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PHOTOS: The Real Housewives Of Atlanta During Their Explosive Reunion!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs this Sunday on Bravo. Everyone’s been talking about, and some looking forward to, the brawl between Kenya Moore and Porsha Stewart. But what I’m looking forward to seeing is, the styles of the Atlanta women! Bring on the over the top dresses, hair, and make up! Here are some [...]

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Sneak Peek: Kenya Moore And Phaedra Parks Go At It At The RHOA Reunion Plus See Kenya And Porsha Fight!

In this sneak peek footage from the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Andy brings up Kenya Moore’s dog Velvet. Kenya is in tears and she speaks out about Velvet and reveals that everyone except NeNe Leakes reached out to her to offer their condolences. Phaedra Park then chimes in revealing why she decided to reach out [...]

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VIDEO: NeNe Leakes SLAMS Cynthia Bailey; Says Cynthia Doesn’t Really Bring Anything To The Show!

Well, it looks like the friendship contract between Cynthia Bailey and NeNe Leakes has been destroyed! NeNe appeared on a Watch What Happens Live one-on-one interview special last night, and she threw the usual shade at her co-stars, and A LOT of surprising shade at former BFF Cynthia. NeNe told Andy that Cynthia doesn’t really [...]

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RHOA Finale Recap: Kenya Moore Buries Her Dog; And Kandi’s Musical Has Five Sold Out Shows!

And it’s HERE! The RHOA Finale! Let’s get started! Tonight’s episode starts off with Kandi practicing a song for her musical. I love how Todd knew all the words too. Kandi tells Todd she is nervous, and he reveals ticket sales have been slow. Kandi says that after the musical is over they can start [...]

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RHOA Cast Threaten To Quit Show If Porsha Williams Is Fired Over Fight With Kenya Moore!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta love them some Porsha Williams-so much that they are actually threatening to ALL quit the show if Porsha Williams is fired over her fight with Kenya Moore! Sources tell TMZ that the women actually spoke about their plan at Kandi’s wedding telling the producers how much Kenya stirs up pointless [...]

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RHOA Recap: Peter Thomas Reveals He Is Losing Bar One While Mama Joyce Makes Amends With Kandi And Todd!

One more episode till the season finale of the Real Housewives of Atlanta and things didn’t disappoint on Sunday’s episode! We begin with Porsha singing and getting prepped for Kandi’s musical. Porsha actually sounds good and I think she’s going the right direction doing this play after all that she’s gone through. Kandi is annoyed [...]

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Kenya Moore Says Many Rumors About The RHOA Reunion Are Untrue; Plus Calls NeNe Leakes’ Behavior Out!

Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Kenya Moore, has been all over the blogs lately, for allegedly getting “beat up” by castmate, Porsha Williams, at their season 6 reunion, but according to Kenya’s blog, a lot of what we’ve read lately, is untrue. Read below to see more of what Kenya had to say about the [...]

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Peter Thomas Implies That NeNe Leakes Is WEAK!

And so the drama continues between Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes and her supposedly BFF’s Cynthia Bailey’s husband Peter Thomas! In the most recent episode, NeNe Leakes calls out Peter for acting like a “b*tch” by getting involved in the women’s drama! Peter is obviously not very pleased with her and took to [...]

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RHOA Recap: NeNe Leakes Isn’t Sorry For Calling Peter A Bitch; Plus Porsha Stewart Gives Out Demands For Kandi’s Musical!

We start tonight’s episode right where we left off — NeNe calling Peter a bitch. Everyone is shocked that NeNe has said that, but no one says anything, INCLUDING Peter’s wife, Cynthia. Shame on Cynthia. She should have spoke off, and checked NeNe for saying that. Cynthia needs to giving general speeches when trying to [...]

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The Bailey Agency Accused Of Cheating People Out Of Money For A Kid’s Model Search; Cynthia Bailey Responds!

Cynthia Bailey is known for her beauty, her modeling, and her opinionated husband. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star, started “The Bailey Agency School of Fashion,” in hopes of helping aspiring models achieve their dreams, and now, with a ‘glitch’ in her website/updating system, she is being accused of fraud. Wetpaint reports, “The woman, named Dorothy Lewis, [...]

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