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Carole Radziwill Disses LuAnn DeLesseps; Says “Monogamy Is Not Something She Places A Premium On!”

Carole Radziwill and LuAnn DeLesseps ended RHONY season 8 in a much better place than they started; however following the reunion things seem to be a mess! Ironically, Carole seemed to be the only one happy for LuAnn when she got engaged, but once the cheating scandal broke Carole hoped LuAnn would hold Tom accountable […]

Ramona Singer Reflects On RHONY Season 8 & Reveals How She REALLY Feels About Her Co-Stars!

It’s been an explosive season 8 on RHONY, and now that things have come to an end it is time for the stars, and fans to reflect on everything that has happened! I think we can all agree that divorce suits Ramona Singer well, and she is definitely a changed woman; I personally think for […]

Jill Zarin Says RHONY Made Her A Monster And Almost Ruined Her Marriage!

Jill Zarin may no longer be on the Real Housewives of New York, but she still keeps tabs on her former co-stars and had a lot to say about them during a recent appearance on the podcast Andy’s Girls. The former OG of NYC, dishes on everything from LuAnn de Lesseps new man, to her […]

AATRH Exclusive: What’s The Buzz At Bravo During the 2016 “Olympics Break?”

Bravo did the unthinkable this week, they took a summer vacation; better known as an “Olympics Break!” We didn’t see any new episodes of our favorite housewives franchises this week, and we can all agree that when it comes to the Bravo, things have been quiet the past few days. An insider assured me that, “the network […]

Dorinda Medley Questions LuAnn de Lesseps Relationship With Tom D’Agostino; Wants To Know The Truth!

  Dorinda Medley may have introduced LuAnn de Lesseps to her fiancé Tom D’Agostino, and she may be the ONLY current New York Housewife invited to their wedding, but even she is confused about Lu and Tom’s relationship. In her Bravo blog, Dorinda questions Tom and Lu’s relationship as well as Ramona Singer and Sonja […]

LuAnn DeLesseps Defends Jules Wainstein’s Decision To Expose Her Eating Disorder On RHONY!

While LuAnn DeLesseps and Jules Wainstein have both been at the center of this season’s RHONY drama, they have never had issues with each other. In fact, Jules and LuAnn knew each other before filming started and have had a supportive relationship throughout the season! LuAnn has been on the media circuit this week discussing […]

Does Carole Radziwill Agree With Jules Wainstein’s Decision To Open Up About Her Eating Disorder & Marital Issues On RHONY?!

It’s clear that Carole Radziwill and Jules Wainstein will never be best friends, and they’ve had several confrontations on RHONY. Jules has had a tough first season on the show, and mid-airing her marriage fell apart right before her, and the public’s eyes! Carole has not been defending Jules in the media; in fact she’s been bashing […]

Which RHONY Were Invited To LuAnn de Lesseps Wedding?

If you can’t be cool, you can’t come to the Countesses wedding. LuAnn de Lesseps Real Housewives of New York co-stars are learning the hard way that being so uncool about her engagement has left them off the guest list for her upcoming wedding. With the wedding only months away, LuAnn and Tom have recently […]

Carole Radziwill References “Drunken Pill Popping Antics” Of A RHONY Co-Star & Calls Dorinda Medley “The Resident Tattletale!”

The biggest surprise of LuAnn’s engagement party was Carole Radziwill‘s attendance, and she has really supported this relationship, even when the other RHONY ladies didn’t! While Carole joked that she attended the party to “spy,” she dedicated this week’s Bravo Blog to telling us what she observed at the party. Carole managed to throw some major shade […]

Is Jules Wainstein Friends With Bethenny Frankel & Carole Radziwill Today?!

It’s no secret that Jules Wainstein did not make fast friends with her RHONY co-stars Bethenny Frankel and Carole Radziwill, and recently we saw her defend herself when she felt like Bethenny “was trying to make her look stupid.” Jules was constantly on guard with Bethenny and Carole, and she must have been hurt by some […]

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