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Are Dolores and Frank Catania Giving Things Another Shot With the Help of Siggy Flicker?

Now that Siggy Flicker is done with the Real Housewives of New Jersey she’s jumping back into her career as a relationship expert, and her first order of business is rumored to be getting Dolores and Frank Catania back together.

According to Life & Style, Dolores and Frank are discussing rekindling their romance after they ended their marriage 18 years ago due to Frank’s alleged infidelity.

“Siggy’s giving them relationship counseling,” says a source. “Dolores is learning to forgive” and “things are starting to look up.”

While Dolores has been dating Dr. David Principe, sources say they are on and off.

Meanwhile Frank recently took a break from his girlfriend of 11 years after moving back in with Dolores.

The exes “are talking about trying to make their relationship work again,” sources say.

During the recent RHONJ Secrets Revealed episode, Frank revealed that he’s still very much in love with Dolores and will always be. However, in the same episode, Dolores confessed that she was in love with her boyfriend, David. Talk about a love triangle!

Only time will tell if Dolores and Frank will reignite their former romance or stay the best of friends. Either way, I think they will both be just fine!

I do think Frank and Dolores should give it another shot if they both end up single at the same time but I don’t believe Dolores should dump David for Frank.

Do you believe that Siggy is helping Dolores and Frank reignite their former romance? Should Dolores and Frank give it another shot? Sound off below!

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  • Oh, groan. Is this going to be his next SL? LOOK, he cheated, they divorced and he moved out 8 yrs ago. He moves in with the GF for 11 yrs and now is somewhat cheating (imo) by moving out on her back to his wife. He hasn’t changed at all, nor knows what he wants! Always a cheater, always. Too wishy washy for me, weak. I really don’t care what she does, but she’s better off without Michael and should kick him out…now!!!

  • I think they should try it again. Doesn’t mean they have to get married.

    And Frank didn’t allegedly cheat, he DID cheat. It’s been we’ll documented by both Franks and Delores.

  • I think they are sweet together but I’d never remarry a cheater. Once a cheat…? They should just cohabitate together if they wanna be together, but I’d never make it legal with the musclehead.

    • I agree, I thought Dr. Phil has basically said people don’t really change unless they have had something really severe happen, like a heart attack, faced death etc…having a camera crew probably makes everyone really fake nice too.

  • I think their empty nest has them romanticing their good times. Was the 11 year relationship with the woman he cheated with. Sicky has no sense of reality and I doubt she has any idea what a healthy mature relationship/marriage looks like. Taking her ‘guidance’ would make Dullores more the fool she has already proven to be.