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Kenya Moore Celebrates Her Birthday With A Trip To Egypt!

Kenya Moore just got the best birthday present ever!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star recently celebrated her 47th birthday, with a whirlwind trip to Egypt. What could be better than seeing one of the seven wonders of the world? Nothing! Kenya posted a photo on Instagram, of her posing with her husband, Marc Daly, in front of the historically famous pyramids. The two lovebirds went sight seeing in Cairo and, of course, had to see the Great Pyramid, the Great Sphinx of Giza, and King Khufu’s tomb in person. She wrote, “Never in a million years did I think I’d actually visit Egypt . I’ve long romanticized about visiting this historically rich country-which is the first wonder of the world- and with my husband. Thank you for the most amazing birthday gift of my life!”

She called her vacation to the desert the “trip of a lifetime.” It was a trip suited for royalty.

Kenya won the title of Miss USA back in 1993, and she is still being treated like a Queen. Before she revealed the location of their exotic vacation, she posted a photo of flowers, balloons, and a birthday cake. Just a few of her sweet birthday gifts! She captioned it with a teaser, “Where in the world am I?”

Where in the world am I? ?#hbd

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Egypt is on my bucket list, just like it was on Kenya’s. I’m so glad that they got to travel there. It’s the perfect way to celebrate another year of life, in my opinion. Plus, being that Kenya and Marc just got married this past summer – I think it’s a great trip to embark on as newlyweds!

Do you want to go to Egypt? Are you glad Kenya and Marc got married? Will Kenya remain on RHOA?

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  • I’m just so over Kenya, for reals. I don’t care whether her marriage is real, fake, whatever. But her attitude and her constant protestations that she is above the drama because she’s a married woman … girl GTF off the show! She’s behaving just like Nene when she taught she’d made it big in Hollywood. Leave the damn show and don’t even bother crawling back later on because you will irrelevant!

    When she was going on about how as a married woman * major eye roll * she needed to make sure the dogs were walked, she had laundry detergent, etc. Was she not doing any of this when she was single? She is just unbearable! Even her cousin was rolling her eyes at how absurd Kenya is being. Girl, bye! Seriously!

  • I don’t think this marriage is fake at all. I really hope she has found true love and that her marriage will last!

      • Lol, well I’m your Kenya teammate! I love her to death. Crazy, fake boyfriends and all! But, I truly do believe this is real this time. There are so many differences in the way she is handling this relationship than the past ones.

        • HAHAAHHAA FINALLY ???? I welcome a teammate . MamaBear was supposed to be my Kenya buddy but she left me high and dry ? I think Kenya is great and that’s the kind of crazy I like and not the Dorit kind of crazy ?. I believe her marriage is real and I also believed Walter was real in her first season . I probably won’t watch the show if they don’t bring her back. I can’t stand NeRex , Kim and Porscha

          • I agree about Walter. She’s crazy because she had a tough childhood, and still continues to have a rough relationship with her family. She’s crazy for a reason. I just have a soft spot for her. She’s done so well for herself considering her mother abandoned her and she grew up in pverty ridden Detroit. She’s gorgeous and intelligent too! I like Porscha, but I think it’s because we’re the same age so I relate to her in certain aspects. Kim and her entire family are the train wreck I can’t stop watching. But as of lately, shes working my nerves. NeNo, I’ve never liked her from season one.

            • Her childhood was tough and she dealt with a lot of rejection and hardships but she’s made something of herself . It is logical that she wants a husband and child to create that ideal family life she never had . Kenya plays the RH game very well and I don’t take most of the crazy things she says or does too litreally ?
              There was a time NeRex was humorous but not anymore . I liked Porscha her first season but her friendship with Phaedra was no bueno