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Sonja Morgan Blasts Ramona Singer For Using Her As RHONY Storyline & Insists It Stops Now!

Ramonja really may be never again! RHONY fans were hoping that the fun-to-watch duo would return to the besties they once were, but according to Sonja Morgan she is d-o-n-e, done with Ramona Singer. “I am tired of being her story line. I am not going to be a doormat next season for Ramona,” Sonja […]

Behind The Scenes Secrets Of The RHONY Season 8 Reunion Exposed!

As we already told you the RHONY cast recently gathered on the couches with Andy Cohen to fight it out and rehash season 8’s issues once and for all. The ladies looked really good and Andy wore black (ironic?); surprisingly they were all pretty quiet on social media following the real-life fireworks, and we’re hearing things […]

Sonja Morgan Would Rather Be Fat And Tipsy Than A ‘Skinnygirl’

Sonja Morgan may be tipsy most of the time but perhaps it’s when she comes up with her best material. Look at Goldie Hawn’s character in the First Wives Club; she got her best material while working out, so maybe drinking does the same for Sonja 😉 While Sonja has spent much of the RHONY […]

Where Are The RHONY Ladies Sitting At The Season 8 Reunion?!

This has been one of, if not the best RHONY season yet, and yesterday the women sat with Andy Cohen on the couches to discuss the season. Confessions, tears, and yelling are sure to be a huge part of the season 8 reunion and I don’t know how Bravo will fit this into 3 parts; too […]

LuAnn DeLesseps Fiancé Tom D’Agostino Jr. Finally Speaks Out On His Past With Ramona Singer & Sonja Morgan!

All season long we have heard ABOUT LuAnn DeLesseps’ fiancé Tom D’Agostino Jr and his past with Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan, however LuAnn’s version of the truth is very different than her friends! The season is over halfway through and we’ve only heard and seen very little from Tom, leading some fans to think poorly […]

RHONY Recap: Steel Calzones

This week on RHONY we pick up this week at the newest social trend, an adult pizza party! The girls gather to make their own dinner and have some old fashion vagina talk. Jules forgets her “donut pillow” and after seeing Bethenny’s reaction to the picture of her vajay-jay injury, things must have been bad. […]

Ramona Singer Bashes LuAnn DeLessep’s Fiancé Tom Agostino & Says Their Relationship Is “Built On Lies!”

Some of the ladies on RHONY think LuAnn’s fiancé Tom D’Agostino Jr. may have ulterior motives, and given he’s dated 2 of her co-stars and friends, they might be right! Ramona Singer has not taken kindly to Tom denying their “7 or 8 dates” and she recently spoke to Radaronline about LuAnn and Tom’s relationship. […]

RHONY RECAP: Always The Bitch, Never The Bride

This week we pick up at a photo-shoot with Baby and Carole. Baby is the star of the show today and they are shooting for a doggy bachelorette in preparation for a puppy wedding that she will be a bridesmaid in soon. Baby is a “hot mess” and runs around the whole shoot while the […]

Is Sonja Morgan Relying On Friends To Fund Her Expensive Lifestyle?!

The Tipsy Girl herself Sonja Morgan has a lot to be proud of, she paid off all of her Chapter 11 bankruptcy and was able to keep her upscale NYC townhouse! Sonja’s used to the finer things in life, she was once married to JP Morgan Chase heir J.A. Morgan after all. According to Page […]

Tipsy Girl Strikes Again! Sonja Morgan’s Prosecco Shamelessly Copies Another Alcohol Line!

The gloves are off! The booze battle on RHONY has escalated from Skinnygirl to now another major alcohol brand! Sonja’s line is once again in some hot water; however the Tipsy Girl herself refuses to back down and instead is expanding her brand! Bethenny may have Skinnygirl wines, bars, shakes and luggage but the thing […]

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