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Which RHONJ Aren’t Getting Invited To Danielle Staub’s Wedding?

Some say the third times the charm but it turns out 20 is the lucky number for Danielle Staub. After 19 engagements Danielle is set to marry Marty Caffrey.

“They haven’t set a date or location yet, but want to do it this year, probably in the summer when her daughter is out of school,” an insider tells Ok!

While the Real Housewives of New Jersey couple haven’t tied down any wedding details just yet they do know who will and won’t be invited to their nuptials.

Danielle has asked c0-stars Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga, and Margaret Josephs to be in her wedding party along with her daughters Jillian and Christine. Wonder how Christine feels about Teresa being in the wedding party considering she still hasn’t forgiven her or accepted her apology. 

However, it turns out that two of Danielle’s RHONJ c0-stars haven’t made the cut and won’t even be invited to the wedding.

“She’s not inviting Siggy [Flicker] and Dolores [Catania] at all!”

Well if Danielle’s wedding is filmed for RHONJ, which I guarantee it will be, Danielle will be forced to invite Dolores no doubt.

I think it’s odd that Danielle is having Teresa, Margaret, and Melissa in her wedding – it seems so fake. I feel like Danielle just put them in the wedding party to increase the odds that Bravo will film her wedding for RHONJ.

Are you surprised Danielle isn’t inviting Dolores and Siggy to her wedding? Do you think Bravo will film Danielle’s wedding for RHONJ? Is it odd that Danielle is having Margaret, Teresa, and Melissa in her wedding party?

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  • Does Danielle have any real close girlfriends that she has had over the years not involved with show? Any family at all ? Such a mystery with this one ! I’m not sure if I’d jump into having these ladies ( no offense to any ) in my wedding especially after 19 engagements lol!!! Oh well her thing not mine …

  • You just know, somewhere, Gretchen is calling Tamra to be her Matron of Honor! LOL! #Bravo pays for the wedding

  • I really wish that this woman would go away she is offensive JMP I do not believe for 1 minute that she has forgiven Tree and if she gets pay back what better place than her wedding. revenge is best served cold. If I was Tree and Melissa I would polietly deline a wedding invite at all together .. Sure let her film whatever but to trust her completely No way !! I am not too sure an apology will be enough.

  • Guess Teresa is taking her job of maid of honor serious or matron of honor.
    Teresa went with Marty to help pick out Danielle engagement ring.
    About the dresses Danielle said that they will be ” Classy, Sleek, and Sexy.” They’ll be dresses the ladies will want to keep!
    No date has been set or she’s not saying. No dresses have been picked out yet either.
    Teresa, Margaret and Danielle’s daughter’s helped set up the surprise engagement party.
    Danielle didn’t have a clue, it was a total surprise, I mean she knew it was going to happen eventually but didn’t know when.

    • Hey there Marcy!!

      I JUST read that – about Teresa helping him pick out the engagement ring! What an awesome friend and matron/maid of honor!
      so marcy, after watching the “secrets revealed” episode – do you still believe that Dull is the puppet master – seriously, after you pointed this out – I looked at Dull differently.


      if dull returns next season – I hope Teresa addresses Dull’s ignorant comments about Teresa!

      • Teresa and Dolores do have a friendship. Teresa is stuck with Dolores
        My last comment about the Sig cause it ” just pisses me off ” and No one has said a word about it !!!

        If I was the mother of the girl dating Siggy’s son, I’d be seriously PISSED about her announcing on national television what My daughter was doing with her son. AND that Siggy was providing the condoms. That’s NOT Siggy secret to reveal

        • OMG You are right about that !! IT is really horrible if you think you have a virgin for a daughter and find out that way I would be pissed and probably would sue her butt and own all her crap cause to humiliate my daughter would put me in overdrive… WoW never even connected that .

  • Yeah, I’m not surprised D will not be inviting people who she clearly doesn’t like and vice versa. That said, as for her “wedding” actually happening, who knows? They’ve been engaged since last spring and still no date? Yeah, ok. What do they say about a ring and no date? Lol maybe Gretchen(former RHOC) can help D with the “wedding planning”?

  • Teresa did have a talk with both of Danielle’s girls one on air one in private. Delores called her every name in the book why would she invite her? Change the channel if you cant watch her I love her back on the show. Carolyn was pushing that hate Danielle thing and it went to far. I find her entertaining. Love Marge also.

  • Good for Danielle for not giving up on happy and good for those who find themselves in the friend-zone. As for those who don’t want any part of watching her wedding, there’s this feature that have been built into television sets since they were invented. It’s called, you can change the channel.

  • Why would she invite people that made fun of her and called her a liar and skank?

    who says Danielle is even getting married?

    • You know I can’t stand this goof, but I wouldn’t blame her one bit for not inviting them. She doesn’t like them, and they don’t like her.

      Yeah, she just might not get married.

  • I’m not surprised that Danielle isn’t inviting Siggy and Delores, she doesn’t like them.

    I hope Bravo doesn’t film Danielle’s wedding. I don’t wanna see that mess!!

    Yeah, I think it’s odd that Danielle is having Teresa, Melissa, and Margaret in her wedding party. I think it’s weird for a 55 year old , getting married for the third time, to have a wedding party. Actually it’s pretty funny and pathetic to me.

    • I’m not holding my breath waiting for this to actually happen. If it does, good for her.

      Methinks the big hoopla is for Bravo to film & pay for it. Danielle might be a lot of things, but she ain’t stupid.