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Kyle Richards Says Bethenny Frankel Was “The Same, Only Poorer” When They First Met

Kyle Richards and Bethenny Frankel go way back!

The two Real Housewives have been super close friends for decades. Recently the dynamic duo, Kyle and Bethenny, were the guests together on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. Kyle and Bethenny revealed that Bethenny is going to make an upcoming appearance on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. This will be exciting because we’ll get to see Bethenny and Erika Girardi cross paths. Earlier on the show, they didn’t quite hit it off, but that may have changed now.

During WWHL Kyle and Bethenny played a fun game called, ‘How Well Do Kyle & Bethenny Know Each Other?’ It turns out that they do in fact know each other very well. Kyle even correctly guessed the craziest place Bethenny has had sex. Answer: Private Plane Bathroom. Kyle laughed, “I know you so well!” During the game, they also had to talk about their celebrity crushes growing up, unusual turn-ons, favorite swear words, and irritating habits. LOL. 

So what exactly did Kyle think Bethenny was like when they first met all of those years ago? She replied, “The same, only poorer.” Bethenny laughed as well, and nodded her head – clearly in agreement.

I love the friendship that these two have. Always have, always will. Just like with marriage, you should stand by your friendships for richer or poorer, and in sickness and in health. I hope New York and Beverly Hills start doing more crossover episodes so we can see their friendship more! I can’t picture them ever fighting and the fact that they have been close friends for over 20 years – says a lot. Sometimes the Real Housewives friendships aren’t authentic because they’re on a show together and therefore; have to be around one another. (So it can be a little forced.) However; these two clearly have a genuine friendship!

Watch Kyle and Bethenny play ‘The Friendly Wed Game’ in this clip!

Are you surprised that Kyle and Bethenny go way back? Do you think these two have changed much over the course of their shows? What did you think was the funniest moment during the game? Sound off below!

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  • What the holy phuck is she wearing? Is she now working as an airstrip neon signal as well with that outfit? Pyle and the pooh that comes out of her mouth is tiring, childish and a waste of time. They deserve each other as friends, perfect fit imo. Keep propping each other up in your delusions.

    l love this photo, it’s so damn shady. Neither of them are real lookers and that nose on Pyle, LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!

  • I thought Kyle seemed to bow to LVP whenever her name came up on WWHL, seems she is afraid of her again. Ugh. I don’t get why Lisa strikes fear in the entire cast after all these years.

    • Me too !!! I don’t get it but hoping one day the full story comes out . If they keep Dorito around one may be pushed to tell lol

  • I don’t know… I think Bethenny was much more palatable when RHONY started. Now she’s just a screeching meanie. Horrendous. Money has made her horrible.

    • I agree . Her first couple seasons when originally on- I loved her . Lost interest before spinoff , during spinoff , and ever since

  • Kryle’s neon pink pantsuit burns my retinas. My Eyes, My Eyes. Isn’t there a stylist out there to help this woman dress???

    • She has a stylist, for real. I have a feeling she tell’s the stylist what she wants to wear, and won’t listen to good advice. The stylist has basically turned into a glorified personal shopper. There’s a video of her talking about it on youtube.

      • HAH!!!! If the stylist is smart, she won’t reveal that Kryle is her client. Byle dresses like a 5 year old, who got into her mother’s closet.

            • That’s what I think. She also said in the video she’s very particular about what she wears, which is why I think this guy is just a glorified personal shopper. She tells him what she wants to wear and he buys it, end of story.

              • Who the hell does Byle think she is? She’s no 6 foot tall model with perfect measurements. She’s a stumpy runt. dresses like a fool. Her wardrobe alternates between laughable and cringe worthy.

                • I couldn’t agree more Medusa. She’s a challenge, 4 ft tall, 5lbs in a 2lb bag, bandy legs and taste only in her mouth. Anyone remember the lace romper? The many caftans? No matter how she loses weight she’s still a squarepants, very wide. Her friend isn’t worth mentioning as far as I’m concerned. There sits a wraith.