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Dina Manzo Admits Amber Marchese Got Under Her Skin At Teresa’s House!

On Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Dina Manzo seemed very annoyed with Amber Marchese. Dina took to her blog to admit why Amber Marchese was getting under her skin. Dina also reminds us how protective she is over the Giudice’s plus more! See what Dina had to say below “Loving all […]

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Dina Manzo Continues To Defend Her Family Drama; Says Her Brother Doesn’t Speak To Her Either!

After Caroline and Jacqueline left the show and Dina came back, Dina has been constantly questioned about her family drama! From production asking about it on camera, to fans tweeting about it, and Jacqueline and Ashlee putting in their two cents over social media, it has been everywhere.  Though she does not reply too often about the […]

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RHONJ Recap: Trash Talking All Around!

Another day, another new episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey! Sunday’s episode begins with Joe Gorga showing his wife his new investment. Joe apparently has invested millions of dollars on a garbage truck company and Melissa is VERY skeptical about it. Melissa so badly doesn’t want to have to say that her husband […]

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Ratings Continue To Drop!

The season six premiere of The Real Housewives of New Jersey had 2.1 million viewers tune in which was surprisingly lower from season five’s premiere that pulled in 2.85 million viewers. So did the ratings for episode two improve? According to Zap2it, the ratings have continued to go down only getting 1.64 million people to […]

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reveal Which Castmember Will Have The Most Explaining To Do At The Reunion!

The season has only just begun but some of the ladies are going to have some explaining to do! The ladies were recently asked which wives they thought would have the most explaining to do at this year’s reunion and their responses with their expressions are quite hilarious Teresa made sure that although Amber may […]

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Amber Marchese Tells Teresa And Nicole Napolitano To “Chill Out;” Says It’s Just A Reality Show!

Amber Marchese has definitely been an interesting character so far on this season of the RHONJ, but she doesn’t appreciate some of her co-stars taking everything she says so personally. Amber took to her blog to tell Nicole and Teresa Napolitano to “chill out,” and she also explains why her crazy fire drill was so […]

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Dina Manzo Defends Not Filming Christmas With Family On RHONJ!

On last night’s episode of RHONJ, Dina Manzo was getting a lot of heat from viewers who were confused as to why Dina didn’t spend Christmas with her family! Now, Dina is taking to Twitter to share that she DID spend the holiday with her family, but she didn’t allow Bravo to film the “sacred” […]

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RHONJ Recap: Melissa Gorga Can’t Get Used To Her New Home And Teresa Gets Emotional With Joe!

Another new episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey and this one begins with the gang getting ready for Christmas! We get to watch as the wives and their family get ready for the holidays. Dina Manzo and Nicole go out for some drinks and both seem like they can relate to one another […]

Jacqueline Laurita Claims She Chooses Not To Be On RHONJ And Can Go Back Whenever She Wants!

Despite not being on the Real Housewives of New Jersey this season, Jacqueline Laurita certainly has a lot to say about it!  After she and her daughter Ashlee publicly feuded with sister-in-law Dina Manzo this week, Jacqueline told fans that she is welcome back to RHONJ anytime she wants and chooses not to appear on […]

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Sneak Peek: Teresa Giudice In Tears After Having Emotional Talk With Husband Over Legal Issues

The Real Housewives of New Jersey premiered last week and it was emotional to say the least. In this sneak peek footage from Sunday’s episode, Teresa Giudice has a heart to heart with her husband about their legal issues and Teresa admits that the family just can’t function without Joe. See the emotional conversation below […]

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