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Camille Grammer Felt “Humiliated” and “Attacked” By Dorit Kemsley’s Drunken Outburst; Says She’ll Consider Getting Married On RHOBH!

Dorit Kemsley sure did give us something to talk about when she called Camille Grammer a See You Next Tuesday.

So far, Dorit’s outburst is the only gossip-worthy drama of season 8 and trust us people can’t stop talking about it including Camille, who stopped by the Juicy Scoop With Heather McDonald podcast to dish on the drama in the 90210.

In the interview, Camille talked about Dorit’s bad behavior, her engagement to David C. Meyer, and her first marriage to ex Kelsey Grammer.

When asked why Dorit called her a c-nt, Camille couldn’t give a concrete answer only saying “No idea. I don’t know. To this day, I don’t know why she said it.”

“I really was humiliated at that moment. I was ashamed. I really was at a loss for words. I didn’t want to say anything back to Dorit and give it any more energy,” Camille continued. “I just wanted to let it go, but in my testimonials, I was like rapid fire. I just felt like it was so inappropriate and it was unnecessary. Why did she think of this? Is this how she thinks of me or did somebody put a bug in her ear? Was one of her good, new besties talking smack about me behind my back? Or is this how she feels? I’m not sure. Or just desperate for attention?”

Camille also took the opportunity to throw some shade at Dorit‘s infamous and often disappearing accent, saying “Dorit’s accent is not as strong this year, so maybe she’s more conscious about it. Self-conscious about it, maybe.”

Moving on to a more happy topic, Camille admits she’s excited about being engaged but isn’t in any rush to walk down the aisle.

“I’m happy that I’m engaged. I’m in no rush to get re-married. We are getting married. We are planning a wedding,” Camille reveals. “We were thinking October. I was thinking maybe in Hawaii because I love Hawaii. I was thinking maybe two services because his mom would like us to get married at the church that she is a part of. ”

The question on every fan’s mind is – would Camille consider having her wedding on RHOBH?

So, would she?

“Possibly,” Camille confesses. “I’m not sure. It depends if I’m on the show again, if they want me back on the show, and how that would play out. Maybe I would show parts of it. I wouldn’t want the whole thing recorded for the show because I want to keep a lot private. You never know.”

While Camille doesn’t know much about her wedding plans or how her second marriage will work out she knows for sure that it will be much different than her first marriage.

Camille reveals that during her first marriage, Kelsey came to her and said he wanted to have an open marriage, which is when she knew her marriage was over.

“He came to me and said, ‘We need to redefine our marriage. Maybe we need to have an open marriage, but I don’t want to know anything about it.’ If somebody says that, do not fall for it. Then, your marriage is done.”

I adore Camille and would love to see an RHOBH wedding especially hers. We all saw Camille’s first marriage fall apart so it would be great to see her come full circle and get married again.

Thoughts on Camille’s interview? Why do you think Dorit called Camille a c-nt? Is Dorit desperate for attention? Is it odd that Dorit’s accent has practically disappeared this season? Would you like to see Camille get married on RHOBH? Are you surprised that Kelsey wanted an open marriage?

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  • Fauxrit is a messy boots dipshi*.
    She’s all over the map trying desperately to be THE HW- bish please! Not only was that outburst unnecessary and irrelevant , so was her botched attempt at the strap on comment !!! I think her and PervK actually sat and wrote a script out for this season and she’s getting trashed ( drugged ) whatever ( allegedly ) and fudging it up . She just sucks !!!!
    I love Camille shade . It’s a very clean version of clapping back without dirty words lol!

    • Stole my thunder michers I got nothing more to say ? she’s so wasted this time around she needs to join Kim wherever she is . British Train wreck

      • LOL. I’m sorry , I didn’t mean to be a thief 🙂
        I honestly can’t believe that these ladies are just sitting back … Are they on something as well lol???? Wussies. Lips was the only one who dareth to speaketh upeth last year !

  • Camille should feel more humiliated degrading herself by coming back on to this show. What Dorit said is small stuff compared tho that.

  • LOL! Humiliated and attacked? This from the girl who announced she believes the rumors that Mo is having an affair with the nanny. Karma Camille. Karma.

  • First of all, Camille’s boo needs to get divorced from his wife before he gets married and then there’s those pesky Domestic Violence charges against him. Her boo might be good looking but he’s another loser in a long line of losers. Camille’s picker is off.

    Camille shouldn’t be ashamed of what DooLittle said to her, that’s completely on her drunk/drugged out shoulders and the apology she gave Camille at Teddi’s seemed half assed, jmo. I thought the dinner party was edited strangely and maybe we missed a moment where words were swapped but according to Camille, whom I believe, she says it came out of nowhere. Why would DooLittle feel the need to say something so crass, so rude in mixed company? My guess, she’s used to using the term and doesn’t have a problem calling other women such a nasty term. Another reason to dislike DimWit.

    • Love DooLittle , it’s so perfect for that cow??
      Geez, another boyfriend with domestic violence accusations ? Sad

      • I know, Camille needs some help picking her BF’s. She’s one of those women that goes for the really bad guy, every single time.

        • Oh boy ! Well for her sake , I hope this guy changes his ways . Not sure she would marry him though ! Wouldn’t she lose a lot of the child support payments if she got married ?

          • I mean, at a certain age, why get married again? I might be alone in that thinking but what’s the point, just live together without the legalities and get your happy on.

            • I agree , once you’ve been married before , had kids and gotten it all out of our system , why would you want to do that again? And she had an ugly divorce ! That alone would be enough for me

  • Doridiot is an insult to viewers as well . Enough already ! Her yelling the C word was merely the cherry on top of her already abhorrent pattern of behavior

    • Agree. And what I don’t get is how she isn’t called out on her behavior even more……I am excited for the reunion because I don’t think Teddy will back down. I think she will hold her accountable and I can’t wait to see. Of course Dorit won’t own up to anything, as she is so full of herself she can’t see anything post the end of her nose.

      And….as much as I am not a fan of Rinna and I do think Rinna said some outlandish things last season, I don’t get how Dorit calls her out on it, but won’t see that her personal comments as out of line.

      • Oh I HOPE Teddi bites Dorit’s head at the reunion ! She is such an aweful creature I can’t stand even hearing her voice anymore

        • I hope they all come down on Doolittle at the reunion but I have a feeling the only one who will feel like she has a bone to pick is Teddi and she might not want to go against the grain with everyone there watching and listening.

          • Teddi has so far been very shy and stayed about the fray becuase she’s new and still getting to know these ladies . By reuinion time , I hope she sharpens her teeth and find her inner barracuda

            • Yes ma’am. I’d also like to see LVP and Pyle call her out as well, hell, they all need to call her out on her obnoxioiusly rude and demeaning behavior.

          • Fiddle – I thought there was preview of a scene where LVP gets into her limo and drives off telling Kyle & Dorit she is ‘going home to Ken, at least he appreciates her.’ So maybe they’ll have something to say to her at the reunion?

    • So true. She insults our intelligence at every turn with her excuses and long drawn out explanations. The truth is simple and always easy to explain. You don’t need to go into these long drawn out delusional reasons why you did or didn’t do this or that. But when you’re trying to cover your ass, like Doolittle is, she goes to great lengths explaining her rude and boorish behavior.

      • You know if she only have a genuine ‘ I’m sorry’ , it would’ve sufficed. But she’s a narcissistic cow who can’t ever imagine herself doing or saying anything wrong …. I doubt that she has many friends

        • OMG!!! I couldn’t agree more. Just once, someone, anyone give us a heartfelt….”I’m so sorry, won’t happen again”, the end and mean it. I can’t think of anything more refreshing these househeaux’s could do, just make an honest and sincere apology, without any of the nonsense.

  • I like when Camille strikes back. I wish she’d do it on the show and not just in interviews. However, by continuing to talk about Doorrr-eeet’s sloppy insult, Camille keeps “giving it more energy”. As to the possibility of RHBH airing Camille’s wedding…. I’d rather see that then endure another event by Dorrr-eeeet or Pee-K.

    • Oh absolutely!!! We celebrated Doridiot’s birthday last year and now it’s his birthday !! Come on have another SL?. Oh I know! How about he talks about his ex wife and kids ! Why weren’t his kids invited to their dad’s 50th?

      • We celebrated Pee-K’s b-day last season, too. They hosted back-to-back parties for each other. ENOUGH with this dull pair!!! Good catch!!! Why weren’t his original kids invited to such an auspicious occasion?

        “Doridiot” is perf!!! May I use it, too?

        • Oh I’d be honored if you used it ???
          I think it’s insulting that his kids are NEVER even mentioned at all . They don’t need to be shown (maybe their mother doesn’t want them to ), but not once has she mentioned his other children or indicated that he still is touch with them
          Bigly sad ?

          • Good point. Only LisaV mentioned that Pee-K was married before. She said that she was friendly with “the first Mrs. Kemsley” before meeting Doridiot.

            • Last season when he was such an ass, I put the deets on here about his life , wife and kids before Fauxrit. I really don’t understand HOW he has anything and lives in BH. He had under 1,000 bucks to his name and I think huge bankruptcy and lawsuits??? Can’t recall exactly .

              • I don’t understand how Pee-K is suddenly flush, either. He owes Barclays, Bank of London millions and they want their money back. He owed his ex-wife a lot of money in alimony & back child support, too. And here is sits in BH giving his trophy wife a rose colored Bentley last year, and he lives high off the hog. I read that he met Dorit in NYC at a restaurant. She supposedly has $$$$$. Maybe, they live off her finances??? It’s all very suspicious.

          • I wonder if the kids are mentioned and they edit it out. I also wonder what their ages are….off to Google to see if I can find out. Okay, so here’s what Google says his birthdate is, PK’s that is. He was born in 1947, that would make him 70. I know a lot of people are calling him out for saying he’s 50. I have to agree.

        • Yes, I’d really like to know why his kids weren’t at the party, or maybe they were, but didn’t want to be on camera? Either way, wish Andy would ask about them.

      • It’s like VPR, Stassi’s BD every year. I was so glad when Stassi’s BD parties were no more, although the first one where they went to Vegas was beyond amazing with all of the drama involved, That first year of VPR was solid gold.

        • ?? exactly she is ANOTHER Stassi!!! VPR was great first few seasons and now these old boys and girls are just sad to watch

    • That’s the real Camille, not this fluffy whispering lady of leisure we’ve seen after season 1. I’m tired of her fakeness but she doesn’t like not being liked. Too bad because otherwise she’s a huge bore, there’s really no point in her being on the show. She adds absolutely nothing unless she’s willing to get down and dirty.

      • I agree that THIS Camille is more fun than the complacent, quiet Camille. However, I have a soft spot her for some reason. I think she really got super screwed by Kelsey on camera, that the humiliation factor was punishment enough for her. Therefore, she can just lay around like third base. I still would swap her out for Dorrr-eeet, at the moment.