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Did Ramona Singer Scam Bravo Over Designer Duds?!

We all know Ramona Singer loves wearing designer duds especially when she doesn’t have to pay for them. Remember when she swiped that Herve Leger bandage dress from Bethenny Frankel‘s talk show? The $500 or more dress mysteriously went missing, with Ramona citing she lost it, only to shockingly show up on Ramona’s daughter months later.

Well, it turns out that Ramona’s has quite the history of scamming when it comes to designer outfits.

The Real Housewives of New York star is accused of  “routinely” having her assistant bill Bravo for high-end designer clothing only to have the items returned for a refund, a new lawsuit reveals.

Ramona “asked [Lisa] Taubes to purchase designer clothes for the filming of Ms. Singer’s show, and instructed plaintiff to submit receipts to Bravo cable Network for reimbursement,” the court documents reveal. Ramona “then asked Ms. Taubes to return the clothes for refund.”

Adding, that Ramona, “also instructed Plaintiff [to] submit fake receipts for reimbursement on clothes that she already owned and demanded plaintiff carry out these tasks.”

No word on how much Ramona made off the scam but I’m sure it isn’t chump change.

The lawsuit comes from an agency called T360, that provided her with an assistant, who was initially hired to be paid $4000 a month for up to 20 hours of work.

However, Ramona demanded her assistant, Lisa Taubes, work 40 or more hours without any additional compensation.

Lisa was even forced to walk Ramona’s dog “outside the scope of the agreement” and was expected to be on call 24/7.

The lawsuit against Ramona is seeking $150,000 in damages and says that Ramona “eventually” humiliated Taubes by firing her in the lobby of her building.

Ramona also attempted to force Taubes to sign a non-disclosure agreement and when she refused Ramona pushed her causing her purse and its contents to go everywhere.

As for now, Ramona denies the claims and the lawsuit telling Page Six,“I have no knowledge of any lawsuit. Her company did some work for my company. The relationship ended, and her company was paid in full for their services.”

Bravo is yet to comment on the allegations against Ramona. But it sounds to me that somebody could be in BIG trouble.

I’m not surprised at all by these allegations against Ramona. I mean she stole Bethenny’s dress then pretended to lose it. Is Ramona that cheap? I’m curious if these claims could affect Ramona’s standing with Bravo.

Thoughts on the allegations against Ramona? Do you believe Ramona scammed Bravo? Is this lawsuit legit? Sound off below!

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  • Something just doesn’t add up with this story – housewives are not reimbursed for clothing by Bravo. There’s no doubt that Ramona would take advantage of someone’s hours, expect them to be on 24/7 call, and to assign tasks outside the scope of a contract. That happens every day in the life of Ramona – we’ve seen many of those ourselves (unpack my bags, fetch me wine, etc) Now, if Ramona was using those receipts to submit as business expenses on her tax return (which seems far more likely) that may be a completely different issue entirely……and I would love for that to be fully pursued and investigated.

  • Let’s be honest . This is not scamming. It is stealing. Allegedly of course. It happens more often than not. Ask the department stores. People buy expensive dresses wear once and return. People that can readily afford. I had a friend who did it without blinking an eye. A rich friend . I believe it’s s learned behavior . I wouldn’t have the guts nor would ever think of it. I’m no angel. I happen to like Ramona Singer. But that alleged behavior is despicable .

  • I can see this the HW’s are suppose to get clothing allowences in their contracts. I can not see where she can get in trouble by Bravo for buying andd returning ..The fake reciepts is where I can totally see her being in trouble.
    If she assulted some girl working for her ,Ramona will deny hope there were some witnesses .

  • To borrow from Bill Maher, if I may: I can’t prove for a fact this is all true, I just KNOW it is is.

  • Ramona, are you sober enough to spell fraud? Astonishing but some with money believe they are entitled to gain more.

  • raMOANer sounds like she went to business school with Don-the-Con Trumpsky.

    As for BFrankelstein’s complaint about RSinger stealing a dress or 2 dresses: I don’t care at all. First BF said it was one dress & she didn’t really care. Then she said it was 2 dresses & she was really mad. The Queen of Exaggeration gets zero pity points from me. The show folded soon after RS’s appearance. It would have been like trying to return an item to a store that closed due to bankruptcy. “Possession is nine-tenths of the law”.

  • This is completely believable. RaMoron is a user and we see it each and every week. She abuses the help, never thanks anyone and insists she has the best bedroom like a 13 year old on a sleepover. Why would this be any different. She’s abusive to those she deems to be underlings.

    A few seasons ago, she was interviewing for an assistant and the poor girl whom they featured she drug through the mud. She told her she didn’t get the job but suggested she needed to get a better skincare regimen and gave her a bottle of whatever she was hocking at the time. RaMoron is a mean, nasty, entitled, drunk lunatic.


    • She really is one of the most obnoxiously entitled people I have ever seen. And what makes it even more egregious is she is not only completely unapologetic about her entitlement, she really believes that by virtue of having more, she is better than those whose economic class is lesser than her own.

      • watching her when she travels, particularly outside of the country, is so appalling. she is the perfect representation of the “ugly american” stereotype.

        • I watch her and think, Ramona Singer, and her one-woman campaign to make it okay to hate Americans.

  • Just another slow news day?
    She is a easy target because Bethany keeps bringing up a dress Ramona got from her and I have heard her say she would pay for it and Bethany brushing payment off. Just trying to make Ramona look bad. Ramona has more than enough to pay for her own dresses. Don’t believe it. Who has a assistant that would be paid 200.00 an hour and assistants should for sure have no disclosure in their contracts. I would thinking walking a dog would be within the scope of an assistants work.

    • On the accusations, If there was no court filing, I would agree with you but since it’s been filed, imagine there is proof. On the assistant front, I would guess that the assistant is making <$200 per hour and the agency is pocketing a good % of the fee and the contract would spell out roles and responsibilities. If the expense charges are true, she’s in trouble. If she pushed the assistant and it’s on security tape (most lobby’s have cameras), that will come out too and add to her troubles.

    • The assistant would be paid $50 an hour. $4000 a month for 20hours a week, totaling 80 hours for the month.

  • of course I’m confused….if she bought them and bravo reimbursed her…who cares if she returned them..doesn’t she own the clothes she was reimbursed for?

    hmm..so Ramonacoaster is a thief? wow

    • Double dipping. You can’t go to your employer to be reimbursed for items you returned. Unethical. Illegal.

    • Yes, this is a different issue.. The dress issue stems from BF’s talk show and her assistant lent RaMoron a couple of dresses and she never returned them. Going so far as to post pics of her on IG in the dresses months later, after BF had asked for them to be returned.

  • I think I’m missing something , why is she billing Bravo in the first place ? I thought all HW wore their own clothes and weren’t given a wardrobe budget by Bravo

    • some HW’s do get clothing allowences in their contracts,can’t remember where I read it but it but they get some before filming..

    • Right? All the HWs have always commented on the cost of their wardrobes and having to hire their own hair/makeup people. If they have an allowance, why even make them submit receipts? Just add a few thousand to their pay. I’m surprised they’d want to deal with the hassle of expense reimbursements.

      • It is probably for their own (not the housewives but Bravo) income taxes, as a deduction, with proof of the actual items purchased and the amounts.
        My own hubby has reimbursements for work related expenses at his job.He must submit his receipts after he pays for courses, licenses, etc., and then he eventually gets reimbursed. He may not reach the maximum allowed. It is all based on what you actually spent the money on and nothing more or less.
        I would imagine that the housewives would spend the maximum allowable.