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Sonja Morgan: No Matter What I Do, I Cannot Win

Sonja Morgan was very Sonja during last night’s episode of RHONY. If Sonja wasn’t busy talking a mile a minute she was pulling a beer out of her purse and declaring that she just started wearing panties again. In typical Sonja fashion, she was all over the place and kept everyone on her toes. While […]

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RHONY Recap: New House, Old Grudges

Tonight’s episode of the Real Housewives of New York starts off with Heather and Carole heading out to LuAnn’s estate sale at her Hampton’s home. Heather and Carole pass the time during their car ride by talking about some of the ladies including Ramona and Sonja. According to them Ramona is showing a softer side […]

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RHONY Preview: The Ramona-Coaster Returns!

The Real Housewives of New York are back this week for episode number two. While the inaugural episode of season 7 showed a very different, softer side of the Housewives don’t expect that all season. The ladies are ready to bring it and there will be no shortage of drama in NYC. Here are two […]

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Sonja Morgan Says Ramona Singer Never Understood Her Pain!

We’re only one episode into season 7 of the Real Housewives of New York and it doesn’t look like much has changed in Sonja Morgan’s world. Sonja is still running Sonja Morgan University out of her brownstone with her numerous “interns” helping her run her homes and businesses. The only thing that may have changed […]

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Luann de Lesseps Says Divorce Suits Ramona Singer!

During the season 7 premiere of the Real Housewives of New York we didn’t get to see that much of the Countess Luann de Lesseps, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a lot to say about the episode. In her Bravo blog, Luann opens up being a full-time Housewife again, simplifying her life, Bethenny’s […]

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RHONY Recap: The B Is Back!

The B is back to shake things up on RHONY! The B is back to shake things up on RHONY! Tonight’s season premiere of the Real Housewives of New York started off with Bethenny Frankel reemerging at the Essex House hotel where she checks into. Bethenny reveals that she’s the richest homeless person and is […]

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RHONY’s Season 7 Taglines Revealed!

Tonight is the night all RHONY fans have been waiting for the B is officially back as a Real Housewife. Every season the Housewives get a slew of new, clever, and cheeky taglines. In honor of tonight’s RHONY season premiere here are the season 7 taglines for each of the Housewives. Bethenny Frankel- “I’m not […]

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Are There Too Many Housewives For Season 7 Of RHONY?!? Andy Cohen Tells You His Thoughts

Is eight enough or perhaps a little too much? Season 7 of RHONY is possibly the biggest season ever of the show because unlike previous seasons this season has more housewives than ever. Many wondered if eight housewives was one too many for the show and if having that many housewives would throw things off […]

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RHONY Season 7 Is Being Dubbed Bethenny’s Return Season And Her Co-Star Are Not Happy About It

Many are dubbing RHONY season 7 Bethenny’s return season, and it’s causing lots of drama between Bethenny Frankel and her RHONY co-stars. It turns out at that as the Housewives begin promoting season 7 over the next month the main focus is Bethenny and her return while the other Housewives are playing second fiddle. “We […]

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RHONY Season 7 Trailer; Bethenny Frankel And Ramona Singer Sob Over Divorces

The ladies of RHONY are back, and it looks like season 7 is full of ups and downs. Bravo officially announced that RHONY season 7 will premiere on April 7 at 9pm ET. In season 7 fans will see the return of Bethenny Frankel as well a new Housewife Dorinda Medley. Joining Dorinda and Bethenny […]

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