Camille And Taylor Talk About Their Friendship And How They Made Up (Video)

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RumorFix caught up with RHOBH stars Taylor Armstrong and Camille Grammer.They asked them how their friendship is now and how they made up. Taylor acts awkward as usual.

It seems like because Taylor doesn’t have family she relays on the housewives to be her close family. That’s why of all the housewives, she has remained closest with each and every one of them mainly because she needs them. Sometimes I feel uncomfortable watching Taylor talk. Her actions and movements can be quite odd.


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  1. DidiPie says:

    Oh my GOD!!! Camille could not get a word in edgewise. And Taylor is still so off balance as usual.On her way to being drunk again and you can tell by her crazy face expressions. All together huh,nobody went to Lisa/s book signing.I wish Bravo would toss Taylor out but as we all know Bravo likes to have a dog on the show that everybody goes after and I think it will be Taylor next season.

    • Marybelle says:

      I think Kyle and Camille went to Lisa’s booksigning. I think it just wasn’t as publicized. I do believe Kyle and Lisa are really friends despite all else, and she and Camille seem to actually have a relationship outside of work.

      Lisa was also at Kyle’s book signing she just wasn’t featured on this creepy video. Taylor is the most disturbing person ever! Poor Camille, indeed. Camille looks really weirded out as well.

  2. Marybelle says:

    I feel like Taylor is always trying to get in the thing about being family in an attempt to convince bravo that they can’t fire her, despite what fans want.

    I also notice no one else seems to take their relationship with her as seriously as she takes her relationship with the ladies. She’s so grasping and desperate. Where are her “real” friends?

    • gupto says:

      yeah and she wasn’t there to support kyle. she was there for the camera. she needs to take her ass back to okie, cause beverly hills will chew her up and spit her out.

      camille looked a bit annoyed but was being nice about it

  3. Stacey says:

    Gag, creepy Taylor.

    • alice says:

      Taylor has done something to her face-well besides the obvious – she looks different now than she does on season 2. I can’t quite put my finger on it-puffier?

      • Dawn says:

        Yea, i was thinking her teeth are different. They look like false teeth at least the bottoms look false. I dont know if thats it or not. Something has been done for sure!

        • Dawn says:

          actually, look at her bottom teeth in this video.. then look at her teeth in the new post.. its an older icture with Russtle.. she has had something done to her teeth.

  4. PandaBear says:

    With the exception of Adrienne she just met these women 2 (?) years ago. She has no other friends? None? These women who seem to only tolerate her so they won’t look bad are her family now? All of these Taylor interviews and “insider” leaks seem squarely aimed at Bravo to intimidate them into bringing her back since she is routinely bashed by viewers. If she isn’t on Season 3, it will be Bravo’s fault that her life fell apart.

  5. DLL says:

    I call Bullsh*t ! Taylor has a mom and a dad. She has been seen out and about with her mom. She doesn’t talk about her family from Oklahoma because they don’t fit her grifting “I’m a member of the famous Ford family” lie.

    Also, where are her other friends? She is in her forties. You’d think she would have some good childhood friends or old time friends. The fact that the woman has no friends tells a lot about her. It has been reported that even Dana is keeping her distance from her. Doubtful if they were even good friends to begin with. Somebody twittered Dana and asked her why she is friends with Shana. Dana twittered back: “Shana who?”.

  6. Maddie says:

    I can’t stand Taylor, she’s a basket case. And this picture is extremely unattractive of both of them hahaha.

  7. Dawn says:

    does taylor have false teeth? i thnk she does

  8. Linda says:

    Why does Taylor always look so creepy in pictures? Camille looks irritated but trying to keep it classy. LOL.

    And does anyone else notice how Camille says Taylor’s name kinda weird? It always sounds like she’s saying “tail-her” instead of “tay-lor”

  9. Isabella Patricia says:

    Camille really looks annoyed by her, and Taylor’s loud voice with that “family” bullshit is unnecessary. Family, my ass! I hope Camille stays away from her. Taylor is shameful. Whenever I watch her, I never have a good vibe from her. She just seems so messed up in the head, and when she speaks, she always tries to overpower everyone with her loud ass voice. She better not return! I have had enough of Trashy Shana.

    • Dawn says:

      she over talks people. Its a bullying thing, which is one of the reasons i dont believe her abuse claims. She is too loud and aggressive to be the victim .. i just doesnt add up.

      Ive also always believed she made Russle send those emails to the girls threatening to sue them…She was getting bad press and is obsessed with being a “star” someone was leaking stories and it enraged her.. not Russtle.

    • julie says:

      remember the opening “I’ve found my voice” I wish she would LOSE it and stop trying to be these ladies friend. She needs to go to a new town to scam people… I am sooooooo sick of her, jail would be great too.

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