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Do Kim Zolciak’s Co-Stars Want Her Off RHOA?!?!

Kim Zolciak’s return to the Real Housewives of Atlanta could be short-lived if her co-stars have their way!

“Basically, the other women don’t want her to return next season, “ an inside source tells In Touch Weekly.

Not surprisingly, it seems that Kim has rubbed almost all of her co-stars the wrong way.

Sources say that everyone in the cast especially NeNe Leakes, Kandi Burruss, and Kenya Moore regret having Kim return to the franchise.

“They’ve had it with Kim’s outlandish behavior,” the insider explains.

And it turns out they aren’t the only ones.

According to the source Bravo is also over Kim’s diva behavior.

“Bravo thinks they made a mistake, too,” claims the insider. “There are serious discussions about leaving Kim off the next season of RHOA.”

Not to mention fans don’t seem to love Kim the way they used to and are growing tired of her antics and lies.

“Fans hate her and not in a good way. She doesn’t add anything to the show,” wraps the source.

I’m not surprised but Kim does bring the drama which is what producers want. I don’t know if I believe Bravo is over Kim but then again you never know.

Do you think Kim’s co-stars want her off RHOA? Is Bravo done with Kim? Will Kim be back for season 11? Do you love or hate Kim? Are you enjoying Kim’s return to RHOA?

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  • Kim is the most self absorbed, low IQ, loud, miscreant alive. She doesn’t fit any show because her opinion of herself has elevated her beyond all others. This woman desperately needs to be put back in her cubbyhole and bricked in, NOW. She adds nothing.

  • I think they don’t like the way she TELLS IT LIKE IT IS! They are jealous of her success and beauty. I do think she got rather ugly to others in hopes to stir up drama which seems to be Brovo’s requirements. So let the drama play out.

  • Can we talk about how Kroy has been reduced to being Kim’s lackey. Does he have no dignity? He has to wait for her in the car lol

  • This has NeNe written all over it. She’s clearly running to the media wouldn’t be surprised if the Co-Stars don’t bow down to NeNe then she tries to act like the queen see you next Tuesday she thinks she is and gets rid of them. Fire NeNe again I can’t stand her she’s so fake and ratings haven’t been amazing anyway so clearly no one cares for her

    • I think they’re just referring to the fact that fans sometimes love to hate one of these ho’s and will tune in to snark on her. Seems no one is tuning in to see Kim.

        • Oh I know. I read a snippet in which Brielle posted Kim was pregnant out of “revenge”. I thought, damn, not only is the daughter a desperate need of attention, but she’s a part of Kim’s bullish. Ugh. Don’t get me wrong, I have a girler myself. Never inna 100 years would I sign off on any type of cosmetic procedures, especially ones that make her look like me. The photoshopping(which I could never spot before until zolciak), the cosmetic altering, all of it is too much. Kim oozes insecurity and I agree, it’s rubbing off on Brielle. Its like that chile was like “I wanna be just like you mommy” and took it done whole NUVA LEVA.
          Yay! It’s Friday beautiful! Another week closer to spring! Yay!! Cannot wait to be able to wear my dresses!!
          How’s your morning starting?

          • Raising is a girl in a way is so much harder than raising a boy becuase the pressure on girls is so much more ! I don’t know how she is with her other kids, but Kim’s mothering of Brielle is atrocious and morally corrupt ! COME ON!! people usually want better things for their children , not drag them into the gutter with you ??

            Kim is not only disgusting , watching her exhausts me !

            My morning is good how’s yours mittens ? ?? It’s warm here so I’ll wear a dress for you ?

            • Lol. I’m jelly! Peanut butter is jelly. we have 7 months of cold where I am. Pence country.
              Brielle is willingly living as a satellite of grim.

              • You need to move here cutie pie ??????
                I wish Brielle would go to college and actually DO something with her life xoxo

            • Oh man. Mine is five we get into rows. Lol. Arguments. But in love it. I wouldn’t change her for the world! You see your little self in them, and try to help navigate life for them and ? that she stays away from social media!

        • On all of her kids. The next girl is already ho’ing it up on IG and Kimzzzz is pimping the rest of the kids on her IG.

          • It’s TRAGIC !! She’s completely ruined her life and now Brielle’s ! And all the BJ jokes and fillers ?. Send your kids to college and give me a career !!

            • Can you imagine your own mother saying something like that to all of her friends on SM no less? It’s just so out of whack to me and I can’t be the only one who feels this way. I know society has changed a lot but there are certain things you don’t do and or say when it concerns your own children, even if you are kidding.

              • I’m the coolest most open minded mom but there are lines you do NOT cross : like joking about pimping my kids , discussing or teaching BJS, inquiring about intimate sexual history or sharing mine, !!!!! My kids know I’m into my Mary Jane but I won’t even do that with them in the room , I just can’t . There is a sanctity to motherhood that you shouldn’t violate

      • Kitten’s that is a funny way to say it, but yeah, she is ‘a Kroy away from welfare.’ She has no discernible skills.

  • Get her off!! I can’t stand her and her self-righteous, sanctimonious behavior. She thinks she is ALL THAT, and frankly she is not. I just don’t get her and don’t get how she can live her life on social media, allow her kids to live their lives on social media, then get pissed at negative comments. Get over yourself. Go cut your nails, get rid of the wig, wear clothes that fit you, and stop wearing all that makeup. You look like a fool.

    Is it obvious I don’t like her?

    • ??? happy Friday and thank you for the morning laugh ! Kim is atrocious and her daughter Brielle is going to be worse …

    • She’s got such a sailor mouth and NeNe is equally as bad as her urgh them pair make me wish Phaedra was back

    • Perfect post! I don’t get her following on social media at all. A lot has come out about paid followers, maybe that is the crux of her base? 😉