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Was Meghan King Edmonds Fired From RHOC?!?!

Meghan King Edmonds may have gracefully exited the Real Housewives of Orange County, but that’s not stopping rumors from swirling about her departure from reality TV.

The now-former RHOC star wrote a lengthy blog post detailing her reasons for leaving reality TV behind; claiming that filming “takes a massive emotional toll.”

However, some are calling bullshit on Meghan’s reasons for exiting RHOC and are throwing some serious accusations at the soon-to-be mom of three.

“Meghan wouldn’t have written such a long statement on her blog if she had actually quit,” a source tells OK! “She would have just quit.”

Some claim Meghan was axed after trying to extend her contract and get a pay raise due to her pregnancy with twins.

“She did the same with her first pregnancy, and it worked,” says an insider. “But producers felt she didn’t bring anything to the table, and everyone is sick of her drama.”

In fact, additional sources claimed similar sentiments, telling Life & Style that Meghan’s announcement she was having twins “raised eyebrows” with her co-stars, who thought she was trying to “secure” her season 13 spot.

“She has a reputation among the other Housewives that she’s having babies just to secure her spot on RHOC,” a source tells Life & Style. She announced her pregnancy during the reunion show taping, right as Bravo was set to choose next season’s cast.”

I’m going to call bullshit. I don’t think Meghan is having babies to secure a spot on a reality TV show. I do believe that Meghan was let go and Bravo let her exit her way and say she decided to leave. It sounds like Vicki or Kelly planted this story.

Do you think Meghan was fired from RHOC or chose to leave on her own? Do you believe Meghan used her pregnancies to extend her reality TV fame? Sound off below!

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  • having babies to stay on the show….. most ridiculous and untrue thing I’ve heard today. The Housewife who is spreading this rumor must be off her rocker.

  • Boring MEEEghan More than likely did Not get a contract renewal and after hearing that her new BFFs did and Bravo was not gonna hire her another season to save face she did the I want to be with family. Using Pregnancy I doubt that cause it is like YoYo using the sick card Millions of women have babies that would be stupid of MEEEghan to think that would get her a pay raise and a new contract But then MEEghan is not very bright . I fguess she had fans I say it whenever I see her on blog I can not stand that phoney

  • I can’t believe how so many people run wild with imagination to accuse people they don’t know of things daily lol!!!

  • I liked Meghan she was young and never faked any storylines . OC always gets worse replacements , we will all be saying bring Meghan back in a season or two

  • Bull shit

    Meghan’s reputation is

    – she is young
    – she didn’t date a married man
    – she tried “everything” to have a baby
    – is not a “hollywood” friend – still pals around with Shannon
    – honesty is her thing
    – she openly discussed how she became preggers
    – she openly discussed why she has to leave

    my respect for her is based on all of the above…what is she being fired for? for doing things like creating a human life for a Bravo contract?

    bull shit

  • Does it really matter? Detective Neck didn’t bother me like she did others but she wasn’t some driving or dividing force among the cast. We didn’t hear endless stories of her making trouble like we hear about other women on the different franchises aka NoMoore et al. She’s left to have a family, what’s done is done. There isn’t anything to report here. Let me know when they fire the POS cancer scammer, then we’ll “talk” and by talk, I mean drag her through the mud over and over and celebrate her departure!!

    • Truth ?? Week going ok bae ? I was saying that Meghan didn’t fake storylines and maybe that made her boring becuase she didn’t embellish

      • It’s been great so far and very busy. How about you bae, things under control? You won on Sunday!!

        • Hiya z??everything under control and ready for Kyle and the gang tonight ? I had too much to drink on Sunday HAHAHA

            • It was like a crazy family gathering almost like TG ? good times . They should have it on Saturdays so people can sleep in the next day

              • I agree. Even though I’m not a participant of the Super bowl, I’ve never understood why it was on a Sunday, seemed weird but the NFL is playing up the family day angle.

                • Kitten , I just watched the video of the launch of Spacex rocket ? and it was amazing ! The 2 boosters came back and landed perfectly in their slot . Elon Musk sent his Tesla to space and it’s inside the rocket! AMAZING !

                  • I saw it, real time, so cool. I didn’t even know it was going on, where have I been? Paying too much attention to the moron in DC and chatting about HW’s! LOL

                    • Not too sure about incredible, but he’s smart as hell. He’s a well known abuser. His first wife wrote a scathing story about their relationship. He would make a good Bond villain.

                    • What ???? Oh crap ! Are they all abusers now ? Sigh !!! That sucks ??. Seems all these wealthy men are monstrous pigs

                    • Sadly I think it’s true, the majority of men/people in power are assholes and feel they are entitled to anything, including abusing people. I hope it changes within the next few years with the H Weinstein case breaking things open and a dialogue has at least been started and people are now on notice.

                    • I wonder why Amber Heard after being abused already by Johnny Depp, would choose this guy? So strange ! Women keep repeating the cycle

  • This is horse manure. “Producers thought she didn’t bring anything to the table” Yet, “…everyone is sick of her drama”. Which is it? Meh was either boring or overly dramatic. If she was over dramatic, she wouldn’t be fired. The person to who brings nothing new to the show and deserves the hook, is the cancer scammer, Shrieki Gonefullofsh*t.

  • Lara, ITA, I also call bullshit that she is having kids to be in the show. Vicki certainly holds a grudge, this could only come from her. She brought A LOT to the show, like common sense and normal responses to scammers. She also went toe to toe with Kelly this last season, who is pretty eratic too.

  • Do i think she she got pregnant to secure a spot on the show? No. Do i believe she may have been fired? Sure
    She was of absolutely no value. She hasn’t been of value since the Brooks drama so it would only make sense that casting wants to bring in someone new to shake things up.

  • Its ludicrous to assume that Meghan wouldn’t have written a long statement if she had quit !!! ? why not ? Many HWs get fired and we don’t hear a peep out of them

  • Well two things here: a) who cares if she quit or was fired. She’s out… next. d) Consider the media source… Life & Style is as reliable as Radar Online and the National Enquirer.

  • Yeah she did IVF- twice!!!- and convinced Jim to agree to it all to get a storyline. Really people??? Are you that jaded and ridiculous that you think anyone would believe that nonsense???
    As far as being fired? Maybe she was, maybe she wasn’t- who really cares. The only 2 housewives that we know for certain were fired are Jill Zarin and Brandy Glanville. Everyone else has been allow to say whatever they want and Bravo will not contradict them- so what, does it really matter???

  • I like Meghan so I’m choosing to believe that she left of her own accord but I also have a toddler that is a couple months older than her daughter and I can’t imagine wanting to film with 1) and asshole toddler 2) being pregnant and dealing with said toddler 3) having so many people around the kiddo possibly kiddos if filming is starting or going on after their twins are born. So I think she has completely valid reasons for not wanting to continue putting her life and family on public display.

    It could totally be true that she wasn’t asked to be back but I will call bullshit on “others being sick of her drama” because if that were the case, plenty of people wouldn’t be asked back after a bad season. Causing drama would be a case for keeping someone on the show.