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Heather Thomson Finds It Difficult To Connect With Bethenny Frankel!

The Real Housewives of New York City star Heather Thomson is finding it difficult to adjust to Bethenny Frankel being back on the show. Heather has expressed over recent episodes that she does not understand Bethenny’s aggressive behavior. In an attempt to connect with Bethenny on a sensitive subject, Heather found herself once again feeling […]

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Kristen Taekman Reveals The Turning Point In Her And Sonja Morgan’s Friendship

A lot of stuff went down on Tuesday’s episode of RHONY but perhaps one of the most shocking twists was Kristen Taekmen and Sonja Morgan making up. Kristen took to her Bravo blog to discuss the turning point in her and Sonja’s friendship. See what Kristen had to say below! “Ramona and Dorinda meeting for […]

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Bethenny Frankel Says Emotions Creep Out in Unexpected Ways

Last night’s episode of RHONY was another roller-coaster ride of emotions for Bethenny Frankel. The reality star and Skinny Girl creator broke down several times in the episode showing a softer, more vulnerable side to herself. Bethenny took to her Bravo blog to discuss her breakdowns and why she thinks Heather might be a little […]

RHONY Recap: The Cavi-Art Of War

  Tonight’s RHONY kicks off with Ramona meeting up with Dorinda for drinks. They start talking about Dorinda’s upcoming birthday weekend in the Berkshires. Ramona seems more open to head to the Berkshires this year than last year. I’m sure she will throw a fit over something because after all the Berkshires isn’t the Hamptons. […]

Sneak Peek: LuAnn de Lesseps Ask Bethenny Frankel To Try With The Ladies!

We are just about seven episode into season seven of RHONY and in my opinion things are just starting to get good. We’ve had some drama since episode one, but last week’s AC debacle brought the drama to a boiling point. So what can we expect from the RHONY on Tuesday’s episode? In preview one, […]

Sonja Morgan Says Heather Thomson Was Just Pissed That Bethenny Frankel Was Late For Their AC Trip

The AC debacle is still living strong in the world of the RHONY. And it seems that Sonja Morgan has a lot of say about a lot of things. Sonja took to her Bravo blog this week to discuss her version of the Atlantic City events. Sonja also explains what she thinks is the real […]

Bethenny Frankel: I Genuinely Didn’t Want to Upset Sonja

As the ladies of RHONY simmer down from their crazy AC trip, Bethenny reflects on crazy and hilarious events of the trip. Bethenny took to her Bravo blog to give fans an inside look at the trip to AC. See what Bethenny had to say below! “Tonight is crazy and hilarious on so many levels. […]

Heather Thomson: What Happened to Common Courtesy and Manners?

It seems that when the RHONY head to AC they lose their manners quicker than they lose their inhibitions. In her Bravo blog, Heather Thomson explains what happened the morning of the AC trip and commends Bethenny for attempting to reach out to Sonja. See what Heather had to say below! “What happens in Atlantic […]

Luann De Lesseps: You Can’t Reason With Sonja When She’s Drinking

It’s pretty clear the Tuesday’s RHONY episode that when the ladies from NYC head down to AC things can get very crazy. In her Bravo blog this week LuAnn talks about being glad she wasn’t in the limo with the other ladies and why it’s hard to be around Sonja when she’s had too much […]

Bethenny: There Is Definitely Smoke and Mirrors

On Tuesday’s episode of RHONY, we saw Bethenny in full business mode as she tried to be a good friend and help Sonja out with her floundering brands. Bethenny took to her Bravo blog to discuss Sonja’s fashion presentation, Dorinda’s party, and John touchy ways. See what Bethenny had to say below! “Well, my bar […]

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