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Photos Enclosed: Who Won What At The First Ever Bravo Awards; Plus Who Were The Special Surprise Guests?!

Last night was The Bravos, the first ever award show of it’s kind! Andy Cohen hosted of course, but the winners were all up to the fans and we were able to vote online; I did, did you? The night was full of special guests and the show did not disappoint! I was more excited […]

After 3 Years Bethenny Frankel & Jason Hoppy’s Divorce Is Finally Finalized!

After a vicious, never-ending battle Bethenny Frankel can finally say she is a single woman! It may have taken 3 years, lots of money, and lots of therapy but Bethenny must be happy to put this mess behind her. We reported recently that Jason moved out of her $7.5 million condo last month, and in […]

Jules Wainstein Says Bethenny Frankel Makes Everything About Her And That She’s Full Of “Pure Hatred And Animosity!”

During last night’s episode of the Real Housewives of New York, Jules Weinstein reached her breaking point and called out Bethenny Frankel and Carole Radziwill for their lack of empathy and support for her struggle with an eating disorder. In a moment of pure truth and honesty, Jules revealed that she is not fully recovered […]

Where Are The RHONY Ladies Sitting At The Season 8 Reunion?!

This has been one of, if not the best RHONY season yet, and yesterday the women sat with Andy Cohen on the couches to discuss the season. Confessions, tears, and yelling are sure to be a huge part of the season 8 reunion and I don’t know how Bravo will fit this into 3 parts; too […]

Is Carole Radziwill Sorry For Being “Too Hard” On Jules Wainstein During This Week’s RHONY?!

Wednesday night was as kooky one for Jules Wainstein, as we saw her on pain meds and acting a bit different than she usually does. If that wasn’t enough, the mix of Carole Radziwill was harping on her eating issues and Bravo’s zeroing in on her eating painted a not so nice picture of Jules […]

RHONY Recap: Steel Calzones

This week on RHONY we pick up this week at the newest social trend, an adult pizza party! The girls gather to make their own dinner and have some old fashion vagina talk. Jules forgets her “donut pillow” and after seeing Bethenny’s reaction to the picture of her vajay-jay injury, things must have been bad. […]

Carole Radziwill Says Her Body Should Be Studied By Doctors Because of Her Amazing Metabolism!

Carole Radziwill is one of the skinniest housewives of NYC; however she claims to eat whatever she wants and pays no attention to calories and nutrition. So what’s her secret? Carole herself couldn’t tell you as she has no clue! Speaking with People Carole dissected what she eats in an average day and it’s loaded […]

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RHONY RECAP: Always The Bitch, Never The Bride

This week we pick up at a photo-shoot with Baby and Carole. Baby is the star of the show today and they are shooting for a doggy bachelorette in preparation for a puppy wedding that she will be a bridesmaid in soon. Baby is a “hot mess” and runs around the whole shoot while the […]

RHONY Recap: Invitation Interrupted

All aboard! Tonight’s episode of the Real Housewives of New York takes us on one wild ride. So grab a glass or bottle (shh! I won’t tell 😉 of Pinot Grigio and hop on the RHONY crazy train. Things start off with a girls night dinner with all the ladies minus Luann and Sonja, which […]

Sonja Morgan Calls Out Her Co-Stars For Sucking-Up To Bethenny Frankel!

Sonja Morgan must have had sore thumbs after Wednesday night’s RHONY; she was tweeting up a storm! Sonja wanted a fair shot at repairing her relationship with Bethenny, which she thinks would have happened at Dorinda’s. After seeing how Bethenny acted in the episode you’d think she would be grateful to have stayed home, however […]

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