AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Joyce Giraud Tells All! Talks Brandi Warning Her About Lisa And Who Is Most Fake Plus More!

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Joyce Giruad is the newest housewife and has been the center of a lot of drama this season-specifically with Brandi. AllAboutTRH had the opportunity to have an exclusive interview with Joyce Giraud and she didn’t hold back! Joyce revealed whether she knows LeAnn Rimes, which RHOBH is the most fake, and tells us all the details on Brandi warning her about Lisa! Check it out below

AllAboutTRH: There’s been several rumors that you’re friends with Brandi Glanville’s ex-husbands wife LeAnn Rimes. Is there any truth to that?
Joyce Giraud: Once and for all… I have never met LeAnn or Eddie!!! It’s so frustrating when people lie and spread rumors! Even Leanne went public to say the rumor isn’t true as we have NEVER met… I’m not saying I don’t like her or Eddie; I’ve just never met them. My husband did a movie a long time ago with Eddie but I think he was still with Brandi at the time. I wasn’t with him at the time of the shoot of that movie so that’s the reason we never met. I hosted an event for a charity that I love called Friend Movement. It’s an anti bullying campaign that is simply beautiful. That event was the same day as the premiere of my show Siberia on NBC so I was only able to do half of the night. Leanne was closing the show.

She got there after I left so that’s why we didn’t meet even though we were at the same event. If I would’ve met her I wouldn’t be ashamed of saying so as she has never done anything to me and who am I to judge her?

Do you read the ladies blogs?
I do read the ladies blogs and I have to say sometimes I’m more upset at what they write in their blogs than what they did in the show as the hypocrisy for some of them is insane… Its like they try to make it worst or spicy… why? just speak the truth! For example.. Carlton knows I NEVER made fun of her kids names… On the contrary… I said Cross was a beautiful name and then I said wow..”.Destiny and Mystery: I like that even better than Cross”?I wasn’t saying Cross isn’t a good name! I would never say that about any baby! Carlton and I had a great conversation right before the show premiered where she told me she fucking loved me and she fucking had my back. She told me she knew I wasn’t making fun of her babies names. Then 2 days later in her blog she rips me apart and throws out labels at me (the woman who says she HATES labels)

Do you think Lisa Vanderpump is behind the cheating rumors against Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky?

Did Brandi Glanville really give you a warning about Lisa Vanderpump?
YES! She called me right after Carlton’s lunch and said she wanted to check on me because Lisa had been very rude to me. At first I really thought she had good intentions. I Thanked her for calling me and told her it was all good. I said maybe Lisa was having a bad day and thats why she was rude to me. Then she told me that Lisa is the type of person that can give criticism but she cant take it and that she would mention it in her confessional. I cut her off and said, “I’m confused… Isn’t Lisa your BFF?” Then she said… Yeah…I love her but she really is off sometimes. She can give criticism but she can’t take it.

I told her we shouldn’t make the silly incident a big deal because It was very high school… A couple of days later Brandi and I filmed a Piloxing class and out of the blue she starts talking crap about Kyle and Kim (on camera) I cut her off (on camera) and told her I disagreed with her statements… The day after that as I was shooting with Yolanda… Yolanda brings up on camera the silly hairgate incident… I WAS SO MAD AND SHOCKED! As I knew only Brandi could’ve told her… I was refusing to talk about the incident but Yolanda insisted 3 times and then told me (on camera) That Brandi had called her to tell her Lisa had been very rude to me. As I told Yolanda…”Maybe Lisa was having a bad day because when I’m on my period sometimes I’m not at my best… After having the conversation on camera I HAD to tell Lisa to her face because I wasn’t going to have multiple conversations about her and not tell her. Hairgate was so blown out of proportion. I wish you all could’ve seen Yolanda’s lunch so you could understand where I was coming from when I was telling Lisa. Watching it did seem extremely dramatic. I’m not blaming it on editing but as you all know there is a ton of footage that simply doesn’t make it to the final cut because they have to compact hours and hours of shooting into a one-hour show.

Do you think the ladies gave you a chance?
The only ones that gave me a chance from the very beginning where Kyle and Kim. I think the others weren’t so fair at the beginning because they hated me just because I was friends with Kyle…I was hated by association. Which I thought was very silly and very sorority like. But I do have to say that my relationship with some of them developed great. Others not so much but I won’t spoil the rest of the season for you :-)

Who would you say is the most fake on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?
I think Carlton was fake to my face because she never told me she had problem with me. She smiled and said certain shoots were fun and great (like lunch at Kyles) then I see the show and she’s talking all this crap! If you didn’t have a good time… Why say you did to then go trash talk? I also feel like Yolanda acts like she’s a “girls girls” and a good friend on camera but is sometimes so arrogant and acts as if she’s above the world. For her husband to say that Yolanda says all her castmates are clowns trying to make a living and that she is only using the show as a stepping stone to get her own spinoff is the most ungrateful and arrogant thing I’ve heard. She joined a hit show. Be grateful to your producers and don’t minimize the achievements of your cast-members because the reality is that most of the girls actually do work.

What was the thing that surprised you most about being apart of the cast of RHOBH?
I was surprised to find out that RHOBH is really real. There is no script or guidance. I come from the scripted world so I always thought reality shows were guided but it honestly isn’t.

I was also surprised with some of the girls because I did watch the show and as an audience member I thought I would really get along with Brandi and I thought I wouldn’t like Kyle.. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

What do you think of David Foster calling all the RHOBH ladies clowns just trying to make a living?
I admire David foster in his career and every time I have met him he’s been a gentleman. I liked him a lot so I was a truly surprised to hear him speak like that. It’s not something I would’ve expected from him. Not very gentleman like of him :( If Yolanda obviously wants to be on the show so badly despite all her health problems, yet thinks everyone is a clown… This probably makes her the head clown.

Do you have any regrets this season?
I regret believing Brandi’s fake apology. It upsets me I was so nice and lenient to her and gave her the benefit of the doubt so many times. Especially after everything I now know she has tried to do to hurt me even while off the show.

Are you nervous for the season four reunion?
I’m not nervous at all. I could shoot the reunion tomorrow.

A LOT of people want to know what products you use on your gorgeous hair. Can you tell us your secret?
I use a mask that was a recipe my late grandmother would do. It’s a mix of different things. And my #1 tip is that you should only wash your hair once a week.

What’s next for you?
Right now I’m totally focused on my Queen of the Universe pageant ( Its an international charity based pageant that I created to benefit UNESCO.. The pageant will take place at The Seban theater in Beverly Hills Sunday the 16 of March 2014. I hope to se you all there :-)

I want to thank all the beautiful fans who have given me so much love and support. I truly am humbled and grateful for all the positive energy and the love. And to the few who are very mean and talk about me before knowing much about me… Please try to at least give me a break and know me before you hate me just by association. Just because Brandi and I don’t get along doesn’t mean you cant judge me with an open heart.

Joyce was great and she didn’t hold back! Thoughts on what Joyce had to say? Are you surprised about anything?

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  1. Lexy says:

    “I’m not nervous at all. I could shoot the reunion tomorrow”

    Yesssssssssss, I am loving this girl. Direct and without mincing her words.

    Now the hair scene with Lisa makes much more sense. I do wonder though why production decided not to air the lunch between Joyce and Yolanda, it is obvious it did happen as Yolanda hasn’t denied it and am I so jaded that I am thinking that Brandi told her she would call out Lisa in her TH but never intended to, was Brandi baiting Joyce to say something against Lisa? Me thinks so.

    • Mary says:

      I have no doubt that Brandi was baiting her to say something against Lisa in her TH. Lisa must feel pretty stupid right now for not listening what Joyce was really telling her during that hair incident. Her BFFs Yolanda and Brandi were turning on her and she was too busy planning Kyle’s demise to see it coming.

      • SatchesofGold says:

        I don’t feel sorry for Lisa, she made an alliance with Brandi to bring Adrienne down and now she is just receiving her comeuppance.

        If anything Lisa is lucky, lucky that Brandi’s behavior is so out there that in comparison she still comes as reliable and viewers think that Brandi is just making everything about Lisa up.

        • TEAM FAIR says:


          When you said, “I don’t feel sorry for Lisa, she made an alliance with Brandi to bring Adrienne down”…

          This is not true. What happen was Adrienne, wanted Brandi to take Lisa down. It was not Lisa wanted Adrienne down. This fact was reveal at last year’s Reunion, where Adrienne was too much of a coward to attend. She didn’t want to admit what she did.

          Brandi, Taylor, Camille and even Kyle who is/was Adrienne biggest supporter admitted this was Adrienne intend.

      • Lexy says:

        Lisa should have never made an alliance with Brandi, now it has backfired on her but what did she expected? Lisa IMO always knew that there was no lawsuit but she kept it going, even helping Brandi to go from 3K to 20K dollars in lawyer fees.

        Lisa wants us to believe that she stands up to Brandi’s bully antics and calls her out because it is the right thing to do, but where was Lisa last season when Brandi kept on going with a fake lawsuit, where was Lisa when Brandi kept talking about Adrienne, where was Lisa when nobody could even attempt to speak to Brandi about the fallacy of the lawsuit?

        That’s right! She was right there with Brandi, helping her and codling her, stopping any other on their tracks that wanted Brandi to tell the truth. This season Lisa is also right there, laughing when Brandi is “joking” about Joyce being black, she is there laughing when Brandi is calling Joyce other names, laughing some more when she tells Joyce to “go F^%k herself”

        The only time Lisa stepped up to the plate is when she realized Brandi was too drunk and she was going off the mouth against Kyle. Lisa did that not because it was the right thing to do, she did it because Brandi when drunk is unreliable and could have said more that she needed and Lisa didn’t want that on camera.

        Make no mistakes if Lisa was still in good terms with Brandi and Yolanda she would be the first one making all kind of excuses for Brandi.

        • whois_zachary says:

          Gosh, you are long winded. Do you have a life outside of RHOBH? Just sayin….

          • Andrew says:

            I’m sure she does, but why do you have to care if someone writes their opinion on a blog? If it impacts your life so badly that you would male a petty comment, then don’t read the blogs.

          • Andrew says:

            Make** oops

          • Mego the Lying Stripper says:

            Do you have ADD? can’t stay focused for twenty seconds? I actually like reading her posts. She makes a great deal of good observations.

          • fifismommy says:

            Why do you care? Do YOU have a life?

          • loveallabouttrh says:

            Hey Zach. Why don’t you go away if ya don’t like someones post? Guess you don’t have a life outside of this blog seeing how you must read every of her comments. What an ass.

          • Debbie says:

            I enjoy Lexy’s comments :)

          • Vita says:

            And who the hell are you to criticize? Maybe she’s at home sick in bed, maybe she has a job that requires her to comment on blogs. Maybe she just FEELS like it. Do you have a life outside of making stupid comments?

          • inflight says:

            FYI , most of us enjoy reading Lexy’s perspective and insights.
            I am thankful she takes the time out of her schedule to share her thoughts.

          • Mary says:

            What do you care if she has a life outside of the shows, don’t you think it is more pathetic that you are posting about her than about the show?

          • Mary says:

            What do you care of she has a life outside of the show?
            You are the one looking pathetic for posting about a poster instead of posting about the show. Just sayin..

          • Aunt Sadie says:

            How would u know unless u r here as much as her? Lol

          • Lexy says:

            scrolling is your friend darlinggg..

            Thanks you ladies, I do enjoy reading most of your posts as well, we might not agree on everything but there is always respect. I appreciate that.

          • brewski says:

            I love Joyce! She is respectful of the others and getting treated like crap by some of the other ladies. Long winded……..she was asked a question and she didn’t give a one word answer. They need to lost that bitch Carlton.

          • meister says:

            Hey who is zachary: If you have trouble reading through more than three sentences at a time, don’t blame the Blogger. Buy a pile of one-line bumper stickers and read one per day so you dont wear yourself out. Here’s a single sentence for you: Don’t YOU have a life where you do something besides criticize Bloggers ? Here’s another Very short sentence for you: Eff off.

        • Beyoncé shabazz says:

          I’m still confused at how Brandi observing that black women don’t typically swim became a racist comment. It’s a fact… I’m black and DO swim but I was raised in a neighborhood close to beaches and with pools… Most black women weren’t… It’s a fact that neighborhoods that are predominately black often don’t have public pools…That’s not racist…maybe Joyce was looking for tits on ants

          • fifismommy says:

            You don’t find it the least bit offensive? They weren’t exchanging pleasantries…To assume/say all black people don’t/can’t swim, or that all the women wear weaves…these are not facts, they’re stereotypes.

          • Vita says:

            Here we go again. It’s because the comment was made to insult Joyce. She wasn’t saying as a fact with statistics like you just did. She said it to be mean and nasty.

          • PixNTrix says:

            ITA!!! I also believe Joyce came on this show with Brandi in her sights. As one of the new girls in the group, Brandi was reaching out to her after that lunch to make sure she was ok. Brandi also was trying to give her some friendly advice about her fellow cast mates. It is true that Lisa does not take criticism well and can be vindictive. Joyce then took that information and twisted the crap out of it. Bitch please looking for tits on an ant. Stick to pageants, fakeness seems to suit you.

          • inflight says:


            WELCOME BACK……Its been awhile!

          • Bullie says:


            Isn’t it rich how Joyce wasn’t mad about the pool comment until her talking heads? She didn’t seem that offended to Brandi’s face. Brandi was wrong for saying it, but Joyce IS searching for those tits! :D

          • Ellen says:

            Joyce needs a topic for all the interviews. She needs a storyline. Not too big of a stretch to believe she’s playing up the offense now. It’s getting her tons of attention.

          • Beyoncé shabazz says:

            @fifismommy… No offense taken. I AM offended that some believe that being identified black or of African heritage is somehow negative, offensive or derogatory…Now THAT’S racist! Joyce used an opportunity to become relevant after her hair flung fail with Lisa.. And it doesn’t matter if what Brandi said was based in statistical factoid or for the joy of irking Joyce… She was accurate and her comment was not racist. Brandi showed just how knowledgable she was in that moment… Surprising for someone who so frequently is shown to be ignorant and crass.

            My understanding was that Joyce being identified as African was a surprise to the women… I wonder why she wasn’t so offended until her bobble head interview… And why others are so outraged on her behalf.

            And for the record… Brandi nor I said “no” or “all”… But the majority of MY black friends and family and yes, even those who live near water don’t swim… Nor do the majority of them ski… Or eat cheese… Or mayonnaise…or listen to country music…or line dance…

          • mondo says:

            The only person who thinks being called Black is an insult is Brandi. That was her intention with that comment to someone she hates, and that’s the problem.

          • Mary says:

            I am white and I don’t swim so what is your point?

            Brandi used her statement with the clear intention to annoy and offend Joyce and that is what matters.

          • jaye says:

            I’m black and I don’t think the comment was racist per se, but it was a sweeping generalization based on ignorance and it’s NOT true of ALL black women.

          • jaye says:

            @pixNtrix, I don’t know about you but I don’t talk about my friends behind their backs. The fact that Brandi did so says more about HER than it does about Lisa.

          • Lola Falana says:


            Yep, and Amen!

          • jaye says:


            I don’t think anyone was inferring that being black was offensive or negative. I think people are reacting to what they feel was the INTENT of Brandi’s comment. I’ve said before that I don’t think what Brandi said was racist, but it was an ignorant sweeping generalization. And I believe that Joyce was offended by Brandi’s ignorant comment. You can’t make an assumption about a WHOLE group of people based on the small group of people YOU know.

          • B. says:

            So because you’re Black and didn’t mind the comment offensive, does that mean that all Black women should not find the comment offensive? That’s what I’m getting from your posts. No one race is monolithic.
            I’m Black and I also can swim. But to me the comment was offensive because it was said as an insult and to be hurtful. I think that is what ppl are upset about.

          • CarryOn says:

            I’m black and I DO know how to swim and so do the black friends and family I know. It doesn’t make Brandi racist, it makes her ignorant as hell! Ignorance shouldn’t be repeated or backed up because her comment was a poor, old, stereotype. It’s not a fact at all. You need to leave stupid comments like that subjective to the people they apply to. Don’t generalize and cop it as fact or truth because it ISNT my truth….which makes her comment FALSE!!

            If the people YOU know can’t swim, then leave it at that but, the people you know don’t represent the whole black community or anyone but themselves! Same goes for any race, religion, gender, etc.

          • LaraM says:

            @Bullie, the “isn’t it rich” comment is cracking me up, because one of the literal NJ commenters (forgive me gals for forgetting whom, as I respond to all of you) always thinks of The song “Send in the Clowns”. :-)

          • lifetimemovie says:

            Bullie: “Isn’t it rich how Joyce wasn’t mad about the pool comment until her talking heads?”

            Brandi didn’t mention anything about a weave until her talking head. For all you know that’s just an excuse she came up with later. Let’s see the rest of the film at the pool!

            Were you watching the same show? After Brandi made that comment, Joyce, along with Kyle and Kim, got up and left, and Joyce didn’t look too happy.

          • dsc60 says:

            There is an additional problem with her comment… there are plenty of white people who can’t swim so that further suggests how stupid it was for her to say what she did. However Beyonce, I do agree… I don’t believe it was a racist comment. I also agree that sometimes the claim of a comment being racist is actually racist in itself. There are differences between races, cultures, etc. and to say otherwise may actually come across as attaching shame to those differences, however, it’s probably not usually the intention. Being politically correct is drilled into our heads… to the extreme. Also, not everyone understands it the way you and I do. Therefore, it’s best to keep comments like that to oneself, especially not knowing the person to whom the comment is made. It also didn’t help that Brandi had her claws out and Joyce was her target so her intention could definitely be misconstrued. Joyce may not have taken it as a dig at the time because the trip had just started, but later felt it was a hindsight is 20/20 situation. Anyway I look at it, it was ignorant on Brandi’s part, but don’t believe Brandi meant it to be racist… nor do I believe Brandi is racist. Like Brandi said herself, she doesn’t think before she talks, and that’s not a good thing. Nor is it a good thing to say whatever you think. I never understood the love of people who are brutally honest or say whatever it is that’s on their mind.

            Whois_Zachary’s – yes I am long winded but don’t pretend to care about anyone’s life or lack thereof. Just sayin’.

          • Johanna M says:

            I’m sorry I REALLY have to disagree. It’s a fact of the past that blacks didn’t have access to pools due to discrimination, lack of integration, lack of access, etc. But that is no longer applicable to newer generations. We have community centers in heavily populated black areas that give local access to pools, we have neighborhoods with pools, etc. There is not an access problem like there was in the past. I was raised as a competitive swimmer and had several black teammates (boys and girls) and a black coach. When you go to a public beach, you’ll see plenty of black people, and women that put their hair in the water. So to me, to call it a fact is the thing that keeps people from moving past a stereotype that is no longer applicable. People joke when I tell them I swam competitively and while it’s annoying as hell, I brush it off as a joke and simply tell them it’s not true. But what Brandi said wasn’t a joke. She was using being a black person as an insult, a jab at Joyce. She wasn’t being cute or funny. She admitted that she was trying to piss Joyce off with her actions on the trip. IMO, it’s never ok to use a race as a means of insulting someone.

        • chuckles says:

          I agree, something is wrong with Lisa and her snide comments she makes.

          Brandi has issues outside of the show and her venting on others here is making her look bad. Brandi needs to step back, take care of her ex and his main issue with a creepy wife and look out for her son’s. Brandi is no angel, but being the beating board again does not look well for any of them. As far as the new gal Joyce, flip your stupid hair somewhere else.

          • LaraM says:

            I agree with that, @lifetimemovie. I was just pointing out @Bullie’s funny, tongue in cheek comment(s). He/she can be funny, even if I disagree, she or he is quick wit, which I appreciate.

        • TEAM FAIR says:


          I still see you are writing about this “fake lawsuit.”

          There was a threat of a lawsuit; this doesn’t make it fake.

          It amazing me you are so verse in this show; and you continue to write about “fake lawsuit” and you know there was a threatening letter in which Adrienne threaten to sue Brandi and her friend if they continue to talk about Adrienne and husband.

          I am sure you remember Kyle’s White Party all of this information was revealed.

          Besides, if Adrienne was so honest why didn’t she attend the Reunion and let’s ALL know exactly her side? No, what Adrienne The Coward did was NOT attend. But, Brandi and Lisa attended and answered all questions. But, we will never know Adrienne’s side, because the coward REFUSED to attend; and because of this Adrienne was fired.

          I am not the biggest Brandi fan…but, in this case Adrienne is the Liar.

        • meister says:

          I agree with you Lexi. Lisa got stabbed in the back by Both Yolanda and Brandi and instead of reacting appropriately, she’s tried to “kill the messenger” each time. I Used to think Lisa had some wisdom but Anyone who’d ally themselves with Brandi is foolish. Now Brandi has turned on Lisa, and butter-colored, butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth Yolanda is turning on Lisa as well. Lisa should have listened to Both Joyce and Kyle because they were telling her the Truth. Joyce is a doll, really likable and sweet , and she adores her husband. That’s why Carlton put her nasty devil spell on Joyce’s husband. Joyce should pray that evil, conniving witch right back into the cave she crawled out of.

    • Aunt Sadie says:

      ITA, loving Joyce!!

    • Meri says:

      I like Joyce and find her to be a lovely woman who is genuinely kind. I am rreally tired of Brandi’s behavior and when I look at her facial expressions after she makes some ridiculous comment, I can see that she is doing it for camera time and to get attention. There is nothing sincere about Brandi. During her first season I actually felt sorry for her because she is NOT a Beverly Hills person at all and never was and Kyle and Kim were so rude to her. As for Yolanda….I dislike her the most and have since day one. She is not a nice person and rides the coattails of whomever is her current successful husband. Carlton looks like she needs a bath and I DO NOT find her attractive in any way. She and Brandi make a perfect pair. Lisa is and always has been a sarcastic person and a bit of a snob but I like her becausae she’s a hard worker and I like her sense of humor. If I never saw or heard Kyle and Kim again I would be just fine with that. The show has taken a dark turn and it’s getting boring. Same fights, different day.

    • Jacquelyn says:

      My goodness Joyce, you are a right fighter. Any comment you just run it in the ground with your non stop chatter. It’s not necessary to be always right. I can’t imagine the feelings you must have felt by the bullying. Now, you have become a “mean girl”, and now you take it out on anyone in your presence maybe because of the bullying. Just treat people the way you want to be treated. I think Brandi needs this show to support her family, and luckily this is not a problem for you. Just consider

  2. Cathy says:

    Damn! I’m a brandi fan but I’m finding I can’t help liking Joyce! Especially after reading this, she comes across really genuine and I do think brandi was a bit harsh with her!

    • TEAM FAIR says:


      I wouldn’t say I am a fan of Brandi..however, I was on her side when it came to Adrienne. Let’s say, she doesn’t bother me. Now, Adrienne bother me; glad she was the coward she was and was fired from the show.

      But, her behavior toward Joyce is just so scripted to me. I think Brandi is looking to stay relevant; and she feels by going up against Joyce is her way to make this happen. However, what I don’t think Brandi knew that Joyce was not be be pushed. The season is new, so I not sure how much I like Joyce; but, she sure is interesting to watch.

  3. Mary says:

    I worry about Joyce, I am glad she is not backing down but she better be prepared.
    Brandi is very vindictive and malicious, she talks about hurting and losing contracts and opportunities? What does she think she did to Adrienne when she made up a lawsuit? She never thought for one second about the damage and pain she was inflicting Adrienne, her family and her children.

    Coming reunion time I bet that Brandi would have done an extensive research in all matter about Joyce and her husband, if there is anything in her past that needs to be dug out and put in the air, Brandi will be the one doing it, if she doesn’t find anything she will make up anything.

    I am not sure that Joyce realizes that she is not fighting just with another woman, she is fighting with a deranged woman who has nothing to lose, her reputation is already down the drain and she surely doesn’t care to be seen as a slut as she call herself just that.

    If I was Joyce I would be very worried, she doesn’t seem to be and that only means IMO that she is going to get blindsided.

    • SatchesofGold says:

      Let’s hope your prediction doesn’t come true.

      Last reunion Brandi was allowed to get away with a lot of lies and embellishments because she had the staunch support of Yolanda and Lisa.
      Now that she has had a fallout with Lisa, it might be different.

      It wouldn’t surprise me though that reunion time come Lisa and Brandi have made up. It is in the best interest of both women, they both know were the bodies are buried when it comes to their machinations behind cameras.

      • lifetimemovie says:

        In the end, the rich women will stick together and Brandi will have only Kim. Kyle will remain neutral and be nice to both Brandi and Joyce.

        The only reason Brandi was able to go after Adrienne is that she had Lisa to back her up. Now, without Lisa, Brandi is imploding. The reality is that Brandi is in over her head.

      • Cracker Jack says:

        There’s no way in hell Brandi and Lisa will make up. Brandi has done Lisa 100x worse than Kyle ever did and Lisa has still not forgiven Kyle.

    • Mego the Lying Stripper says:

      She is so jealous of Joyce, even if she does not have the self-awareness to admit it. Joyve is younger, a genuine beauty, all of her parts are her own, she is happily married to a man who adores her, she has tons of money. And she has a sunny disposition. Joyce better run for the hills. She will try to destroy her. It won’t work, but when Brandi decides you need to be destroyed she makes it her day job.

      • lifetimemovie says:

        You’re right that it won’t work. Brandi really misread Joyce. Clearly, Joyce is not afraid of her.

        • Lynnhousewife says:

          Joyce never says anything when Brandi says these rude things to her. She always waits till shes doing her talking head. I don’t like her for that. If Brandi spoke to me like that at the pool or when it first started, I would’ve put her in her place fast. Now she knows what she can get away with and at Yolandas dinner she was so rude to Joyce again. But really Come on?! Who calls their man “Baby” when speaking about him to other men and women? She sounded stupid, and even more stupid in her talking head, saying I have a baby, you don’t have a baby, baby baby baby was every other word for 5 mins. It was dumb at the party and dumb in her TH too. She’ll never be back next season. If she does it will be because Brandi made her relevant!

    • chuckles says:

      I think Joyce can handle herself with Brandi, no doubt about that, but all HW’s leave the show every year for new blood to come in. If Joyce is the new pick, she is boring, at least the other one has a ugly house and strange behaviors.

    • oveShackAus says:

      It’s kind of hard to be afraid of a drunk who walks around with her dress in her thongs and her tampon string hanging out. Just saying. I don’t think Brandi is that powerful. Carlton got Brandi’s number when she told Brandi that Brandi cannot keep secrets. Don’t tell Brandi anything at all about yourself that you don’t want spread around.

    • TEAM FAIR says:


      When you write, “What does she think she did to Adrienne when she made up a lawsuit?”

      Did you not see the episode of Kyle’s White Party? The lawsuit was not made up or “fake.”

      When Brandi presented the letter in which Adrienne via her Attorney threaten to sue Brandi and her friend if they continue to talk about Adrienne and Paul. Oh, let’s also remember Paul has this “I didn’t know about this” look when told about what Adrienne was up to.

      Besides, the moment Adrienne didn’t attend the Reunion that Season this told me everything I need to know. Adrienne is a Coward and a Liar. At least, Brandi attend the Reunion.

      • Debbie1 says:

        Sorry, but those papers were not letters from an attorney. They were emails sent to a magazine from Bernie, Adrienne’s chef. Paul explained what they were when he was interviewed.

  4. zoeysmom says:

    What a great interview!! Congratulations on the exclusive. Nice to think you can have someone who doesn’t have to act out to get a spot on the show. Carlton and Brandi and their attention grabbing antics take away from someone who is confident and composed.

    I agree with her about David Foster-he does marginalize the show and the other women. I get he is talented and has made a lot of contributions to music but please try a little bit of humility.

    I hope Joyce sticks around.

    • SatchesofGold says:

      Carlton has stroked me the wrong way since the beginning and this interview just reaffirms my views of her.

      Joyce and Kyle thought they were okay with Carlton but in the meantime Carlton was festering some dark feelings towards them. I wonder if that was an strategic move from Carlton and if it will backfired on her.

    • Lexy says:

      I wonder if Andy would have the guts to ask Yolanda about her kings’ comment and how would Yolanda try to spin it.

      • lifetimemovie says:

        She would probably say that he was misquoted.

        • Tara says:


          Hi Lexy & lifetimemovie!

          First of all, I wonder if she means that David is the King of Philanders?

          Since Yolanda has fuzzy brain syndrome, she would blame it on that poor little tick!

          Happy Christmas, Ladies!

          • dsc60 says:

            Poor little tick? You better hope a “poor little tick” never does a number on you. It’s actually referred to as “lyme brain” and it’s very real and life altering.

            However, it is easy to blame every screw up on “lyme brain” whether it’s the cause or not… although it’s hard, if not impossible, to know the difference. While I wouldn’t put it past Yolanda to use it to her “advantage” trust me, there’s nothing that makes it worth having. There’s nothing advantageous about it. I very much doubt Yolanda will ever know “normal” again. Mind you, we’re talking late stage, chronic lyme disease, not the cases that are caught soon enough to be eradicated with a month or two’s worth or oral antibiotics.

            It’s not to blame for her pretentiousness, however. It’s doubtful the little hearts on the name tags had anything to do with it either. However, she did blame THAT on her sub-conscious… even though that’s just about as bad as if she had done it intentionally. Like Kyle said… “loud and clear.” Incredibly rude too if you ask me. Also don’t know why they thought it was so rude of Carlton to cancel because she was sick. David and Yolanda should know more than most that “when you say you’re going to do something, you do it” isn’t always possible when someone is truly sick and it’s no one’s call to say she wasn’t… not at that point anyway. It’s not as if they found out she was out and about somewhere else instead of their fancy schmancy party.

          • LaraM says:

            I agree. Lyme Disease is pretty damn serious and can happen easily to any of us, and our children.

  5. SatchesofGold says:

    This is what this franchise needed: a Joyce

    The other women, especially Kyle is scared to death of Brandi and her mouth, of course after what happened to Adrienne who can blame her, but the others , Lisa, Yolanda, Carlton, they all know that Brandi will just blurt anything that come across her mouth and nobody would call her on her stupid statements, they will laugh it off as if it was a hilarious joke by too cute Brandi.

    I am glad that someone has the guts to call Brandi out of her behavior and willing to make her accountable for her own words.

    • DISGUSTED says:

      That makes two of us @SatchesofGold :) . I thing Joyce is the real deal. Brandi went after the woman she thought was a weak link. Lol. She got that wrong. Team Joyce

      • Lexy says:

        The other ones tippy toe around Brandi nad are scared to death of her unfiltered mouth, just for the fact that she is calling Brandi out on her BS, I like her a lot.
        Who would have thought?

    • zoeysmom says:

      Kyle, Kim and Brandi were on Arsenio Hall and they both said Brandi’s comments were inappropriate. The also both said she wasn’t a racist. Brandi apologized as well.

      She did however find it necessary to hug Arsenio, kiss him and then jump up and wrap her legs around his waist. She is so inappropriate.

      • Lexy says:

        That was gross, I saw it and felt sorry for Arsenio, wasn’t it Brandi the one who said that if you tried too hard it makes you look guilty?

      • LaraM says:

        I doubt Arsenio minded!

      • lifetimemovie says:

        I saw some of the Arsenio show and it was pathetic. Arsenio and Brandi talking about nastiness and loopy Kim swinging from the pole. Kyle looked embarrassed, but what did she expect going on the show with those two.

    • michers says:

      Disagree- they may have issues, but I doubt anyone is scared of Brandi!!! That is hilarious! She is probably one of the most harmless on that cast! Would you prefer her be strategic, sneaky, two faced and behind the scenes about it?

      • Mego the Lying Stripper says:

        She is both. She schemes behind the scenes and on the actual show. She decided to bring down Adrienne for Lisa like a cat would lay a mouse at it’s master’s feet, and she is angry that Lisa has not shown enough gratitude.

      • Mary says:

        She is strategic no doubt, but she is also dumb, she should have knows that her strategy of plotting behind Lisa’s back was not going to work but yet she tried it anyway.

      • Mary says:

        Brandi harmless? I don’t think so
        Brandi is cruel and vindictive but she has convinced herself that it is her mission to talk about her cast mates because that makes her real, now that one of them is talking back she doesn’t like it

        • michers says:

          Um, now that one has not let up harassing her you mean? Joyce is harassing her. Every week she puts out interviews slamming her. Its disgusting. Like her or not, she does not deserve that fake Beauty Queen who acting like she is high and mighty going after her constantly. From what I can see, even though you may disagree, Brandi has done NOTHING to warrant attacks prior to filming during and obviously after. Joyce needs a life.

          • Sugarlump says:

            Agree Michers. Merry Christmas! :)

          • lifetimemovie says:

            Brandi is the one going after Joyce, not the other way around.

          • Johanna M says:

            The thing is that Joyce didn’t say a word about her prior to the show airing. The interviews and comments are being solicited from her. It’s not like she went seeking it leaking information and trying to sway opinions prior to the show airing (like others have done). What is Joyce supposed to do? Tell the media that she can’t respond to anything regarding Brandi or not respond to the interviews and tweets Brandi makes? She really doesn’t strike me as desperately seeking attention the way some of the other girls do. Viewers are reacting to what they’ve seen and it’s causing a lot of attention to go Joyce’s way.

      • LaraM says:

        -ooops, @Michers. I just posted upthread, but had read yours earlier, and agree. Posted in wrong spot. :-)

    • jary says:


      and glad that it’s a woman. Mauricio di the same thing but was said to be wrong for many reasons(and some I agreed with)because he was a man. Brandi fell apart and played injured woman, Paul can at her heart exposing everything that Joyce is but in a different way and she fell apart attacked by a man. Brandi’s antics hit so hard that even the men lose themselves. I believe that Lisa’s husband is almost there he doesn’t like the Mauricio rumors and he knows it’s Brandi crap and now he has a reason to call her out; his wife.
      Brandi got back at Mauricio with the cheating rumors and along with Lisa the rumors against Adrienne. She will come after Joyce.

      • PixNTrix says:

        @Jary Wait a minute…so you are saying that Brandi started the rumors about Maurico cheating? Please show me the proof of that!!! OMG you Brandi haters, like the Tre lovers will stoop to any level. LMAO

        • Mary says:

          I don’t think Brandi started that, those were two fame whores looking for publicity for their book, the only important information is that neither of them has slept with Mauricio, they claimed that Mauricio told them that he cheats on his wife.
          I don’t even think Brandi is the one who brought up the allegations, it is clear to me that the first one to mentioned them on the show was Lisa.

          • dsc60 says:

            We don’t know who the first one to say anything was. We are seeing an incredibly small fraction of what was filmed. Lisa may have been the first one editing showed bring it up, doesn’t mean that’s what actually happened. I actually thought Lisa’s comment was harmless. It was in the tabloids! I can guarantee, far more read it in the tabloids than saw anyone say anything on the show.

            If you want to get really technical, Camille and the psychic were the first ones to say anything… I did say “really technical.”

            We’ve heard Kyle talk about it more than anyone else on the show. She’s making much too big a deal out of it… which some would say makes Mauricio look guilty (not me). She should stop crying about it and talk about how ridiculous it is. I thought she should have laughed at Lisa’s comment… even if it initially made her uncomfortable. I’m sure if they were still besties she would have laughed. So what if Portia was there. It probably went right over Portia’s head. It’s more likely she’d hear her parents talk about it since they seem to talk about it so much and Kyle keeps crying about what her family went through because of it. Sorry, but I don’t understand that. Immediately put out a rebuttal and stop talking about it or just ignore it completely.

        • Mary says:

          I don’t think Brandi started the rumors, the rumors were started by two escorts who were trying to promote a book, funny how they never alleged to have slept with Mauricio, they alleged that they were in a bar when he gave them his business card and told them he cheats on his wife.
          I don’t even think that Brandi is the one who brought the cheating rumors to the show, IIRC the one who brought them up was Lisa.

      • Ellen says:

        The cheating rumors are coming straight from two prostitutes who have written a memoir and have named Mauricio as a client. They are shopping their story to magazines. You’re a nut blaming that on Brandi.

        • Lola Falana says:

          Hi Ellen,

          I’d like to add that Camille, in Season 1, alluded to Mauricio’s cheating when she was sitting around talking to her friend/psychic, Alison DuBois, after the dinner from hell (She hinted about how Mauricio “loved” other women, particularly, “his nannies.” Incidentally, during Season 1, Kyle’s nanny inexplicably ran away from Kyle and Mauricio’s home and employ in the middle of the night without informing Kyle and without even picking up her last paycheck. Kyle talked about the nanny running away in a scene with Kim in Season 1. Interesting.).

          Brandi wasn’t even on the show then.

          There was also another tabloid story where a woman by the name of Tess Broussard went on record (providing her own name, instead of just asking to be used as an anonymous source) and said she witnessed Mauricio hitting on her friend; providing her friend with his number; and making it clear that even though he was married, he liked to step out on occasion.

          Is all of this true?

          I don’t know.

          I DO know that the rumors have been around since Season 1 and can’t totally be blamed on Brandi (or any of the other RHOBH cast members for that matter).

        • Lexy says:

          I don’t remember then stating Mauricio was a client, they mentioned that he approached them at a bar and he tried to make a move on one of them and then gave her his business card and told her that he cheats on his wife.
          I really do not recall ever reading anything about Mauricio being their client.

          • Lola Falana says:

            Actually, there is a transsexual prostitute who claims that Maurice WAS, indeed, a client of her and her fellow escort business partner. Her name is Toni Newman, and she also goes by the name of “Mistress Terri.” Her business partner goes by the name of “Mistress Carmen”. Mistress Terri/Toni Newman says that Maurice chose the option of being with both her and her business partner (as a paying client) for approximately a 2-year time period.

            Now, with the Tess Broussard story, she says that she was with her friend, Cristina Schultz, who is also an escort (Tess Broussard is a comedienne, not an escort). They were simply hanging out when, she claims, that Mauricio walked up to them; expressed his interest in her friend, Cristina; explained that he was married; and explained that he still like to step out from time to time and made it clear he was interested in doing so with her friend Cristina, who allegedly declined his offer.

            I’m not saying any of this is true, but these ARE stories that have been put out there in various tabloid sources and in the U.K. Daily Mail.

          • LaraM says:

            And the point being, as LolaF said, way before Brandi was on show there were rumors.

          • Lola Falana says:

            @ LaraM

            Yes, that is my point. Thanks, Woman. ;-)

          • dsc60 says:

            anna… it’s hysterical that you found a pic like that!

    • chuckles says:

      Of all people, Kyle has been in the biz, she’s no dummy, she stirs and then lets others take the blame.

  6. Bullie says:

    I get the editing game, but I could only make it to the part of the interview where she tries to flip the script on what we all saw her reaction to be towards the names of Carlton’s children. She goofed the eff up. I have eyes & a brain with good recall, so she isn’t going to talk her way out of that for me. That was bad & she knows she made fun of those kids names. She is riding a little too high on the race card crest, she & her LaToya Jackson nose need to take a seat.

    • zoeysmom says:

      Exactly how is what she said making fun of the kids names? That she liked two names better than the third? I thought the way she presented her children’s names she hoping to get a negative response.

      • michers says:

        Bullie, I agree. Joyce came on first episode acting some type of way, and I have not liked her yet.

        • Mary says:

          But during the ride to Carlton’s house Joyce and Brandi are getting along just fine, whatever happened must have happened after that lunch and the only thing that makes sense is the conversation of Brandi warning Joyce about Lisa.

      • Bullie says:

        You think someone presents the names of their own children in a way to invite ridicule & condescending backhanded compliments? Or do you just dislike Carlton?

        • zoeysmom says:

          I think Carlton’s response was over the top to Joyce’s comments. I didn’t see them as condescending or a backhanded compliment. I mean the comment came from a woman who has a son name Valentino-so I would say both women have naming their children uncommon names in common.

          I also think the name thing was probably amped up by editors because of the Joyce/Jacqueline debacle. Without that I don’t think it would have even been mentioned. Carlton’s comments were in a one on one.

          Oh and I don’t find anything particularly likeable about Carlton other than calling Brandi out on sharing their make out session without permission. I thought that was the correct thing to do.

          • Bullie says:

            Well I’m certainly not going to argue with you about it, but Joyce’s behavior in regards to the names of Carlton’s kids was a little beyond childish when I viewed it. She was obviously tipsy & the alcohol made her come off as a high school mean girl.

        • inflight says:

          Carlton presented the names of her children to get a reaction.
          And this is for anyone that gives their child an unusual name….
          expect a reaction. They are not common names ,so one is not expecting to hear it.
          When the public first heard the name Apple , Suri and North for a child’s name there was plenty of ridicule, not to mention outrage.

          Carlton invites reaction to just about everything she says and does.
          She kissed a girl(Brandi) and she liked it, but she did not want the entire world to know about the kiss , give me a break. LOL HA HA
          or should I say HO HO , tis the season.

      • Mego the Lying Stripper says:

        Question: If your kid’s name is Cross, why would you have a tatoo of a cross with the work f*ck written in it. f**k Cross? Cross f**k? She is a rebel without a cause. What a fool.

    • Vita says:

      Multiple people other than Joyce have said the the reaction to Carltons childrens name was edited.

      • Bullie says:

        Remember when I actually preceded my comments with “I get the editing game…”?

        I saw with my own eyeballs her flippant, sloppy, drunk reaction to the names. Like, one of her eyes was half closed after she saw the joke fell flat. It’s okay. No one is perfect. She goofed. She doesn’t need to blame editing. Isn’t that what everyone does to defend other Housewives on other franchises? Editing doesn’t just go one way. It either goes all ways, or no ways.

        • zoeysmom says:

          Apparently you missed the part where Joyce said she wasn’t much of a drinker. I don’t think she was drinking at all. Most people do not want to filmed after they imbibe because drinking faces don’t film well. You are the first person (including the casts’ blogs) to indicate Joyce was drunk.

          Again since you keep bringing it up-what was wrong with the comment? Exactly what words were offensive.

        • lipojaq says:

          “Then don’t include yourself!” ahahaha excelent! you are my new bestie LMAO!

        • LaraM says:

          Omg, @Bullie. Point taken. You may come across here as diferential, but if and when you write a book, let me know. I will buy it, for your descriptions, alone.

    • Ellen says:

      She did act snotty about the names. So tired of all these women rewriting history when we all saw it. But it was editing, right? Joyce’s excuse is we don’t see everything and it’s all editing. But only she is allowed to use that excuse. She wastes no time screaming Liar! at anyone else who mentions the editing. That right there really turns me off.

      • dsc60 says:

        Joyce even said she’s not going to blame editing, but the fact is, things ARE edited. Sometimes it’s obvious, and sometimes it’s not. Heck… Brandi blamed editing too… she blamed being nasty to Joyce on what we didn’t see.

    • Sugarlump says:

      LaToya Jackson… Now that’s funny. :)

    • LaraM says:

      I believe that the name thing with Carlton’s kids was not an issue. I think something happened during production, hence the reshot TH and current blogs. Joyce wasn’t an ass, imo, with the comments at a cocktail party. Or should I say COCKtail party, bc it has become a COCK fight. Silly!

  7. Cessy says:

    I love this woman!

  8. michers says:

    So , the ONLY thing Joyce has brought to the show, was riding Brandi’s ass!
    She has done negative interviews before season, during season , and will most likely do them after season. She is a HUGE hypocrite! Who complains they were bullied, made fun of, and was made to feel bad about herself, then turns around as an adult and does it to someone else? Beauty Queen- you are fake! Brandi may be a jagaloon at times with her mouth, but she is not fake honey. I do not believe for ONE second, that she is not friends with Leanne, and has not met her.
    Brandi posted something last night , that explains and fills in gaps and I believe her version :)

    • zoeysmom says:

      Why would you not believe Joyce when they say they haven’t met or are not friends with LeAnn?
      It would be a rather stupid thing to lie about.

      When Brandi said she called Joyce by the wrong name to annoy her did you not think that was inappropriate and designed to make Joyce feel bad?

      • Mego the Lying Stripper says:

        for God’s sake, not everything is about LeAnne. Brandi lies all the time. Just like she is lying about her house being broken into. Like she lied about Adrienne. I would go so far as to say she is a pathological liar.

        • Ellen says:

          So you think she paid her assistant to call her while on the trip to lie about the house? Really? Better break out the tin foil hats!

          • Mego the Lying stripper says:

            No, I think the assistant lied about the break-in to cover the fact that she was a negligent assistant and lost Brandi’s dog through carelessness. I don’t think Brandi believed her story after she though about it, either.

          • BravoSucks says:

            Name calling huh? What is this, grade school? How juvenile.

          • BravoSucks says:

            I knew what you were saying Mego and thought it was very straightforward and easy to understand. Unfortunately some people don’t have the common sense to comprehend a simple comment.

          • Ellen says:

            Ok, well saying Brandi lies all the time, just like how she lied about her house being broken into is not exactly the same thing as Brandi’s assistant lied to Brandi. Not sure why @BravoSucks thinks those two things are the same thing either.

          • LaraM says:

            Lol, @Ellen. I think of SNL conrheads preparing fir the space debris from 70/80′s with helmets with your comment

          • LaraM says:

            “Coneheads”. :-)

          • LaraM says:

            This past summer, we all thought that Brandi’s assistant f’d up, lost the dog, and claimed a breaking into. I thought one thing was strange. When on film, Brandi said, I don’t care about the furniture, what about the dogs. As having been a single mom, in a rental, I would care about both my dogs and Belongings/furniture. Knowing that kids were with their dad. I still think the assistant messes up, and lost the dog, and Brandi must have had an email on it prior to the film shot.

          • LaraM says:

            Or a text. No way would she only be concerned for dogs amd not belongings, also. Jmo.

          • LaraM says:

            I sooo get that @Cajsa. I would think of family, pets, photos! I meant by the way it was aired and what her first response was. I am a Brandi supporter, but I do look at production first.

          • dsc60 says:

            I don’t know… Brandi’s reaction seemed raw and real. I don’t think she’s that good of an actress. I know my first and foremost thought would be my pets too… and of course once I found out one of my pets was missing I would’t care about anything else at that point. Especially being that far from home. This wasn’t the first time her assistant “lost” one of her dogs. She may have sensed that the “break-in” story was a coverup. I give Brandi credit for not calling out her assistant… particularly since she couldn’t be certain she was lying.

        • michers says:

          Before Joyce started her pageant parade on this show of BS, it was put out that her hubby did some work that was tied into Eddie whom is with LeLe , whom Joyce very well did meet and knows. Since she began her non stop attacks on Brandi, no all of the sudden she never met Leanne…

        • TEAM FAIR says:

          @Mego the Lying Stripper

          How did Brandi lie on Adrienne — Adrienne was the proven Liar. UMMM…me thinks this is why the LIAR ooop, Adrienne didn’t attend the Reunion.

          I think it so funny to continue to call Brandi a Liar when it comes to Adrienne, but it was Adrienne who was continually caught Lying! This coward refused to attend the Reunion!

          • Debbie1 says:

            Brandi lied the WHOLE season and said Adrienne was suing her! It was a LIE, there was NEVER a lawsuit! Lisa and Ken either went along with the lie or she lied to them too! Why would Adrienne come to the reunion? She brought Brandi on the show and then was stabbed in the back by her. Adrienne didn’t need the little $$$ this show paid her, Brandi did.

    • Jarlath says:

      This is how I see it too. She’s been attacking Brandi non-stop and this dies not mean I am excusing Brandi’s behavior. And as for her clarifying on not judging Carlton’s kids’ names, she is very judgmental. I refer back to her comment on her god vs. a witch.shemay lime to pretend she’s open minded but she should just accept she’s not and own it .

      And as for her calling something silly, girl please, you were in Lisa’s face over something so petty. Whatever pageant queen

      • michers says:

        Thank you Jarlath! What is those cranky ones say? ” Thank God for common sense “…

      • dsc60 says:

        Joyce is overdoing the attacks on Brandi. The talking heads are what puts the nails in the coffin for the most part. There is almost no way a show like this couldn’t put a strain on a relationship. The producers ask provocative questions that almost trick them into making negative comments. The only chance a relationship/friendship can survive is very open, honest communication off camera, and having very thick skin. They also have to keep reminding themselves that they’re ALL being manipulated. Of course it has to be a worthwhile friendship to begin with (and throughout… which is the point I guess).

    • Lucida says:

      “Who complains they were bullied, made fun of, and was made to feel bad about herself, then turns around as an adult and does it to someone else?”

      Let’s see…who was the new girl without any allies, bullied and made to feel badly about herself to the point of tears…(according to Brandi’s own words she was bullied when she joined the cast)…and told a single mother on camera – whom she just met – that she did crystal meth all night in the bathroom…

      Perhaps in response to Brandi at the pool and at dinner, after she was race baited, disrespected, called a big fat pig – perhaps right then Joyce should have just told Brandi to go f*ck herself and accused her of snorting coke in the pool house. Instead of trying to give her a hug or politely asking her to stop.

      • michers says:

        Im not even going over those episodes again, where you can see what was said by who, and who started it. And Brandi was a single mom also, who was ganged up on :) And Kim’s sister, outed her on national tv yes? Then she went where? To rehab.

      • LoveShackAus says:

        She should had offered Brandi a clean tampon since Brandi likes to wear the string in public.

  9. michers says:

    When someone is sneaky and conniving and only out to hurt another, of course they would be prepared to shoot reunion already and throw daggers, LOL! Like I said, came on show with pre-planned strategy, and will leave on reunion that way. Snake!

    • Jarlath says:

      Exactly! She’s conniving and loves the drama. The producers did not cast her because she hates to stir the pop, quite the opposite.

      • Ellen says:

        She’s not shut up. Interview and tweet after interview and tweet attacking the majority of the ladies. She has mentioned editing in every single interview yet yells Liar! when anyone else mentions editing. Yeah, Joyce. Totally believable.

          • Ellen says:

            It’s weird, right?! How can one person mention editing so much but then become so indignant any time the other cast mentions it? Sheesh. I mean I know people like to scream victim! at Brandi and say she uses editing and us not seeing everything as an excuse, but is no one else catching on that Joyce is using the same excuse?

      • lifetimemovie says:

        I haven’t seen Joyce attack anyone. On the other hand, Brandi keeps attacking Joyce, her “open letter” being the latest one. Joyce comes across as very nice and polite. Brandi comes across as mean, drunk and YEALOUS.

        • inflight says:

          GOOD ONE, lifetime. Brandi certainly is great at dishing it out, but cries…my boys, my dog ,etc. when she is on the receiving end.

          Just because Joyce wasn’t going to Go Along with Brandi, Brandi
          has put a target on Joyce ever since.

    • Mego the Lying Stripper says:

      She started in with Joyce for no reason. She forgets that she was once the new kid on the block, and proudly declares that she is the boss of the show. She has never shown Joyce a moment of kindness. So let’s blame Joyce for all of that, and give high praise to Brandi for being a bitch.

      • Ellen says:

        I’m more siding on the idea that if Joyce gets to tell us over and over that we don’t see everything, it’s edited, then we should also believe the others saying we’re not seeing everything. And duh, of course we don’t see everything. All shows are edited and stuff gets left out. We can google all sorts of shows and find outtakes reels on youtube. That’s how all shows are whittled down to their time slots.

      • dsc60 says:

        Exactly Mego… how soon they forget. She should remember how she felt when Kyle and Kim were on the attack. However, I do think Joyce needs to calm it down now. What the saying? Two wrongs don’t make a right?

    • Vita says:

      Two peas in a pod then. Brandi and Joyce are quite similar.

    • Sugarlump says:

      Wonder if she’ll come with printed out documents and cellphone in hand like those wacky RHOC?

      • LaraM says:

        Oh Lord, I bet she will. Can’t wait for Amy Phillips to do ber impersonation!

        And who goes in a “private girls trip” with a 200 dollar, sequined bikini anyway? You all know that is the main reason she disn’y want to get in pool! It eas “show time, folks”.

  10. Sam says:

    This girl needs to stop with the innocent angel act. She knew exactly the type of show this was when she signed on. Brandi may be rude and a little immature but I doubt that she trying to bring Joyce down. I honestly find the girl to be extremely annoying although she is beautiful. But come on I don’t buy her good girl, I never do anything bad image she is trying to display on the show. I guess only time will tell what actually goes down. Actually never mind we all know they edit for the storyline purposes so I guess we will never know he truth lol

  11. Queen Vee says:

    I like Joyce. Brandi can say whatever she wants about other people, true or not. Then, she can give interview after interview trashing Lisa and whoever else she doesn’t like. Now someone is giving some of that right back to her and she can’t take it.

  12. Honnie Badger says:

    Wash your hair only once a week? Are you fucking kidding me? If I go a day without shampoo, it gets oily and itchy. What a crock of shit.

    Even worse — she claims absolutely no producer involvement, that this whole tired and predictable crap is “real?”

    • Jo says:

      I wash my hair once a week, many curly-haired people do (although I don’t know why Joyce does). The curls make it slower for the natural oils and nutrients coming from our scalp to distribute to our hair, and if curly-haired people wash their hair every day, it washes away these nutrients before they can nourish the hair and we end up with super dry hair.

      Often, curly-haired people only shampoo their hair with conditioner for the same reason (i.e., dryness).

      • Honnie Badger says:

        I have semi-curly hair, not the tight curls and thick strands. Much to my chagrin. If I had your hair, girlfriend, I would grow it down to my waist. I adore curly hair.

        • Jo says:

          Hahaha thank you, my hair’s down to mid-back but it’s a huge nuisance, I straighten the hell out of it every chance I get. I would looove to have semi-curly hair. The grass is always greener!

    • Vita says:

      Everyone’s different sweetheart. It’s not a crock of shit. I only wash my hair once a week unless I have been sweating a lot for some reason and it needs to be washed more.

      • Happy day says:

        Exactly – from health reasons my scalp and hair are as dry as a rock and even my doctor and hair dresser told me only to wash it only every 5-7 days to keep it from falling out and drying out my scalp worse.

        Some people with corse hair also do not get a lot of natural oils, so there is no smell even after several days. But If my daughter does not wash her hair everyday she has an oily mess on her head –different needs for different people.

      • Vee says:

        Preach! I haven’t cut my hair in years, only trims, and I wash it 1-2x a week. My scalp is dry and that’s what works for me.

    • Mego the Lying stripper says:

      Depends what kind of hair you have. I have t wash my hair every other day but some people, like my sister in law wash it once a week. I actually envy those people.

    • dsc60 says:

      I don’t even use shampoo… well, rarely. I use conditioner. I doubted it when I heard it too but my hair was starting to look it’s age and I was desperate. I tried it and immediately thrilled with the results. Have been doing it for two years now. My hair is shiny and has life again. Also, I don’t have to “wash” it often… I go about five days. Every once in a while I’ll use a little shampoo on my roots. My hair used to knot like crazy REALLY bad. I don’t have that problem anymore either. Some have a transition period but I didn’t. I also rarely use other products, i.e. hair spray, gels, etc. I don’t know how that would work. Google would give those answers I’m sure.

    • TEAM FAIR says:

      @Honnie Badger

      Well, no…with her hair..that may work.

      Now, as a Black woman..that sounds just about right. I do not know of one Black woman who washes her hair everyday.

      I have no idea the type of hair Joyce has…but, I will go with her on this one.

  13. Jo says:

    If Bravo sold a DVD of all the footage that ended up on the cutting room floor, I would buy it.

  14. Carter says:

    “If Yolanda obviously wants to be on the show so badly despite all her health problems, yet thinks everyone is a clown… This probably makes her the head clown.”

    Gosh, I can’t help but like this girl.

  15. Bryn says:

    Sounds like Joyce and Lisa are getting along now.

  16. Jelly says:

    I can’t wait to see Joyce rip Brandi a new one, and I hope she does. Though Brandi is very vindictive and immature, so I am sure she will try and get her revenge somehow by saying something like “OH, at least I wash my hair once a day (explicative!)” or “YEAH YOYCE!” haha, I really hope Lisa also rips Brandi a new one as well. I don’t like Lisa, but I dislike Brandi even more. Along with Yolanda.

    • Debbie1 says:

      After all the CRAP and lies Brandi got away with at the last reunion…Brandi deserves everything Joyce dishes out. I don’t think Brandi will do well in a battle of wits. Joyce is an educated woman, Brandi….not so much.

  17. Chanel says:

    Lol, im sorry but I highly doubt Joyce isn’t nervous for the reunion Brandi is gonna be all over her like white on rice, and she wont hesitate to go there. Joyce is just like Karent from RHOM its very easy to act like your hard during interviews,confessionals and on twitter.

    • Happy day says:

      I believe Joyce – I think she is comfortable and confident about how she behaved on the show so she has no problem discussing it at the reunion. She at least believes she wasn’t a two faced hypocrite like Carlton and Yolanda and she knows the footage shows Brandi going after her repeatedly and not the other way around.

      Better yet – maybe Andy and Bravo have told her they will be showing the Yolanda lunch/Brandi call at the reunion or the lost clips episodes. I actually think Joyce keeps talking about these unaired scenes that will vindicate her because she is now forcing Bravo’s hand to air them and she wants them too bad.

      Joyce also knows what we have not seen, which probably will include more drunk scenes by Brandi going after Joyce and then the big blow up and fall out between Lisa and Brandi. Joyce was there and has a good idea what the audience will see and I think she believes Brandi will have a lot more explaining to do after the viewers see everything.

    • Mego the Lying stripper says:

      I don’t think Bravo is too happy with Brandi right now. She posted an open letter on her facebook stating that basically the show is fake.

      • Tara says:

        Hello, Mego the Lying stripper!

        Fantastic name BTW! LMAO!

        Oh, I hope Brandi keeps on posting herself out of a job…

        Happy Christmas!

  18. Beyoncé Shabazz says:

    @fifismommy… No offense taken. I AM offended that some believe that being identified black or of African heritage is somehow negative, offensive or derogatory…Now THAT’S racist! Joyce used an opportunity to become relevant after her hair flung fail with Lisa.. And it doesn’t matter if what Brandi said was based in statistical factoid or for the joy of irking Joyce… She was accurate and her comment was not racist. Brandi showed just how knowledgable she was in that moment… Surprising for someone who so frequently is shown to be ignorant and crass.

    My understanding was that Joyce being identified as African was a surprise to the women… I wonder why she wasn’t so offended until her bobble head interview… And why others are so outraged on her behalf.

    And for the record… Brandi nor I said “no” or “all”… But the majority of MY black friends and family and yes, even those who live near water don’t swim… Nor do the majority of them ski… Or eat cheese… Or mayonnaise…or listen to country music…or line dance…

    • Mego the Lying stripper says:

      Nobody believes you are African-American by the way. I guess you think we are stupid.

    • lifetimemovie says:

      Brandi didn’t come up with the weave excuse until HER talking head interview. At the pool, Joyce said that she didn’t know how to swim, and then Brandi called her a black person. Nobody mentioned a weave. They didn’t show that anyway.

      And nobody knows if Brandi knew anything about Joyce’s background. She was married to a Cuban man for 13 years, and she might have learned about the background of the Spanish speaking Caribbean.

      • LaraM says:

        The whole thing is silly. I do get @LolaFalana’s original post, in that Brandi was trying to get a rise out of Joyce, and that is why it backfired. Racist, she is not!

    • LoveShackAus says:

      I’m Puerto Rican. I am mixed. If someone identifies me with anything else BUT Puerto Rican it will come as a surprise. I don’t deny all my different nationalities. It would be rude. I’m Spanish, Dutch, Native American and probably African. Not sure about the last part. I’m just assuming it because I’m dark olive or light brown. So if someone identifies me as Dutch, it would surprise me. But I can’t deny it. Get it. Joyce being surprised being called black doesn’t mean she took it as an insult. It just means she’s Puerto Rican. I guess much like most white Americans would be a just a little surprised if someone called them British. Even though they do have anglo-saxon background. They just don’t really identify with their great-great-great-great grandparents heritage.

    • sandy says:

      LOL! Beyoncé I am old as dirt. When I was in high school (70′s) all students who did not no how to swim where required to learn at the high school pool. We wouldn’t be allowed to graduate otherwise. I was the only white girl. (This was in Washington state and we never had any segregation in our schools.)

  19. Portland says:

    I have to question Joyce in stating that “RHOBH is really real. There is no script or guidance.” That appears to be such a contradiction when too many people have publically stated the opposite. Just recently, Simon produced that email. Come on, Joyce.

  20. WCW says:

    Great interview.
    Joyce was talking behind Lisa’s back – and that hair flipping telenovela scene was straight up bad acting stupid. Then there is the “why is Brandi attacking me when I have done nothing to her” crap. Joyce called her a liar when she likely misunderstood what Brandi was trying to tell her – new girl to last year’s new girl. Add all the other names Joyce has called Brandi….on WWHL and in any interview or article someone writes or on social media.
    Well, Brandi doesn’t back away (like Joyce does) when someone offends or attacks her. LOL I am so tired of Joyce’s name calling! Sheesh, Kyle had to say that Brandi was not a racist because Joyce is too stupid and too mean to own her own emotionally charged name calling words. It will be fun to see Joyce get confronted at the reunion!
    Joyce is competitive – she is a pageant girl and that is what they do – compete! Brandi was last year’s little darling and that is who Joyce needs to take down to win that title (which is why Brandi said this is not a competition when she found out about Chica).
    Brandi is a hot mess but she is an honest hot mess.
    Joyce can rewrite history, claim editing is at fault and that her intentions were misunderstood – she is still a fake who can’t stop competing. I don’t see her making appearances on talk shows with Kyle or Kim or see photos of her out lunching with any of the other ladies….makes me wonder how they all feel about her now….

    • LaraM says:

      Great analysis of the competitive nature of Joyce. I agree with your post. I really wanted to like Joyce bc of her charities, degrees, and she seemed very nice….but now, all I see is pageant responses, and calculating with a big pretty smile.

      • Sugarlump says:

        Totally agree Lara

      • LoveShackAus says:

        Nope it’s the culture. We don’t take junk from anyone.

        • WCW says:

          I don’t know what anyone’s “culture” is until they tell me what it is and/or I learn about it from spending time with them. I don’t take “junk” from anyone and I don’t attributed my behavior to anything more than that is just the way I live my life.
          I am not trying to be rude, but please name one culture where “taking junk from anyone” is a well known factual statement and that that culture is proud of it.

      • LoveShackAus says:

        Nope it’s the culture. We don’t take junk from anyone.

    • Mego the Lying stripper says:

      Why do people say that Brandi is honest all the time? Because Brandi keeps repeating it?

      • LaraM says:

        I think she is impulsive and can be mean (or drunk), but I do not think she is malicious, and doesn’t get the consequences of her actions not words.

        • lifetimemovie says:

          Brandi seems totally malicious. Have you read her pathetic open letter where she blames all of the problems in her life on Joyce? Give me a break.

          • LaraM says:

            I agree with @Happy Day in that letter, @lifetimemovie (love your name, btw, funny). And others. Brandi isn’t evil, but she is a drunk. Sorry. I really like her. But her slippery slope has caused her to slip on razor’s edge, so to speak.

          • lifetimemovie says:

            I agree that she’s a drunk. You say she’s not evil, but what she did to Adrienne was pretty evil.

          • Tara says:

            Brandi is on her downward spiral and descent into an alcohol induced madness..
            I am about as sick of hearing Brandi say she is a “truth magnet’ as much as I am sick to death of hearing Yolanda saying she is a “Girl’s girl”.
            Brandi is a mean vindictive drunk and she is getting progressively worst.
            Harmless? Maybe not for too much longer..

          • LaraM says:

            Adrienne is not an angel!

          • LaraM says:

            And I am sorry, but I love Yolanda and Lisa. I want all of them on next season! And Camille to return! I do not want JoAnna on this show bc of my low blood pressure, which may rise. :-)

        • dsc60 says:

          I want them all to return too and having Camille back would be great. I like them all in one way or another (as well as dislike, but nobody is perfect). I couldn’t wait for RHoBH to be Tayliarless. The only truly bad one through and through in the bunch.

      • sandy says:

        LOL!! Hilarious!

        • anna says:

          I know!! My son has this as his screen saver and when the high school kids come over (including some black athletes) they all laugh. It’s funny people!!

          I wish more people saw this…don’t know where to post it..

      • LaraM says:

        Actually, I don’t find that funny. Maybe my hisband will (whom is black), I think there is decorum in jokes, which mostly should be kept private. That pic is an ultra-right wing, confederate flag bearing attempt at a joke. Not you per se, but imo, not funny, and all “blacks” aren’t athletes.

        • LaraM says:

          Ok. So here was my husband’s take on pic….he said “hell yeah. When I lived in San Diego, or went to pool parties, I am not getting my pressed shorts wet, nor are my sisters’ getting their pressed hair wet”. Oh, Lord!

          • LaraM says:

            And, I am sorry, I do not find the picture funny. Jmo

          • LaraM says:

            And I do non-PC humor, but this, my friends is just wrong, to me, and crosses the line, whether my husband is not offended and stupid/funny of it. I do not like it.

  21. inflight says:

    Joyce is answering questions, honest and candidly posed to her, by the interviewer.
    Don’t hate her cause she’s beautiful, intelligent, articulate, and honest. No one needs to use her suggestions if they choose not to.

    I for one believe what she is saying about Brandi and Carlton. Every time Carlton turns around she is changing her story to bad mouth whom ever.

    Not every great beauty of the world comes by it naturally/honestly, they have had a
    little (MD.) help along the way and so what ………that doesn’t take away from the fact they are still gorgeous, just like Joyce.

    • dsc60 says:

      Oh please! I very much doubt many (likely nobody) here hate Joyce because she’s beautiful, intelligent, rich, thin, tall, young, has great hair, is married with children, blah blah blah. Dang how I hate it when people use that as leverage as to why any particular housewife, or non-housewife, isn’t liked. I also don’t think any of those reasons are why Brandi doesn’t like her either. I guess someone who is beautiful, intelligent, rich, thin, young or any combo of those traits can be as horrible a person as they care to be because they can always play the “haters” card. 100x more annoying than the editing excuse. The younger one especially floors me. I’m 53 and I am not nor ever have been jealous of anyone younger than me. That’s ludicrous IMO. I don’t want to be younger AT ALL. I don’t want to go backwards! I’ve already been there! And while it was great, I’ve learned that every age has pros and cons. I’ve earned every year of the 53 years I am and with age comes wisdom which, at this point, I’d take any day over being “young.” Please tell me… at what age does the “privilege” of claiming others are jealous of their youth stop? Is an 80 year old jealous of me because I’m 53? Is it just one year difference in age? Five years? Ten years? I’m sure Joyce is jealous of a 20 year old right? Highly doubt it. Time is passing for all of us… Joyce is getting older every day just like everyone else. There’s only one alternative to aging and I’m not afraid of that either.

      Okay… sorry… rant over.

  22. Laurie says:

    I think this was a great interview. Joyce seems pretty authentic. She didn’t really have any skin the game when she joined the show. Whether I find Joyce interesting or storyline-relevant is another question.

    But she has no reason to lie about any of the women. How would that serve her in the long road?

    Brandi is just a mess. She’s sabotaging her own 15 minutes of fame. After she’s fired from BH, no one will remember her a few months later. She hasn’t a pot to piss in expect for shock-worthy books which I’m sure are not even competition with Jackie Collins-type fiction.

    Brandi’s karma is from Paul and Adrienne. I think her downfall is brilliant because she was a misfit to this BH cast from beginning. Not a BH resident, not a HW, not a mover/shaker/not a businesswoman/not rich/ there’s nothing ‘glamorous’ about her which seemed to be the prerequisite for the premise of this franchise.

    I still think she should be kissing Adrienne’s A$$ for be introduced to producers in the first place and getting whatever ‘fame’ and book $ she’s gotten so far. She should also be thanking LeAnn for even making her name public back in the day when the cheating scandal exploded.

    As for Lexy’s comments way up-thread about Brandi’s drunken behavior and Lisa’s attempt to quiet her — I honestly think Lisa was trying to make sure Brandi didn’t also reveal Lisa’s machinations against Kyle. IMO.

  23. BravoSucks says:

    I’m glad Joyce got the chance to clear up hairgate. Her version of the situation makes much more sense than the edited version.

  24. Lola Falana says:

    I don’t know. Joyce could turn out to be a horrible person when it’s all said and done, but nothing she is doing is really bothering me right now.

    I mean, she’s promoting the show via certain media (including Twitter) and providing HER perspective of the show, its cast and her interactions with her cast members while promoting. I mean, how is what she’s doing any different from what many other Housewives do?

    If Joyce goes into NEXT season still talking about what took place THIS season when it comes to Brandi, THEN I will think she is obsessed with Brandi or has a particular agenda and/or vendetta where Brandi is concerned. Until then, I just don’t see that with her.

    Right now, it just looks to me like Joyce’s antennae were raised when Brandi called her and said something negative about Lisa, who was supposed to be her friend.

    It also looks to me like Joyce’s suspicions about Brandi were further raised when she met Yolanda, on camera, for lunch, and Yolanda confronted her with negative information about Lisa’s behavior during a prior interaction with Joyce that was provided (to Yolanda) by Brandi. Maybe Joyce felt like she and/or Lisa were being “set up” by Brandi, and she did not care for it.

    So, Brandi rubbed her the wrong way by talking behind Lisa’s back, and she rubbed Brandi the wrong way by revealing Brandi’s sh*t-talking about Lisa TO Lisa.

    Fair enough. Not everybody has to like each other.

    But then Brandi went after Joyce with a vengeance on that Palm Springs’ trip IMO.

    She STARTED with Joyce, and Joyce, instead of just lying down and taking it, is FINISHING it by fighting back. Like the saying goes, “Don’t START none….won’t BE none.”

    • LaraM says:

      My problem with Joyce was solidified on her “pageantry” answers, looking at wrong camera, and black hose—all on WWHL, not to mention her sequined 200 buck bikini-which is real reason she wouldn’t get in pool, and her very calculated TH. She is an actress and a pageant star. Just like Kenya. Not authentic on these shows, to me.

      • Lola Falana says:


        I think MANY of them have calculated talking heads. So, I don’t hold that against Joyce… yet.

        Maybe she didn’t want to get in the pool because of her expensive bikini, but her husband seems to do very well financially. I don’t think he’d have a problem buying her another one if she ruined it in the pool. So, I’m not sure I buy that as the reason for her refraining from getting into the pool.

        I just don’t think she felt comfortable swimming at that time. I think she wanted to lay out and look “cute” (Sometimes that’s all I want to do by a pool: dip my toes and calves in occasionally; sip on my drink; enjoy my girls; and lay out looking “cute” and getting a tan). I also think Joyce might not have wanted to go through the hassle of having to blow dry and style that MASSIVE amount of hair on her head. She did say she only washes it once a week. I don’t know. I didn’t see the big deal with her not wanting to swim.

        Lisa didn’t look like she was even TRYING to get in the pool, and nobody was f*cking with her over that. I didn’t see Kyle or Kim make any moves to swim either.

        So, why was Joyce singled out, you know?

        Yes, Joyce has been in pageants, which may lead to some of her answers seeming rehearsed and inauthentic because she is used to being poised. I also keep in mind that Joyce, unlike Brandi (and her cast mates) is EDUCATED. So, because of that, of course, she is going to have poised and educated responses to things.

        I don’t necessarily see how that makes her “worse” than Brandi, who, more and more, is looking like a HOT MESS MEAN (and, yes, uneducated and immature) DRUNK who spews some of the most offensive and shocking things that make people around her either laugh nervously or look around in supreme discomfort.

        I don’t know. I just haven’t seen enough behavior from Joyce yet that I would consider offensive or that would allow me to firmly conclude that she is an a*shole (She COULD be, but I’m just not seeing enough evidence to draw that conclusion yet).

        Based on what I’ve seen so far and based on the previews next week, her poise and grace aside, I’m also seeing a very FIERY side to Joyce’s personality that is more than willing to go toe-to-toe with Brandi and shut her down.

        And I don’t think Brandi knows how to handle it (because the other RHOBH ladies have all seemed so scared of incurring her wrath). Joyce seems to have the ability to rock Brandi’s world, all with a pageant hair toss and a smile.

        And I’m kinda diggin’ it….

        Sorry….No offense.


        • LaraM says:

          I still don’t like her black panty hose on WWHL, lol!

          • Lola Falana says:


            Girl, BYE!! This really did make me laugh VERY loudly!

            I’m still giggling as I type.

            O.K. O.K. Those black pantyhose were a poor choice, and she deserves a citation from “The Fashion Police.”


        • dsc60 says:

          They singled Joyce out because she was the host! Everyone knows how rude it is when the host doesn’t join her guests in the pool even if she is sitting right beside it, interacting with them.

          What about her guests who didn’t get in the pool? If it’s rude to not go in the pool with guests, isn’t it rude to leave the guests who don’t want to get in the pool to go in the pool with the guests who did?

          I don’t really care why she didn’t want to get in the pool even if it was because of her swimsuit or if she didn’t want to get her hair wet. Not being able to swim makes no sense for any reason… Brandi and Yolanda were STANDING in the pool.

      • Bobby says:

        That’s hillarious – you KNOW she didn’t wanna get in the water because of vain reasons? Who are you to know such info? Yolanda.

        I sympathized with Joyce on that because sometimes I just wanna layout too nothing more nothing less. What’s the issue lol I mean really.

        • LaraM says:

          Well Yolanda, true to her Ralph Lauren style, could rock a white, bland one piece like nobody’s business. Lol! In her late 40′s. And cit offs! I love her style!

          • Lola Falana says:

            Yolanda did rock the sh*t out of those cutoffs and a simply white all-in-one bathing suit! She looked effortlessly chic and sexy but still very classy.

      • inflight says:

        laraM, there is nothing wrong with pageants in the sense that they provide young ladies a fantastic opportunity to further their education by providing
        scholarships. Not to mention the many other opportunities that come from pageants.

        Kenya is an aberration.

        • LaraM says:

          @Inflight, I know, and agree. My favorite teacher was Miss Missouri and second runner up in Miss America. She was not only my English teacher, my mentor, but my dance instructor, and later employer to teach ballet and jazz to wee ones.

          I still like making fun of pageants! Hell, Oprah got her break with a pageant!

          You have to admit, pageants and debate clubs helped a lot of us…but funny nuances come from it all. I grew up with politicians, and would impersonate them…to their face. It is all good. Just funny to me.

  25. HWAddict13 says:

    Brandi was going to use Joyce one way or another this season. If she went along with her plan to build an army against Lisa, she was one of her soldiers, and if stepped out of line, Brandi was going to blame it all on Joyce IMHO. Instead, Joyce knew what Brandi was doing and beat her at her own game.

    Why are people saying Joyce is horrible for that? Brandi is a manipulative trash heap, and it’s ABOUT time someone did this. She went after Kim and got away with it. She went after Adrienne’s kids and got away with it. She was most definitely going after Lisa, and she probably would have gotten away with that too. Joyce just saw her for the vindictive woman Brandi is with no morals, no class, no nothing but venom for ANYONE in this world that has more than her (first Adri, then Lisa and now Joyce), and she’s letting her know I’m not going to be your victim. I’m going to teach you a lesson. Bravo, Joyce, and now I too can’t wait for the reunion because Brandi doesn’t deserve anymore airtime with what she thinks are storylines. Everything to her is calculated, while Joyce is actually getting to know people and befriend them as human beings. You might want to try that storyline because the viewers see through the I kiss a girl and I liked it ones.

  26. lifetimemovie says:

    From Joyce’s current Bravo blog:

    “[David] asked me to make a toast in Spanish and I certainly accepted the request of our gracious host. As I was making the toast Brandi interrupted me on multiple occasions. She even said ‘Shut
    the f— up we’re not in Miami’

    • Lola Falana says:

      What in the EFF did Miami have to do with anything?

      I have a sneaking suspicion, but I don’t want to jump to the wrong conclusion(s).

      Can someone please enlighten me?

      • inflight says:

        Brandi is her own worst enemy….that and alcohol.
        You know if someone made this comment at their work place,
        they would be fired. The woman is ignorant and so very sad

        Brandi has lost her entertainment value. She is old enough to know
        better and keep vile thoughts to herself.

        • Lola Falana says:

          Yeah….that comment definitely seems like an indication that Brandi was implicitly stating that Joyce might fit in better in Miami….because there are more Latina Housewives there?

          Is that it?

          • sandy says:

            Hey Lola. My daughter lived in Miami for several years about eight years ago. She did tell me that the area she lived and worked in almost no one spoke English. She worked at a fish market selling fresh fish which she had to learn all the Spanish names for the fish. She does speak Spanish pretty well from that experience! Having never been down that far south even though I lived in the Daytona Beach area for over twenty years I am going on what my daughter shared with me. There are a lot of Cubans that live there. I think that was the gist of Brandi’s sarcastic remark.

          • lifetimemovie says:

            The gist of Brandi’s remark was that Joyce does not belong in Beverly Hills, and by extension not on the show. That’s the message she has been trying to send from day one with her “you’re black” comment, and Hoycita, Yoyce, Yoy, etc.

      • HWAddict13 says:

        Wow, and she’s not racist or ignorant in the slightest way prejudiced? She’s insulting her own children with these shots. She is sick.

        • Lola Falana says:


          Thank you for letting me know that I am not the ONLY one who took Brandi’s alleged (I say alleged because it was not shown on camera, and I only have Joyce’s word to go by), “Shut the f*ck up, we’re not in Miami” quote to be ANOTHER “dig” by Brandi toward Joyce, pointing out how Joyce is an “other” who does not belong with the RHOBH crew.

          It’s too bad that Brandi does not realize that her out-of-control behavior this season makes HER seem like the one who is the answer to the question, “Which one of these is NOT like the others?” when looking at a picture of the present RHOBH cast (NOT Joyce).

          • lifetimemovie says:

            You know what I thought was pathetic? When Brandi told Yolanda’s daughter that Joyce was jealous of her. Brandi, a 42 year old woman, dragging a teenager into her sad drama. SAD

  27. Free KROY says:

    Love her. So far.

  28. Oahu Stacey says:

    Joyce is a total idiot. I can’t stand her at all. It makes me sick to my stomach to hear her call her husband baby. Someone needs to stuff a sock in her stupid mouth.

  29. it's a little fat shoe says:

    First off, ONCE a week?!?! Wash your hair once a week?! My hair looks like a hot greasy mess if I go 2 days! I guess that’s an advantage of not having a job, because you can’t leave your house with hair that hasn’t been washed in 5 or 6 days!

    Secondly, give us the hair mask recipe b*tch! :)

  30. Tara says:


    Regarding my “Poor little Tick” comment.
    I realized I should of clarified my comment.

    I wouldn’t wish Lyme Disease on my worst enemy. I would like to state, for the record, that I would never verbally attack any human being that had any illness, period.

    My comment was in bad form.

    However, my point was:
    Although, I have seen Yolanda go through a horrible physical change and it is heartbreaking to watch any human being suffer or to be in a fight to regain health with such underwhelming odds is a tragedy.

    My comment is that although Yolanda seems a bit slow, her core personality is mean spirited.
    Specifically, she doesn’t seem to mentally deficient to post mean spirited blogs, being one of the most inhospitable Hostesses in the history of Hostessdom or petty, childish and spiteful with the ridiculous handwritten “heartless” place cards or the ludicrous “dream team” comment.

    God, I hate when people bring up I’ll friends for comparison but I am going there.

    I have a neighbor that is young, with young children who is in advanced case of MS. I constantly marvel at her acceptance, positive attitude and humor regarding her illness. She has taught me a great deal about grace, seeing the world with the glass half full and living each day in the spirit of love as each day is a gift.

    Now back to the poor little tick comment. Yes, that was in poor taste and not politically correct but it was only a lame attempt at humor.

    Meaning, Yolanda is blaming all of her pretentious back stabbing behavior on a tick seems proposterious.

    I know, intellectually, that many people have actual personality changes with Lyme Disease. I am just not buying that all of the shade that Yolanda had been throwing out is due to her malady. That is my personal feeling on the matter.

    Just like Brandi blames all of her bad behavior on whatever she can come up with.

    That being said.
    I whole heartedly sincerely apologize to anyone I have offended.

  31. Tara says:

    Whoops! Stupid Smart Phone spell check! Ill not I’ll.

  32. Bev (Yorkshire Pudding) says:

    Not buying into Joyce’s pathetic story (attention whore), feel sorry that Brandi is a drunk, not buying into Lisa’s BS, just over the lot of them and very sorry for myself that I ever invested time into watching them.

  33. Kalli says:

    Joyce is always looking to stir the pot & make drama where there is none. Brandi was giving her a lil advice & she turned it into something it was not. She only wants to turn the girls against each other. She’s such a silly dumb girl. Of course she’s sucking on Kim & Kyle like that train wreck Dana did. She knows how much the producers favor Kyle. Everyone can see that. In an interview when asked about the monthly hair mask she uses, she refused to give the ingrediants. Who would do that? Why not allow other women to use this homemade hair mask that could possibly benefit from it? Because she’s a jealous, envious person. Too afraid someone else may actually have great hair as well. What a moron! I can predict Joyce continuing to start crap with the other ladies on the show to ensure herself a lil air time because quite frankly she is a total bore on the show.

  34. LaraM says:

    I agree but use olive oil, conditioner, and Teresa’s Keratin, or if out the “Horse Mane” spray to comb out. I loooove water on my head, and have hard water. Have tried everything. I think Joyce may be onto something, but not for me with water/conditioner.

  35. Jelly says:

    Well, seeing as how Brandi is running her mouth. Brandi has gotten away with it lately and knowing that Joyce is going to not let this girl get away with it. I can’t wait to see that happen. How is it immature? Brandi has been poking at Joyce waiting to see what happens and she’s biting back. You would think after how “awful” Kim and Kyle treated Brandi that Brandi would never do that to a new housewife but she clearly doesn’t think that way.

    There are no pots or kettles when one is simply defending themselves and treating Brandi how Brandi has been treating her.

  36. dsc60 says:

    I wondered the same Cajsa. Joyce isn’t doing herself any favors but she’s doing Brandi a huge one. Joyce is showing that she can be a raging b!tch too and proving Brandi’s point about not seeing how Joyce was acting in Palm Springs. Why don’t these women ever just let their nemesis hang themselves? In Palm Springs, Joyce kept calm but still let Brandi know she wasn’t going to accept her behavior… “I’m not going to talk to you when you call me Jacquelyn.” (I’m paraphrasing.) Instead she’s getting down in the mud right along with Brandi. It’s best not to let people see you sweat and Joyce is really sweaty right now.

  37. dsc60 says:

    Sorry, then she should have given her kids names that undoubtedly will stir up ridicule. And she certainly can’t expect everyone to not think they’re unusual names, because THEY ARE, and some are going to be caught off-guard and may express it in some way. Joyce was in no way rude, not a bit.

    I actually like Carlton… she’s eccentric and she intrigues me. She’s rough around the edges and has come across as harsh at times… even seemingly unfairly. I don’t dislike Joyce either. I do think she’s letting Brandi get to her and her Brandi-bashing is a bit much. But there’s things I like about her too. I don’t think either of them are bad people. Heck, I don’t think any of the BH housewives are. Everyone is flawed… some more than others. It’s the ones who seem not to have souls I can’t tolerate.

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