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Drita Davanzo Feels Bad For Going Against Natalie Guercio!

The second part of the Mob Wives reunion aired this past Wednesday night concluding season 5. The women took to twitter during the reunion to share their thoughts, while Natlie Guercio’s future with the show is in question. Inquisitr reports a recap of the reunion show’s highlight saying, “When Natalie D. came on and tried […]

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Carla Facciolo Admits That She Never Wanted To Leave Mob Wives!

Carla Facciolo starred in Mob Wives for the show’s first three seasons. The show is currently in it’s fifth season and Carla has made a brief appearance on two episodes for the first time since her departure. Although Drita Davanzo was not happy to see her friend turned enemy, the fans were excited to see […]

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First Look: Mob Wives Season Five Official Trailer Released!

Mob Wives is making a violent return come December 3rd, with fights breaking out left and right in the first look trailer! According to a press release from, there will be a lot of drama happening on the new season: An all-new season of VH1?s hit series “Mob Wives” premieres Wednesday, December 3 at […]

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Mob Wives Star Carla Facciolo Thinks Teresa Giudice Sentencing Is BS!

Mob Wives star Carla Facciolo cannot believe the results to Teresa Giudice’s sentencing. Yesterday, Teresa Giudice was sentenced to 15 months of prison and Carla took to twitter to call BS on it! In fact, Carla thinks Teresa should have gotten home arrest so she could stay with her four girls! Carla thinks Teresa’s husband […]

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Carla Facciolo Responds To Season Five Of Mob Wives Starting Off To A Boring Start; Says That Show Is Over!

Yesterday we reported that Mob Wives season five has started filming and off to a boring start with Renee Graziano still not filming with the ladies. Former Mob Wives star Carla Facciolo read our story and pretty much laughed at the fact that Mob Wives is still going on. See her response to filming of […]

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Is Mob Wives Star Carla Facciolo Returning To TV?!

Ever since Carla Facciolo left the hit show Mob Wives after its third season, it has left many fans missing her from their TV screens. Recently, a fan asked Carla about her making a return to TV, and judging by her answer, it’s definitely a possibility! Check out what Carla had to say below Would […]

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Mob Wives Star Renee Graziano Now Leaking Stories About Her Co-Stars Doing DRUGS!

Mob Wives star, Renee Graziano, isn’t happy that she’s been coming off as the bad guy on the show, and has even stated that now that Ramona and Karen are gone, she’s the new villain. Well, of course instead of Renee just owning up to her actions and moving on, she’s decided to take a […]

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Renee Graziano Doesn’t Care What Her Co-stars Think Of Her; Says She Is Not Jealous Of Them!

Earlier this week, sources revealed EXCLUSIVELY to AllAboutTRH how Renee’s co-stars really feel about her as well as how she got dumped! Renee is now responding to all the commotion going on involving her saying that she doesn’t care what any of her co-stars think about her! See what Renee had to say below Do […]

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AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Alicia DiMichele Did NOT Cheat On Her Husband; Plus Karen Gravano Bitter About Being Fired!

Mob Wives New Blood, is back for season 4 and the newbies are bringing the fire. There is one newbie in particular though, who has created a big buzz, and that is Alicia DiMichele. There have been many rumors circulating on social media about Alicia from her relationship with EX-Mob Wives cast member, Karen Gravano, […]

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Mob Wives Debuts To High Ratings!

Love them or hate them, the Mob Wives are doing well! Many questioned how this season would do with Karen Gravano, Carla Facciolo, and Ramona Rizzo out the show but it looks like they are doing better than great! According to The Hollywood Reporter, “The series has been a shot in the arm to the […]

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