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Aviva Drescher Calls Heather Thomson A “Street Wannabe,” And A “Pit Bull!”

Real Housewives of New York star, Aviva Drescher, is taking to her blog this week to discuss how she felt about not being invited to Heather Thomson’s party, and how she thinks Heather did it just to hurt her. Aviva also made sure to call Heather a “street wannabe” and a “pit bull,” as well [...]

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RHONY Recap: The Singer Stinger Is Back! Heather Blames Ramona & Aviva Is Not On The Guest List!

This week opens up to the ladies at Heather’s jewelry showing. Heather catches Ramona up on how Aviva is out of the cool group, and Ramona feels uncomfortable with it. Ramona then talks about humping animals in Africa and keeps it classy, turtle time style. Next we follow Ramona, Sonja, and Aviva dorm furniture shopping [...]

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RHONY Cast Feeling Paranoid That They Are Going To Get Fired Because Of Continued Low Ratings!

The Real Housewives of New York stars are trying as hard as they can to bring in the drama but that may not be working! The ratings are continuing to slip and according to the New York Daily News, the ladies all think they’re going to get fired! “There’s paranoia because they all think they’re [...]

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Sonja Morgan Says Aviva Drescher Is In A Fragile Mental And Health State!

Sonja Morgan may have lost some teeth this week but she hasn’t lost her marbles..yet! She makes clear sense talking on Heather and Carole’s weariness towards Aviva and touches on Aviva Drescher’s visit to the scene of her childhood accident. This week Sonja tells us in her blog what she really thinks is going on with Aviva, plus says [...]

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Heather Thomson Claims Aviva Drescher Will Say Whatever She Needs To Get Attention!

Heather Thomson shares with us her thoughts on exactly what she thinks of Aviva with no holding back. Heather believes she is next in line on Aviva’s list to defame, and she shares with us why she couldn’t make the float waving during the Mermaid Parade. Heather says,   “Aviva, the typical elitist, is unwilling to take [...]

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Carole Radziwill Says Aviva Drescher’s Husband Ganged Up On Her; And She Wants Aviva To Shut Up Already!

Carole Radziwill is over the drama with Aviva Drescher, and she is taking to her blog, to share how she feels about Aviva’s husband “ganging up” on her, and Carole also revealed that she has a great relationship with Aviva’s publishing house. Read below to see more of what Carole had to say F.U.B.A.R. FUBAR [...]

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RHONY Recap: Mermaid Fun In The Sun While Aviva Visits The Scene Of Her Childhood Accident!

  Heather kicks off this week’s RHONY episode by chasing down Aviva’s ‘stylist friend’ at LuAnn’s BBQ in the Hamptons, and telling Amanda to deck her! Heather follows Amanda through the house, the kitchen and the bar while non-stop degrading her and calling her out, saying no one knows her, and that she’s been rude [...]

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Kristen Is Over Bookgate And Calls Aviva’s Friend, Amanda, Classless And Drunk!

  Kristen is our Newest Housewife of New York this season and she is both gorgeous and reasonable! She shares with us her and Luann de Lesseps grew up only cities apart and what she really thinks of Amanda Sanders and Bookgate. Kristen shares,   “It was so nice to finally meet LuAnn. I had heard [...]

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Heather Thomson Says She Has Her Limits And That She Did Not Threaten Aviva Drescher!

Heather Thomson is having none of Aviva’s crap and talks the continuation of Bookgate at LuAnn de Lessep’s BBQ. Heather starts with Sonja’s charity event and how Aviva jumped on the chance to be the first to reach LuAnn and give her the 411 on Bookgate.   “Aviva wastes no time trying to wrangle LuAnn [...]

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Aviva Drescher SLAMS Heather Thomson’s Yummie Tummie Brand; And Calls Them “Knock-Offs!”

Real Housewives of New York star, Aviva Drescher is taking to her blog this week, to hit Heather Thomson where it hurts — calling her Yummie Tummie brand a “knock-off” of the brand SPANX. LOL Aviva also calls out Carole Radziwill for accusing her of slander. Check it OUT! It perhaps wasn’t the best choice [...]

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