Brandi Glanville Approves Leann & Eddie’s Scripted TV Show, Wants Denise Richards To Play Her!

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Eddie Cibrian and Leann Rimes have reportedly been pitching a scripted series based on their real lives. By real lives, they mean around Brandi Glanville, star of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. So, how does Brandi feel about this?

Brandi does not care! In fact, she even has an actress in mind who she would like to be played by. She tells InTouch that they have their blessing, saying, “I have gotten to be on RHOBH because of my entire situation, and now so many doors have opened for me. I am really happy where I am and wish everyone the best with everything.”

Brandi even has some casting advice for her ex and his new wife. She adds, “I’d want Denise Richards to play me. She’s been through similar situations. She’s hot!”

Do you think Eddie and Leann will go through with this TV show? Who else would be a good actress to play Brandi in a TV show?

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  1. Queen Vee says:

    Denise Richards is way too classy to play Brandi.

    • BM Barbie says:

      Denise Richards, classy??? AHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHA

      I take it you never saw her little gem of a reality show? You know, the one where she dropped the f-bomb every 5 seconds, engaged in sexual innuendo jokes with her own father and bantered about sex with anyone with a pulse???

      She’d be a perfect Brandi!

      • Queen Vee says:

        I completely disagree.

        • BM Barbie says:

          Either you have a warped definition of “class” in this sense of the term, or you don’t know anything about Denise Richards.

          Either way, you’re right, we completely disagree. :)

          • Jennifer says:

            Actually Brandi drops F bomb every nanosecond so anyone can have more class than Brandi.

          • BM Barbie says:

            LOL, let’s have a contest of who can think of something shorter than a nanosecond so I can beat you in this most UNBELIEVABLY RIDICULOUS ARGUMENT

            It’s actually impossible to say any word in a nanosecond Jennifer, if you want to get technical, LOL.

          • michers says:

            That is true BM about the nanosecond!

          • Jennifer says:

            Actually it depends on ur notion of verbalization. Do not worry Brandi wins on F bombs even Brandi admits to it. Ok ever 40 milliseconds and yes one can say fuck in that interval. It is the length of time for an executed trade on the NASDAQ by electronic transfer.

          • BM Barbie says:

            LOL, is this real life?

          • rhfan says:


            I have often asked that same question, LOL

          • Say What?? says:

            I ask it after every post she makes….. Cray cray

      • Rebecca says:

        She was also on the show Blue Mountain State, definitely not “classy” in that show either.

        Side note: Brandi looks gorgeous in that picture.

      • Rebecca says:

        She was also on the show Blue Mountain State, definitely not “classy” in that show either.

        Side note: Brandi looks gorgeous in that picture.

      • BleedingEyes says:

        Wasn’t she the woman married to charlie sheene?? that should tell you something right there there is something wrong lol

        • Ellen says:

          I really have not followed her or watched her reality shows. I actually didn’t know she even had one. But I did read that when Brooke was in and out of rehab, she was stepping in to watch Brooke’s children. I thought that was pretty awesome of her.

          • BM Barbie says:

            OH, I like Denise, don’t get me wrong. But “classy” she is not. :)

          • sandy says:

            I love Denise Richards! I used to watch her reality show when it was on and it was good. I love her life in the country with her kids and her dad and all her dogs! Her girls are sweet and precious. She does have a potty mouth and she is down to earth and has a good heart. She is even on decent terms with Charlie these days. Plus she is drop dead gorgeous.

            My favorite part of her old show was when her mom was diagnosed with cancer. The love that family had was beautiful to see. When she passed away, there was a scene with Denise and one of her little girls about four years old. The girl was grieving over gramma being gone and I was just bawling like a baby. It was moving and tender and mother and daughter cried together. She had her dad come and live with her shortly after as he was so lonely. Her house is a riot! Always commotion going on and busy with kids dogs and funny adults.

            Denise Richards is a living doll and a great woman imo.

        • Aussiegirl says:

          And let’s not forget how she hooked up with her best friend’s bloke. Claaaaaaassssss….

          • BM Barbie says:

            I actually completely forgot about this, BTW, until I just read it on Jennifer’s comment below. But yeahno, totally classy. I mean, she’s practically Princess Di. ;)

          • sandy says:

            I love Denise. What bloke? How come I forgot this part?

          • Aussiegirl says:

            Richie Sambora. He was married to Heather Locklear who was her best friend.

            It was gross. And I liked her too, but that was shitful.

          • sandy says:

            Dam Aussiegirl… I had forgotten all about that. Shit. That was definetly a big black mark for me too on admiring her. That is the one big deal breaker for me. Hmmmm. Well my admiration for her just went down the tubes. I wonder why I never heard of this. It must not have lasted long. Is she friends again with Heather”?

          • Aussiegirl says:

            They were together for a while, broke up and got back together, then broke up again. And no way! Denise and Heather don’t like each other anymore. I think Denise was really sorry and tried to make up with her (she and Richie got together a little bit after he and Heather separated I think) but Heather was having none of it.

            Anyway. She has got pretty awful judgement when it comes to relationships, I think that much is obvious. But she is very fucking funny! ;)

        • Summer68 says:


          yes was married to Charlie sheen and two daughters by him.

          She’s filthy she was on the Howard stern show and spoke in detail bout her raunchy sex life she’s vile
          i wouldn’t repeat what she said coz Im too embarrassed to use the language she used put it this way she’s up for anything if u no what i mean nothing is out of bounds

          • Summer68 says:

            But she is smoking hot and a good mom.

            I was just really put off when she hooked up with richie s then when i heard her speak on the Howard stern show i didn’t think much me her.

            Me course on her reality show she’s not going to show that side of herself my god she has kids.

            But i have to give her alot me credit in taking care or help take care me Brookes boys that was so nice

          • Babs says:

            Was that Brandi’s interview or Denise’s??? LOL, they were both horrible on his show!

          • Ellen says:

            You basically summed up the whole premise of the Howard Stern Show.

      • Say What?? says:

        Aww bm Barbie! I love Denise Richards he is classy and a fantastic mother. Even with her bad mouth

        • BM Barbie says:

          I love her too! But she’s not classy, and neither is Brandi, but that’s ok! I think they are both good people with good hearts who are loving mothers. And they are both gorgeous. :)

        • Jennifer says:

          LOL! You like Denise after what she did to Heather Locklear her BFF for years with Richie Sambora. You know Denise and Heather were actually friends for over a decade not acquaintances likes Leann and Brandi and Denise cheated with Richie. Denise broke up a family with children, but of course Denise gets a pass. This is hypocrisy at its finest!

          • BM Barbie says:

            OMG haha, don’t take it so seriously. I wouldn’t vote for her to be the new pope, I just think she’s hot and kind of funny, and she seems to be a good mom to her own kids.

            I don’t actually know any of these people so when I say I like or “love” them, I’m referring to the fact that I like or “love” to watch them on TV.

          • Jennifer says:


            It is the hypocrisy and you know it. Denise did the exact same thing as Leann and I despise Leann for it, but yet you praise Denise. You do realize you have no ground to stand on to praise one and vilify the other for the exact same issue and Denise and Richie did hurt Heather for years afterwards.

            I cannot believe the double standard. What? You guys are Brandi lovers so yes I can because anything Brandi says must be right. Sheep!!!

          • BM Barbie says:

            OMG stop! Hahahaha

            1. I don’t really give two flying pig fucks about Denise Richards, LeeAnn Rimes, or Brandi Glanville, so you can get that fucking straight right now.

            2. I “like” Denise the same way I “like” Brandi, which is that: I think they are entertaining. Do I want to marry them, or give them a kidney or have them walk me down the aisle at my wedding?? Not hardly.

            So if you’re going to play this game Jenn, take it elsewhere. You know I don’t play like that. :)

          • BM Barbie says:

            Oh, and I don’t find LeAnn entertaining in any way, shape or form, and I think she is utterly cray cray.

            So I guess there is an ever-so-slight difference in my feelings towards them. ;)

          • Crystal says:

            I thought Denise and Richie didn’t start dating until after he and Heather split……still was a sh!tty thing to do but I don’t think she broke up a family.

          • Tori says:


            Don’t re-write history. Denise did not break up a family nor did she date Richie was he was married to Heather. They started dating after he divorced. Not cool to date your friend’s ex husband but she definitely do not break up their marriage. It’s not even remotely comparable to Brandi and Leann.

            Besides, even if that was the case, it’s not incredibly uncommon for people to steal someone’s spouse but still have many fans. The difference with Leann is that a) most people have enough control to shut up not create/engage in more drama and just wait for it to pass, and b) others generally don’t steal a man while he’s impregnating his wife (or vice versa). Leann shamelessly did (and still does) both of these and that’s why she’s so hated and hard to like. Fans usually accept that people make mistakes and can get over it once it all blows over. But Leann won’t let anything die.

          • Ellen says:

            The crappy thing she did was date a bff’s ex-husband. Nowhere have I ever heard that she had an affair with him.

          • Say What?? says:

            Jennifer, delusional much? Denise was never friends with heather. Heather put that story out herself.. It was never the case. You may remember heather is an addict and so is richie…

        • CryWolf says:

          Yes, but how many chanel bags does Denise have and how did she get them? This will help me weigh how classy she is.

        • Summer68 says:

          yeah you’re right i pretty did sum up his show

      • michers says:

        BM- I watched it… OMG.

        • BM Barbie says:

          Wait, what did you watch? haha, sorry, I can’t find the comment that you’re replying to above, do you mean “Wild Things?”

          • michers says:

            Well I did see Wild Things yes, but I did also watch that mess of a realty show. Do you know she was still, years later , trying to hook her dad up with dates, LOL? He was on Million Dollar Matchmaker with Patti not too long ago!

          • BM Barbie says:

            OMG duh. Sorry haha. Yeah, her show was interesting, entertaining, but not classy. Her relationship with her dad weirded me out slightly, but different strokes for different folks! :)

        • Summer68 says:


          i don’t understand what heather and richie being addicts has anything to do with this, it doesn’t make it ok.

          Am i just reading your comment wrong ie am i misinterpreting what you’re trying to say.

      • rukidding? says:

        don’t forget Denise Richards is divorced and has kids from the ultimate cheating sleezeball Charlie Sheen. so I would say denise and brandi have a lot in common.

        • sandy says:

          rukidding? And wasn’t Denise pregnant at the time also like Brandi when she threw Charlie out?? I thought I recalled that happening when they split up.

      • Gina says:

        I highly doubt any “real” actress would want to play Brandi in anything. She is on a Housewives show, not an actress.

    • Lexy says:

      LOL, Denise Richards?

      She must be smoking something, what about Brooke Mueller, that would be a much better fit.

      • Ellen says:

        Right. The woman in and out of rehab, not taking care of her children and out on the streets publicly doing drugs is JUST LIKE BRANDI.

        • Just Be Nice says:

          Really Brandi was on the streets doing drugs in public? When was this? If you don’t like someone that is fine, but don’t make things up.

        • Jennifer says:

          I would say that is a fit. Brandi does like her alcohol and to drink and tweet. So it would be fitting.

          • GeesLouise says:

            Lots of people like alcohol. What exactly are you getting at? I don’t see how that would be fitting.

          • Aussiegirl says:

            Some people tweet too. I know: I was shocked to find this out. This brave new world in which we live…

          • michers says:

            Guess most of the peeps some of us may know are alcoholics addicted to tweeting?

          • Aussiegirl says:

            ^LOL. Michers, I fucking love you.

          • sandy says:

            Aussiegirl! LOL! Yoiur comment is too funny!! Brave new world indeed! It’s funny how even with cute little stories such as this Lexy and Jennifer have to say ugly things about Brandi and use Brookes as an example. Even though she is nothing like her they are going to stretch it and spin it so she is as low as a druggie in and out of rehab. Their pie holes need a rest or maybe it’s me that needs a rest. When I keep getting irritated I know it just eggs them on. I may and I say may because I am a RH addict and may have terrible withdrawls but I may have to take a break as I just literally can’t stand Jennifers ugly ugly lying mouth on here on every one of my favorite blogs. Can’t she go to Jersey or OC? I don’t give a rats ass about those shows. That arrogant narcisstic personality creeps me out worse than the other ones crazy rants. At least with Lexy I agree with her on just about everything else except Brandi. Even if I agree with anything Jennifer says she says it with such an attitude I am totally repulsed once again by her whole persona and tone that we are all morons! Ugh. I am really tired today. No sleep again, still stressing over moving and overwhelmed with so much to do. Of course hubby already left so the turd left me with literally everything to do. So. I am off to finish cleaning out my shed to make room to store all the excess not bringing with me overseas.

          • Aussiegirl says:

            Ah sandy. Poor love. Don’t let keyboard warriors get to you. Make yourself a cup of tea, have a biscuit (which is a cookie, not a bread roll) whack your slippers on and have a look at the telly and see what’s on.

            Cleaning can wait until you’ve had a rest and some time to yourself xxx

    • Jennifer says:

      That is the truth. Plus isn’t Denise Richards a natural blonde and blued eyed. Denise looks at least 8 younger than Brandi. I believe Brandi wishes she looked like Denise.

      But, Denise was not in the same situation off the bat. Denise cheated with Richie Sambora who was married to her then best friend Heather Locklear. This blantant mistake where Richie is in one of the most noted groups in the world Bon Jovi is laughable. Denise would actually be a dirtier version of Leann Rimes. Heather had a child with Richie at the time. LOL!

      • lipojaq says:

        if you can only look half as good as brandi then i will take your point

      • Summer68 says:

        In not a die hard Brandi fan if i ever think she’s in the wrong I’ll say it as i do with all the HW again i don’t hv a fav HW one week I’ll like someone the next week i don’t like them however Brandi is def very attractive you can’t deny that

    • Wyatt says:

      Whether you swear or not does not determine class.
      I wouldn’t classify Denise as classy by a long shot

      • michers says:

        Wyatt, I agree. I have seen many women that I consider to be of class, drop an Eff bomb a time or two- still human!

        • lipojaq says:

          i will wait for lizard faye’s definition of classy. last time i heard she put her palm under her chin when asked what classy means.

      • Say What?? says:

        What am I missing about Denise ? I like her and she earned my respect for how she handled the Charlie situation. She’s the mother of his children and was very careful not to speak bad of him during his crazy breakdown even tho she had to step in when he tied to leave her children to be babysat by a porn star. She handled things like a real woman and an adult.

        I admit to not knowing her previous movies and such.. But I do remember the richie sambora stuff where heather Lockheer who’s an addict herself put out fake stories saying she and Denise were best friends. Lol that was all a media game though.

        • socalsoccer says:

          I agree with you about how she handled Charlie Sheen. She took the high road when it came to his complete melt down. She has kids with him, and did not want to bad mouth him. I respect her for that.

    • Crystal says:

      Nope, Denise is definitely not too classy for Brandi LMAO!!!

    • Debbie says:

      I agree Queen! I don’t think Brandi realizes what her reputation is around Hollywood:)

    • Dani says:

      I wish they would bring Denise on the Real Housewives!!! THAT, would be great!

    • Chelsea says:


  2. Ed says:

    Denise Richards??? I agree she was in a similar situation…as the OTHER WOMAN. when she slept with her then best friends husband, Richie Sambora

    • Crystal says:

      Reports of Denise dating Richie didn’t come out until after he and Heather split….

    • Say What?? says:

      Tsk tsk that was not true. Denise and heather were never friends and Denise certainly did not have an affair with him. She dated him after his split.

      • Summer68 says:

        They weren’t BFF but they had a friendship i saw an interview with Denise and that’s what she said this is not my opinion it came directly from denise

  3. BM Barbie says:

    Alright Lexy…find something negative to say about Brandi from this piece, I can’t think of one thing. LOL

    • Lexy says:

      Oh I can think of plenty.

      Let me see, for starters, it would have to be an actress who loves the drama and the treesomes , which I am thinking would be included in this train wreck of TV show.

      Another requirement would be that she is also into girls as the treesomes were really twosomes between Brandi and the girl because Eddie was not allowed to touch anything under the waist.

      She also would have to have a truck driver sailor potty mouth, which is a plus for Brandi because many actresses already go that route.

      Another requirement to play Brandi is that she can lie with a straight face, which I guess would also be easy for an actres being that they are playing a role.

      She would have to be quick with the tears and also playing the victim role.

      The more I think about it, the more I think that Brooke Mueller would play her part to perfection.


      • Beffie says:

        I think Lexy likes threesomes…every two comments…there she is.

      • Whodat2112 says:

        Well, since the person would be “acting” (meaning pretending to be someone else) it wouldn’t be difficult! She wouldn’t have to like those things. She would have to ACT like she did! :-)

        • Summer68 says:

          Oh oh I’ll do it I’ve always wanted to be an actress like every other person in the world lol i had the chance when i was younger then my parents put a stop to it they wouldn’t sign the release form for me to play a part.

      • BM Barbie says:

        AHAHAHAHAA You are too funny.

        Denise Richards loves sex, threesomes, kinky sex, sex with CHARLIE SHEEN, ALL THE SEXES!

        Also, you should watch “Wild Things” wherein Denise Richards has an on-screen threesome with Matt Dillon and Neve Campbell. And on-camera threesome sex scene- something that Brandi hasn’t done yet.

        I struggle to find what is wrong with someone having threesomes in their private sex life…

        Denise’s truck driver potty mouth competes with Brandi’s at the highest level. If you don’t know that about Denise, you don’t know shit about what we’re discussing here. :)

        To conclude I’ll remind you what “acting” means. It means to play a character who you are not in real life. Like, Meryl Streep isn’t really a fashion magazine editor like she was in “The Devil Wears Prada” and Morgan Freeman isn’t actually God!! LOL!

        Boy, you really do some numbers in that head of yours! :)

        • CaTface says:

          Ooo I forgot about the movie Wild Things, that was hot! I don’t really understand why the threesome thing is such a big deal either, as long as no one is crossing any boundaries, or hurting anyone in anyway who cares. Sometimes you just gotta get creative ;) I personally couldn’t do threesomes with a significant other (maybe if I wasn’t in a relationship with either), I’d be waaaay too jealous, but if they both were into it thats cool with me. I don’t care about Brandi being “a slut”, as long as she isn’t breaking up marriages or anything like that.

          • BM Barbie says:

            Yeah, I haven’t dipped into that pond either, LOL. But I don’t judge people for what they do in their personal lives or their sex lives. What a shitty way to live that would be.

            Denise Richards is super hot, and that movie was super hot!

        • Jennifer says:

          You do know the Wild Things was a movie? Then you should go after Lisa in her on air sex scene as well. Hmmm. Pot where is Kettle.

          • Jennifer says:

            Continued…not that I think for a movie part anyone should go after an actress.

          • BM Barbie says:

            Calm down Jenn, LOL. Reread darling.

            “Also, you should watch “Wild Things” wherein Denise Richards has an on-screen threesome with Matt Dillon and Neve Campbell. And on-camera threesome sex scene- something that Brandi hasn’t done yet.”

            I was simply pointing out that Brandi hasn’t gotten naked and performed any on-screen threesomes, but Denise has. On-screen threesomes for the public to watch, even if only in a movie (it was pretty realistic, and as Catface pointed out, hot btw) is slightly more scandalous than having your own private threesomes which are typically not viewed by the public or used as a tool for pre-pubescant boys to wack off. I was just pointing out that Denise Richards did that, and Brandi has not (yet).

            I have no qualms about either of them, not Denise for doing it on camera, and not Brandi for doing it off camera. And I don’t have any qualms about Lisa doing either either. :)

            Side note: You used the pot meeting kettle cliche far too often. You’re better than that Jenn. ;)

          • BM Barbie says:

            *use :)

          • CaTface says:

            LOL. It is very entertaining around here today. Just had a random thought, I wonder if Leanne has done the threesome thing with Eddie. Probably not she seems way too jealous, like she woulds end up strangling the other participant. On the other hand she does copy everything Brandi, hhmmmm… Either way GROSS with those two.

          • Jennifer says:


            I am calm. I am just calling you on and seeing your reaction. I am having fun. I just love hypocrisy at work. It gives me a chuckle.

          • BM Barbie says:

            Your definition of “hypocrisy” and “nanosecond” force me to question your intellect. I don’t want to go there with you.

            How’s the baby?

          • Ellen says:

            @catface: she probably does. didn’t you see the photos that came out of her and her friend (brandi’s ex-friend) grinding all up on each other and looking like they were about to kiss, while Eddie and the woman’s husband looked on and took photos? It was in Aspen or something like that. It’s long been speculated she’s doing the same thing to keep that loser interested.

          • CaTface says:

            Ellen I did not see those pictures, but it doesn’t surprise me. Leanne seems so desperate to keep That loser man of hers she stole that I can see her doing anything to keep him around. Yuck, who knows why… Sure he is decent looking but how any woman could be interested in him as a husband after knowing his ways is beyond me. They truly deserve each other. I hope Brandi will find someone who doesn’t treat her like garbage, she deserves better than what Eddie put her through.

      • Wyatt says:

        ….omg. I just cannot

      • Babs says:

        Lexy, you crack me up!!! Love your posts and totally agree with ALL of them:)

    • southernbell317 says:

      with some it doesn’t matter what Brandi does they have to FIND something to bitch about… I’m glad she’s handling this LR&EC thing so much better now! I’m proud of her… I think Denise would be a good fit!

      • michers says:

        Amen southern. Imaginations at their finest :) Denise is a hot mess, but people like watching her on tv I guess, and hey, the girl is pretty! I dont like that she was a part of an affair years ago, but I never said I was her fan either. I wonder why Brandi said her? Hmmmm, maybe give LeLe a run for her money? LOL!

        • BM Barbie says:

          Really, they’re picking apart her choice she threw out frivilously as someone who she would like to have play her on a (thus far) non-existent TV show.

          So that’s what’s happening here. It’s incredible really. ;)

        • Summer68 says:

          I wonder who Leann will want to portray her i say the past should in to David spade lol Nah he’s too cute

      • Hahaha.... says:

        I don’t think Denise would ever stoop that low! She is a regular on her exhusbands hit show and probably does not even know who Brandi is or care for that matter.

    • socalsoccer says:

      Barbie, why did you have to dare her? LOL!

    • sandy says:

      Grooooooan….. Oh no you didn’t???? I love ya BMBarbie but WTF were you thinking?????? Challenging one of the top two haters (the other being the professor Jennifer) of Brandi on this site!!! Oh lordy I am sure she could write a novel. Her rants can go on over and over for pages! I am shocked you actually thought she wouldn’t find anything bad to say about Brandi! She’ll pull it out of her ass if she has to. She hates her like stalker wanna kill her type of hatred. Creepy. Stay clear and run for your life BM!

      • BM Barbie says:

        LOL, wasn’t it worth it for the bullshit she spewed sandy? ;)

        Don’t you worry about me. Those broads couldn’t touch me with a ten foot pole. Their arguments are as strong as a limp noodle.

    • Cajsa says:

      Seriously, Lexy would find something negative to say about the way Brandi breathes.

      “The oxygen she inhales enables her lying and every inhalation just proves what a slut she is.”

      But of course, if she quit breathing and died, Lexy would disapprove of that, too.

      “She’s just playing the victim again. Another ploy for attention. And for sure, she will lie on her tombstone. I suppose her eulogy will attack LeeAnn and ADrienne.”

  4. Bev says:

    LR would have a fembot head explosion if this actually ever happened!

  5. Ellen says:

    HaHaHa. Perfect response. Don’t allow them to get to you.

    • Lexy says:

      I did like her response. Brandi knows this trainwreck of idea for a TV show is going nowhere so she surely can afford to be magnanimous, well played.

    • Lexy says:

      I did like her response. Brandi knows this trainwreck of idea for a TV show is going nowhere so she surely can afford to be magnanimous, well played.

    • CaTface says:

      I agree, I like the way Brandi has been handling Leanne’s insanity lately. Probably just drives Leanne extra crazy because she is not getting to her lol.I feel a major breakdown coming from her soon…

    • sandy says:

      Exactly Ellen!

  6. Egg roll says:

    Go Brandi! The world would be watching a train wreck happen!

    • michers says:

      Not me! I would not give those fools my time or ratings :)

    • Ellen says:

      It’s for sure a really good game plan if they both are trying to drive their careers further into the gutter.

      • michers says:

        Fo r sure Ellen.. I was about to say what careers, LOL but Lele still sings apparently…

        • Summer68 says:

          Where does she sing michers in the shower lol

          • Summer68 says:


            i was only having a joke with you hope you didn’t take offence to my comment it was all in fun.

            Oh and i also forgot she sings at kids bday lol

          • michers says:

            LOL! I know!!! And yes, I would say the shower although she was around places last week carrying her tunes… Im surprised people actually still want to hear her sing.

          • Summer68 says:


            really wow, i no right, who still go see her but I’ve never liked her music anyway

  7. Cassandra Engle says:

    MUST Leann Rimes copy EVERYTHING Brandi does???? Come on now, this is beyond old. Leann needs to get her own life and quit wanting to be Brandi.

  8. samael says:

    Brandi, I am so proud of her response.

    Brandi get over yourself, really, casting orders..I must laugh at her.

    Her delusion of grandeur about herself is laughable..I am sure she was kidding and didn’t expect anyone to jump to her demand and cast what ever name falls out of her lips.

    Good for Brandi, excellent response :)

    • samael says:

      I just ready my post, and would like to say it does sound bitchy.

      I am frustrated that Brandi cannot just say “I’ve decided to not comment on any of this”

      That would be super excellent.

      To stop, Brandi needs to stop responding period. She is a confident woman and an awesome single parent.

      “no comment” reply is awesome..unrealistic maybe but awesome

      • housewffan says:

        I think the problem with the “no comment” reply is that it is often taken by most as “I have nothing nice to say so I’m not saying anything” I think her response was great, she gave them her blessing and wished them well noting that she profited off of the situation as well so it wouldn’t be wrong of them.

        • samael says:


          Hi, it does seem to be a bit of a web that has been worked on by both for years, I just wish one of them would take the high road and just say “I have n comment to make “.

          I unrealistically believe that the first person to say these majical words would force the other to stop.

          am i dreaming?

          • housewffan says:

            I get what you are saying and agree, but in this instance Brandi wasn’t responding to something Leanne did or said about her. She was responding to a tv show Leanne is trying to create. If she said no comment the article would be headlined “Brandi Glanville left speachless about new tv show”

            I took her reply to be taking the highroad and hope that is what she intended by it.

          • samael says:


            thanks for taking the time to break it down to me.

            media is the best spin master..better and more persistant than Bravo

      • PinkPoodle says:

        I would like to see Brandi ignore or no comment to more things about Leeann and Eddie too. However, I think that in this case, her reply was positive. It reminds me of one of her endearing qualities in that she can laugh at herself. She didn’t run to her lawyers to shut it down (that we know of). I don’t care who they choose to play her; I would never watch a Leeann and Eddie show.

  9. Vanessa says:

    Brandi haters are so extremely when it comes to her why would anyone suggest that a addict play her on tv last time I check Brandi has not been in and out of rehab by all accounts she a good mom. I love her response to the whole Leanne and Eddie “scripted tv show ” she not going to let them get to her anymore

  10. sayonna march says:

    Leann will not allow any woman on the set that is prettier than than she is. Thus ALL the female parts will be played like Howard’s mother in The Big Bang Theory…..just a shouting voices…..

    • Summer68 says:

      LMAO sayonna ITA

    • Bev says:

      She’s screwed then, it’s not hard to find someone prettier than LR, too easy infact.

      I read a comment someone made about LR which said “Leann Rimes, the only human you could blind fold with dental floss” LOL!

  11. Nicole says:

    FYI: being cast for a show isn’t based on how classy or classless the character they’re portraying is. Kinda silly now people are saying that Denise Richards is too classy to play Brandi. By the way, didn’t anyone see Denise in WWHL when she was sucking a candy like she was giving a blow job? Yep, REAL CLASSY.

  12. Lolo says:

    I’m glad Brandi is not fighting back and making light of the situation instead. If my ex and his new wife were making a show featuring a character that’s supposed to be me I’d flip! Good for her to laugh it off and suggest some big name who’d shed like to see play her instead!

  13. September24 says:

    Team Brandi! Love her great attitude.

  14. kudzuqueen says:

    I am speechless…Look at what Leann Rimes just retweeted on twitter.

    “Instead of thinking about what you are missing, try thinking about what you have that everyone else is missing.”

    I cannot believe that someone can really not have enough self-awareness to think twice about posting something like this. Especially in light of what she did. Now, this being said, how can ANYONE not root for Brandi, like her or not? You have to be a pretty hateful soul to not want Brandi to succeed after seeing what she has to put up with. If that is what Leann does on twitter, can you imagine what actions she puts forth elsewhere?

    • Jennifer says:

      You are kidding, right? You look too much into a tweet referencing not one. You know paranoia is very bad. There is treatment for that. LOL!

    • Aussiegirl says:

      I actually can’t believe she would tweet that at a time when Boston is grieving, especially when she has spent the past few days tweeting about how ‘sad’ her heart is for people affected by the tragedy,

      She has no clue.

      • michers says:

        Never does!!! She is simply an A- hole. And I dont think that will EVER change.

        • Ellen says:

          This quote didn’t bother me. Maybe I’m just so used to her boasting. My favorite is when she spends all day arguing with people online, then posts a bunch of quotes about how others’ opinions don’t matter to her, she’s too busy living life to notice negativity about her, etc. She’s a dum-dum.

          • michers says:

            Yeah thats a a gas when she does that! Her and Jax are related, LOL!!!

          • Lola Falana says:

            Total dumb-dumb. She also constantly talks about how “wonderful” her marriage and home life are.

            How would she know?

            She spends 20 hours a day tweeting!!

          • michers says:

            Good question Lola, for that reason alone.

      • Jennifer says:

        Guys, you realize even Brandi tweeted BS in the last two days. You people take Leann way too seriously. I think you might need a support group and actual help.

      • Summer68 says:

        Yeah good point AussieG she just doesn’t think.

        In the wake at what happened in Boston the other day plus today with that mad man shooting an officer and throwing grenades in the street she’s a complete dick.

        She should honestly stay off twitter and all social media

    • Babs says:

      I would NEVER root for Brandi:) Brandi has created her own mess and her marriage failing was 50% her responsibility! Quit acting like a jilted 16 year old and shut up!

    • Trump says:

      Oh please! I would not root for Brandi based on the fact that she is a LIAR! She is a hypocrite to act like she had no part in her marriage falling apart. Leann and Brandi BOTH need to cancel their twitter accounts, put their big girl pants on, and GET ALONG for the sake of those children! Brandi is a middle aged woman who needs to start setting an example for her innocent children.

      • Aussiegirl says:

        Hahahaha! Another person who doesn’t want to ‘root’ for Brandi!


        She wouldn’t make a very successful pimp! Lucky she’s got such a successful career on reality tv and selling books ;)

        Love you, Brandi

  15. Aunt Sadie says:

    Stassi from VR would make a great Brandi, she is a younger version. I bet Brandi will get royalties, so I would say why not too. P.s. Not a Brandi fan but love the dress!!

  16. Wyatt says:

    I dont think anyone can criticize brandi about this. shes taking the high road

    • michers says:

      Really? Have you read the comments, LOL?

    • BM Barbie says:

      I would agree with you Wyatt, but we’d both be wrong. They would like her to choose someone who is exactly like her in real life to be the actress to play her on a TV show that does not yet exist.

      Shit, I can’t even type that with a straight face.

      • michers says:

        Hehe!!!! BM, Im so happy to read your comments again lately! Brighten my day

        • BM Barbie says:

          Haha, hi michers, I missed you too! I’ve been swamped at work- I had to hire someone and then go through the hell that is training. But I’m baaa-aaaack, much to the chagrin of some, I’m sure. ;)

          • michers says:

            Eff them if they cant take a joke, LOL! Is that classy? ;)

          • BM Barbie says:

            Soh classah ;)

          • Aussiegirl says:

            I, for one, am fucking stoked to see you back here, you hilarious bitch. Now say something mean about Faye or Adrienne just to get things back to normal…

          • rhfan says:

            I’m glad you’re back!

          • socalsoccer says:

            Yeah, where ya been BM? LOL!

          • sandy says:

            I am thrilled you are back BM!! Missed your comments! And your humor!

          • BM Barbie says:

            Haha, omg you guys stop! Now keep going. ;)

            Work got cray. But here I am! I missed you guys too :)

            In the lates news: Faye, the old and incontinent Shar Pei, has run off with none other than Kim’s old boyfriend Ken the Gay Bull Mastiff! Word on the street is that they’re happier than ever eating garbage out of cans and licking each other’s butts.

            And in an interesting twist of fate, Adrienne is dating Brandi’s youngest son, Jakey. She likes ‘em young, and he only interested in her for the tinsel.

          • Aussiegirl says:

            Fuck, I’ve missed you. :x

          • Aussiegirl says:

            ^and hilariously I was experimenting with an emoticon to try to make a face blowing a kiss above, so I typed a : and an x and check out the angry little bastard that turned up on the screen!!!!!!

            FUCKING LOL!!!!!!!!

          • BM Barbie says:



          • Aussiegirl says:

            Soooo angraaaah!!!!

  17. Lola Falana says:

    Brandi seems like she is in such a good place. Refusing to engage with LeAnn and refusing to take the bait is the best route to take. I LOVE that she said that she thinks the sitcom is a great idea and even suggested an actress to play the part of the “crazy ex-wife.”

    Good for her.

  18. samael says:

    Wow Brandi didn’t declare war..she just answered a question..

    If it’s not LeAnn it is Brandi that we go nuts over.

    When does the sperm doner get his butt chewed as much as we feed on LeAnn and Brandi?

    • Wyatt says:

      Amen to that!

    • michers says:

      Sam, I would love that just to keep the playing fields even, LOL!! But , he allows his wife to do all his dirty work and take the hits, because you know, he is such a “man”…

    • Summer68 says:


      ITA with you mate we always hate on Leann and Brandi Eddie is just as bad if not worse.

      But we don’t read or hear from him like michers said if allow Leann to do all the talking so she can look like the crazy mean husband stealing bitch (which she is)

      yeah he’s had his testicles cut off he’s not a man

  19. Vanessa says:

    Denise Richardson has a show already its called twisted its on abc family so even if Leanne and Eddie were able to get this show. Off the ground Denise wouldn’t be playing Brandi so what If Brandi or Denise curse . It’s not like Brandi swears all the time are People so uptight now that the F words offends you so much . Just because some of us like Brandi doesn’t mean we are all sheeps or we agree with everything she says or does its seem like the moment you agree with Brandi people who hate her want to jump your throat and tell you how horrible of person she is

    • sandy says:

      And like Jennifer, you are crazy and need help for being so stupid if you like Brandi according to her. Plus a host of other slams she constantly says to anyone who DARES to like Brandi!Because God knows she is the wisest of them all and knows everything.

    • michers says:

      Amen Vanessa!

  20. catseye says:

    I wouldn’t watch the show i hate Brandi i’m sorry Vannesa.She is nothing but a low class whore that loves to hurt people every chance she gets,i’ve never seen anyone that bad ever.And also she probly will be shown in a very bad light if her ex has a hand in it.Also didnt you see her smiling at the reunion every time someone was being called out on something and they were upset she would be sitting there smiling.I hate that women!

  21. Bryn says:

    This is way off the subject, but has anyone listened to the audio on It’s about Phaedra Parks. Don’t know how much of what Jessica Voker says is true, but interesting none the less.

    • sandy says:

      I did last night. One of the other blogs I love to read Is Tamara Tattles and she has the site on her page. Last night I listened to it. I had no idea if true how shady Phadrae is if this I s true. Yup it was very interesting. Criminal activities like prostitution? Wow.

  22. Mellie Khunt says:

    Brandi has the eyes of an insane person.

  23. Summer68 says:

    God i love it when Roxy blogs about Brandi this site is on fire but i must admit it gives me a headache reading all the threads and how passionate some ppl are bout ppl they don’t even no they’ve only seen them on tv or read something bout them and we all no that not everything we read and see is real or fact the majority of it is BS

    Well Im outta here got take a Asprin my head is killing me

  24. Gina0127 says:

    The show would never get off the ground.
    Don’t people have to watch it?

    I for one would never even entertain watching them.


    • sandy says:

      Gina I hear you loud and clear and I agree with you a 1000%…. They will never launch a show like this. It’s stupid.

    • LadyZ says:

      I would watch it! I like Eddie and would love to see him back on TV, he is great to look at:)

      • Aussiegirl says:

        Oh yeah: Eddie’s a TOP bloke! What’s not to like? I thought it was particularly selfless of him to look for sex elsewhere while Brandi was pregnant: she wouldn’t want to be bothered with that type of thing while she was carrying his child, poor lamb. She needed her rest! And blue balls is a serious condition. He was just thinking of both of them, really. She overreacted by tearing their family apart over it.

        I’m sure LeAnn understands the importance of letting him stay at home in his pants all day and go on trips to Mexico whenever he feels like it, btw. He has been traumatised by all the stress that the divorce has caused him and doesn’t need the pressure of regular, or any, work. It’s best if he just stays at home or goes on holiday or whatever and its not like ‘they’ can’t afford it.

        And if this show comes off, well that’s cool because being on TV is alright, but if not, that’s cool too because ‘they’ just bought a new house and someone has to lie on the couch and sit in the sun to make the most out of it.

        He’s a fucking Prince

        • Mindyabusiness says:

          He must have something, Brandi and Leann sure act like total idiots over him:) Why do you care if he stays home or works? If they are happy, who gives a shit?

          • Aussiegirl says:

            Oh, but I care so much! I care soooooo much! And because LeAnn and Eddie are both so intensely private about their lives and everything, how on Earth should anybody dare to take the piss out of them and comment on their blissful marriage?


            Ohhhhhh….I laugh…

  25. Summer68 says:


    Ah when you put it that way i wanna be Eddie LOL

    The guys got it made he’s a kept man and i use the word man very very loosely

  26. Bev says:

    I’m suprised nobody has mentioned Denise Richards also bouncing two laptops off a balcony onto an 80 and 91 year old wheelchair bound women.

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