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Tamra Judge Shuts Down Rumors She Wants Off RHOC & Is Planning A Spinoff

WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE -- Pictured: Tamra Judge -- (Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank)

Despite rumors, Tamra Judge does not want off the Real Housewives of Orange County nor is she planning a spinoff.

Last week, Radar Online reported that Tamra is “bored” of  “the same old RHOC drama and wants to try something new.”

In fact, sources claim that Bravo is “well-aware that she’s shopping around a spinoff!”’

Adding,“Tamra really wants a spinoff that is all about her life as a personal trainer and gym owner. She feels that there could be a lot of drama, and it would be ratings gold.”

However, it turns out this story is complete bullshit.

Tamra took to Instagram to clear up this rumor and to make it crystal clear that she’s not done with RHOC.

“#FAKENEWS I don’t know how they come up with this [shit]. … NOT TRUE!#considerthesource,” Tamra explained.

I’m glad Tamra called out this rumor! It sounds like someone in the OC cast is trying to start trouble and get Tamra off the show. Gretchen, is that you? I’ve heard from Tamra that Gretchen loves to talk to Radar but then again so does Vicki Gunvalson. However, since Vicki and Tamra are getting along,  I don’t think Vicki’s the culprit.

Are you glad Tamra shut down this rumor? Who do you think planted this story about Tamra? Would you ever watch a Tamra spinoff? Is someone trying to get Tamra off RHOC?

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  • I would stop watching if Tamara was off RHOC. Few of the other women are as entertaining. I could do without Lydia and Peggy for sure. Too bad Meghan is gone but It’s time Heather comes back. I know Vicki will never leave but I can dream can’t I? Tamara, Shannon, Heather, Vicki and maybe someone new for next season.

  • I wouldn’t watch her even if she did have one. Skank. Fake news, hate that term and the fact of how, why and by whom (who?) Uses it. Grrrrrrr. is ?

  • This is the face of a woman, a middle aged woman desperately trying to hang onto her youth. And not just trying to look young, she’s going for teeny bopper young. Her clothes, jewelry, (hate those chockers, they were ugly in the 90’s and still are) and the HAIR!! Why do women believe long hair makes you look younger, it doesn’t. It makes you look dated, desperate and ridiculous!! I hate to say this but PIgface Gunvalson has the most appropriate hair for her age on the show, possibly all of the HW shows. She keeps it shoulder length and doesn’t add extensions.


    • The OC women are the worst dressed women of the shows that I watch . Yes that includes Shannon ?.. Heather was the best dressed as far as that crowd goes but they’re atrocious
      Tamra wears ridiculous dresses and Kelly needs a wardrobe intervention. I can’t even tell she had a breast reduction ?.

      • Simply awful!!! And they have access to some of the greatest fashion available and can afford it to boot!!!

        • But you nailed it when you said they don’t wear age appropriate stuff or even the correct size ! Who can forget Vicki’s infamous sausage dress ?
          Shannon is just frumpy probably because she always put her family first but I think she will make improvements … giraffe had a fantastic body but still couldn’t whip up something elegant
          Peggy seems to know how to dress way better than that other ladies anyways

          Still they’re all fashion fails

          • I suffered PTSD looking at PIgface in her red dress!!

            Shannon, she’s another one. Why dress so damn frumpy all the time. She looks like she’s wearing her grandma’s clothes and I think on more than one occasion she admitted to wearing them. The stiff fabrics are not her friend. And let’s be honest here, Shannon was not fat in the real sense of being fat. She was probably a size 2-4 when she started the show and at most reached a size 8-10 when she gained her weight. The oversized ponchos and weird tops made her look heavier than she really was.

            • I do love my Shannon but girlfriend needs help PRONTO!! Why isn’t Jeff Lewis helping ? ?. She has committed every fashion crime possible , her closet is a murder scene

    • Yay, FDD! At last, someone agrees with Me! Long hair on older women make them look desperate too. Tsk, tsk, tsk. ?

      • Hey FUCHESS!!! Nice to see you around again. It’s one of my pet peeves, woman with too much hair.

        • Nice being here too! It’s so sweet of you to say! I hope all is well. I’ve been kinda following but decided to jump back in. I’ve been hospitalized twice since I was really on a while ago, but did think kindly of you and some others here. Missed you all!???

          • Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear that. I’m sending hugs, prayers and all of my best healing wishes your way.??

      • Meh, a little too dark but it was a nice length and appropriate for her age. I’ll let you slide on this one boo! 😉

        • I do miss her because she brought class to an otherwise barfy show ? you don’t think that was her natural hair color ?

          • She annoyed me on her last season. I didn’t like the way she was bossing EVERYONE around, especially on the sand dunes trip. Insisting Megs and Shannon get to the hospital at once. Who left her in charge? And at the end of the season, when they caught her on a phone, she really showed her colors. I didn’t mind her for the most part but I don’t really miss her.

  • While we’re on the subject of Tamra, Sameal I know you dig the real estate info….sooooo, her new house she bought is only in her name. She paid $1,585,000. And from the data I have access to, she paid in full. No mortgage. But, I can’t promise that info is accurate.

    • I wouldn’t doubt it. Tamra is an attention heaux. We know she won’t stop mentioning her own daughter in the media, why would she be adverse to pushing stories herself? LOL

      • They create their own headlines ! And once the season is about to drop , they all go on overdrive with contrived stories ?

        • Now that they’ve made up , I wonder if shrieki will start again with how she and Tamra are ‘true friends ‘ and all that nonsense she used to spew in the past whenever they’ve argued and made up

        • Some one posted it and a list of reasons….could have been trailer court. I thought they just rented time slots out to personal trainers.

          • From what I’ve been told by a friend who lives in OC and is a member at CUT fitness….
            The scenes filmed for RHOC are filmed before the gym opens or after it closes because what gym owner do their personal workouts during working hours? They don’t, they are managing the gym.
            Eddie teaches quite a few classes, and everyone loves his instruction. Tamra usually assits him instead of teaching, but handles most of the office work and back end stuff.
            Vicki claimed it was always empty because she only saw the parking lot during business hours, which is when everyone else is at work too and not at the gym…

              • Tell me something I don’t know *insert 5 eye roll emojis*, I was speaking in general terms obviously (or not so obviously for you). I was offering my perspective from a first hand account of someone who actually goes to the gym but you chose to disect the most trival thing. I work 7-4 my husband works 5-3. I’m well aware not everyone works 9-5. But, since you want to go there….most gyms have this thing called peak hours. Peak hours are typically 5-9PM AFTER THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE GET OFF WORK, or are done with dinner, picking up children and what not or 6AM-9AM BEFORE THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE GO INTO WORK. Don’t come for me without receipts hun!

                  • I’m calm. Just explaining my side. And who says the parking lot is always empty? Liar face Vicki Gunvalson…ok! you go with that….meanwhile I offerred you an unbiased account from someone who actually choses to spend money to pay for membership and you completely disregard that. If you want to be a smart ass and debate with me, have the smarts and not just the ass in the equation! Have a great day!