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Erika Girardi Defends Her Weird Behavior Saying “Sue Me for Being Considerate!”

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Erika Girardi hasn’t exactly been favorite with the new girl, Teddi Mellencamp. With Teddi, Erika has come off as cold and icy (and I don’t think it’s her diamonds.) Even worse, when Teddi invited the ladies to her beach house she was already self conscious about the divas staying over and Erika ended up going MIA.

Apparently Ms. Jayne doesn’t see anything wrong with her behavior as she dedicated this weeks’ Bravo Blog defending her actions, saying the other girls were acting weird:

Since so much has been said about my “weird” behavior at the beach house, I thought you should know the facts.

I got in the car at LVP’s at noon already not feeling well and drove down to Dana Point and had all intentions to stay at Teddi’s beach house overnight, even though Tom was recovering from surgery and still wasn’t walking.

We filmed all day. Cameras went down at midnight, I was beyond exhausted and knowing the girls wanted to drink and have a good time, I decided to get a room at the nearest hotel so I could clean up and rest without worrying about messing up anything at Teddi’s.

Sue me for being considerate…

I came back in the morning like I said I would to find myself getting judged, and instead of asking me how I am feeling, I get told I am weird and sneaky.

Forget who the messenger was, the fact is the women were talking sh– about me, and I found out. That doesn’t diminish what they said about me or how they really feel about me. Very revealing…

Like I said at dinner in NYC, I know the truth and will continue to be me. In the future, I will not be extending any sort of understanding or sympathy to anyone that could not sympathize with me.

Oh and the ONLY thing I was “pretending” was trying to get through the day with a smile when I would of rather been at home in my own bed doubled over in pain.

I think any female understands that when it’s “that time” staying in a comfortable hotel trumps a drunken slumber party any day. With that being said, I think Erika is missing the point. She doesn’t seem to acknowledge Teddi’s feelings and comes off with a ‘better than you’ attitude towards her. Her reaction when Teddi tried to comfort her was awful. In addition, if she would have told Teddi privately the reason she was getting a hotel I don’t think Teddi (or any girl) would have cared. It wasn’t her actions that were weird it was her attitude.

Thoughts on Erika’s blog? Do you think Teddi had a right to be upset? Would you be offended if you were the host?

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