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AllAboutTRH Exclusive: Secrets From Behind the Scenes of the RHONJ S8 Reunion Revealed!

If you think fans saw all the drama on the recent Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion well it turns out there was a lot more going on behind the scenes that viewers didn’t get to see.

Now that the reunion is done and over with it’s time to spill all the behind the scenes reunion secrets!

The reunion taping was a stressful and grueling experience,” a source tells Life & Style. “The Housewives were required to watch a marathon of the whole season a day or two before the reunion, so some of them showed up on very little sleep and walked in very heated after seeing every confessional interview.”

Tempers were so flared that “the women were separated until they got onstage,” the source reveals, “so they could save their confrontations for the cameras.”

Taping stretched for more than 12 grueling hours but it turns out many of the most dramatic and interesting moments occurred when the cameras weren’t rolling.

On camera, Teresa seemed cool and collected when asked about divorce rumors and Joe’s possible deportation but apparently off camera it was a different story.

“But behind the scenes,” an insider says, “she was freaking out about it because the last thing Teresa wants to do is pull her four daughters out of school and drag everyone to Italy.”

And while it was well known that Siggy was leaving RHONJ she wouldn’t say the reason on camera.

Siggy had a breakdown over the show,” the insider reveals. “She says it was all too much for her.”

Now, back when the reunion filmed one of‘s RHONJ spies told us a few little secrets that we are finally ready to reveal.

“The night before the reunion, the RHONJ cast was forced to stay in a hotel on Long Island,” our source revealed.

The ladies spent the night getting ready for the next day’s drama and “producers even helped some of the Housewives prep for the reunion,” our spy explained, adding that everyone was “nervous.”

We were told that everyone was worried about Teresa’s dad, who was sick with pneumonia, and could tell she was “stressed” and “worried.”

The day of the reunion, everyone had to “put their phones away” out of fear that the “chaos and diva behavior” happening behind the scenes would be shared.

To wrap our spy told us that backstage “Siggy was acting like a nutcase.”

I think the RHONJ cameras should film the behind the scenes drama next season because it sounds like it’s super juicy.

Thoughts on the behind the scenes reunion drama? Does the behind the scenes drama sound more interesting than the reunion drama? Sound off below!

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  • Who the heck writes these articles, do they have no education at all?!! Over with? Two prepositions. God awful. However I agree with the content which is clearly insinuating Siggy’s psychological break with reality.

  • Well the fact about the phones isn’t true as Melissa had hers on set. We all saw the Ramona moment

  • Well I mean we all know some of this is a lie ; they were whipping phones out whenever they wanted , other HWs even called … Siggy being a nutcase? We already knew that too lol

  • what doesn’t surprise me is Sig being a nutcase ,she was probably freaking out They didn’t cut out all her crazy behavior.
    Teresa should be freaking out Trump wants all the DACA criminals to go.Joe is 1 of them. I hardly see Teresa giving up everything to move to Italy with Joe Her girls would move in with Melissa and Joe before leaving everything behind That would kill Teresa if Gia and Gab stayed behind they are old enough. Problem is Italy may not want Teresa because she is a criminal Joe they would have no choice but Teresa another story. So I am very curious to see how all this plays out.
    It is very expensive to live in Italy.

    • What is a “DACA criminal”? Please educate yourself before making such statements. And, there is no way Joe Guidice could be a DACA recipient. –Individuals who meet the following criteria can apply for deferred action for childhood arrivals: are under 31 years of age as of June 15, 2012; came to the U.S. while under the age of 16; have continuously resided in the U.S. from June 15, 2007 to the present.–

  • Put there phones away…. Melissa had hers behind her on the couch. This blog…. is becoming a joke now. Years ago it was so good.

  • How can this be true? They did not have to put their phones away because Melissa got a call on her phone from Ramona. Also, why would they be “forced” to watch a marathon of the season? They had already seen it all. Also, they were sharing dressing rooms. Danielle was in with Teresa. How can they say they were separated? Sorry, but I just don’t buy this one at all.

  • I’m sorry but I refuse to believe that Soggy was “acting like a nutcase.”

    Clearly it’s not “acting.” The woman is an overlooked 5150.

  • If Kim was in the hotel with them the night before, I could see why some would be nervous, she does way too much for camera time. Wonder what they meant by ‘Siggy had a breakdown over the show,’ do they mean she had a nervous breakdown?

  • This show has run its course. There is no where to go from here…….The producer-driven drivel is too much. This isn’t a show about following house wives anymore. It is a manipulation of those involved in the show. It is no longer fun to watch. At all.

      • This is the problem with this blog. You say anything that could be construed against the almighty RHONJ and you get these type of comments….Obviously I know I don’t have to watch it. I am merely commenting on my opinion on the show.

    • I agree, I’ve been slowly separating from many of the RHW shows. It looks like I’m only on board for NY and possibly a last chance with Potomac this upcoming season. OC, TBD lol.

      • I surprisingly like Dallas, lol. Which is strange considering that is prob 100% producer driven. NJ just has so much baggage. I will watch NY….and prob OC, because I am curious to see the three women actually getting along.