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Find Out Where ALL The Real Housewives Are BANNED Access From!

The women of the The Real Housewives franchise may be rich and lead fabulous lives, but it isn’t enough to be included in one of the most exclusive hot spots that has ever existed. A recent report has revealed where The Housewives of any franchise are simply not welcome. Soho House is described on their […]

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Brooks Ayers Reveals His Cancer Isn’t Responding To Chemo!

Vicki Gunvalson’s live in boyfriend Brook Ayers has spent the last six months battling Stage 3 Non- Hodgkin lymphoma which is a form o f cancer. While his illness may have fixed issues in his personal life including his relationship with his on-again, off-again girlfriend Vicki Gunvalson it seems that his cancer isn’t getting cured […]

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Andy Cohen Opens Up About Those RHONJ Casting Rumors!

There have been endless rumors surrounding the casting of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. The most recent has been the Bravo is looking to cast Tiki Barber’s wife Traci Lynn Johnson. Andy Cohen is now speaking out about that particular rumor among other Housewives related things. During a recent interview with E! Online, Andy […]

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Television Host Andy Cohen Gets His Own Sirius XM Channel!

Andy Cohen has been the host of Watch What Happens Live for 11 seasons on Bravo. Being a familiar face to watch on television, Andy will soon have a familiar voice as he will be expanding his career onto radio. Deadline has recently reported that Andy will be getting a branded channel on SiriusXM satellite […]

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Jeana Keough Discusses Rumors That Katie Hamilton Has Left RHOC

We’ve been reporting about the ongoing rumors surrounding the newest RHOC, Katie Hamilton’s, possible departure from the show. Returning Housewife Jeana Keough is opening up about the rumors surrounding Katie and why baseball and reality TV don’t mix so well. Jeana opened up by saying that she was pretty shocked Katie decided to appear on […]

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Did New Housewife Katie Hamilton Already Stop Filming RHOC?

While Katie Hamilton may be one the newest Housewives on RHOC it seems that her time on the show may be over before it even truly begins. Last week reported that Katie’s husband Josh’s drug relapse could be featured on RHOC and bring some real drama to the reality show. While Katie and Josh have […]

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Vicki Gunvalson And Brooks Ayers Are Stronger Than Ever

The on again, off again couple from the RHOC is back on and stronger than ever. Vicki Gunvalson and Brooks Ayers haven’t had the easiest relationship during their highly publicized time together. The couple has spent most of their time together being scrutinized by fans, family, and friends but despite all of that they keep […]

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Chrissy Teigen Reveals What Her Housewives Tagline Would Be And Discusses Her Real Housewife Obsession

As a Real Housewives fan, I love learning that celebrities are just as obsessed with the Housewives as the rest of us are. Supermodel Chrissy Teigan recently shared what a Real Housewives superfan she is. In fact she’s such a fan she’s even thought of what her Real Housewives tagline would be (haven’t we all?). […]

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Will Katie And Josh Hamilton Bring Real Drama to the RHOC?

It seems that it’s about the get a whole lot more real on the Real Housewives of Orange County. Back in January we reported that MLB star Josh Hamilton’s wife Katie would be joining the RHOC as one of the two new Housewives in season 10. Reports are now surfacing that Katie and Josh plan […]

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Did Tamra Barney & Eddie Judge Use Their Sex Tape As An Advertisement?!

The Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Judge and husband Eddie Judge have been married for almost two years now, and viewers saw their wedding on Bravo’s special, Tamra’s OC Wedding. It seems like the two are so comfortable sharing their relationship on screen, that they are now sharing an uncomfortable video about a […]

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The Real Housewives of Orange County

The Real Housewives of Orange County is the original Real Housewives (originally, it was going to be released under the title “The Real Housewives” without the Orange County) series. Set in Orange County, CA, it debuted on March 21, 2006. The success if RHOC would pave the way for 6 other Real Housewives series, as well as a number of spin offs of the RH franchise.

The longest running show of the franchise, it is currently in its 9th season. The RHOC stars include Alexis Bellino, Gretchen Rossi, Lydia Mclaughlin, Heather Dubrow, Tamra Barney and Vicki Gunvalson. Of the original housewives, only Gunvalson continues to be on the show. Aside from Gunvalson, Tamra Judge has been on the show the longest (starting with season 3).

The Housewives of Orange County have a diverse set of characteristics. Ranging from empty nesters and stay-at-home moms, to business owners and music artists (Jo De La Rosa released an album in 2008 titled “Unscripted.”), the plight of the characters in the show are unique in that the show began before the 2008 recession and takes us through their lives during this financially difficult period.

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