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Nicole Napolitano

Nicole Napolitano is the mother of two boys. Her oldest son is 16 years old Anthony and her youngest is 14 years old Joey. Like their mother, both boys are extremely motivated and have a positive outlook on life. Nicole is known for hard work ethic in which she demonstrates the ability to multi-task. At the age of 20, she ran a family restaurant and furthered her education at both St. John’s University and the American University of Rome. When she became a mother, she continued her ambitions and developed a home business that concentrated on personal development. Even after getting divorced, Nicole continued to keep her head up and ventured out into a new career. Now she works for a premiere jet charter brokerage where she is a private aviation specialist. Along with motherhood and her career, Nicole still manages to be just as fashionable as her twin sister, Teresa Napolitano, no matter what the occasion

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