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PHOTOS: Kandi Flaunts Off Her Bikini Body And Looks Great!

Despite Mama Joyce putting down her daughter Kandi for gaining 30 pounds, Kandi flaunted her body while she’s on her Honeymoon with husband Todd Tucker and she looks great AND toned! Kandi showed off several photos via Instagram and you can definitely see she is feeling good about herself. See all the photos she posted [...]

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RHOA Finale Recap: Kenya Moore Buries Her Dog; And Kandi’s Musical Has Five Sold Out Shows!

And it’s HERE! The RHOA Finale! Let’s get started! Tonight’s episode starts off with Kandi practicing a song for her musical. I love how Todd knew all the words too. Kandi tells Todd she is nervous, and he reveals ticket sales have been slow. Kandi says that after the musical is over they can start [...]

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PHOTO: Kandi’s First Official Wedding Photo Released And Her Dress Is Shocking!

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi has never had the best style and that hasn’t changed for her wedding! Kandi married Todd Tucker last week and her first official wedding photo was released below Kandi was wearing a 12-foot ostrich feather dress with a few cutouts and a princess crown. Kandi reveals to In Touch, [...]

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Porsha Williams Says Bravo Editing Is Trying To Make It Look Like She Doesn’t Care About Kandi’s Musical!

When it comes to the recent editing on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, the producers have definitely been shady boots with Porsha Stewart. Porsha has been seen looking like she doesn’t care about Kandi Burruss’ musical, “A Mother’s Love,” and Porsha is taking to her Twitter to assure fans that it is just all editing. [...]

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Kandi Lands Her Own Spin-Off Documenting Her Wedding!

Who here is surprised? Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi got married just last weekend and not shockingly, Bravo has documented her entire wedding for a spin-off! Bravo has given a series order to the Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kandi’s wedding which will document her nupials to now husband, Todd Tucker! Bravo talks about the [...]

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Mama Joyce Reveals She Is Planning On Writing A Tell-All Book Plus Blasts Todd Tucker For Not Wanting To Sign A Prenup!

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burress’ tied the knot to Todd Tucker this past weekend and Mama Joyce shockingly attended. Despite her coming, Mama Joyce made sure to let Too Fab know that her feelings towards Todd have not changed! When asked if she wanted to speak up when the priest asked if anyone [...]

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LISTEN: Kandi Burruss & Porsha Williams Sing Together From Kandi’s Musical!

In Sunday nights episode of RHOA we got a little peak of Kandi Burruss working on her play ‘A Mother’s Love.’ It was evident Porsha Williams was essentially non existant during rehearsals, and she was nervous about singing, dancing, AND acting all at once. Well Kandi took to her instagram to share a soundclip of [...]

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Kandi Marries Todd Tucker And Mama Joyce Attends!

Despite all the constant drama surrounding Kandi’s wedding, Kandi got married this past weekend to Todd Tucker AND Mama Joyce was in attendance! As you all know, Kandi’s mother has had some very serious issues with Kandi’s now husband Todd claiming he is an opportunist and more. Mama Joyce has stated she would not be [...]

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RHOA Recap: Peter Thomas Reveals He Is Losing Bar One While Mama Joyce Makes Amends With Kandi And Todd!

One more episode till the season finale of the Real Housewives of Atlanta and things didn’t disappoint on Sunday’s episode! We begin with Porsha singing and getting prepped for Kandi’s musical. Porsha actually sounds good and I think she’s going the right direction doing this play after all that she’s gone through. Kandi is annoyed [...]

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Porsha Williams Says She Respects Kandi Burruss; And Bravo Edited Out Kandi At The Club With Her!

On sunday night’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, we saw a lot of diva behavior from Porsha Williams, that included her missing rehearsals and going clubbing instead. Well, that’s at least what Bravo tried to make us think by editing out the truth. Porsha took to her Twitter and revealed that Kandi was actually [...]

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