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The Manzo’s Poke Fun At Teresa Giudice Calling Caroline A “Money Hungry Bitch”

The Manzo family isn’t taking Teresa Giudice’s recent comments about their matriarch, Caroline Manzo, seriously.

In fact, the family joked about Teresa calling Caroline a “money hungry bitch” this past Sunday when they were together cooking up Sunday dinner at Chris Manzo’s new restaurant venture – Tenth Street Pasta & Pizza in Hoboken, NJ.

Albie Manzo joked on Instagram stories that his mom cooked a 7-course Sunday dinner because she’s a “money hungry bitch.”

I mean, I love Teresa but I’ve always enjoyed the Manzo’s as a family. And I just have to say aren’t we all money hungry? I mean who doesn’t like money? I like money a whole lot and I think most Real Housewives do too. Hmmm…

Despite the drama, Caroline and Lauren Manzo cooked up some seriously delicious looking food.

Check out the photos below!

Good luck to Chris on his new venture! Hopefully, the family continues their obviously successful Sunday dinners.

Thoughts on Albie’s post? Are you surprised the Manzo’s are poking fun at Teresa’s comments? Do you think Chris’ new restaurant will be successful?

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  • ANOTHER restaurant? Whatever happened to the other one that the “kids” opened up. That show that she blackmailed Bravo into was a total dud. Bottom line, the whole family is just not that interesting to watch.

  • wow..does this mean if I go to 10th Street, Caroline will be cooking my meal? My daughter lives in Hoboken so I visit often enough to check this out! I went to their first place in Hoboken (Little Town?) and it was a disaster. The service was sloppy and the place was nearly empty, tho the food was ok once we got it.

  • If there were no Teresa St. Caroline would be making deep fried Twinkies at the Crab Shack with her kids. Her husband would be with the other woman.

  • Caroline is as Italian as Olive Garden….NEVER FORGET!!! ? Nonetheless Caroline is Money Hungry and has no boundaries to who she’ll cross or what she’ll do to get it. I’m sure she wants to come back to the show to help her kids promote all their make shift businesses and as much as I can’t stand any of the self-righteous Hypocritical bunch I think it her return will bring a certain element of entertaining drama that the show could use. I’m sure it’ll be more interesting than Cake-Gate and Hitler Analogy Causing Hysterics!!!

  • sux logs that we have to wait for new season of #TJNJ
    I liked the secrets episode. touching/funny and some situations
    I wish they included in the season.

  • Look at how dirty mamma meatball Manzo’s apron is- that is her apron same shit black and white pattern as is all over her home- the woman is a pig. Also her rolling those poop meatballs with bare hands is a health code violation, wonder how many people she got sick. I would never eat at a place she or her piglets had anything to do with.

    • Not to mention her hair is not properly tied back and is probably dripping dandruff into the sauce! And one can only hope that she rinsed off properly after her daily cheek and chin shave, or….fluffy meatballs, anyone?

      • Yes, I have bee a waitress most of my life, my family owns some of the top rated restaurants in New York and New Jersey. Your point being here apron? It’s filthy from many, many stains over a period- not one day. And if it is just that few hours of wear in that kitchen then that must be one filthy restaurant. Dirty people- the woman is a slob pig. Brownstone isn’t so clean either – look it up.

        • I’ve been working in restaurant kitchens since the age of 15. Caroline’s apron and hair are exactly what I would expect to see. I’m no fan of the Manzos but the stainless steal is in places where it should be and the spoon is resting as it should be. My aprons are stained from years of holidays, bbqs and family get togethers. Each stain tells a story and I love them all.

    • It’s ok to use your bare hands on uncooked food as long as they are properly washed. I am currently working in a kitchen at our local school and their rules are pretty strict and handling raw food bare handed is not a violation.

  • Manzos are so gross and desperate. Wish T never mentioned them so maybe they would slither away… hopeful thinking. If they do come back, Mel better have Ts back and not be wishy washy.

  • so

    – this place just opened a couple of weeks ago
    – the owner “mario” has his “business” across the street from this location
    – it’s bring your own booze (?)
    – each weekend they have “guest” chefs and this weekend it happens to be Caroline
    – Chris is the business partner/waiter

    Tried finding “Mario”s surname to do a “check” – nope can’t find it.

  • Everyone is still so preoccupied with everything and anything Teresa does or says. Teresa can’t sneeze without Meatball face and Potatoe Head Jaquline going nuts and must say something about Teresa. I would be willing to bet that Teresa isn’t bothered by any thing this bunch of losers say about her, they’re just dirt on the bottom her shoes to her. Even that remedial Assley had to throw in her two worthless cents as if it matters what that lowlife twit ever has to say. Assley is so desprate to be famous so she inserts herself in things that don’t concern her like this last rant she did. She should be taking care of that kid instead of worrying of being heard and seen! Assley still thinks she is missed by fans of the show lmao!

  • Oy this family. What happened to “Little Town”, the restaurant that those two slack ass Manzo spawn put their name on? I see Mommy and Daddy still trying to get their adult son (s) into something that sticks. Eh. Well I guess this latest endeavor is better than a stripper car wash.

    Albie, thought your passion was to become a lawyer. Sure ya dumb ass. Shut your pie hole about anything Guidice. You have nothing to crow about. Loser.

    Who’s the hag bag clown cooking in the kitchen? Oh my, it’s the ever well groomed Mama Meatball. What a slob.

  • Yeah, EVERYBODY is money hungry, LOL, if you don’t need the money, want the fame why are you on a reality show? I mean last I checked NONE of the HWs are volunteering their services for Bravo, as a mission of mercy, lol. As for this “response” by the Manzos, it was lame. I mean they had like a week to come up with something and that was it? If you’re not going to come up with something clever or funny, why say anything at all? Just keep it moving.

    • Ummm, perhaps so, but way to state the obvious. The Manzos have tons of debt just like the Guidices. Funding failed start up business after business for their grown “children” has to take a toll on them at some point.

    • If they have so much money why did the main Jersey daily newspaper here run a story that AL and Carolyn Manzo owe state taxes still, the big unpaid bill, for 2015 of nearly $600,000 covering both their home and the Brownstone. It said they got an extension and as of 2017- 2015 taxes (and obviously it had been accruing for years because that is not taxes for one year) still had not been paid, and neither had 2016. Families who can pay their bills and are not in serious financial troubles pay their income and property taxes. NJ has high taxes and the press is pretty brutal and they run stories on the biggest tax cheats with the highest outstanding bills – years back Teresa was on the list,, but she has not been on it since 2010-11. For years Jac and Chris have been on it still, and now starting for 2015 -Al and Caroline. Maybe starting new businesses, bad breaks at the Brownstone or losing their show had a bad effect on finances, but the Manzo’s appear to be having financial problems that are very substantial and public in the local press.

      • My thoughts exactly. Why is Lauren working there? Serving coffee? What about “Cafface?” Is that another yet another business consigned to the archives of the Manzo’s attempt at – something? It seems if Tiny Manzo hadn’t left that banquet hall behind this grifting family would never a one of them come anywhere near what they have today. Yet these idiots turn their noses up at continuing something that’s proven it works.

        • Tiny Manzo, who was found dead in a trunk of a car for skimming profits from an illegal casino. Whatta guy.

          I would have changed my last name to Smith, and lived a very quiet life.

          • Albert “Tiny” Manzo did a lot more than just skim from some casinos. According to the following NY Daily News in-depth article, “Albert ‘Tiny’ Manzo had been the biggest mob enforcer in New Jersey”


            Or if you’d rather hear from a ranking law enforcement official there’s this,”

            “Robert Buccino of the Union County Prosecutor’s Office, who in 46 years in law enforcement has charged more than 450 made members of La Cosa Nostra, says he knew Tiny Manzo. “He was well-known in the Paterson area,” he tells me, “and his association with organized crime was well-known. “As far as his family goes, his sons and daughters, there’s no allegations about them that we know of,” he adds. “But the father certainly was a player in the scene with organized crime.””


            I have to admit this made me laugh out loud, “He ran as a law-and-order candidate who advocated public hangings.”

            • Interesting reads, Helen.
              Caroline sure tried to put a spin on it. That made me laugh out load.

  • Hmm…so Caroline is not a money hungry bitch? WRONG

    – said yes to RHNJ at the drop of soggy’s firing
    – Husband lost over $2M business contract
    – Brownstone rest. has 2 judgements (due to non payment) with the total over $70K
    – her spin off cancelled
    – she is living in the lap of luxury due to sales of her soap bombs?

    of course she needs Teresa – who doesn’t?


  • If the Manzo’s are so above it all, like they cliam to be, they shouldn’t pay Teresa and anything she says any mind. But, clearly they care very much!

    • Vita!!

      Perfect post!

      yeah, this Manzo crew are obsessed with Teresa! They even tried to save their cancelled spin off by talking about how right Teresa was…they failed anyway.

      Teresa is their oxygen

      • Sammy, don’t forget tonight, one last Jersey for the season.

        OT – I just can’t get interested in Beverly Hills this season. I really don’t care who, what, where, or when these women rip each other. It’s dull IMO. They’re all dull. Eh.

        • Khipp!

          thanks for reminding me bud! Kinda disappointed in the #RHNJ

          – maybe I’m wrong, but in Mags tweet – right after they taped the reunion – I really thought her tweet meant that she brought “receipts”..she didn’t really need them, Mags stated everything anyways.
          – Soggy all year she tweeted the age old cover “wait and see” and “it will all come out in the reunion” – referencing attacking Mags and referencing her “cake gate” and “editing/producer” conspiracy!

          RHBH is a load of suck – apparently we are witnessing Snorit’s loss of marbles..annoying.

          oh least we have ONE more night of Mags!!

          • Wanna laugh? Go check out allabouthtea, aka the Siggy Shrine site. There’s all sorts of Siggy spewing bullshit.

            Look for “Betty..” in the comments section, too. Bahahahaha!!

          • Sammy, I enjoyed Jersey this season. Nothing like an on screen (and off screen) major meltdown, Soggy, to make everyone else seem sane. ?

            Beverly, as I said above, rich people’s problems. Eh. Whine glasses (no typo) vs flute glasses. Late-gate. Duhrit screeching. And more blah blah blah. The only thing I enjoyed, so far, was Ken holding the puppy in his shirt.

      • EXACTLY- thank you!!! Every episode in the 3rd(?) season they mentioned Teresa, completely unprovoked. And then on WWHL Lauren kept making comments about T when she was in jail and “Teresa Checks In” was airing, saying “she knew exactly what to say to make people cry”, how she was calculating, etc. Caroline told her to stop, but she was smirking through it. The boys I don’t have too much of a problem with, I’ve actually met them twice, but they should have ignored it and not drawn attention to it if they think they are so above it.

        • Thanks JT4

          For me – it would be awesome if the Manzo’s admitted their failure’s rather than latching onto Teresa. As their off spring are adults now, they best be prepared for adult reactions to their subtexts!

          I think both boys are expected to work the brownstone and the parent’s are eagerly shoving them into anything to do with a restaurant to get experience..unfortunate that they failed their business dealings.

          • That’s exactly what they should have been doing, busting their coddled asses at the Brownstone from their early teens. Learning the biz from the bottom up.

            Same goes for Fat Al in a dress (how I miss NYGirl, who coined that name).

            It’s a family business for chrissakes!!

            • you’d think the parents would click in ..each time the boys failed…perhaps it’s time to work with dad! or like you said..start as a pre-teen/ teen .