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Carole Radziwill Says Her Body Should Be Studied By Doctors Because of Her Amazing Metabolism!

Carole Radziwill is one of the skinniest housewives of NYC; however she claims to eat whatever she wants and pays no attention to calories and nutrition. So what’s her secret? Carole herself couldn’t tell you as she has no clue! Speaking with People Carole dissected what she eats in an average day and it’s loaded […]

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RHONY RECAP: Always The Bitch, Never The Bride

This week we pick up at a photo-shoot with Baby and Carole. Baby is the star of the show today and they are shooting for a doggy bachelorette in preparation for a puppy wedding that she will be a bridesmaid in soon. Baby is a “hot mess” and runs around the whole shoot while the […]

RHONY Recap: Invitation Interrupted

All aboard! Tonight’s episode of the Real Housewives of New York takes us on one wild ride. So grab a glass or bottle (shh! I won’t tell 😉 of Pinot Grigio and hop on the RHONY crazy train. Things start off with a girls night dinner with all the ladies minus Luann and Sonja, which […]

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Sonja Morgan Calls Out Her Co-Stars For Sucking-Up To Bethenny Frankel!

Sonja Morgan must have had sore thumbs after Wednesday night’s RHONY; she was tweeting up a storm! Sonja wanted a fair shot at repairing her relationship with Bethenny, which she thinks would have happened at Dorinda’s. After seeing how Bethenny acted in the episode you’d think she would be grateful to have stayed home, however […]

Carole Radziwill Compares Herself to ‘Benjamin Button’ – Says She Regresses When It Comes to Aging!

I’m the first to admit that Carole has never been my favorite on RHONY. She never has the most exciting storylines and comes off a bit judgmental. With that being said, one thing I do like about her is how she encompasses the whole ‘age is just a number’ thing and seems to get more […]

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RHONY RECAP: Unhappy Holidays

We pick back up this week at Dorinda’s during an epic housewives battle of Bethenny VS. LuAnn with Bethenny continuing to berate LuAnn for being a hypocrite, liar, slut, etc; the whole thing is honestly uncomfortable to watch. Bethenny called LuAnn “uncool” for calling Carole a pedophile, and LuAnn just wants Carole to get over […]

Is Carole Radziwill’s Boyfriend Adam Kenworthy Friends With LuAnn DeLesseps Again?!

LuAnn DeLesseps and Carole Radziwill formed a fun friendship over the years on RHONY. The two bonded and became close, so close in fact that Carole stayed at LuAnn’s house for the weekend during season 7 and ended up meeting her current (and much younger) boyfriend Chef Adam Kenworthy. According to LuAnn Carole broke the […]

Who’s The Richest RHONY? Hint: It’s Not Bethenny Frankel!

Some housewives cities just scream money (Beverly Hills!) Others are less obvious such as the ladies of RHONY. They may not have huge mansions or the square footage of some of the other ladies; however they are definitely some of the wealthiest of the bunch! So who is bringing in the most money? The richest […]

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Carole Radziwill’s Boyfriend Injured in Plane Crash!

Scary news for Carole Radziwill! Carole’s boyfriend Adam Kenworthy, who met on camera on the show, was recently in a frightening plane crash in Iowa with his father David. Both survived the crash but needless to say the crash was a terrifying incident that had both Carole and her boyfriend very shaken up. According to […]

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Ramona Singer Goes Off On LuAnn DeLesseps Fiancé For Uninviting Her To LuAnn’s Surprise Party!

Countess LuAnn DeLessep’s celebrated her birthday this week and her fiancé threw her a lavish surprise party for her first birthday with him! What’s strange is that none of her co-stars posted on social media at the party, nor did she add any pictures with her RHONYC family; leading fans to believe none of them […]

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