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It’s A Real Housewives Miracle: Jill Zarin and Bethenny Frankel Have ‘Truly Made Up’

We’ve speculated, we’ve heard rumors, and now it seems we to be true: Jill Zarin and Bethenny Frankel are once again friends.

The former Real Housewives of New York co-stars are officially on their way back to being BFF’s following the death of Jill’s husband, Bobby Zarin.

“Jill and Bethenny have truly made up, and Bethenny has been there for Jill more than any other Housewife,” a source tells Us Weekly. “Bethenny has spent a lot of time with Jill at her apartment and has called her every day. She has gone above and beyond for Jill and Jill is so grateful.”

Adding,“Bethenny is in a different place in life right now; she has a child, and being a mom has softened her. She also realizes that what she went through with Jill pales in comparison to what other Housewives have put her through … Bethenny has ended her beef with Jill once and for all.” 

Rumors of their rekindled friendship first arose when Bethenny shockingly attended Bobby’s funeral earlier this month and had an emotional reunion with Jill.

“Jill invited the show to memorialize Bobby and capture some footage of his beloved friends and family outside the funeral,” the source explains. “However, Jill and the producers weren’t expecting Bethenny to come. That caught everyone by surprise.”

Things are so good between Bethenny and Jill that Jill is thinking about returning to RHONY. Jill left RHONY after season 4 in 2011 and made a brief appearance during season 9.

“Bethenny told Jill that she’s welcome back on the show and they have been in discussions about it.” 

Meanwhile, Jill is still reeling from losing her husband of 18-years and opened up living without him during an appearance on her sister’s podcast.

“I have good days and bad days,” Jill revealed on an episode of  The Lisa Wexler Show. “It comes in waves. I just don’t know how I can go on. I don’t know how I can make it without Bobby … Without Bobby, there’s no Jill.”

I love this news. Jill and Bethenny have always been one of my favorite Real Housewives friendships, and I’ve wished for years that they would make up. I’d love to Jill back on RHONY for sure! Hopefully, all of this is true, and we will see Jill and Bethenny’s friendship again on RHONY very soon.

Do you think Bethenny and Jill have really reconciled? Can Jill and Bethenny be BFF’s again? Do you want Jill back on RHONY? Sound off below!

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  • Jill just had a life changing event in her life. But after she recorded her meeting with Andy she can’t be trusted. That’s why she is always offered crumbs by Bravo. Teddi should meet with her. Make her take accountability for that action.

  • I love Jill. I don’t like Bethenny but I am glad she is showing compassion. A few years ago I lost a child and Jill wrote to me with sympathies. I was shocked. She is pushy and obnoxious at times but I find her guileless and honest. Sorry ladies but we can disagree, right Medusa? We disagree all the time.

  • Anyone else catch the “Lisa Wexler” show? That’s Jill’s sister. Nice that she has a radio show to get more attention for Jill.

  • One ” reconciling” out of guilt the other for filming ….I would feel more authentic if done years ago before a death . But hey , better late then never I guess ???!!!

  • It would not bother me 1 bit if Jill came back cause I did like seeing her and Bethenny as friemds. Jill after losing Bobby needs to keep busy or else I think she would be a zombie. Jill just needs to back off and not be so involved in everyone else’s business or else it will land her in the dog house once again. I had thought she made a late night call to Andy making threats and they back fired on her .Were those threats me or Bethenny ? I thought Bethenny quit before Jill was fired. damn memory sucks .
    so I am confused

  • Staaaaaaaahp it Jill. Go mourn your late husband and quit trying to push this stupid narrative. You will never be The Odd Couple. Fans of RHONY are not pining for this reunion or your return to the show. Get a fucking grip for God’s sake!!

  • Jill is deciding whether or not to come back?? Umm, I call bullshit. First of all, it isn’t her call AT ALL. Second, I think it is horrific that she is using the death of her beloved husband to get back on reality TV.

    If this is true, I would be more apt to believe it if it was done with no cameras.

    • Ha! So true srt_3! Jill would be back before Andy put the period on the sentence! I love how the explanation for a truce always includes the notation that Bethenny has softened, as if that was the reason for the riff. Jill was horrible and Bethenny wisely backed away.

  • “However, Jill and the producers weren’t expecting Bethenny to come. That caught everyone by surprise.”…Big steaming pile of BS.

    • BFrankelstein’s appearance looked totally staged, right down to her fake croc tears and haggard face, underneath a swath of pitch black from head to toe. She looked more like Bobby’s widow, than Jill did. It became, “all about Bethenny’s reaction”, than the man in the coffin. Sad

      • I thought the same. FrankelJaw looked like she was costumed to the gills for a scene and that’s exactly what it came across as, a scene, in JIll’s twisted mind.

          • Let’s see what other shows she can insert herself into . How has she missed out on a Tabatha type show? ? she enjoys beating people down and pontificating, maybe that’s her next show

            • HAHAHAHAHA… She gets to do that on RHONY. Remember how she berated SonJa into the ground in Atlantic City? She also has chewed out Luann, RaMOANer & previously Kristen Taekman. The only person she has never screamed at, is her sycophant, Carold Ratswill.

              • Carole’s turn is coming ? nobody escapes the wrath of Barfaney since she knows everything about everything. Remember that episode when she guest stared on BH and was giving Erika advice on how to make music videos ? HAHAHAHA because yeah she is a music and video expert too

                • Right. The entire time, BFrankelstein was belittling Erotika. Then, she’d top off an insult with an insipid compliment, such as: “I’m obsessed with your skin.” That’s pathological. BF needs to stop talking and be silent.

                • I just laughed so hard, I choked. That’s hilarious!!! At first, I thought you were going to write that BF says to Carold, “Good Dog!”

  • Until BFrankelstein confirms their ‘friendship’ is repaired, I don’t believe it.
    It’s disingenuous to imply that “Jill is considering returning to RHONY”. She did not leave the show on her own accord. She was FIRED!!! Jill would crawl buck naked over a bed of nails to be taken back.

      • Thanks. I don’t hate Jill. But, I don’t want her to return. Her time on the show has passed. The producers should leave her out.

      • I agree with you. Grief can really cause some bizarre reactions and very poor decisions. However, Bobby’s death seems to have emboldened Jill to keep pushing for her main goal in life: Return to RHONY!!!! I don’t want to sound unkind, but Jill’s widowhood will be in direct competition with the 2 settled widows: Dorinda & Carold, who wrote the definitive book about it.

    • You mean an IG collage of all the good times didn’t totally convince you they’ve made up? LOL I want to say I can’t believe the lengths Jill is going to, to get back on the show but this is classic Jill. All about being a fameheaux and she’s using the death of her husband to further her cause. It makes me dislike more than I already do. And……yes, she’s using Bobby, it’s clear as day to me.

      • I didn’t hate Jill. I thought she became pathetic the way she craved fame & attention, 24/7.
        I loathe to criticize her grief process. But, her unrelenting desire to rejoin the RHONY herd by any means, has her riding “Bawby’s Death Wave” like an expert surfer. It’s creepy. I guarantee she will say something like: “Bawby would have wanted me back on the show. I’m so grateful to Andy for letting it happen.”

        • Hasn’t she already said something like that…..”Bawby wanted this for me” or something to that effect?

          • Yes, Jill said it while he was laid up in the hospital, when he suffered a downturn. She planned to attend a charity lunch in the Hamptons and she told everyone that “Bawby wants me to go to this event.” The Hamptons is a long drive on a good traffic day!!!

            • This is why I can’t take her. She’s ready to throw what should have been time for her and Bobby together, to the wind and chase her stupid dream of being a stah. It’s never going to happen and in the end, I hope she regrets what she’s done, in the name of Bawby, but she won’t.

              • Her reactions are not natural. She acts as if Bawby’s illness was “part of the show”. She’s behaving like Norma Desmond of Sunset Blvd. = “I used to big. The pictures got small.”

                • Exactly. I’ve experienced something similar to Jill, losing Bawby. You do have to leave your loved ones at certain points to maintain some sanity and retain perspective, just to clear your head if nothing else. But to actively chase the lens and limelight was creepy. She was everywhere, at every party, on every blog, on every IG blog on RT at so and so’s fete. It seemed so nuts and just straight up crazytown.