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Is Jill Zarin Tired of Being Strung Along By Bravo?

Jill Zarin isn’t feeling the love from Bravo.

Page Six reports that Jill was expecting to receive a formal offer from Bravo to return to the Real Housewives of New York after letting them film Bobby’s funeral and her reconciliation with Bethenny Frankel for season 10.

However, that offer has yet to come to fruition leaving Jill is feeling used.

It turns out that Jill feels Bravo keeps using the drama from her life to benefit RHONY without offering her a position within the cast.

“It’s not about the money, it’s about the respect,” a source close to Jill explains. “To keep [having] her come on the show without any long-term offer — it feels disrespectful.”

The source added, “Jill doesn’t want to be a full-time member of the cast — she’s still dealing with losing Bobby. But the show means a lot to her, and it would be nice if they asked her to come back.”

Jill left RHONY after season 4 in 2011 and made a brief appearance during season 9. In fact, Jill’s season 9 appearance was heavily promoted despite the former Housewife only filming one scene; proving she was a fan favorite and would draw viewers in. Meanwhile, Jill has filmed several scenes around Bobby’s funeral for season 10 and has talked about other appearances.

Many fans would love to see Jill back on Real Housewives of New York full-time but it seems that the ball is in Bravo’s court and they aren’t ready to take a swing just yet.

I would love to see Jill back and to me, it does seem that Bravo is using her to help boost the ratings of RHONY. I think Bravo needs to just give Jill an offer even if it’s just a friend of the Housewives for season 10.

Is Bravo stringing Jill along? Do you think Bravo is using Jill? Should Bravo make Jill an offer to return to RHONY? Would you like to see Jill back on RHONY? Sound off below!

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  • Ugh Jill is as ridiculous as ever. She let Bravo film her husband’s funeral so they should ask her back as a cast member? Quid pro quo? Otherwise they’re stringing her along? OY.

  • I sincerely hope Bravo doesn’t bring this woman back to RHONY. I feel bad about her losing her husband (he was great), but I feel like she’s using his passing as a way to get back on the show. She was the most obnoxious person on any of the Housewife franchises (that’s saying a lot.) She would be angry if she wasn’t in every scene and often tried to pit one woman against the other. I remember her telling some cast members not to film with others because she was mad at them. Her diva-like antics were widely reported in the press. Ultimately Bravo fired her for trying to run the show and being a pain in the ass. The only worse comeback would be Kelly Bensimone.

  • Filming for this season was likely a month away from being over when they filmed at the funeral. It was a nice send off/memorial for him that she allowed cameras access. She is silly to even want to become a friend for the new season which probably has wrapped or is about to. Andy has already mentioned seeing the first episode, so they will probably announce a premiere date and the trailer right after the Olympics, or during as Bravo will likely air some Olympics coverage.

    I do think it’s a good possibility she will be back as a main or friend next season. At least more than a cameo

    • ITA with your statement I could see them trying her out again as a test run .So Bravo and the viewers can see how Her and Bethenny will enteract. I would personally like to see that .I think it is too soon after the loss of Bobby JMO.

      I think that keeping busy will enable her to take 1 day at a time. Not as a busybody which we all know Jill is a master at.
      Jill rejected Bethenny in a harsh public way and I think that Bethenny having been rejected all her life will always remember what Jill did to her vividly.It will take ALOT for her to ever get over it and have the same type of Friendship with Jill ever again,who could blame her.

  • Jill feels disrespected? You don’t tape record your meeting with Andy and then play it for everyone to hear. Karma Jill Karma.

  • I would not be surprised 1 bit if Jill is leaking these stories to her friends and getting them to talk to the mags.Sad really. How can she feel used she gave Bravo permission to film outside of Bobby’s furneral. How is that bravo using her .isn’t it her using Bravo to get on RHNY again.
    She is a bored woman without Bobby and I am sure her daughter is old enough to have her own life.

  • I still do NOT understand how she let Bobbys Funeral be filmed smh I’m like are you freaking kidding me….Thay would be the LAST thing on my mind. Is she that hung up on this show? Is she that hung up for attention? And she probably approached Bravo to see if they wanted to film the Funeral and the make-up between her and Bethany WHO really cares ugh this show is really going down hill as are other HW Shows….Of course this is JMHO

  • When and where does Bravo have Jill coming on the show, repeatedly? The only time (singular) she’s been on, was last season, for about 3 minutes at a lunch for Lu and Tom. Otherwise, Bravo isn’t jacking her around. She’s the one who’s trying to get back into the good graces of Bravo by letting them film the funeral scenes while following FrankelJaw, NOT filming/following Jill. She needs to get her head out of her ass and stop with the incessant fameho’ing. It’s now turned into the ridiculous and she couldn’t look more desperate if she tried. STFU JILL, you look like a complete fool and quit calling Page Six, we all know it’s you and not “sources close to Jill”. PATHETIC

  • I’m sorry for Jill losing her beloved Bobby that has to cut deep. And I don’t mean to kick a woman when she’s down but I never cared for her and never probably will. She’s hard to take and she and Flicky Cigger could be sisters, they should hang out in Boca together out-loud mouthing each other in their favorite haunts. ?

  • This is a source it’s bull shit

    Sux and dirty that Sonja would sell stories about a widow. Jill is in – La Mamounia Marrakech – with Ramona – according to Jill’s instagram.

      • Bethennny/Lu/Ramonacoaster/the new RH

        busted her – she would deny – then boom – there she is taping herself telling “page six”

      • We know this is straight from the horses mouth, Jill. She has a track record for this kind of behavior and she isn’t missing a beat, so far in banging the incessant drum of “bring Jill back to RHONY”. This is classic Jill, all the way, no question about it. Why would Sonja do something like this, she’s doesn’t care about Jill or her coming back to the show.

        • That is how I see it. SonJa barely knows Jill. She’d never praise her because SonJa would rather praise herself.
          Jill has planted complimentary posts, stories and book reviews of herself all the time. It’s KKKKKKrazyyyyyy!!!
          Although I have a modicum of sympathy for her current grief situation, I am already sick of her quest to return.
          As you’ve said, “Once they’re gone, they should stay gone.”

  • Ugh. Jill, go to Florida. Rest, grieve. Stop this RHONY nonsense. She’s so obsessed that I’m sure she’s concocting widow storylines including her, Carol and Dorinda. Just stop. I find it so distasteful.

    • Jill is obsessed with RHONY & fame, in general. Being in the throes of grief has catapulted her Jillosy into overdrive. She wants her place on the show AND Barfenny’s friendship & attention so much, that she’ll spin rumors in hopes that Blahvo will take pity on her and comply. Jill has failed to grasp that her time on the show is o-v-e-r and her faux friendship with BF is kaput. Nothing gets through her steel plated redhead.

  • Umm….strung along? Lol…….She isn’t being strung along….THEY DON’T WANT HER. Give me a break.

    I was very sorry to hear about her husband’s death. He seemed like a very nice, genuine guy. However, I am not ok with her using his death as a stepping stone to get back on the show. Maaaaaaybe if she just shuts her friggin mouth and SAID NOTHING, perhaps she would have been approached for cameos here and there…

  • Uh, no – Jill is NOT a fan fave, except in her own mind. As to what she perceives as being toyed with by Blahvo; perhaps they were ‘trying her out” with focus groups to see if she could re-enter RHONY. She adored the attention she got for Bawby’s funeral. However, it’s doubtful that Blahvo forced her gunpoint to do that. Jill could have just said, “NO” to requests for filming, and move on with her life.