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AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Renee Graziano Still Relapsing; And Caught LYING About How Well Her Products Are Doing!

Although we saw on the season 4 Mob Wives reunion, the entire cast makeup and agree to move on, it seems Renee Graziano just can’t do what she says. A week after the reunion Renee was already doing interviews trashing all the ladies, and saying how they are all jealous of her. Renee sat with [...]

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Mob Wives Reunion Recap: The Ladies Confront Renee Graziano!

It’s reunion time! We start tonight’s episode off with Sherri Shepherd (the host) asking Alicia what was the result of her sentencing that was left unclear on last week’s season finale. Alicia explains her sentencing was postponed, and they’re moving on to Natalie. The ladies all revisit Natalie’s introduction to the group, and Renee calling [...]

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Mob Wives Recap: Alicia DiMichele Faces The Judge For Her Sentencing!

Tonight we start this episode off at Big Ang’s house. Drita and Renee come over for dinner, and Renee shares with the ladies her plans to write a ‘sex book.’ Renee is writing about the mob lifestyle. Some of it is loosely based on her, and some of it is made up. Natalie and Alicia [...]

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Mob Wives Recap: Natalie Guercio Calls Renee Graziano Out On Twitter For Sleeping With Married Men!

We pick up right where we left off last week — dinner at Drita’s house. Renee finally arrives, and she seems nervous, but she’s in a happy mood. Renee sits down and all the ladies are quiet. This dinner is literally awkward. Alicia then starts talking to Renee and she wants to resolve their issues. [...]

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Mob Wives Recap: Alicia DiMichele’s Husband Gets Sentenced; And Renee Graziano Avoids The Ladies!

We start tonight’s episode off with Alicia calling Natalie to talk to her about her husband Eddie’s sentencing. Alicia is extremely nervous, and I can’t imagine what she’s going through. Natalie is trying to encourage her to stay positive, and keep calm. Natalie is meeting with Renee to discuss their issues. Last time I checked, [...]

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Drita Davanzo Says She Hasn’t Defended Renee Graziano Because Renee Is WRONG!

Mob Wives star, Drita Davanzo, is taking to her blog this week to clear up any confusion as to why she hasn’t sided with co-star Renee Graziano on all the drama that’s gone down, plus says she wants everyone to get along, so they can all have fun! Check it OUT Last night’s episode was [...]

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AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Is Renee Graziano Scared To Break Up Her Friendship With Carla Murino?

Mob Wives star, Renee Graziano has been having a bad season so far, and is not happy about how she is being portrayed. Well, now it is being said that long time friend, Carla Murino, is about to make things worse. Sources close to Renee EXCLUSIVELY tell AllAboutTRH, that Carla is nothing but trouble, and [...]

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Mob Wives Recap: Naked Natalie; And Big Ang And Drita Davanzo Confront Renee Graziano!

Tonight’s episode starts off with Renee going over Big Ang’s house to catch her up on what went down at her meet up with Alicia. Renee is saying how bad it was between them two, but she’s not really being up front on how they were both EQUALLY nasty to each other. Renee says Alicia [...]

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Mob Wives Star Renee Graziano Now Leaking Stories About Her Co-Stars Doing DRUGS!

Mob Wives star, Renee Graziano, isn’t happy that she’s been coming off as the bad guy on the show, and has even stated that now that Ramona and Karen are gone, she’s the new villain. Well, of course instead of Renee just owning up to her actions and moving on, she’s decided to take a [...]

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Drita Davanzo Sounds Off On The Alicia DiMichele And Renee Graziano Feud!

Mob Wives star, Drita Davanzo, is someone who will always keep it real when it comes to the other ladies, so it is no surprise that she took to her blog this week to explain how she feels about the feud between co-stars Alicia DiMichele and Renee Graziano. Check it OUT I was so excited [...]

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