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Lisa Vanderpump Reveals What She REALLY Thinks About Dorit Kemsley’s Behavior This Season!

Dorit Kemsley has been quite naughty, on this season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, with her outlandish outbursts and often rude behavior.

I mean who can forget Dorit calling Camille Grammer a “See you next Tuesday.” Umm…Dorit should be bowing to Queen Camille – she’s RHOBH royalty.

So, what does Dorit’s BFF Lisa Vanderpump think of her string of missteps this season?

Well, LVP answered that very question during an appearance on The Daily Dish podcast.

“I mean, I kind of try to defuse it by laughing,” Lisa admits about that awkward dinner party moment between Dorit and Camille. “Because there’s no really appropriate way you can call Camille Gramer a ‘See you next Tuesday’ and get away with it.”

In fact, Lisa says she tried to stop Dorit from putting her foot in her mouth, but it obviously didn’t work.

“I was kind of, like, a little wary,” Lisa confessed, insisting that she warned Dorit to think before blurting out anything. “I think I tried to put a napkin over her mouth, like this. So how far can you go? I’ve given you the signals that you need to pay attention, but ok; you’re on your own.”

As for the future, LVP thinks Dorit can redeem her bad behavior if she takes a page out of Lisa Rinn’s book and “owns it.”

Lisa said, “I think you’ve got to really take responsibility for what you say in a reality show.”

Part of me has been loving Dorit this season but she seems so much more over the top than last season, and sometimes it seems a little fake. One thing I’m not loving is Dorit’s outbursts and Queen of the Universe ego. I like confidence, but Dorit’s pushing it a little too far.

Thoughts on LVP’s comments? Did Dorit cross the line with her attack on Camille? Can Dorit redeem herself? How do you feel about Dorit this season? Sound off below!

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  • Dulrit is smelling herself this season and it’s not nice. She intentionally tried to put the new gal down regarding the correct stemware when all she really had to do is change glasses and leave it alone or say it’s one of her quirks. It was rude and petty. The Camille fiasco was again unnecessary and clearly she feels she’s beneath her as well. She’s a pretentious Bitch, whom I despise.

  • Hmmmm, me thinks LVP isn’t all that interested in slowing the Dimwit train or is it just me?

      • I won’t hold my breath. DimWit has now established herself firmly in the camp of “blame someone else”, for any and everything.

        • But you know what kitten , Dorit is a punk and if she ever read these blogs and what people are saying about her she will exit the show . She doesn’t have thick skin

          • I hope she’s reading the blogs. I have yet to see anyone say something positive about her this season and she’s being roundly criticized for basically everything she says and does. I don’t want to see her next season if this is the real DimWit.

            • She got so much positive feedback last night because Erika is so unpopular so maybe that got to her head ? well good luck this year Dumdum

  • Oh the hypocrisy that just flew out of LisaV’s mouth. It was LisaV who told Kyle about the gossip papers all saying Mo was cheating on her. And then has the nerve to say where there’s smoke there’s fire. But she wants Dorit to own it. LisaV should have owned it.

  • LisaV is the Queen of RHBH. However, when she laughs along with anyone’s outlandish, rude remarks, that does NOT diffuse anything. It encourages more of the same behavior. She laughed along when Blabbi insulted Joyce. She laughed along with Kryle mocks Dorrr-eeet in a poor English accent. She’s laughed along when GRinna was an asshole. It adds fuel to the fire. Frankly, LVP is nobody’s keeper. She can let them fall on their own swords via their sharp tongues.

  • Just like Kyle isn’t responsible for what falls out of any RH yap…same goes for LVP!
    Snorita is being a bitchy RH..perhaps that is her – real self.

    I am going to give her the benefit of the doubt and presume we will solve the mystery as to why snorita has become sybill!

  • I finally caught up on RHOBH yesterday. Dorit has been something else this season. I’m not sure what there is to like about her this time around. She has been over the top fake, creating unnecessary drama at every turn. Let the drama find you, you’re annoying enough that you don’t need to fake drama. Maybe I’m wrong for this, but I’m slightly starting to believe that Lisa Rinna saw people doing coke in Dorit’s bathroom at her party last year. Dorit seems whacked out on something this season. Her eyes seem extra bug eyed (even though I’m well aware she just has big eyes). That performance for PK last night imo, she seemed high as a kite. just my opinion!

    • Good mornng Vita 40!

      excellent post!

      I really can’t figure out Snorita…and fake 100%.. wasn’t it awkward to watch her on bended knee…talking into Camille’s mouth? wow..that almost felt like a hostage sitation. Glad Camille didn’t fall for Snorita!

    • I was thinking the same thing about the drug thing at the party. At the time I though Rinna was being a dick to throw that out but Dorit really seems on something this year and last night she was an absolute trainwreck.

      • I’m beginning to think that coupled with whatever drug she might be on , she has some OCD issues because she can’t seem to let things go . Last year it was panties and this year it’s Teddi

            • Hi beautiful! I think Teddi needs to go. I kind of like her, but she doesn’t fit in at all and it’s painful to watch her trying to co-mingle with them. Nothing wrong with her, at all. I do agree For It needs to go. What a horrible woman!! For some reason tho, I still like Rinna.. Love you?

              • Omg FUCHESS ????? I missed you so much ! I’ve left you so many messages and then figured maybe you’re mad at me or something so I stopped ?
                So good to see you honey ?

                I think you’re team Kirby when it comes to Teddi ! He is not into her and thinks she’s more OC than BH… I’m startng to think Rinna may have been right about drug use at Dorit’s party ??

                Have you watched ‘Mindhunter’ or ‘Black Mirror’ ??? Miss talking tv shows with you !! And our girl Meghan Markle is going to be a princess ??

                • Mad at you? No way, Jose! I ? me some Mother of Dragons!! Yay for MM! I’m reading everything I can on the fab couple and am sooo impressed with the Monarchy. I watched Black Mirror once, liked it, but the nxt one didn’t like at all, so stopped. Should I try Again? Mindhunter….I think it’s on my list, but not seen yet. Teddi, sadly, monetarily, even doesn’t fit in with the others. I knew her spa day would be an extreme failure. She just doesn’t get it, poor thang, LOL Where did you leave messages????? ???????

                  • Oh I’m happy to hear from you ??? I left messages all over but it doesn’t matter now , all is good ???

                    Mindhunter is very slow moving and very subtle but enjoyable
                    You have to watch season 4 of Black Mirror ! It’s the latest and best season

                    Oooh I love Meghan and I’m so happy for her !
                    Dorit is ruining this season for me and she’s doing to Teddi what she did to Erika last year , this obsessive hounding and not letting go

    • I was one of the few that thought there was something to Rinna’s accusation at the time. It didn’t make sense that this was their first season and they would leave Rinna, plus the production crew, at least one camera person and one on sound, plus a producer, sitting out on the patio alone. They are all about being in front of a camera.

    • She was very high and I think that scene was probably shot much later than the arrival so she obviously had a few drinks in her too

    • I think if anything she is on opiates.
      Blow is not a daytime thing for that long if you actually have babies and have to show up (albeit late) to things all the time.
      However, one can exist quite well, piped up & “extra chirpy” on opiates.
      But then on the other hand my instincts tell me (and I get it, it’s only my opinion) that she isn’t really doing any of those things, but that instead she is just high on her own brand of superficiality and unbelievable amount of flakey, naive, un- self awareness.
      I know a few women with that big eyed, vapid stare and they are really that way naturally.
      They think “everyone loves them!” to quote a real estate business peer who will literally tell me in every phone conversation that;
      ” I went to dinner last night with my new client & his wife, they were great and they just LOVED ME.”
      I find it so bizarre and have even joked once or twice “good grief! I wish I thought everyone just LOVED ME when I meet them!”
      It goes right over her head because she is talking so fast and is thinking that whatever her imagination tells her; is true…
      When I see photos of her, the eyes are always sort of bugged out.
      I think it is a sort of vapidity & a sort of possible borderline personality thing.
      Look, I don’t know Dorit, but the fact that she did a season, SAW HERSELF and came back WITH MORE rather than toning it down.
      There is also the thing of being on Housewives is a very cynical endeavor.
      It means showing up at something on camera and LOOKING FOR the spot to start something, even at the risk of being ridiculed by the public.
      When these girls go home, they look at it like it’s soap opera time, so whether the public likes them or not is of little importance for most of them.
      Some care, others don’t. They have an agenda whether it be a fashion line, a book or whatever wares they are selling.
      They laugh together and think it’s funny when they are hated unless they are fragile types like Taylor or some of the others.
      My sense is that Dorit is so lacking in reality & smarts that she thinks everyone else is on a level beneath her.
      The funny thing is that REALLY wealthy people, with old money never behave that way.
      I mean, to use a limo to go to Malibu to visit Mellencamp’s daughter is ridiculous and says SO much about her.
      I’ve known people in that town who are real Hollywood royalty, like old Hollywood lineage and they wouldn’t be caught dead in a limo unless it was absolutely necessary (& let’s face it, when is that?)
      She’s just a big boob, who is silly beyond comprehension.
      Even the husband is more likable.
      I just know this; If I went into a home and in the bar area there was a color print of what looked like a cheap, colorful Valentines card from the dollar store with a red rose, a glass of champagne & a mans arm wearing a tuxedo, I would know I was either in a Poconos Honeymoon hotel with crusty sheets and mauve carpeting or some sort of cheap dance studio in New Jersey, and THAT is what they had in their “home bar.”
      I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was so gross, so tacky and said everything I ever needed to know, and that is that it is
      Nouveau Riche all the way!!!
      Just yucky all over the place.
      And that voice, ugh.

      • her family comes from money not sure if wealthy but she had a good up bringing I can’t stand her air of importance