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Is Kim Zolciak-Biermann Already Pregnant With Baby Number 7?!

Kim Zolciak Biermann has made it no secret that she wants baby number 7 with handsome hubby Kroy Biermann. She said it multiple times already on this season of Don’t Be Tardy, and the couple even went to a doctors appointment to find out how to move forward, given Kroy’s previous vasectomy! Late last week […]

Kim Zolciak Biermann Calls Out “Cyber Bullies” For Attacking 19-Year-Old Daughter Brielle!

For over a year now, Kim Zolciak Biermann and daughter Brielle have been morphing into each other; they literally look like twins! This mother daughter duo looks more like sisters, and Kim has even referred to Brielle as her “best friend” multiple times. Once Brielle turned 18 we saw a major change, and I don’t […]

Trouble in Paradise for Kim and Kroy Biermann? Kim Sets the Record Straight Once and For All!

Ever since it was announced that Kroy may be moved out of Atlanta, rumors have been swirling that Kim wasn’t too pleased and it was affecting their relationship. To be fair, we did see Kim give a list of cities she would NOT move to, and Buffalo was one of them. After it was announced […]

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Kim Zolciak Biermann Reflects On Life 1 Year Post-Stroke!

It’s been a year since Kim Zolciak Biermann suffered a mini-stroke that ended her run on Dancing With The Stars, and resulted in a necessary heart surgery. I can speak from experience when I say every “anniversary” of a life-changing health crisis is emotional, and it’s best to reflect than keep your feelings bottled up. Recently, Kim […]

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Nene Leakes Confirms Kim Zolciak Biermann Is Returning To RHOA For Season 9; But Is She Joining Her Former BFF Back On Bravo?!

Rumors have been swirling for weeks that Kim Zolciak Biermann is returning to RHOA for season 9, and as we told you yesterday Brielle Biermann has been big time hinting at her mother’s return! Kroy was recently let go from the Buffalo Bills after only 2 weeks on the team, and now more than ever […]

Should Kim Zolciak-Biermann Return to RHOA? Plus – Why Did Her Recent Workout Make the News?

Kim’s world was turned upside down when she learned that hubby Kroy would be moving from Atlanta to New York to play for the Buffalo Bills. Despite the crazy turn of events; Kim was supportive and even showed off her winter wardrobe to fans. However, with the recent news that Kroy was cut from the Bills […]

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Kroy Biermann Has Been Released From The Buffalo Bills; Is His Football Career Over?!

Recently we told you that Kroy Biermann was picked up by the Buffalo Bills for the 2016 season. His wife Kim was very supportive of the new career move, and insisted she’d be attending many of the games! I hope she didn’t buy too many pieces for her winter wardrobe, because only after a few […]

Kim Zoliciak & Daughter Brielle Show Off Their Matching Over-Inflated Lips; Have They Both Gone Too Far?

Kim Zolciak has always been open about her love and obsession with plastic surgery, but it looks her teenage daughter Brielle has inherited her mother’s penchant for plastic surgery. The mother-daughter duo was seen twinning it up with matching pouts on the red-carpet at the Jeffrey Fashion Cares event in Atlanta, GA on Monday. While […]

Are Kim Zolciak Biermann & Her Kids Moving To Buffalo To Support Kroy’s Latest Career Move?!

Recently we told you that Kroy Biermann was traded to the Buffalo Bills, and his wife Kim Zolciak Biermann was excited about the news! Kim claimed to love Buffalo, and revealed that her parents are actually from that area. In a new interview with Kim elaborated on her ties to upstate New York and […]

The Biermann Bunch Is Moving; Kroy Biermann Just Signed With A Brand New NFL Team!

Every season on Don’t Be Tardy Kim, Kroy, and The Biermann Bunch anxiously wait to hear if he will be signed again with The Atlanta Falcons, and so far they have been lucky! I can’t lie, I was a bit tired of that storyline, and was actually annoyed when it’s discussed in the Don’t Be […]

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