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Is Bethenny Frankel’s Mom Helping Her Ex-Husband Jason Hoppy In Their Custody Battle?!?!

Bethenny Frankel is involved in a bitter custody battle with her ex-husband Jason Hoppy and is seeking full custody of their 7-year-old daughter Bryn.

Currently, Bethenny is fighting this bitter battle all alone.

However,  it turns out that Bethenny’s estranged mother, Bernadette Birk, is prepared to step in and help with her daughter’s ongoing custody battle.

The snag? Bernadette isn’t interested in helping Bethenny. In fact, Bernadette’s made it clear she wants to do what she can to help Jason win in court; leaving her daughter at a clear disadvantage.

“I am going to reach out to Jason,” Bernadette tells Life & Style. “I want to see what has really gone on with the accusations Bethenny has made against him. If I believe him, I will offer to help him in his custody action.”

Adding, “I feel very sorry for Jason. He seems like a good man.”

Bethenny’s decision to seek full custody of Bryn came after a judge granted her a six-month stay away order against Jason in October 2017. The order mandated that Jason not contact his ex-wife in any way after he was arrested for stalking and harassing her in January 2017.

It’s so low that Bethenny’s mom is willing to try and help Jason. This lady has no clue what kind of mother Bethenny is or what hell Jason may or may not have put her through. Seems like Bethenny is perfectly justified in being estranged from her mom.

Are you surprised Bethenny’s mom is willing to help Jason? Do you think Jason will take up Bernadette’s offer? Do you feel sorry for Jason? Sound off below!

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  • ~~~~Currently, Bethenny is fighting this bitter battle all alone……along with all of her bravno mouth pieces.

  • TeamHoppy. I hope Bernadette helps the courts see how much of a slag Meth is and how much of a bad mom she is. Hey Jason, bring up the fact that she allowed an accused rapist she dated around their daughter. She’s only going for full custody so Jason can’t block her from exploiting Bryn in the press. That’s her real reason for wanting total custody. I hope they drag her squared-jawed ass thru the mud.

  • Her own mother hates her and her involvement needs to be zero.If she believes him she’ll help. No if Jason pays her she will say whatever Jason asks her too. Problem for the MIL she has no relationship at all with her daughter and has not wanted 1 with her since she was kicked out.

    let the judge make decisions .because as parents Bethenny and Jason hate eachother. Problem is Bethenny has the money to fight where as Bethenny will break Jason and all the settlement he got .Maybe that is Bethenny’s motive to do to Jason like he has done to her. Run up court costs she won her divorce and apartment Jason squatted

  • You don’t have to be a murderer or a felon to be a bad parent as mentioned by a few here. I see things differently. Who sends 100s of txts, emails and voicemails to the other parent and their current BF. Some of which were threatening and calling her nasty things. Or when Bryn was with him denying her phone calls to their daughter. Oh thats right Jason does. Proof is in the fact that the judge held him over and layed additional charges on him. No judge is going to do that unless there a grounds to do so.

    • because Jason took a deal that worked for him…there are not court case doc’s to read. The police stated that Bethenny exagerated the #’s . Using the “facts” that Bethenny exagerated is unfair.

      only what – Bethenny “stated” – exists – she never produced tangible evidence – ever.

      “However, the motion was dismissed by a judge in early August”

      Both parents are toxic and Both parents have been hate filled in the first 3 years of the divorce hearing…Both parents have shown little concern for Bryn. Bethenny continuing with more court cases – is abusive and unnecessary. A child deserves both parents in her life and Bethenny has proven that she has kept herself as the priority – not Bryn

      I am not arguing or attacking, I only base my opinion on fact – not “Bethenny states” or “Jason states”

      not one human deserves to be violated in the way that Bethenny describes.

    • Until you have someone mentally abusing you. Its hard to see how you would fear for your child’s life. He’s sneaky and knows how to play on her every emotion.. I hope the judge can see thru both parents and does whatever is best. Neither are allowed to speak about it so we don’t know how bad things really are. Her mom needs to go to he’ll!

  • None if us knew what kind of mother she was to Beth but yet everyone condemned her and believed Beth so …no one is without fault in some way in that group . Yikes.

  • BitchyHag’s mother is horrible for inserting herself into this situation because she has zero involvement with any of the participants.
    However, I hope Jason gets equal custody. He has been charged with harassing BF. There have been no claims that he is an unfit father.

    • Her father should definitely be in the picture . He’s not a murder or a rapist and Barrcuda runs the risk of her daughter resenting her later

      • I agree. BarfyHag is hell bent to eliminate Jason from Bryn’s life. It’s probably because her own father abandoned her to her narcissistic, anorexic mother. The cycle repeats itself. The main diff is that Jason wants to be with his daughter. Unless he has committed a serious felony, there’s no reason to isolate him from Bryn.

        • Couldn’t agree with you more . She is vindictive and seeks to eleminate Jason from her daughter’s life . It will backfire though because Bryan will resent her later and their relationship will be exactly like the one she has with her mother .
          What if something happens to Bethenny and Bryn had to go live with Jason ? It would make sense for Bryn to be comfortable around Jason

          • To BF’s mind, if something happens to her, Bryn will go elsewhere, to someone other than Jason or his family.
            There was a scene highlighting this very issue when BarfyHag thought she was dying (during her fibroid problem.)

    • If a man can do those things to the mother of his child what’s to stop him from going off on Bryn if she doesn’t listen or obey him!
      We don’t know what kind of father he is, they same way we don’t know how Bethenny is as a mother! However we do know that Judges don’t give out restraining orders with out proof & there was a lot of proof we didn’t see. Not to mention the things he did to Her dog Cookie! I never trusted him from the minute he came on the show.
      I told everyone he was only in it for the fame!

  • Well…..”this mom” also raised her daughter(BF) knows exactly how she operates, ruthlessly and dirty. So there’s that. Bryn needs both parents and if Jason or BF is intentionally keeping her from the other parent, that’s more than wrong. Parent alienation. I can see BF doing something like this, turning Bryn against her father. Not saying she is doing it but it’s certainly in her character to do so. I didn’t watch their wedding show so I don’t know much about Jason but the fact that he married Atilla the Hun and didn’t kill anyone tells me he has much more patience and restraint than I ever would. THINK OF THE CHILD, number 1 priority, they both need to put aside their pettiness and get down to the business of being co-parents.

    • I was thinking that Bernadette would have an idea what kind of mother BFrankelstein is, based on what she sees on the show.
      I watched the spin off. Jason was very hands on and caring toward his daughter. In fact, during the final ep, when toddler Bryn knocked over a vase onto BFrankelstein’s stark white suede ottoman; BitchyGirl gasped, sulked away and Jason, spoke soothingly to Bryn, “That’s okay. I’ll get a tissue.” And he dried it up, while BF hid behind a counter, whining, “THIS is my life.” She acted as if Bryn threw purple paint all over the white furniture. That condo was totally BF’s taste, with no thought of either Jason or Bryn.

      • I caught a few moments here and there and what I did see, I liked him and he certainly seemed the the parent who was kinder and gentler. He also struck me as being more maternal than BF will ever be.

        • I agree that’s why I’m not sure where people were getting their info from to automatically believe her and accuse him of things lol! He just wanted a normal family setting , include his family and she wanted only what she wanted .

        • That’s right. It was SO stupid. Her entire condo was swathed in WHITE furnishings that would show every spill and every fingerprint. What a selfish sow.

    • GMTA ? Bryn needs both her parents . Barracuda is vindictive and wants to ‘win’ even at Bryn’s expense

    • Child is always #1. I have never understood why women try to alienate the fathers from there child’s lives. So many kids in U.S. grow up fatherless. Be thankful he’s there!
      When I divorced, I made sure the courts knew they had no business in our custody or support arrangement. If more people did this, the children would be better off!

      • That’s because you are a good mother and put your child/children first. FrankelJaw is all about ego. Pretty sad when you have to make the other parent look bad just to make yourself look good. She’ll regret it one of these days, when Bryn is old enough to realize what really happened and she will figure it, kids always do.

  • – Bethenny’s mom is disgustingly ugly inside
    – I hope Jason turned her down
    – Jason deserves to have custody as well
    – Bethenny is NOT the better parent
    – Bethenny’s hate is so pure for Jason – even after spending hundereds of thousands of $$$ in court costs, the second
    the situation is cleared up – Bethenny files for full custody!

    Bethenny is a addicted to hating Jason.

    EDIT: This happened December 20/17

  • This is precisely what happened to Princess Diana when she was 6 yes yrs old, her mother’s mother testified against her mother, so her father won full custody. Many believe it was only because Lady Fermoy was friends with the Queen Mum and thought the children should be with the titled father than the title less mother (higher ranking in society.) Don’t do this Jason.

  • Lara I totally agree. A new low. I really hope Jason doesn’t fall for it. Don’t get your MIL involved.