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Brandi Glanville Worries She’ll Be Targeted On Celebrity Big Brother

Brandi Glanville isn’t leaving the world of reality TV behind anytime soon.

The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star joined the cast of Celebrity Big Brother as a last-minute addition. This news shouldn’t come as a shocker considering Brandi already competed in the UK version of Celebrity Big Brother; proving that she just can’t quit reality TV.

However, Brandi thinks being a professional reality TV star could put a target on her back during her time at the Celebrity Big Brother house, telling ET “It might put a target on me because I’m a reality all-star.”

“This is what I do: I’m not a singer, an actor, an athlete, so I think people might think I have an upper hand in a way. Which I don’t! Because I wish I was an actor and could backstab and lie and do all that fun stuff. But, yeah, I feel like people might want me out because of that. Or because of a lot of other reasons,” Brandi hypothesizes,

“Everyone knows they kinda get the reaction from me when they go for it. I’m working on changing that, but I only have a few days to work on that, so I’m hoping I can kind of be calmer,” Brandi jokes. “It hasn’t changed yet, so I don’t foresee it changing, but – we’ll see!”

While Brandi doesn’t know how she’s going to win CBB she just knows she’s in it to win it.

“I’m just gonna kinda freeball it. Like I do in my life,” Brandi explained, adding that she’s not afraid of embarrassing herself or her kids. “I’ve already done all that stuff and my kids think I’m epic and awesome. They think I’m like a superhero in some ways, so I have to win. Somehow.”

In fact, one thing most worry about on CBB is the drama, which Brandi isn’t worried about because she’s already survived the drama on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

“In the Celebrity house they’re fighting over, like, food portions, but in Housewives they’re fighting over rosè and diamonds, but with like pulling hair and being crazy!” Brandi says of the drama.

Brandi also warns that fans shouldn’t expect to see her all glammed up on CBB and that they will most likely see her slumming it in workout clothes.

“Everyone thinks like Housewives – like Lisa Vanderpump going around with glam squads – I’m not that person,” Brandi says.

Meanwhile, Brandi hints that she does have a secret weapon to survive CBB:  Xanax.

“My doctor signed off on it! Listen – I’m pretty sure I’ll have at least one panic attack in there,” Brandi wraps.

I don’t watch CBB but I have a feeling Brandi will do well – she’s good at playing mind games!

Thoughts on Brandi’s interview? Will you be watching CBB? How do you think Brandi will do? Will Brandi be a target on CBB? Is Brandi basically a professional reality TV star?

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  • Brandi is so off the wall she actually thought that slapping LVP was the kind of drama she needed to stay on the show. Only it got her fired. I believe she would still be on the show if she didn’t take it to the slapping extreme. Don’t miss her on Orange County and won’t waste my time watching this train wreck now either. Someday she is going to be force to get a real job and I don’t know exactly what she can do.

  • Offered a paying job like others and takes it – check.
    Working as much as she can to pay bills , raise kids like others – check.
    Interviewed, asked questions and answers like , you guessed it ! -others do . What the problem is ? Oh yes she isn’t an ass kissed chosen one … Ugh. Same crap.
    You go girl . Don’t be so low on yourself . You got this.

  • Referring to Blabbi, “she’s good at playing mind games.” That’s funny. By her own complaints, Blabbi whined that she was just an innocent lamb who was relentlessly used by the geniuses on RHBH: i.e. = LisaV & Kryle (of all people)!!! She can’t infer that’s she naive AND clever.

    • It depends on her mood of the day and the reaction she is trying to illicit. She loves her a victim role though ?.

      • Hahaha… Of course. She must be schizoid because she equally loves playing the victim who requires Xanax to get through the day AND being the “bad ass” who is epic in her boys opinions.

  • Brandi has the knack to say what people are thinking about someone and I like that. She is unscripted. I liked her with Lisa Gibbons going up against Kenya on Apprentice. Hoping she can go that direction again.

    • you are right Lea

      Brandi knows how to work people into frenzies , and knows how to work camera time – she does excel in this type of reality show..the only thing I have issue with, is the ‘star” thing..I know interviewers say this sometimes, but for her to do so – sounds lame- cuz it’s been a while since she was on CBB – UK or Famously single or RHBH

      • I get your points. She can work people into frenzies, and lets them work her last nerve too. ha I took her point about being a reality star as her trying to say why she might not be popular in the house, not that she was bragging she was a star. A lot of people do look down on reality television.

    • She was good on the Apprentice. I’ve never watched BB, but may have to give this a try.

      Brandi made all kinds of bad choices, but I do feel for how she was treated by LVP. I believe LVP uses people and dumps them to the side without regard for the impact on their life. i also believe Brandi when she says LVP lied about the smelly lady parts situation. I bet she said that to Brandi, who then like a fool repeated it on TV. Then LVP perjured herself in her deposition. Brandi then lost the suit, and had to make a huge financial payout.

      Or course, I’ve never been an LVP fan and am inclined to believe the worst about he.

      • Ha, I think what you wrote about LVP and Brandi is spot on. Because she was richer, more believed Lisa and still do. Brandi has said and done too much at times, but they ALL do. You were always one, with Michers, I could count on during those seasons to post back and forth with.

        I am bummed that people hate one cast member and hold onto that hate forever, like with Danielle etc.

    • Whatever happened to Blabbi’s alleged partnership with Leeza? They were supposed to team up with a grand plan that would change life as we know it. Blabbi is good a conning people (mostly women) that she really cares what THEY think of her. She’s a user who relies on the kindness of strangers.

      • Not sure about a ‘grand plan’, think they had an idea for a talk show or web show. People pitch ideas and maybe they still are, it can take a few years to find the right place for an idea. I don’t see her using anyone.

        • At the time, Blabbi said it was imminent (a few weeks). That’s not years. There will be no project starring B with L.

  • I’m not into watching F-List and has-beens embarrass themselves on yet another resort show. But I would recommend that those who watch drink a shot every time Brandi says STFU to a housemate.

    PS, how did Kathy Griffin not get pitched for this shit show?

  • it helps that this dog is always in begging position – and it helps that she

    – lies
    – backstabs
    – hits
    – lies
    – manipulates
    – knows how to slither into a relationship
    – lies

    first lie “star” ????????

    • I have been doing a lot of research on cosmetic stuff and docs say hold off as long as you can for fillers etc cause if you do them to young it will really mess up your face,I believe this is where Brandi has screwed up she started them before need be.which is sad it is suppose to soften the face and not cause a drastic change.
      I think Eddie cheating really messed with her self image and all she is doing is making things worse.
      I am 46 and a smoker and have begun to get fine lines I am looking into fraxel laser instead of the fillers and the fillers are 1 painful and do not last but a few months anyone had any of this stuff done ?

      • I’ve never had any ‘work’ done on my face. I fear everything that may maim me more than fix me. Plus, my best friend who is naturally beautiful has had 1 full face lift, 2 partial face lifts, Botox & fillers. Yet, because she worships the sun (against doctors’ warnings), the ‘work’ wears off quickly. As a result of my avoidance of the sun (due to sun sensitivity), I have fewer wrinkles than she does.

        • I use sunscreen on my face ,didn’t when I was younger though.. I have just the past couple years been using chemical peels at home and they have really taken the wrinkles down a lot. but I want more done can’t afford a whole lot but $800 for whole face 3 treatments fraxel I think I am gonna use tax return and just go for it !
          I got meno acne that sucks I know TMI but but more or less confined to home I have nothing better to do.

          • Excuse my intrusion mystroxx , but chemical peels are extremely harsh … I know I’m hippy dippy but putting Manuka honey all over the face for a few hours whenever you can will do wonders . It’s all natural and with time gives you results and helps with wrinkles , not immediately of course . Manuka honey is expensive but I know Costco carries it sometimes . It’s both healthy to eat and to apply over the skin
            Give it a try before you do any major procedure ????

          • Thanks for the info I am the type who will try just about anything. naturalYes I know they are harsh.I look at it this way better on outside and not injected directly in, I do realize that yes some gets absorbed but there are peels made from fruit stem cells and not as harsh .I could be wrong.

  • Brandi is not smart enough to be good at playing mind games and she’s not quick enough to talk herself out of situations. Often, when people react to situations with violence or outbursts, it’s because they are not intelligent enough to analyze the situation quickly and form an appropriate response. It’s like Teresa flipping tables and Dolores jumping up an screaming. Appropriate responses require critical thinking, Brandi simply does not have that skill.