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Lisa Rinna Dishes On Her Relationship With LVP; Plus Admits She’s Getting Annoyed By Dorit and Teddi’s Growing Feud!

Lisa Rinna and her red solo cup are having a grand time observing the drama and throwing sade.

In her most recent Bravo blog, Lisa Rinna opens up about her tit-for-tat relationship with Lisa Vanderpump; insisting that they both love “poking fun” at each other.

Lisa also tackles the growing feud between Dorit Kemsley and Teddi Mellencamp and admits she finds it annoying.

Check out Lisa’s entire Bravo blog below!


I have a question. What the hell is a Glam Circle? I’ve never heard of this specific term before. However, I guess it doesn’t really matter because like I said, this old bag can always use a fluff and puff. So thanks, Teddi—my treatment was fabulous. But next time, have the red solo cups out next to the champagne flutes, would you?

As everyone knows, Vanderpump and I absolutely love taking the piss out of one another. Taking jabs and being snarky is what we both live for in our relationship, and I would agree that if “Poking Fun at Lisa” was an Olympic sport, I think we could both claim the gold. Now let me see if I can find that needle and thread for you, Dr. Vanderpump!

In all seriousness, despite the jabs and jokes, I have to commend Vanderpump on the work they’ve done with their dog rescue center. This, in addition to their crusade to Stop Yulin Forever, has saved many dogs lives.

This Lategate situation going on between Dorit and Teddi is starting to give me a headache, so I’m going to pop into my white light bubble and drink from a red solo cup to stay safe from whatever is about to happen.

Watching Erika and Dorit drive that gorgeous Pagani was fun! I’m happy to see them having a relationship.

I’m excited for the premiere of American Woman—congrats, Kyle! What an accomplishment! So awesome!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to sell those bubbles of white light. That Harry Hamlin really knows how to speak my language, doesn’t he? He’s an amazing, incredible father and my biggest cheerleader. God love that man!

P.S. Vanderpump, I saved a white light bubble for you. This light bubble comes with a box of heavy duty mothballs!

Thoughts on Lisa’s blog? Do you think the Lisas have a complicated relationship? Do the Lisas enjoy taking shots at each other? Is Teddi and Dorit’s feud getting annoying?

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  • I’m just sick to death of Dulrit and all her phony bs! Teddie is not a good fit for this show and doesn’t belong. She can’t relate to the other ladies at all!! Ho hum season , to say the least.

    STILL having problems here ?

  • Hmm. Had Pump never been a grudge holder AFTER apologies given and the old” let’s move on” crap, I’d say , yeah sure it’s fun on both sides. Lippy you just keep on thinking it’s fun girl lol!

    • ….. Sisters? Their Momager must be so proud of this “display”. Horny men everywhere are getting their rocks off.

      • It’s so cheap and cheesy playing on the rabid male fantasy of ‘2 naked sisters’ with just a whiff of incest in the air . Plus this is a Fashion magazine which means CLOTHES !! Why are they naked?

        If they were both clothed in gorgoeus couture this could’ve been lovley

        This doesn’t even look like Bella to me

        • ITA!!!! It does look incestuous and therefore, creepy.

          It’s not the first time the great Gigi has appeared nakey. By now, it’s old. I am not a fan of either sister. Bella looks perpetually miserable. Gigi has puffy eyes and too many moles. Both girls half shapeless legs. If not for their mother’s vigorous campaign to get them modeling jobs, they might not be in the business at all.

    • And I though me and my daughter were all legs. But dang.
      Did belle get work? She doesn’t look the same. A beauty none the less.
      I don’t necessarily like this.

        • I am sure their mommy is so proud have u seen making a model with YoYo.I can not stand YoYo and her girls are selling soft porn ,they seem to have that MO posing all sexy together. I personally find it is tasteless.

    • I love my sister but I’m not interested in having our pits and bits out and next to each other.

  • Ok the jig is up . Both Lisas are professionals and I think this is all an act for the show . I never got the sense either of them is REALLY mad at the other . It’s all a SL

      • I’m starting to really see all the scripted SL and the ‘choreography’ , at least with some situations . The cracks on the pavement are showing ?

          • Kitten ??????? happy Tuesday love muffin ????????

            Few thoughts on VP Rules : that last scene when James called his friend to ask him if he said what he said was so contrived and fake ?? I’m not even sure what’s going on with this show anymore

            Brittany needs to stop pretending that she’s leaving Jax or that he’s remotely paying attention to her ultimatums . Poor silly girl

            WTF were Kristen and Stassi wearing when they went to talk to LaLa and they sat outside ? ???. Stassi’s ugly cut out dresses need to be burned . I still don’t know why Kristin is on this season, she barley says anything . Patrick is a DOUCHE and that one scene where he was talking about his Amsterdam trip made me want to explore women ?

            The ONE true statement last night was when Scheana said that Katie is faking and is trying to have a redemption season , that’s pretty much what I’ve been thinking. Katie is 2 Tequilas away from another nasty meltdown and it’s a matter of when not if

            Brittany’s mom looks a lot more polished so kudos to her

            The show is dying a slow painful death ?

          • I watched it, too. Jax is such an asshole. Yet, when he was talking to Brittany’s mother, his snow job worked. He almost seemed mature for a second. Meanwhile, Brittany behaves like a long, time suffering wife of a philanderer. There’s no need for her to stay with Jax through thick & thin, since their time together is relatively short.

            Finally, it was hilarious that James’ boy toy pushed a rumor of them being lovers!!! He didn’t like it one bit. James’ protests were laughable & weak.

            • Everything Jax does and says is a lie, there is nothing he has to say that would ever make me believe him, why are all of these people falling for his nonsense? Brittany get whatever Jax throws her way, she’s made her bed and is willing to sleep with a well known liar and philanderer, no sympathy at all.

              I couldn’t believe James had that convo with loverboy on speaker phone in front of Kentucky’s whole family!!! Who does that?

              • It’s doesn’t make sense that the entire VRules group adores Brittany, knowing that she’s being a sap for Jax. He’s the type of guy all mothers warn their daughters about. Yet, mrs. Mother kept telling Jax that she loved him and hopes he’s going to be good. Seriously???

                James’ on camera spat with his male groupie sure wrapped up neatly. He could have dragged it out for a few eps as a story line. I wish the rest of the cast would tie up loose ends that quickly with such finality.

                • I couldn’t believe her mother would be happy to see her own daughter get back together with him if he did ________, fill in the blank. What mother worth their salt wants their own child to hook up with someone like Jax, knowing all she knows at this point? I don’t get it unless she’s okay with her daughter settling for a loser.

                  I agree about James and the boytoy. The scene with him and the Kentucky klan was watching and listening to him have that convo was so strange and felt very staged, okay then! LOL

  • To answer your questions Lara

    1. I do think the Lisa’s have a complicated relationship. But I think they are both ok with it.
    2. Yeah, I think they both like taking shots at each other. One is no better than the other.
    3. Yeah, Teddi and Dorit’s feud is annoying ?. They both annoy me in different ways. So there’s that ?

  • Everything that spews from those deformed FREAKish Fish Lips is hypocritical blather. Ms. Minuscule has made her entire SL based on minutia and beating dead horses, based on a single thought. GRinna’s first season revolved around KimiKaze’s suspected addiction issues. Her next season focused on YoDull’s Munchhausen Syndrome, which she dragged LVP to Hell over. The next season she reverted back to Kimsley “is going to die” and dragged newbie Eden Sassoon under the bus. Last season, Lipsy Dipshitz decided to scream epithets at newbie Dorrr-eet because she ran out of targets. This woman is a nauseating, unfunny, emaciated, warped clown.

    • Oh my, she does have a “death chewing on a soda cracker” look, doesn’t she? Emaciated warped clown. LmFAO!! Oh Lord deuces. You got me giggling.
      She does kinda attach herself to others misfortunes. And then blame. Her mouth will cause harm…
      Not to get all biblical, but I’m gonna take it there.
      Proverbs 10:8 babbling fool will come to ruin.
      I’m sorry. Forgive me for that. But she’s a fool. And a babbling one at that.

        • Commenters are extremely bitchy(not gonna use cats or kittens an insult. Cannot do them. The slightest difference of opinion they are down your throat.
          RT became really cancerous during Brooks cancer gate. Not enough valium infused turmeric lattes to get me to deal with those dogs. I definitely don’t want the fleas they give off. Lol.

          I know it sounds bad…But they are why I found allatrh.
          You, rain, medusa and other ladies no when to keep it from personal attacks. Despite each of us having different favs, never once have I seen the ladies here make personal attacks.

          • I hear ya girl!! Believe me, I’ve felt the wrath when I go against the grain. I stopped commenting for a few months last year. I had a few assholes and trolls coming at me all the time, wasn’t worth the drama. I also came to this site for the same reasons!! I agree, no one here makes it personal, so nice to know you won’t be bashed for an unpopular opinion! ??

            • Mmmkay! Those ladies are “mealy mouthed” “pea hens” I tell you.
              Mmmkay, yes, we, glad to know I wasn’t the only one. That’s how I know medusa. Never seen her like that…must be what bring us all here.

              Summer house: just watched the entire season 1 yesterday. Haven’t begun season two.
              Do tell, for I love a good intrigue, your favorite and least favorite.

              My least favorite: Lindsey hubbard…. so uncouth to see a drunk woman hit a man like it cute.

              Favorite: Stephen surprisingly. The way he brushed off the twin when she said he technically is an outcast made me laugh.
              Now, I hear he’s been a bit catty to Carl. I’m just about to watch season 2. We will see.

              • I love Summer House, just silly fun. I also like it because it’s a new show and we all know that once shows go past a 3rd season it’s all downhill. This current group of drunks aren’t aware of how the reality game is played and are less guarded. The viewer gets more of a real vibe as opposed to when a show has been around too long, it all feels completely scripted and is!

          • I have been on this site I just erased the comments between us it might be seen by others but I prefer not to be a b%$#@! to others . just because a difference of opinion. I just ignore the comments I think are leaning in a direction that is unappealing to my views. no fuss no muss.