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Natalie Guercio Calls Karen Gravano A Dead Beat Mother And Says Renee Graziano Is Psycho!

Mob Wives is currently filming season five of the hit show and it looks like things are going crazy and luckily for us it’s getting put out on..twitter. Yes, twitter. And the twitter war started with newest Mob Wife Natalie Guercio who reveals that Renee Graziano and Karen Gravano won’t film with her because they […]

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AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Mob Wives Have OFFICIALLY Started Filming Season 5!

I hope you Mob Wives fans are ready because it looks like our favorite ladies are coming to our TV’s very soon! Our Mob Wives sources EXCLUSIVELY tell AllAboutTRH that filming for season 5 officially began yesterday and there are no new cast members! Our source reveals The ladies first day of filming began Thursday. […]

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AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Renee Graziano And Her Sisters Are Using Big Ang’s Popularity To Help Book Sales!

Jenn Graziano has to be the most greediest manager ever! Not only has she already been fired by the other Mob Wives stars from the show because of her greediness, now, she is using fan favorite (and client) Big Ang to help her and her sisters sell their book! Our Mob Wives sources EXCLUSIVELY tell […]

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Mob Wives Star Karen Gravano Is Suing Grand Theft Auto V Creators For $40 Million!

Mob Wives star, Karen Gravano, has filed a 40 million-dollar lawsuit against the creators of hit video game, “Grand Theft Auto V.” Karen claims the video game created the character “Antonia Bottino,” based on her, and Radar Online has obtained court documents, where Karen states that aspects of her life were used in the game […]

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Mob Wives Reunion Recap: The Ladies Confront Renee Graziano!

It’s reunion time! We start tonight’s episode off with Sherri Shepherd (the host) asking Alicia what was the result of her sentencing that was left unclear on last week’s season finale. Alicia explains her sentencing was postponed, and they’re moving on to Natalie. The ladies all revisit Natalie’s introduction to the group, and Renee calling […]

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Mob Wives Star Natalie Guercio Calls Karen Gravano A Pig!

Ever since being fired from the show Mob Wives, Karen Gravano has been trying to use the new ladies on the show to keep herself relevant, and this time she went after new cast member Natalie Guercio! Karen tweeted Natalie calling her a rat, and even attacking her family, but of course, Natalie responded to […]

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AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Alicia DiMichele Did NOT Cheat On Her Husband; Plus Karen Gravano Bitter About Being Fired!

Mob Wives New Blood, is back for season 4 and the newbies are bringing the fire. There is one newbie in particular though, who has created a big buzz, and that is Alicia DiMichele. There have been many rumors circulating on social media about Alicia from her relationship with EX-Mob Wives cast member, Karen Gravano, […]

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Mob Wives Debuts To High Ratings!

Love them or hate them, the Mob Wives are doing well! Many questioned how this season would do with Karen Gravano, Carla Facciolo, and Ramona Rizzo out the show but it looks like they are doing better than great! According to The Hollywood Reporter, “The series has been a shot in the arm to the […]

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Mob Wives’ Karen Gravano Says Alicia DiMichele Is Fake And Is Playing Victim!

Ex Mob Wives star, Karen Gravano, is NOT happy about new cast member, Alicia DiMichele, using Karen’s family to play the victim. Karen has taken to her twitter to let fans know, that what Alicia is saying is a lie. She also revealed, that Alicia won’t even be in the same room as her, because […]

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Sneak Peek: Drita Davanzo And Big Ang Meet The New Mob Wife Plus The Super Trailer!

It’s heeeeerrreeeee! Mob Wives is back and VH1 has finally released the super trailer. It’s an all new season and Carla Facciolo, Ramona Rizzo plus Karen Gravano won’t be returning but it doesn’t look less interesting! Check out the super trailer featuring new Mob Wives stars Alicia Dimichele and Natalie Guercio below That’s not all. […]

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