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Ramona Singer Bashes LuAnn DeLessep’s Fiancé Tom Agostino & Says Their Relationship Is “Built On Lies!”

Some of the ladies on RHONY think LuAnn’s fiancé Tom D’Agostino Jr. may have ulterior motives, and given he’s dated 2 of her co-stars and friends, they might be right! Ramona Singer has not taken kindly to Tom denying their “7 or 8 dates” and she recently spoke to Radaronline about LuAnn and Tom’s relationship. […]

RHONY RECAP: Always The Bitch, Never The Bride

This week we pick up at a photo-shoot with Baby and Carole. Baby is the star of the show today and they are shooting for a doggy bachelorette in preparation for a puppy wedding that she will be a bridesmaid in soon. Baby is a “hot mess” and runs around the whole shoot while the […]

Is Sonja Morgan Relying On Friends To Fund Her Expensive Lifestyle?!

The Tipsy Girl herself Sonja Morgan has a lot to be proud of, she paid off all of her Chapter 11 bankruptcy and was able to keep her upscale NYC townhouse! Sonja’s used to the finer things in life, she was once married to JP Morgan Chase heir J.A. Morgan after all. According to Page […]

Tipsy Girl Strikes Again! Sonja Morgan’s Prosecco Shamelessly Copies Another Alcohol Line!

The gloves are off! The booze battle on RHONY has escalated from Skinnygirl to now another major alcohol brand! Sonja’s line is once again in some hot water; however the Tipsy Girl herself refuses to back down and instead is expanding her brand! Bethenny may have Skinnygirl wines, bars, shakes and luggage but the thing […]

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RHONY Recap: Invitation Interrupted

All aboard! Tonight’s episode of the Real Housewives of New York takes us on one wild ride. So grab a glass or bottle (shh! I won’t tell 😉 of Pinot Grigio and hop on the RHONY crazy train. Things start off with a girls night dinner with all the ladies minus Luann and Sonja, which […]

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Real Housewives Instagram Roundup Volume 1

Our favorite Real Housewives lead glamorous, fun, and exciting lives. While the cameras don’t catch all the activities of the Housewives’ day to day lives, their Instagram feeds give us a pretty up close and personal look at what our favorite wives are up to. So, let’s see what our favorite Housewives have been up […]

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LuAnn DeLesseps Responds To Bethenny Frankel & Ramona Singer’s Verbal Attacks In The Berkshires!

LuAnn De Lesseps has been putting her life on display for the world to see for years on RHONY, but nothing has compared to the verbal beating she received from Bethenny Frankel on the last two episodes. It was some of the most shocking moments in housewives history, and it’s clear that Bethenny’s anger toward […]

Sonja Morgan Calls Out Her Co-Stars For Sucking-Up To Bethenny Frankel!

Sonja Morgan must have had sore thumbs after Wednesday night’s RHONY; she was tweeting up a storm! Sonja wanted a fair shot at repairing her relationship with Bethenny, which she thinks would have happened at Dorinda’s. After seeing how Bethenny acted in the episode you’d think she would be grateful to have stayed home, however […]

Does Ramona Singer Have History With LuAnn DeLessep’s Fiancé On RHONY?!

Last week on RHONY we saw Ramona Singer accuse LuAnn DeLesseps of breaking “girl code” by dating her (now) fiancé Tom D’agostino since Ramona had gone on 7 dates with him! LuAnn claimed to not know the pair had dated, and then back-tracked and said that Tom told her “he took her out to dinner […]

RHONY RECAP: Unhappy Holidays

We pick back up this week at Dorinda’s during an epic housewives battle of Bethenny VS. LuAnn with Bethenny continuing to berate LuAnn for being a hypocrite, liar, slut, etc; the whole thing is honestly uncomfortable to watch. Bethenny called LuAnn “uncool” for calling Carole a pedophile, and LuAnn just wants Carole to get over […]

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