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Need a Job? Bethenny Frankel Is Looking for a New Assistant – Find Out Her Requirements Here!

Have you already wanted to work aside Bethenny Frankel to learn from the Skinnygirl herself? Well according to Page Six it may not be all it’s cracked up to be!

According to reports, Bethenny is looking for a new assistant and you had better be a jack of all trades. Responsibilities include (but not limited to) are:

  • Manage dog’s schedule
  • Maintain upcoming wardrobe queue
  • Take pictures of Frankel
  • Provide content for social media
  • Must able to travel to the second home in the Hamptons as needed
  • Hours will be full-time Monday through Friday, however hours may vary depending on needs of the home (aka be available 24/7)

Some of the ‘soft skills’ that are more open to interpretation are: “onsite with CEOs for glam, coordinate daily looks” and last but not least, must have “a tough skin.” The last one goes without saying as Bethenny isn’t one to sugar coat things if she’s not happy.

Apparently Bethenny used PageSix as an ad as she tweeted the paper once she heard they were doing a story on her search for her assistant. Bethenny states:

“Hey @pagesix since you asked, I’m hiring additional thick skinned assistants who can handle pressure, a serious business woman & an opportunity to rival a business school education. If you know anyone, let us know. We’re expanding our team by the minute as the brand expands.”

I admire Bethenny as a strong business woman but also think she would be a tough boss. Other than her past assistant Julie, she seems to go through help pretty fast which makes me wonder why they leave. I think you can learn a lot from Bethenny but I also have a feeling her version of an ‘assistant’ includes doing everything and anything under the sun.

Apparently it’s hard to find good help in the Big Apple as Luann is also looking for new help. A major difference with Lu’s requirements is that her staff must be completely sober. Obviously that wouldn’t work for Bethenny as her assistant will be working in a cocktail empire. Perhaps she can pull from Sonja’s intern pool?

Would you want to work as Bethenny’s assistant?

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  • HAHAHA she wants a thick skinned person so she can peel those skin layers slowly and painfully every day ?

  • OH – I just saw, “an opportunity to rival any business school…” So, the SkinnyBitch takes a sleazy page from skin flint SonJa’s playbook. It’s an intern position with low or no salary. Instead, the slave will get a diploma from “F U”.

      • I think she did. SonJa claimed that working for HER was on par with a college courses & possible to get college credits. Obviously, she conned the kids.

        • SMDH The hutzpah of Bonja continues to amaze me. There is nothing to be learned from Bonja that one wouldn’t have learned if they grew up in a household where their parents taught and raised them well.

          • Hahahaha…. I call BarfyHag’s ‘curriculum’ coming from her self ascribed school called, “F U”.

            • F U is funny . She probably believes that she is actually providing them with meaningful experience and that they are lucky to work for her . One more Dalmatian bites the dust

        • They should all collaborate and write a book ? My cousin’s daughter was an assistant/slave to a B list celeb and they had to go rescue her . I don’t think the way these assistants get treated is even legal

          • Wow. What do you mean that the girl “had to be rescued”? Couldn’t she leave on her own accord?

            One of SonJa’s slaves wrote a book. He confirmed what most viewers thought: SonJa didn’t pay them money. They “worked” for room & board and the promise along the lines that: “something meaningful will come from their time in her employ.” I’m not sure how well the book sold.

            • No she wasn’t held against her will or anything , but she was working around the clock without questioning anything and was convinced that it was all for her own benefit eventually. It was weird almost as if she was in a trance . And like you said she was paid peanuts and expected to be available at all times

              • I understand. She thought that she “HAD to be compliant” to get the experience. I’m glad she was ‘saved’.

  • BFrankelstein / Page Six forgot to include the most important “qualification” to be hired as an assistant: Must be named Julie or Julia.

    • Or…..she just calls them all Julie to protect their identity!! But seriously, can you imagine working for this woman on a daily and more likely 24/7 basis? The abuse would be endless. I’ve worked around people like her and it’s only natural there’s a high turnover rate in assistants. I would think MIss “in tune with the world” would be able to realize she wears people out and they quit because she’s a bitch on wheels but she seems to be clueless in that regard.

      • I was thinking that she called them all the same name, no matter what their real name is, because it’s easier for HER.
        Yes, I can imagine it. During her spinoff with Jason, a newbie QUIT on the spot during a forced vacation to a Caribbean island. Directly after BitchyHag screeched her expectations to her staff, the newest girl told Jason, “I can’t do this job. I want to go home NOW!!!!”

        • I agree, it’s for her convenience, to call them all by the same name. She probably told them she does it so Bryn doesn’t feel like there’s a revolving door. I believe BF uses her “work” employees as nannie’s and babysitters as well.

          • You’ve got a good explanation for the same name thing BF pulls. I agree that she uses whoever works for her biz, is also handling childcare chores. Looking at the above list, it’s a meshing of personal & professional duties.

            • TBH I was shocked she was so upfront with what she expected out of an assistant. Usually people don’t put it right out there. They slowly bring the assistant around to their ways at a later time after being hired, switch and bait routine.

              • She wasn’t upfront with what the position pays, though. It sounds as if the job is geared only to 20 year old girls.

                • I know, that’s what I wanted to see…..what kind of salary was being paid. There has to be some kind of hazard pay when working for FrankelJaw along with weekly therapy sessions and I’m being completely serious, no joke.

        • I only saw a portion of VPR, the electricity went out last night for about 4-5 hours. I caught it right as Katie was serving wherever they were, where were they? LOL I’m so annoyed what Mr Shishihsi said. I thought he was better than that but I guess not. As much as I can’t stand Katie, NO ONE deserves that kind of behavior. So incredibly rude, insulting and way off the mark. Katie might look a little chunky on screen but I doubt in real life she’s fat. She doesn’t know how to dress her body and that always causes problems if you are 5-10 lbs overweight, if you are on camera. I saw a portion of her story about falling through the skylight and that’s it.

          • Oh sorry about the power outage sweetie !! Hope you guys were still warm till it came back

            I was surprised that guy said that to Katie , seems unusual for somebody who works with all kinds of people . What she should have done is politely tell him that it was inappropriate. But yes nobody deserves to be told that . I don’t care who thinks they’re fat but IF IF IF she thinks she’s fat , she needs to cut down the alcohol ! Working out while you’re drinking up a storm just won’t cut it
            But then again Katie is besties with a Stassi who’s a racist and slut shamer and I was so PISSED last night that Stassi was paraded around like a show pony by LVP … Stassi is trash and she shouldn’t be rewarded for her behavior by being anointed Queen Bee.
            Argh ?

            Then we have the Florida roosters, the triplets ??. So Katie is now living in a sausage party ? ??. Why are they visiting ?
            I’ll write more in the next post

            • What is the deal with LVP drooling all over SS Stassi this season? It annoys the ever living ph*ck out of me!! I hope LVP gave Kevin a piece of her mind, I’m still annoyed it happened. Every woman should be offended on Katie’s behalf. aggghhhh, it really pissed me off!!!

              The triplets make a return? I know people thought they were funny and cute at the wedding but I didn’t see it. All 3 of them feel like special needs adults who drink too much, just like their brother, Tom aka Dumber.

              • The triplets are more like Moe, Larry & Curley. How old are they? It’s not cute to dress them in identical ‘outfits’ like toddlers.

              • Oh just wait till you rewatch Sandoval dressing up the triplets ?? so ridiculous

                What Kevin said is very offensive and if LVP had said something , it should’ve been shown so that he is publicly shamed just like he did to Katie

                • I agree!! I want to see him shamed as well. What’s good for the geese is good for the gander. I hope he receives backlash over this. I need to check twitter to see if people are going off and annoyed by it as much as I am.

                  Dressing up the triplets, for why?

                  What was the event where Katie was serving for, I need some context! LOL Please and thank you. 🙂