of drama and bad blood between them. Brandi has been on the attack toward Lisa and her other former RHOBH co-stars after they commented on her exit from the show. It turns out that things have gotten so ugly […]

Lea Black Slams Brandi Glanville Over Joanna Krupa Feud And Discusses RHOM Season Four

The feud between Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville and Real Housewives of Miami star Joanna Krupa continues to heat up. Now, Joanna’s good friend from RHOM, Lea Black, is speaking out on what she thinks about the fight. While speaking with Wetpaint, Lea discussed what all of her RHOM costars were currently going through, […]

Brandi Glanville Surprises Joanna Krupa With A Fish Dinner!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville is currently entwined in a lawsuit with fellow Housewife, RHOM star Joanna Krupa. The lawsuit came after Brandi publicly made claims that Joanna’s lady parts smell like fish. Joanna is currently suing Brandi for defamation over the fishy comments, so it’s only natural for Brandi to want […]

Kathy Hilton Thanks Joanna Krupa For Her ‘Kind Words’ About Kim Richards

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards’ sister Kathy Hilton has remained tight-lipped since Kim’s arrest for public intoxication. It seems that while everyone is giving their two cents on Kim and her battle with sobriety it was RHOM’s Joanna Krupa’s lack of comment on Kim’s drinking issues that led Kathy to speak publicly. […]

Joanna Krupa Refuses To Say Anything Bad About Kim Richards Because Her Love For Kyle Richards!

Former Real Housewives of Miami star Joanna Krupa was recently asked to comment about Kim Richard’s arrest and Kim entering rehab last week as she was having lunch with her husband Romain. Joanna tried to be cordial for the sake of her love for Kyle Richards. Joanna was asked to respond to allegations of Richards’ […]

Joanna Krupa Debuts New Chopped Hair; Love It Or Leave It?

The beautiful Joanna Krupa who was also featured on the Real Housewives of Miami recently decided to get a new look. The 35-year-old debuted a new haircut with much shorter hair. She posted the following photo below and wrote, “I am beyond obsessed with my new haircut!!!! Thank you @mikafowlerxx @mrkimvo @kimvosalon new year new […]

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