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RHONY Recap: The Ladies Confront Aviva Drescher; And Aviva Throws Her Leg At Them!

We start tonight’s episode off with Sonja and her assistants helping her on her bed since she sprained her ankle. Sonja is mad that Harry left the party with Luanne and Ramona and Kristen are at her home to visit her. Sonja’s assistant was there when Harry and Luanne were getting in the taxi and […]

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RHONY Recap: Sonja Morgan And Harry Dubin Make It Official; Carole Radziwill Turns 50!

We kick off this week with Heather beginning to plan for Carole’s 50th birthday party – yes 50!  She looks awesome!  The party Carole is dreaming up is extremely extravagant with butterflies as centerpieces, snake handlers, chandeliers, etc.  She wants a Garden of Eden theme and Heather is helping her get it! Sonja and Harry […]

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RHONY Recap: Kristen Taekman And Her Husband Have A HUGE Blow Out; Plus Mario Singer Serenades Ramona!

The women have returned from their trip to Montana and are back in New York!  Kristen and Josh are waiting for Heather and Jonathan to meet them at dinner.  Kristen says she is nervous it will be awkward after what went down in Montana, and is annoyed that Josh doesn’t seem to understand her side […]

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RHONY Recap: Kristen Taekman Accuses Heather Thomson Of Bossing Her Husband Around!

This week starts off exactly where last week left off, with Kristen storming back to her cabin after an argument with Heather.  Kristen heads into the cabin and sits on the bathroom floor crying and looking at her cell phone while the other women head back to Ramona, Carole, and Sonja’s cabin.  Ramona sets up […]

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Carole Radziwill Reveals Who She Sat Next To At The Real Housewives Of New York Reunion!

It’s no secret that the sofa seating arrangements at the reunions mean something.  Andy described it himself last year on Ask Andy saying, Usually, we put two women next to me who had big stories that year or who have a lot to say or who are in, you know, any kind of conflict with each […]

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Carole Radziwill Believes Aviva Drescher Is Faking It; Plus Calls Kristen A Cry Baby!

So far in Montana Carole has been extremely low-key.  She voluntarily roomed with Ramona and Sonja, and has managed to stay out of pretty much every argument.  However in her blog this week, Carole took her feud with Aviva to a new level when she stated that she thinks Aviva has munchausen disease! Montana Ain’t for […]

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RHONY Recap: Kristen Taekman Calls Heather Thomson Bossy And Mean!

The ladies start off the show the morning after dinner where things got tense between Sonja and Luann.  Kristen decided to bring in a private chef to the house for dinner that evening instead of going out into town, which upsets Sonja and Ramona.  Ramona seems pretty displeased with a lot about this trip – […]

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Ramona Singer And Sonja Morgan Call Out Carole Radziwill For Posting FAKE Comments On Her Blog!

If you haven’t noticed, Bravo has recently removed the ability to post comments to each of the Housewives’ Bravo Blogs.  Naughty By Nice Rob is reporting the change is due to Ramona and Sonja complaining that Carole has been using fake accounts to post positive comments on her blog. Carole will not be the first or the last […]

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Aviva Drescher SLAMS Kristen Taekman; Says She Was Recruited By The “Mean Girls”

Ramona said it best when it came to Aviva during this week’s episode saying, “Aviva literally opened her bag of crazy”.  In her Bravo blog this week Aviva discusses the issues between herself and Kristen, including Kristen confronting her about her asthma.  She goes on to say that herself, Sonja, and Ramona have fallen victim […]

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