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Sheree Whitfield Talks Her RHOA Season 9 Feud With Kenya Moore; Plus Reveals Her Status With Ex Bob Whitfield!

Sheree Whitfield is back on the RHOA scene, and she’s ready for her take over! She’s been battling Kenya Moore since episode one over building their new homes, and if I was moving to the ATL I’d hope to stay in Chateau Sheree; Moore Manor just isn’t my style! Sheree has also been going back […]

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Is Mama Joyce Upset With Kenya Moore For Shading Her Hairdo?!

RHOA season 9 has had drama since episode one, and on Sunday night we watched Kenya Moore and Sheree Whitfield face off, again! Kenya slammed Sheree for having the same hairstyle as Mama Joyce, and claimed she was wearing a “tired Mama Joyce wig!” Kandi is friends with both Sheree and Kenya, but her loyalty […]

Get to Know RHOA’s Kris Kelli!

This season of RHOA has gotten off to a rocky start due to a certain female crashing the scene. Kandi Burruss has had a devastating storyline, with her ex suddenly trying to get back into daughter Riley’s life. Even more surprising? He isn’t even doing the dirty work – having his girl Kris Kelli do […]

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Kandi Burruss Tucker Insists She Never Wanted Situation With Riley’s Dad On RHOA!

Kandi Burruss Tucker had a rough Sunday night on RHOA; Riley’s dad’s girlfriend Kris Kelli showed up and brought up the estranged father/daughter duo, on camera. The whole situation took Kandi by surprise, and recently she opened up to Bravo about the situation! When she first saw Kris, Kandi revealed she “was wondering what the […]

Kandi Burruss Reveals She Ended Relationship With Block Due to Another Woman!

This season we know that Kandi’s ex will play a big part in her storyline. He is not only the father of her daughter Riley, but also has been the source of a LOT of drama in Kandi’s life. Kandi’s ex, who is referred to as Block, has been MIA for the vast majority of […]

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Kandi Defends Mama Joyce & Her Team For Trash-Talking Phaedra Parks!

Kandi Burruss Tucker isn’t afraid to speak her mind, and her years of success in the public eye are partially due to self control; she typically keeps it classy. Her mother on the other hand, hits below the belt and says whatever she is thinking in a hurtful way. The Kandi Koated Night’s crew, or more […]

Do New Texts Prove That Porsha Williams Hit on Kandi Burruss??

We all know that Porsha is accusing Kandi of liking the ladies and even accuses Kandi of inviting her for some “fun” with her and Todd. Kandi has denied this; however are new texts proving that Porsha was the one trying to get in on the fun? Reports state that the group was partying it […]

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Phaedra Parks’ Responds To Mama Joyce’s Accusations That She Was Involved In Criminal Activity With Apollo Nida!

Phaedra Parks is unlike anyone else; she’s a Southern Belle with a dirty sense of humor, habit of throwing shade, and an ex-husband in prison! This week’s RHOA picked up at Kenya’s house-warming party, where she asked Phaedra’s plus-one Porsha Williams to leave. While we all expected a war of words, and maybe even a […]

Which RHOA Star Called Kenya Moore & Matt Jordan’s Relationship “Scary?!”

Kenya Moore is the toughest critic on Porsha Williams and her past episodes of violence on RHOA, yet she seems to be very forgiving of her on-again, off-again younger boyfriend Matt Jordan. Kenya has publicly shared that (29-year-old) Matt recently had two violent outbursts, yet on WWHL Sunday night she continued to bash Porsha’s past, […]

Kandi Burruss Slams Lesbian and Sex Dungeon Rumors! Who Is she Blaming For the Accusations?

Kandi Burruss is setting the record straight. After some random rumors, Kandi is speaking out to ET on allegations that she is secretly a lesbian and has a raunchy sex dungeon! So is Kandi into the ladies? Although it would be a juicy storyline, it’s not true. Kandi is happily married to hubby Todd Tucker […]

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