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Meghan King Edmonds Agrees That Kelly Dodd Has Every Reason To Feel Set-Up By RHOC Co-Stars!

Meghan King Edmonds planned the RHOC season 11 cast-trip to Ireland, but because of her pregnancy there were several parts of the trip she didn’t participate in! She spent a lot of her time tracking down her ancestors, and when all was said and done; Meghan wasn’t upset to have missed “world war III” that […]

Will Kim Kardashian’s Robbery Change the Housewives? Heather Dubrow Thinks So!

The Real Housewives was created to show the rest of the world how glamorous, wealthy women lived and the housewives have had no problem showing it off. The Kardashians are pretty much the Housewives on steroids so when Kim Kardashian’s terrifying Parisian robbery happened certain housewives felt it hit too close to home. Speaking out […]

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Shannon Beador Promises She Did Not Try & Set-Up Kelly Dodd; Defends Why She Was Trying To Make Her Drink!

RHOC season 11 has been the most intense yet, and most of that is because of newbie Kelly Dodd. Her bad behavior and foul mouth have gotten her in trouble with the cast and fans of the show over, and over, and over again; yet Monday night things changed a bit! Some fans started to […]

Why Does Kelly Dodd Push Heather Dubrow’s Buttons?

Real Housewives of Orange County co-stars Heather Dubrow and Kelly Dodd just can’t seem to get along this season no matter how hard they might try.  While Kelly rubs many of her RHOC co-stars the wrong way with her rude behavior, Heather is particularly bothered by her erratic behavior this season. During the Watch What […]

Is Heather Dubrow’s Gig as a reality Star Hurting Her in the Long Run??

Before Heather married Dr. Dubrow, she was a single sassy working girl! Heather was an actress that had roles in sitcoms like Jenny (starring Jenny McCarthy) and some lesser known such as Stark Raving Mad and The First $20 Million is Always the Hardest (according to IMDB.) Heather has taken her craft very seriously and […]

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Heather Dubrow Calls Kelly Dodd’s Behavior In Ireland “Outrageous;” Says She Doesn’t Blame Tamra Judge For Her Reaction!

Heather Dubrow is “absolutely over” the drama and she made that crystal clear following the dramatic confrontation between Kelly Dodd and Tamra Judge that destroyed their first day in Ireland. In her Bravo blog, Heather takes Kelly to task calling her behavior “outrageous” and “cringe-worthy” while defending her good friend Tamra saying that she doesn’t […]

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Kelly Dodd Says Tamra Judge’s “Lying And Bad Intentions” Are What Set Her Off In Ireland!

Kelly Dodd was quickly blamed, with good reason, for ruining the Real Housewives of Orange County’s first day in Ireland. In her very, very long Bravo blog Kelly defends her actions and breaks down her version of events; placing most of the blame on Tamra Judge who Kelly says “was in a rage.” “We whooped […]

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Tamra Judge Defends Her Actions Against Kelly Dodd In Ireland & Explains How This RHOC War Started!

On Monday night’s RHOC the ladies headed to Ireland, and things went from fun to scary very quickly! Tamra Judge has been through A LOT during her years on Bravo, but this fight with Kelly Dodd was the worst to date. While it started over an annoying child’s prank, Kelly took things to a disgusting […]

Shannon Beador Says She Was So Surprised to See Kelly Dodd Playing the Victim In Ireland

The Real Housewives of Orange County cast headed off to Ireland and their trip quickly went from rainbows and leprechauns to drunken fights and tears. Shannon Beador found herself in the middle of all the drama after she revealed to Tamra Judge what their co-star Kelly Dodd said about her behind her back leading to […]

Did Tamra Judge Push An RHOC Producer While Fighting With Kelly Dodd; Plus Is Kelly In Detox Right Now?!

Monday night’s RHOC was the most intense things we’ve heard, yet couldn’t see on Bravo. All we were able to watch was Tamra’s uncontrollable reaction to Kelly’s vicious comment about her estranged daughter Sidney Barney, and Shannon comforting Tamra. She was constantly telling Tamra to “breath slower,” and I know I’m not the only one who […]

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