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Is Brandi Glanville Returning to Reality TV to “Wreak Havoc on a Few People??”

WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE -- Episode 11198 - Pictured: Brandi Glanville -- (Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo)

Brandi Glanville is known for being unfiltered an unapologetic (aka perfect for reality TV!)

Brandi left RHOBH after it was rumored that other cast mates refused to film with her – so is she coming back?

Well, good news for Brandi fans as the B is coming back to reality TV – just not RHOBH! Brandi will be joining the cast of Celebrity Big Brother in addition to Omarosa Manigault, Shannon Elizabeth, Mark McGrath and others. Brandi may have a leg up on the competition as she formerly competed in the U.K.’s Celebrity Big Brother last summer.

Despite getting a new gig, Brandi still has her eye on holding that Bravo Diamond as she hinted she would like to return to the popular show. While promoting the upcoming Celebrity Big Brother show, Brandi answered “absolutely” when asked if she would like to return to RHOBH.

“If I’m asked back to Housewives, I would definitely go back and wreak some havoc on a few people. “ Glanville said to TV Guide.

Although she didn’t specify who she would be wrecking havoc on I’m thinking it’s LVP and Kyle Richards as she seems to talk about them whenever she can.

Despite her desire to come back, I don’t see it happening, especially due to her response. Reportedly Bravo felt that Brandi was starting drama to secure her place on the show and wanted something more authentic. By saying she would come back for the sole purpose of ‘wreaking havoc’ doesn’t exactly scream authentic.

Thoughts on Brandi’s comments about returning? Will you be watching her on Celebrity Big Brother?

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  • So excited for CBB. LOVE BB, however thought they could do better with the cast. I call it rn that Ross Matthews wins.. Omarosa as entertaining as she is, will get voted out extremely fast. Nobody will like her and she’ll probably cause drama and thats not something you want in BB. Brandi might be ok.. I think shes gonna be a floater that makes it to the middle and then gets voted out for getting into it with somebody else.

  • Has anyone watched WAGS wives and girlfriends of sportstars on E! there is ,LA,Miami and now Alanta they are much more real than the made up storylines of the housewives more fun and funnier

    • CBS wanted a splash and they got it with her ?. I think had they known omarosa would say yes, they may not have asked Brandi but my guess is that Brandi was the ‘bad guy’ until omarosa got cast

      • apologies for interfering your convo

        Brandi is a last minute replacement, Omarosa was already selected. haven’t read the story
        yet – but there are a couple out there about Brandi being the last minute fill in.

        again, sorry for jumping in

        • No apologies needed ??? thanks for the info , so I had it reversed ?. I wonder if when she was working ‘extra ‘ with all those interviews was when she was pitching herself to the network? The advantage of her casing is that she brings a certain HW viewer who may never have watched the show or even been interested in it . BB in general is a super star ratings wise especially for the younger demo.
          I bet CBS is wondering if the younger crowd will flock to see the ‘celebrity ‘ edition, when all the cast is decidedly much older.
          I predict It will start very strong , Omarosa curiousity factor , then level off . The younger crowd will mostly be watching the Olympics. If this edition doesn’t come close to the ratings of the non Celebrity edition, there probably won’t be another CBB anytime soon

          • thanks Rain

            Maybe – with your observations – that is why CBB is only on for one month. to see who this appeals to. whoa – this is on the same time as the olympics? wow that really is gonna be a head scratcher with the ratings.

            • Oh yes , this is CBS’s counter programming against the Olympics! Typically networks do reruns so I applaud this aggressive move by CBS to put on something original even with the possibility that it may be crushed . It’s a gamble but it could pay off .. CBB starts on a Wednesday and Olympics start Thursday ?

              The duration of only one month could be because they’re all ‘busy celebs ‘ and don’t want to be sequestered for longer than a month . Only a guess on my part though

  • This is laughable Brandie knows RHOBH ladies would rather chew off their own legs than film with her! Come on it’s no secret that Brandie made the show skanky with her demeanor and behavior! Brandie was never Beverly Hills material and still isn’t, as she doesn’t have the glamour and glitz the rest of the ladies have. They have mansions and Brandi lived in a mediocre rental. Brandie never fit in with them and still doesn’t. Even if she did have the glamour and glitz she has the skanky demeanor and skanky behavior. Just look at the picture above it says it all.

    • Yes!!!! Would be so cool if she won. Isn’t he filming a show with Rachel Bilson, the DM had something, you know how LeAnn pays them to write about her, always about her ‘pins’ as she walks through an airport…

        • I’m so upset they cast Dumbarosa and Skanksville. Literally 2 of my least favorite reality people in the world and they have to cast them on one of my favorite shows, BB? Not sure I will watch.

  • The need to Bring Brandi and Kim back that’s what made the show good. Not this you were 20 minutes later or 4 minutes bs. They need to Fire Dorit, Lisa Rinna, Erika “cold bitch” Jayne and Teddi because the show isn’t as great as it used too be smh

      • I agree because he has none. However, the cast was resolute that they didn’t want to work with Blabbi any longer. She had become way too physically aggressive with a few of them: throwing wine in Eileen’s face – for no reason; shoving Kryle down a step – out of pure anger; and slapping LVP across the face – for NO reason, either. Any one of those attacks should have sent her walking. All of those incidents add up to a “Permanent Banishment From BH”.

        • I don’t want her back and I think most people agree .. I’m beginning to worry Doridiot is heading down the Kimikaze ‘highway’ ! Her behavior and reactions are very alarming and she will be getting in someone’s face soon at the rate she’s going

          • You really think Dorrr-eeet is similar to Kimster? Although Dorit pisses me off, I don’t see it, yet. Her “wealth” cushions her. Plus, Dorit is well educated, articulate, in a stable marriage and has her own business. There definitely is a major shift in her personality from last season. I just can’t figure out what it is. I wonder if Dorit was told by producers to be more outrageous to be kept on the show?

            • I meant in terms of Doridiot going down the ‘substance abuse ‘ route ! She’s on something and if she doesn’t catch herself, her SL is going to be rehab ! ?

              My guess is that Dorit has always been nasty but she got a good edit last year ! This year they’re showing the real unedited her

        • I wouldn’t put it past Andy either to get Brandi back if he could somehow convince the cast to film with her.

  • She’s so desperate for any attention she can get…but I don’t exactly blame her for doing the reality tv circuit, she was a model about a million years ago and hasn’t held a job since other than tv and her podcast.

  • I will def. be watching on CBB – cuz I will be watching Chuck Lidell – he used to be a Champ in UFC – already had opportunity to watch him lose on DWTS..

    As for this Bare ass nut nibbler – of course she wants to return, how much rent can she pay by selling stories 24/7? There will be a time that this “Menopausal bitch” will age out of the – realty era – so she might as well ca$h in now.

    I still see Brandi and Omarosa joining forces – for different reasons

    • Not for nothing there, good neighbor (to the North) Sam my man but, do you think that as a man maybe you ought not to be referring to women as, “nut nibblers?”

      Not trying to get all ‘Feminazi’ on you but you do have a penchant for throwing out extremely misogynistic remarks on the regular. Just asking you to consider.

      • Thanks Helen

        When the human themselves describes themselves as such – in their books – I don’t have a problem following their lead..same with “menopausal bitch” – disgusting words to hurl – but she did claim this while she was on a diff. reality
        show called “famously single”.

        I understand what you are saying.

        • I have not read her book. So if you tell me she refers to herself as a “nut nibbler,” then, let me just say, (in the immortal words of Emily Litella), “Never mind.”

  • Didn’t you guys just report a story last week about how reality tv & the spotlight ruined Brandi’s life, according to HER? And here she is now appearing on another reality tv show. Whatever. Can’t believe anything that comes out of this womans mouth.

    • Kimsley made the same claim. She stated that RHBH ruined her life. The fans upset her. The cast bothered her. Within mere moments, she turned 180 degrees that the show ‘saved her life’ and that she was very grateful for it. Apparently, both drunken loons can flip flop on a dime and hope that nobody will notice.